tomboy simple

The signs as fashion styles

Aries: Exotic

(eye-catching, fierce, uncommon, mysterious )

Taurus: Chic

(luxurious, contained, trendy)

Gemini: Traditional

(gentle, intelligent, flowing)

Cancer: Classic

(normal, casual, not to complicated)

Leo: Flamboyant

(energetic, flashy, exaggerated)

Virgo: Tomboy

(simple, neat, practical, easy going)

Libra: Bohmain

(free spirited, pleasant, unique)

Scorpio: Glamorous

(subtle, classy, popular)

Sagittarius: Preppy

(smart, optimistic, intellectual, ambtions)

Capricorn: Grunge

(plain, intimidating, blunt)

Aquarius: Goth

(restricting, unemotional, deviate from the crowd)

Pisces:  Sophisticated

(innocent, simple, not easily satisfied)