tomboy prep

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Pidge canon dressed feminine in the flashback, her current outfit is boyish and is the only thing she has other than her armor. Just because she isn't prim or proper like Allura doesn't change the fact she can be girly if she chooses. I hate the prep vs. Tomboy mentality like you have to fit a label and can't like anything out of it. I, for a long time, felt ashamed for liking 'cute' things but I never felt 'tough' either so it made expressing interest difficult because go big or go home, right?

This. It’s common mentality (especially on tumblr, but not exclusively) that labels are required, and if you don’t identify with the big crowd there’s something wrong with you.

For my fellow hipsters or punks in society✊ an outfit idea for any normal ordinary day.
-To too off the outfit I’d wear dark eye makeup and a messy bun or cute messy punk hair

I love hipster/punk outfits but I try not to call myself a hipster/, I’m more of a hippie… with combinations of hipster, punk, girly girl, prep, and tomboy