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Am I the only trans person that didn't show signs of being trans as a child? Like I was a pretty girly girl (although I did have my tomboy moments) and then puberty hit and boom, I had mega dysphoria and wanted to be a male. Has this happened to anyone else?

Devon says:

This has definitely happened to other people! It’s okay to realize you’re trans no matter what age you are. Some people know when they’re really young, and others don’t know til they’re adults. Everyone is different.

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You are not alone.

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Just binge read your fic about the online dating rivamika. I love it omg thank you you precious precious person. So..I'm curious about your head canons for how Mikasa and Levi look and dress in the fic... you don't have to answer... just curious.uvu

(Cont.) If you leave looks up to the reader than that’s fine too.:-) !!! Keep writing that fic, it is freaking amazing and that next chapter will be something to look forward to.:D


Back when I wrote the first chapter, I actually made clothes collages to ignite some inspiration (and so I could picture them a little better.) Hopefully this gives you a rough idea on their fashion. I often forget to describe clothing (and I’m not very good at describing it in the first place…) 

Since it’s currently December for them, I picture them wearing stuff like this:



Mikasa typically dresses pretty plain, but she’ll have her tomboy moments where she’ll just wear Eren’s old clothes and big hoodies. As for Levi, he usually sticks to a black, gray, beige/brown color palettes with a sort of a chic-ish style. 

And I have their workout outfits~!

Is it just me or is the thought of Levi in sweatpants really hot??

You know, it would probably be fun to make clothing collages for all the characters! (and for special occasions, like a certain date in the future.) 

And thank you SO SO much for the sweet compliments!! Thank you for the support!