tomboy couple

Dear queer girls

Stop putting so much pressure on tomboys to be the more masculine one in the relationship just cuz they wear more masculine clothing. Some are just as feminine as you or even more and want to be treated like a princess too but may not want to be called one. Regardless don’t be a fuck girl. Buy them flowers and candy and give them random kisses and reach over to open their door u piece of shit.
Sincerely, your local queer🤗

Thankful to have this fierce eyebrowed, bad ass chef, story loving, big spooning, grandpa liquor drinking, back rub giving, cat obsessed woman by my side every day. ❤️ @ktorr19

Yooooo this has helped me so much.
I realized my love language (what makes me feel loved the most by my partner) is words of affirmation and physical touch so that’s how I show love as well but that’s not my girls love language. So honestly I haven’t been loving her right this whole damn time in her terms of love. Her love language is acts of service so instead of always being so mushy I’ve got to do more shit and help out to show here I love her a lot cuz that speaks more to her heart then me saying some shit where as me idc if I come home and u cleaned the house like I’d appreciate it but I’d melt if you just grab my face and shower me with love and tell me u missed me and kiss me all over like a puppy Lmbo. So figure out ur partners love language trust me it pays off.👌🏾


Have you ever met someone at the wrong time in your life but then the right time came around and somehow now you’ve been given the chance to finally make each other happy?

Thank you for loving me @ktorr19 ❤️

Dear queer girls

If your tomboy decides to put some makeup on and or look a bit more on the fem side for a day or week or whatever, let them know you still find them hell of attractive. Make them feel comfortable and sexy. Don’t be a fuck girl and make them feel uncomfortable cuz they’re experimenting/having fun with their femininity and can pull off both looks you envious piece of shit. 
 Sincerely, your local queer.🤗


Please never EVER get into a relationship with a genderfluid person or person who is fluid within the way they choose to present themselves if you favor how they present themselves in one specific gender or only like/prefer one way they present themselves over another.
If you are not equally attracted to them in whichever gender they choose to present as that day you need to FUCK OFF.
Sincerely, your local queer🤗


I Mean That Melanin Tho…
Going Hard Since ‘08.
My lovely college mate
turned girlfriend
turned fiancée turned wife.
Who would think nearly 10 years waking up to this creature of lure.
This madam of moisture.
This fcking beautiful hell bent bounty
of love
of nature.
My Muse.

-T.C. LenWorth