tombow dual tip brush pens



I used the Tombow ABT dual brush pen in 192 asparagus, the Sakura koi brush pen in sap green, pentel fude touch brush pen in black, Uni ball signo dx 0.38 in black, moss green washi tape from Etsy and some stickers from Etsy.

a very pink bujo spread!!

thank u to everyone who participated in my blogrates!! it was fun to meet new studyblrs and interact w mutuals :-)

supplies used:  kokuyo a5 soft ring notebook, pentel fude touch in black, tombow dual brush pen in black,  kokuyo beetle tip dual colour highlighter (pastel), muji retractable 0.5 in black, washi tape (gifted), idr what pencil i used but prob kuru toga and the mechanical pencil from miniso??


sooo i’ve been getting plenty of anons asking about what markers and pens i use for my lettering, so here’s another mini stationery haul for you,,,

from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. artline - artline stix brush markers (my fave, 10/10 great for everything)
  2. zebra - mildliners
  3. tombow - dual tip brush markers
  4. uni-ball - signo DX 0.38 black pens (another fave, just don’t drop it)
  5. pentel - black and grey calligraphy pens

i’ve arranged the supplies according to what i’ve used in each section of the spread!!

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It’s my birthday month ahhh??????? I’m turning 21 and honestly I don’t want to haha. Too much responsibility.

Anyways, this is my monthly spread for July! It’s a star/firefly/mason jar/lightbulb theme and honestly I love it so so much. It’s so cute!!! I’m really super proud of how it turned out. I’m not much of an artist so to see it turn out this nice made me super happy!

I wanted to say thank you for 180 followers! It’s crazy that you guys like my blog enough to follow haha!! Hope you’re all having an absolutely wonderful day, and if not I hope your tomorrow is better!

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materials used -
Leuchtturm 1917 white A5 dot grid notebook
Sakura Micron 0.38mm Black Fineliner
Uniball Signo White Gel Pen
Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pen N15
Dark Grey Zebra Mildliner

Studygram - riversbendstudies

~Riv xx


i started something i havent seen many people do. i dedicated an entire journal to traveling. i travel so much through out the year and i wanted to keep physical copies of memories because ive had experiences in the past where i lose all of the data on my phone. fun fact- the indigo near my house was closing so everything was 50% off. but, the leuchtturm 1917 journals were already 20% off. so i payed legit $5 for one, so i bought a lot of them lol. i have been trying to find my style with bullet journaling, and i think i am on the right track. i love the caligraphy i did and i think it is the best i have ever done. if you go back to when i started posting, my writing looked so terrible for it being mine that i felt embarrassed. 



  i based my cover drawing around the map in the middle, and then added doodles to personalize the cover. 



  im not sure where i saw the quote or where i got the idea to include this, but it is basically a slot for tickets and boarding passes. i drew a camera to express how i mainly keep memories around in my life



 journal- leuchtturm 1917 medium dotted notebook

liners- faber castell F point pen, sakura micron (03,01,005), uniball signo broad white gel pen

colours- tombow dual tip brush pens, zebra mildliners 

washi tape- michaels, amazon 

stickers- michaels, various etsy shops

Don’t be afraid to show your true self

Request 7/11 for May 2015 - requested by queendotsalot 

Lettering done with a pocket brush pen -  no idea about the brand because it’s written in Japanese (I don’t speak Japanese). Nice pen though! Blue accents in Tombow Dual tip brush pen. 

Also a sincerious happy birthday to Captain Amell! 


Productivity Day 9/100   

1.9.18   History Notes: 9th-10th century Europe

1st week back in school and I’m already taking sucky notes lol!

I hate history. That’s all there is to it. I’m learning though that the more you learn, the better it is. Like I’ll hear about or see something and remember something from history which is pretty neat. Although if all the big bad emperors and kings and dictators and politicians would listen to my number one rule, a lot of bad things could be avoided. My #1 rule? “Stop acting like a freaking five year old and grow up! Handle your problems like an adult” Seriously, is it that hard?

Anyway, these took forever but I’m happy with how my mini old-time maps turned out considering I suck at making them.

Love from Hannah xx. 


🍋21/100 days of productivity🍋
(15/04/17) a BEAUTIFUL new notebook with paper that BRUSH PENS DO NOT BLEED THROUGH has made my weekend a thousand times better 🌼 also exams are starting to scaring me so it’s work work work 💭