I call this compilation “Strahov not scary enough to be in Angel of Darkness”

Because I was reading post-AoD fic Queen of Angels (as I already mentioned today) in Strahov, I decided to take a few pictures to show the… slight difference. And I don’t think it’s only because it’s spring. :D

Alright, not all of Strahov is like this, but this is the Strahov Monastery and its surroundings, the Strahov gardens and stuff. It’s kinda sad that AoD fans have Strahov associated with some dreary fortress. If only the Strahov library was in the final game too, to also show some prettier (and existing) Strahov locations. (No, there’s no fortress as far as I know XD )

Sorry to say this but this pathetic attempt at wiping away Lara Croft’s femininity is exactly… pathetic.

People would endlessly moan about the so called “sexism” of having a feminine and sexy Lara, but then making her wear idiotic clothes that make her look like a boy in order not to show any body parts like it’s some kind of crime against humanity is way more sexist AND pathetic. Wait, did I already say that?

This is like implying that a woman can’t wear revealing outfits otherwise she can’t be taken seriously. (not that classic Lara’s outfits in the first Tomb Raider games were disgusting, they were ok and really feminine and classy. What’s wrong with shorts and tops?) Guess who’s sexist here?

These new Alicia pics wearing that horrendous hoodie like she just picked up the first thing she found in her wardrobe and put it on randomly are incredibly out of character and useless pandering to the same SJW and feminist agendas. There, I said it.


For he, who was immortal, was brutally murdered by the last of the Lux Veritatis, a cruel and disgusting man who treacherously killed him using the only weapon that could hurt him: the Periapt Shard. That man was named Kurtis Trent.
Kurtis Trent. You must remember that name. I’ve spent sleepless nights repeating his name silently to torment me and wishing with all my forces that the fates kept him alive. Praying that he lived to see him again… and kill him.
—  Tomb Raider: Lilith’s Scepter

Guuuys, I just finished reading @clairesail‘s Queen of Angels! It was so, so good! I actually went out and read the last few chapters by the Strahov Monastery because ~atmosphere~ (only it was a sunny spring day and real life Strahov isn’t much like in AoD :D).

I can’t really go into details because that would be spoilers galore for anyone who didn’t read it yet (though really I feel like the last one XD ) but the story is just great - it’s fast paced without being rushed, it has consistent and in-character characterization (if there even is any canon characterization, such as for Rouzic or Morgau, so for them I can only say consistent and well developed for thier parts), it has many moments that really feel like being in a Tomb Raider game, it has great fights and a satisfying ending. Although the announced sequel is more than welcome! :)

Just a… slightly spoilerish thing… Last time I said that Morgau is adorable and then countered basically with “lol j/k”. Well I still wouldn’t say that Morgau is adorable, per se, but… I can’t agree with “crazy bitch” anymore either. Just… Morgau T_T

In short, if you didn’t read Queen of Angels yet, do. Just do.


Necropolis of Hierapolis

Hierapolis, Phrygia, Turkey

The necropolis is one of the best preserved and extensive of its kind in the world. This city of the dead contains tumuli, sarcophagi and house shaped tombs lying stretched along both sides of the road extending 2km to the north. Most of about the 1200 tombs were constructed with local varieties of limestone. The extent of this necropolis attests again to the importance Hierapolis had in the Antiquity. It is worth taking one’s time to wander amongst the tombs, that date from antiquity to early Christian times, and marvel at the ostentation that these residents of Heirapolis afforded to their tombs. It has a fairyland quality.