The tomb of the 26th dynasty ruler of Upper Egypt uncovered

Within the framework of the South Assassif Conservation Project on Luxor’s west bank, an Egyptian-American stumbled upon a 26th dynasty tomb that belongs to the vizier of Upper Egypt, Badi-Bastet.

Mahmoud Afifi, the head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Department, explained that the tomb was found inside the tomb of Karabasken, who was Thebes’ ruler and the fourth priest of Amun during the 25th dynasty (TT 391).

“Such a find highlights that Badi-Bastet reused the tomb,” he pointed out.

Afifi went on to say that the archaeological survey carried out recently on the court of Karabasken tomb shows that several architectural designs and paintings were made especially for Badi-Bastet as it bode well to his fine and important position in the governmental echelon. Read more.


New Frank Kozik Rise of the Tomb Raider Poster Revealed

This week at the GameStop Manager’s show, Xbox and Crystal Dynamics teamed up to unveil the third poster in their series of limited edition offerings, showcasing unique themes interpreted by well-known artists. Following Geof Darrow’s take on “Woman versus Wild” and La Boca’s interpretation of “Tombs,” Frank Kozik - CEO of Kid Robot and legendary poster artist - designed a poster to highlight “Guerrilla Warfare” with his trademark style. 

The poster will be available in limited quantities exclusively at GameStop for gamers who pre-order Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One, and can be picked up in store when the game releases on November 10. 

Watch the video above to climb inside the mind of Kozik. Our final poster, illustrated by the talented Tara McPherson, will be unveiled leading to Rise of the Tomb Raider’s launch. 

Olicity + Tomb Raider +Mr. and Mrs. Smith CH. 2

Hi everyone! I know that I promised that this would come soon after my newest chapter of Count the Days, but I had to get my wifi set up in my new place and Comcast decided to be completely stupid. Fortunately, everything is fine now, and her is the next chapter of my Olicity + Tomb Raider + Mr. and Mrs. Smith fic! I still don’t have a title for it, so if any of you think of one let me know!

And here is the first chapter: CH. 1

So here we go! Enjoy!

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The Crystal Compass Podcast: Episode #30
  • The Crystal Compass Podcast: Episode #30
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Episode #30 of the Crystal Compass Podcast keeps things simple, featuring news updates and a sizable Q&A session with Rise of the Tomb Raider Game Director Brian Horton. Hosted by Meagan Marie.

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(A transcription of today’s podcast can be downloaded here.)