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Original caption: “The King, In Reverence Bowed.  King George stands in reverence before the grave of George Washington after laying a wreath there on a visit with the Queen and President and Mrs. Roosevelt to Mount Vernon, Va., June 9. The President (with cane) stands just outside the enclosure on the arm of Presidential Secretary E.M. Watson. Behind him is Presidential Body Guard Thomas Qualters. Queen Elizabeth, with Parasol, stands beside Mrs. Roosevelt.  6/9/39″
Living Legend Chapter 14, a Tomb Raider + Wonder Woman Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Once the women filed out, Diana could finally ask the question that had been grating her all day like a chunk of pumice. “And what is to be my role in this battle, Mother?”

Actually, it’s not just Chapter 14 of this Tomb Raider-Wonder Woman fic that’s new. Chapter 15 (from Lara Croft’s perspective) is now up as well.

Clearly the much-deserved success of the Wonder Woman movie has led more people to this crossover tale. I hope they’re enjoying it as much as I love bringing these characters and worlds together. 

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