The first tomb of King Kha-Ba discovered in the Nile Delta

In collaboration with the ministry of antiquities, the National Geographic Society in Egypt discovered a royal tomb from the Old Kingdom, third dynasty period of king Kha-Ba in a Quwesna archaeological site in the Delta.

The tomb is made of mud brick and consists of a courtyard and a burial shaft.

The Minister of Antiquities, Mamdouh Eldamaty, described the discovery as very important because it is the first time that an Old Kingdom tomb has been found in a Quwesna site which is well known for its Graeco-Roman tombs. Read more.


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Because Stark is too mainstream……

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anonymous asked:

Hey I love your blog :) I wanted to know which character is your favorite to cosplay as

ahhhh i loved dressing up as Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite (Burial at Sea DLC) cause that was just a beautiful costume (even if the custom-made shirt didn’t fit quite right ugh):

but i also REALLY loved dressing up as Reboot!Lara Croft for Halloween this year and i’m def gonna do that for NYCC this year (along with hopefully another new cosplay…) :)

kayawolfclaw asked:

You know your headcannon in for Sam in a mental institution is entirely plausible. She was acting very erratic in this last comic, swan diving off the boats bow and stabbing a shark in the eye. Unless Sam has just gotten so fed up with the bullshit she doesn't care anymore or something MORE is going on. I initially thought Lara did something and Sam is taking the wrap for her, because that would be something she'd do I feel. Regardless the writing staff must be laughing as the TR fandom ponders.

I don’t know about laughing at us, but Rhianna was faving pfangirl’s and my (and a couple of other people’s) tweets while we were speculating. 

She only gave us one clue: that we need to forget about ‘Rise’ because the comic storyline is separate. So maybe that means I’m wrong!

Still, it’s fun to speculate! It might just be jail because Himiko-Sam made her do something bad. I was just thinking it would be interesting and way more angsty if it was something a little more complicated :3