Just a quick portrait session with my buddy, Dan. He’s a wonderful, intelligent, gentle giant. He’s been dying to move out of Virginia, and finally got the opportunity to move to Oregon (can’t remember the name of the city… But its about an hour and a half outside of Portland). I wish him the best, and I hope I will keep in contact with him. Souls like his are hard to find these days.


A couple more of Michael. I am really blessed to have this dude in my life. We broke up at the beginning of June after three years. But, he showed me how you can still have a wonderful friendship with an ex. There was no lying, no deceit, just a realization that we weren’t meant to be. I truly wish this dude all the happiness in the world, as he deserves it. He has a heart of gold, and would give the shirt off his back to help others. If you see him in your city, go say hi! Here’s to no bad blood, and a good friendship! Cheers!