I recorded this song a few months ago. Never really put it out there so here it is! I really love this song and band so I hope they’ll here it too haha! I hope you guys enjoy it, let me know what you think :) 

Blow this up guys.

I’ve been suspended from school for three days for having a natural hair color dyed into my hair.

In my schools dress code (for the Tomball ISD school district) it is mandatory to have only natural hair colors, (red, blonde, brunette, gray, black) rather than an unnatural hair color, (pink, blue, green, purple, yellow etc.). As you know I have been forced to wear a blonde wig due to my hair being pink, and i wore it as much as possible, only taking it off when it was necessary. I’ve decided that instead of my past hair colors (brown, black, red) I would do gray, seeing as it was still a naturally occurring hair color (using my grandmother as reference) and lasted all of two hours before I was sent to the office to be forced to leave school or go to ISS. I saw this as unfair because there are people in my school right now with green hair, pink hair, blue hair, purple hair, and probably more, and that’s just the few that I know of, that haven’t even been talked to about their unnatural hair colors. I expressed my feelings on how this was unfair and was then suspended for three days. I’m obviously very upset by this, seeing as I’ve missed enough school already due to panic attacks, orthodontist appointments, and sever back issues. 

I have tests tomorrow and several major projects coming up, so I really do need to be in school, but I was told until I have my hair dyed back to it’s original color of brown (Note last year I was blonde, and a few years before that I had BRIGHT red hair with never getting in trouble) I would not be allowed to return to school.

Please guys, I need support on this, I need as many people as possible backing me up or I’ll literally be kicked out of school. Reblog this, share this with friends, anything. All I want is to go to school.

tl;dr: Got kicked out of school for having a natural color in my hair please back me up.


So I recorded my version of PVRIS ‘My House’. I think it’s an amazing song and love those guys a lot! I just wanted to share it with you guys! Let me know what you think!

Cat’s Hammock Biz Takes Off After ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

A shelter cat named Squeak from the Abandoned Animal Rescue in Tomball, TX has seen a huge increase in sales for his “pawmade” hammocks after an appearance on hit television show Shark Tank, even though he didn’t receive an investment.

“I think the TV appearance was huge for publicity,” said shelter volunteer Taryn Wilder. “I was shocked none of the sharks invested. It’s a super high quality product, but I guess they were concerned it couldn’t scale well.”

According to his Etsy page, Squeak makes every hammock to order using locally sourced and recycled materials. Since his appearance, though, he’s had trouble keeping up with orders.

“He sort of fell into this,” said Wilder. “He made the first one for himself, then some other cats wanted one and it just grew from there.”

Wilder expects that Squeak will enlist the help of others at the animal shelter to meet demand.

“There’s a pug named Mirabelle who makes these awesome tote bags. But she’s had trouble selling them. I bet Squeak could put her to work, though.”

Via Feverpig.

manreadymerc - It’s a gloomy one this morning in Houston folks, but that ain’t stopping us! We’ve just added our custom pennants with @3potato4 to our website and in-store! If your in town throw on your favorite raincoat and come hang with us and grab a drink! Also, back for the holidays is our Whiskey Coffee with our buddies in Tomball @district_roasters. Get it while it’s in.


As we all know, Monday was a horrible day for the City of Houston. Hundreds were evacuated from homes and cars with nothing. This week’s flooding has been compared to Tropical Storm Allison that wiped through Houston in June 2001.

Let’s all do our part and Restore Houston!

 The Following places are providing Shelter and goods to flood victims: 


·         Knights of Columbus Hall, 1390 US-90, Sealy


·         Chinese Community Center, 9800 Town Park Dr., Houston

·         Willow Meadows Baptist Church, 9800 Town Park Dr., Houston

·         Johnston Middle School, 10410 Manhattan Dr., Houston

·         Jersey Village Baptist Church, 16518 Jersey Drive, Jersey Village

·         MO Campbell Education Center, 1865 Aldine Bender Rd., Houston

·         Rosehill United Methodist Church, 21022 Rosehill Church Rd, Tomball

·         South County Community Center, 2235 Lake Robbins Rd., Spring


·         East Montgomery County Senior Center, 21679 McCleskey Road, New Caney

·         First United Methodist Church in Conroe, 4309 West Davis, Conroe


·         Pine Island Baptist Church, 36573 Brumlow Rd., Hempstead

Click here for more information: 

195 - Pierre tombale du baron de la Martel et de son épouse dans le vieux cimetière d'Hautot-sur-Seine.

Louis Lézurier, le baron de la Martel, est né à Rouen le 25 mai 1765 et décédé  le 22 janvier 1852 à Sainte-Vaubourg, commune du Val-de-la-Haye. Entre autres fonctions, il fut maire de Rouen et de la commune d'Hautot-sur-Seine.