Tomb Raider AU: Allison/Kira

After a post-Graduation sea voyage turns into a disaster, Allison is shipwrecked and alone on a strange island and desperate to find out if anyone else survived. Her relief at finding some of her friends is short lived when they get captured by the island’s violent inhabitants, and she sets about getting the equipment necessary to rescue them, only to find out along the way that her girlfriend Kira has been kidnapped by these strangers, the Solarii Brotherhood, who want to sacrifice her to resurrect their Sun Queen. Fighting her way through dangerous territory, deadly militants, and the terrifying Oni, Allison heads for the monastery to save the life of the woman she loves.

Meanwhile, Kira finds a way to escape the Solarii’s clutches with a strength of her own.

Mixing it up because damsel-ing ain’t my thing (although if Allison wants to carry Kira off the island in her arms she can go right ahead).

If you haven’t already guessed where this came from well guess what


📷 Beauty of Video Games 🎮

[1] Life Is Strange

[2] Rise of the Tomb Raider

[3] The Evil Within

[4] Firewatch