Did you miss Tomb Raider: Live in Concert last December? Don’t fret! Classic composer Nathan McCree is launching a Kickstarter campaign mid-May to fund a recording of The Tomb Raider Suite

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when you’ve played a certain video game over than ten times already but you go on tumblr and see some cool gifs and pictures and you’re like “o, fuck it man, I’m gonna replay”


Necropolis of Montessu, Sardinia

The necropolis is located on the southern side of the hill of Sa Pranedda, near Villaperuccio. Set within a large natural amphitheater, it has about forty domus de janas (pre-Nuragic chamber tombs) and is one of the largest and most important archaeological sites of Sardinia. The site dates back to the pre-Nuragic period (3rd millennium BC) and it was in use for a millennium by the peoples of the Ozieri, Abealzu-Filigosa, Monte Claro, Bell Beaker and Bonnanaro cultures.


So many people ask me if I can make spring wallpapers from tomb raider + oblivion + skyrim + uncharted and overwatch ;) and here are them :) I hope you like it :)
Edits made by me :)


Necropolis of Hierapolis

Hierapolis, Phrygia, Turkey

The necropolis is one of the best preserved and extensive of its kind in the world. This city of the dead contains tumuli, sarcophagi and house shaped tombs lying stretched along both sides of the road extending 2km to the north. Most of about the 1200 tombs were constructed with local varieties of limestone. The extent of this necropolis attests again to the importance Hierapolis had in the Antiquity. It is worth taking one’s time to wander amongst the tombs, that date from antiquity to early Christian times, and marvel at the ostentation that these residents of Heirapolis afforded to their tombs. It has a fairyland quality.