The north wall of the burial chamber depicts three separate scenes.
On the right, Ay, Tutankhamen’s successor, performs the ’Opening of the Mouth’ ceremony on Tutankhamen, who is depicted as Osiris, lord of the underworld. In the middle scene, Tutankhamen, dressed in the costume of the living king, is welcomed into the realm of the gods by the goddess Nut. On the left, Tutankhamen, followed by his ka (spirit double), is embraced by Osiris.

The Head of Nefertem (also known as the Head from the Lotus Bloom or Tutankhamun as the Sun God) was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62) in the Valley of the Kings in West Thebes. It depicts the King (Pharaoh) as a child and dates from the 18th dynasty (New Kingdom). The object received the find number of 8 and today is displayed with the inventory number JE 60723 in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
Material  wood, stucco, paint
Size  30 cm high
Created  18th dynasty, New Kingdom
Discovered  Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62), Valley of the Kings.
Present location  Egyptian Museum


Yes, the past months I have been rather quiet on the blogging front… but the days past were spent in Egyptian tomb like basement vaults filled with childhood treasures of days past… Time past and present passed me by while working away on a serious of projects for the Hans Peter Porsche Traumwerk… Here is what I did… 

Excursions in Luxor

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