tomb seal

The unbroken seal on King Tut’s Tomb.

The seal was actually a seal to the King Tut’s fifth shrine. The king was buried in a series of four sarcophagi, which were in turn kept inside a series of five shrines. That is the seal to the fifth shrine, so technically not a room at all. This unbroken seal stayed 3,245 years untouched. (Source)

This awesomely historic photo shows the unbroken seal on the ancient Egyptian tomb of a young pharaoh named Tutankhamun, aka King Tut, exactly as it appeared when it was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter and George Herbert, untouched for 3,245 years.

Behind those doors waited one of the best preserved Egyptian tombs that has ever been discovered, the most complete ancient Egyptian royal tomb ever found. The relics found within are among the most traveled artifacts in the world.

As Jon Manchip White writes, in his foreword to the 1977 edition of Carter’s The Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, “The pharaoh who in life was one of the least esteemed of Egypt’s Pharoahs has become in death the most renowned.”

Today it seems everyone knows something about King Tut, in fact we’re still learning more about him today. But when this photo was taken in 1922, no living soul had ever heard of Tutankhamun (let alone dressed up their dog like him for Halloween), and this marvelous tomb hadn’t been touched for over 3,000 years. What an awesome moment.

Photograph by Harry Burton, Griffith Institute, Oxford, 1923

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Master of ancient marquis tomb confirmed

A jade seal found in the interior coffin of a 2,000-year-old tomb in east China’s Jiangxi Province has helped identify its master as the Marquis of Haihun, who had a short-lived reign of 27 days as an emperor of Western Han Dynasty.

Xin Lixiang, head of the excavation expert panel of the Haihunhou Tomb, announced it at a press conference in the Beijing Capital Museum Wednesday.

The announcement also commenced a three-month show of more than 400 artifacts selected from over 10,000 items unearthed from the tomb during the 5-year-long excavation. Read more.

hydraballista: And @positivelyamazonian, I probably found your fanfics in 2010 or something, read them but lost them later on. Then tumblr happened. I am so happy it happened and I found your blog because i assure you, my you made me even more fan of Lara and my drawings which were just for fun turned into something really important to me. Many things I share drawn after reading one of your posts laughing or getting angry at the things happening. long story short, im so honored to find out you wanted me to draw for your very own special creation, and believe me I did this with pure joy and excitement! Love you m'lady, stay positive and amazonian always! :D 

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Aaaaawww... “m’lady” *gasps*

Thank you so much, Duygu, you amazing human being and so-talented artist!!! :D

Wow, I can’t believe you read them so long ago!! I guess I spent so many years thinking no one cared about them than this surprises me. They are old, they are TRAOD sequels - quite common among TR fanfiction but not popular after all, and huh, there’s this thing of me being a total disgrace when it comes to write in English that doesn’t help me in this matter. :/

I assumed that no feedback meant no readers, so I neglected them - and I was wrong. Please @castlekriegler don’t be offended!!! I know you were there :P And also some Spanish readers who never left… but I felt like no new people were reading them anymore so I kinda quit. Besides, after finishing Lilith’s Scepter I experienced some kind of burnout and I thought it was the end of me writing fanfiction.

How unexpected life is, isn’t it? :) I joined Tumblr thanks to @tombraidertothecore to promote them a bit and then I find a lot of readers that had been always there… only that I didn’t know!!! Thanks also to @anentireamazon for putting me in contact with the most of them.

And also thanks to you, D. You’re amazing. I loved your art from the first moment I saw it and it’s so comforting to see you’re “one of us” - you know what I mean.

Please keep drawing, OK??? You’re talented and plenty of skills to become an amazing comic illustrator - so keep on with the good work, stay strong, never change and there you have a trilogy of TR fanfics with which to practise drawing if you need to *cough*cough*wink*wink*elbow*elbow*

Btw, you already know Murti Schofield likes you… so THAT must ring a bell to you, right???

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Amphipolis: Caryatids’ Full Body Revealed

The new discoveries from the tomb of Amphipolis in Greece, that keep coming to light, have caused admiration across the world.

Photos released by the Greek Culture Ministry on Thursday show that the archaeologists have revealed the whole body of the two Caryatids that were unearthed on Saturday.

The Caryatids were “buried” in the ground between the septal wall and the tomb’s sealing. The face of the eastern Caryatid was found in the ground during excavations and will be attributed to the statue.

On Thursday, the first wall, sealing the front of the Caryatids, was removed, revealing the continuity of the two sculptures’ robes. Read more.

Confession:  Hang on a sec. If Justice’s original body decomposed and he had to jump ship, then doesn’t that mean that Cole’s host form is rotting too. I mean, yeah I’ll admit a cold, sealed tomb is better for corpse preservation than being left in a fetid swamp for the better part of a week, but still. Doesn’t Cole smell?

mod note: Cole did not possess the real Cole’s body. This was just the form he took upon leaving the Fade.

I just realized that...

… it’s been 10 years since I wrote my first TR fanfic, The Golden Seal!

Wow, the memories… the feelings…

10th March 2006 - first time I uploaded it to in its English version, after finished in Spanish.

Damn, I miss so much my first readers… some of them are still here with me @anentireamazon @tombraidertothecore @jesusosorio23… and some still in FB. But so many were left behind… tired and burnt down by that toxic forum…

It has been a while, fellas. I really hope you’re ok and happy, safe and sound.


For three years, the priests would eat a special diet consisting only of nuts and seeds, while taking part in a regimen of rigorous physical activity that stripped them of their body fat. They then ate only bark and roots for another three years and began drinking a poisonous tea made from the sap of the urushi tree, normally used to lacquer bowls. This caused vomiting and a rapid loss of bodily fluids, and—most importantly—it killed off any maggots that might cause the body to decay after death. Finally, a self-mummifying monk would lock himself in a stone tomb barely larger than his body, wherein he would not move from the lotus position. His only connection to the outside world was an air tube and a bell. Each day, he rang a bell to let those outside know that he was still alive. When the bell stopped ringing, the tube was removed and the tomb sealed.

Not all monks who attempted self-mummification were successful. When the tombs were finally opened, some bodies were found to have rotted. These monks were resealed in their tombs. They were respected for their endurance, but they were not worshiped. Those monks who had succeeded in mummifying themselves were raised to the status of Buddha, put on display, and tended to by their followers. The Japanese government outlawed sokushinbutsu in the late 19th century, though the practice apparently continued into the 20th.

“A recent CT scan of a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue has revealed the mummified remains of a Chinese monk believed to have died around 1100 AD. An endoscopic examination of the thoracic and abdominal cavities revealed scraps of paper with Chinese writing were used to replace the organs.

Researchers suggest this may be a case of self-mummification, a long and gruesome process that, if done successfully, would elevate a monk to Buddha status for worship.

The monk would then lock himself in a tomb just large enough to hold his body. Seated in the lotus position, he would enter a state of meditation from which he would not awake. A tube would provide air, and he would ring a bell every day to signal he was still alive. When the bell stopped ringing, the tube was removed and the tomb sealed.

It was opened again after 1,000 days to see if the self-mummification ritual had been successful. If the monk was found preserved, it was believed he had achieved a death-like trance and would be placed in a temple for worship until it was time for him to reawaken.”

(source: Cult of Weird)

Shamanic figurine guarding shaft tomb discovered in Colima

A shaft tomb containing skeletal remains along with a rich assemblage of grave goods, has been discovered in a later cemetery in the state of Colima, Mexico by researchers at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

Archaeologist Marco Zavaleta Lucido explained, shaft tombs such as this are targeted by looters because of the beauty of the materials deposited within them. The excavators have produced a detailed record of this burial area which unusually, was found intact.

The sculpture of a long faced shaman holding a blowpipe is the guardian of the shaft tomb sealed up more than 1500 years ago. Read more.

everyone gets so pissy at tauriel for “breaking canon” or whatever but clearly the real issue here is why the hell the witch-king & co are locked up in tombs??

like, galadriel says “when angmar fell, the men of the north sealed the witch-king in a tomb”. being sealed up in a tomb largely implies defeat?? for the witch-king?? who can’t be defeated?? especially by a man????

Awakening of the Ancient (Closed RP with last-of-my-bloodline)

it was a cool spring day on Ancient Moebius, a gentle breeze blowing over the grass, filling the air with a sweet smell and the sun warming the ground slightly, both in tandem creating a relaxing atmosphere that made the world seem as paradise.

Light had been checking on a village damaged by a recent attack by an unknown force when a voice starts ringing in his head “go to the north, young Lightwing”, it whispered in a gentle tone, “a great secret awaits you at the Sealed Tomb.”