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Our long-time fan/artist Busanbusi (布三布四) from China created this beautiful artwork for celebrating Tomb Raider 20 years’ anniversary.

“This art work was inspired by some classic Lara Croft moments, combined with Chinese elements, the dress she is wearing is called “Qipao”(旗袍) – a traditional Chinese female dress, specially designed with Chinese Dragon pattern. Equips with her signature weapon – Desert Eagle.

The background is traditional Chinese architecture – Bamboo Garden with Lotus Pond. This architecture style was built for Royal or noble upper class family back in old time (similar concept like Croft Manor)…”

                Read more details and “Easter egg” from this artwork 

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Got some rare things on sale, stranger! T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, travel mugs, dresses, leggings (for real though! LEGGINGS!), skirts, studio pouches, phone cases, notebooks, hardback journals - everything you could want or need with five different Laras stamped across it in high-end 1998 fashions. Celebrate 20 years of an icon in style! Come! See!

Keith Byrne on RedBubble

My very last piece for the series, though there may still be more Laras to come!

I finished AoD a few weeks ago and I know how much some of you wanted me to do a tribute to AoD, so here it is with a little review on what I thought of the game. Enjoy!


I’ll start with my favorite parts, I thought the story was very unique and well written, the Tomb Raider series has never had strong story lines and I highly enjoyed the effort they took.The characters that you meet along the way and the interactive parts with them I also very much enjoyed as it added more of a depth to the story/gameplay and again well written. The twist at the end was unexpected! 

Laras design was awesome, I especially love her black eyeliner and double denim, it fit in well with the slightly edgier setting. Although she came off a bit cold (even more than usual :P) it still felt like her personality. Level design was awesome, I pretty much liked them all, I would have to say that The Hall of Seasons was my favorite. Though sanitarium would be close behind just for the creepiness! 

Now for the not so great parts (in my opinion). The controls, I know most of you will be tired of hearing people complain about the dodgy controls. I know I get pretty defensive when people bash the old controls, but I have to admit I had a hard time with them, everything felt very slow paced,which was especially annoying during timed parts or boss battles, I missed being able to roll quickly to turn around and the timing felt off whilst jumping for ledges. Another problem I had was with the bizarre “I feel stronger now” system, It adds nothing to the levels or the difficulty and since when has Lara ever had trouble with levers or moving objects? To me it was just a waste of time. Now you are all going to hate me for this but I didn’t enjoy playing as Kurtis or even him as a character, don’t get me wrong he’s alright and I think it was an interesting idea to add a male counterpart to Lara, but he felt pretty bland in personality and seemed to have not much of a story around him, other than revenge. To me he felt like wasted potential. 

Overall I enjoyed AoD, for it’s story, level design and Lara herself. However the controls make it unlikely that I will play it again, at least not for a long time. Which is a great shame as I know there are paths in the story I didn’t play but for now I am really happy I played it and I had great fun doing it! I can only hope that one day Core will bring back the old Lara that we all love, she is greatly missed! 

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think as always! 

The affectionately named ‘braid brigade’ :D I had lots of fun drawing some new characters. I plan to do some more cross overs soon woo!