tomb raider is awesome!

I am very late but I just watched the cut scenes for Tomb Raider 2013 and it is an awesome origin story!

Are there any fanfic to recommend? Preferably a long multi chapter that deals with Lara realizing she is actually good at killing? And how she (and Sam) deals with it?

Chip's Favorite Games of 2014 and Some Other Things

Hi, this is Chip and I’m not cool enough to get my top ten games of 2014 list put anywhere, but I’m still going to make one.

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…the overall effect of the sequence and its breathless action is stunning. Xbox One’s graphical prowess is demonstrated with some exceptional shadows in a caves interior (lit up by one of Lara’s famous red flares, of course), and some of the iciest-looking ice I’ve personally ever seen. And that includes real ice.
—  “Rise of the Tomb Raider gets
underwater action and an avalanche (of awesome)” - Games Radar