tomb raider 2014

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You already have most of the ones I'd recommend listed, so that's good! The new Tomb Raider games are tight, and Final Fantasy 10 and 12 are remastered for PS4. Crash Bandicoot trilogy remake is out soon, and Ni No Kuni 2 (AKA Ghibli the Game). Also, I know you said you didn't like Uncharted 1, but I really recommend at least checking out the trailer for Lost Legacy. 2 Female POC leads in their own standalone game and gameplay has been massively overhauled since Uncharted 1.

HEY NOW a stand alone with ladies? If it really doesn’t have that Continuity Lockout problem, I am interested.

shit i have that tomb raider from like 2014 or whatever. i have yet to play it…… i def should.

I just. God. I don’t like Final Fantasy, guys. I’m sorry. The MMO is a massive exception. I finished FF8 and played a large portion of FF9 and FF10. (And I think I beat FF10-2.) That sort of game is just not my deal lately. There is not enough to it to earn a slice of time. 

Because really, video games are great, but they take a lot of time. And none take more time than FF games. This is also why I was so lividly pissed off at Fallout 4. Because it was a waste of my time.

You don’t have to agree with my game playing decisions, but they are mine, dudes.