don’t give me this crap that lara croft and sam nishimura aren’t dating there’s no fucking way that’s possible because sam is the driving force behind tomb raider 2013 like lara could’ve just given up and hid somewhere on the island but she doesn’t she fucking kills like hundreds of people and blows up an entire city and fights her way through a frigging army of undead samurai and then carries sam down a mountain bridal style (fucking BRIDAL STYLE) and every time sam interacts with lara the first thing she does is ask if lara’s okay and is constantly touching lara and goes out of her way to reassure lara that she’s capable and strong and you have the audacity to tell me these two aren’t dating like did you even play the fucking game how can you not see this

Believer || Part I

Words: 1910

Warnings: none at all

SUMMARY: MCU Crossover With Tomb Raider 2013

Request by: Anonymous

Author: Rouge

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