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[Exclusive]Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition Documents

These documents on Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition were submitted though our contact form anonymously and thus we hold no credit or claim that they are real.

We thank the uploader regardless as it allows us to read and dream about the cancelled game.

upd. the documents have been confirmed to be genuine.

10th Anniversary Edition

1.    Introduction

The original Tomb Raider was released in 1996, so 2006 will be the 10th anniversary. This document outlines a concept for creating a special edition of the original game for the PSP platform to coincide with this anniversary.

The concept is to provide players with a “re-mastered” hand-held version of the classic game. This should appeal to people who played it first time around, and those who missed out. Retro gaming has shown itself to be a lucrative market, and Nintendo in particular have had considerable success with versions of SNES titles on GBA and Mario 64 on the DS.

So the idea would be to build a new set of PSP Tomb Raider games based on the proven gameplay of the original game engine, but brought up to date using the additional power of the PSP.

Although the idea is to preserve the original gameplay and levels (albeit in a graphically enhanced form), additional Easter egg and bonus features are planned to add an extra dimension to this version. In order to finally satiate the fans lust for a multiplayer Tomb Raider, the plan is to include a 2 player cooperative mode by teaming up with Lara’s younger cousin Melissa Croft.

Feature Summary

The game will be a version of the original game, with the following enhancements:

1.    Higher resolution textures.

2.    More detailed geometry. The original geometry will be exported to Maya and updated to add detail.

3.    Improved lighting. The original game had monotone lighting – the proposal is to add coloured lighting.

4.    Replacement of sprites with 3D models.

5.    Improved particle effects.

6.    Full screen effects (blooming, focal blur).

7.    Updated sound effects.

8.    Fully skinned and detail Lara model.

9.    Skinned and higher detail enemy character and creature models.

10. FMV sequences redone. Alternatively, it may be possible to resample the original sequences.

In addition to these cosmetic improvements to the original game, additional new features are planned:

11. Variations to original game. Slight tweaks to the original puzzle setups, or positions of bad guys to add surprise for people who remember the original.

12. New secret areas. These will be added to the maps and unlocked by special items collected on previous levels. They will contain the new outfits / weapons and rare collectables.

13. New extended ending. The original game ended very abruptly because of time constraints. It would be good to include the “escaping from the collapsing pyramid” sequence that was originally planned.

14. Tweaked controls: Smoother controls, and additional animations and moves (especially for combat).

15. Cooperative wi-fi mode. Two players get to explore the tombs as a team. Puzzles would be tweaked to require both players to work together e.g. heavy levers that require both girls to move. Additionally, players will compete over the collectables (see below).

16. Puzzle locks. Mini-game style puzzle locks to enter certain rooms.

17. Collectable artefacts scattered around the levels. So each tomb will be filled with treasure items, some more easy to find than others, and some more rare than others. There will be different classes of collectables, some of which can unlock new secret areas.

18. Trading. Treasures and special items can be traded with other PSP TR1 players. Each PSP’s unique ID will be used to randomly seed the player’s TR1 levels with a subset of the available artefacts, so for players to collect them all they will need to trade with friends. Additionally, in Wi-Fi coop mode, the levels would be seeded with items from both versions, so it is an opportunity to collect items that are not available in your version.

19. Treasure room. Back at Lara’s mansion, the treasure room will record which special items have been located and which are still to be found.

20. Unlockable weapons and outfits. Extra weapons that were in later games and new outfits for Lara can be found in the game.

21. Dynamic lighting. Including the introduction of flares from TR2.

22. Analogue control. Optional analogue control for movement.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what happened to the 10th Anniversary we were supposed to get from Core? Why did it get cancelled? It looked far better than the Anniversary we received.

I’m so glad you’re curious about it :) Of course it looked far better, the Anniversary idea came from Core, the original developers.

You can check this link, I think it’s a must read if you want to know the truth

I can’t remember all the details, but I’ll try to summarize:

When Eidos moved “Tomb Raider” to Crystal Dynamics hands Core Design was already working on “Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition”, which was meant to be released on 2006 (true anniversary). They were very excited about it because it was their last chance to redeem themselves after the AoD incident. Core Design didn’t mean to take Tomb Raider back to them, they just wished to pay a last tribute and celebrate the anniversary for the 10 years of the saga. However, Crystal Dynamics didn’t like the idea of letting Core make another Tomb Raider game, so they built a rival demo of their own remake and showed it to Eidos. That’s when Eidos cancelled Core’s project, but I don’t think they’d ever made an official statement explaining the reason behind that decision. 

Sorry if I can’t give you more information about it. In fact, most spanish fans including myself had NO IDEA about this game until quite recently. It feels as if Eidos wanted to keep it secret. So I strongly recommend you ask @tombraider-of-coredesign if you have any doubt about it, they’re way more aware than me about these things.

Thanks for your interest ^__^