junmiller asked:

It's Chinese new year day and I spent half of the day arguing with bunch of idiots on a Tomb raider fan club. God I have no idea how many people just HATE Sam! Will you ever call your best friend "bitch" for absolutely no reason? I thought TR fans are more mature but I guess I was wrong...

Lol, most of the ‘visible’ fandom away from Tumblr and pockets of Twitter (judging by the idiots I’ve come across on official forums) are entitled douchebros who think the entire world should cater to them. 

Many people liked Lara as this emotionless sociopathic ‘archaeologist’ and want her to go back to that for their own personal complex psychological reasons. 

Personally I thought her friendship with Sam (and even some of her exchanges with Nadia) made her so much more human and likable. Even if it was only a friendship, I still greatly, greatly prefer it to Lara going alone. Sam was a realistic 22 year old girl, with interests that a 22 year old girl would have. People are forgetting Lara is also a 21 (now 22) year old girl and she doesn’t just cease to be one because fanboys want her to be a cold-hearted killing machine. 

IDK, I don’t think I can get very much into the psychology of it here, but douchebro fanboys have often had really bad experiences with ‘typical’ teenage- and 20-something year old girls and don’t want to translate those experiences to Lara. They want her to be different than those other girls. Anything that makes her the same is hated. Sam shows us Lara is a typical 21/22-year old girl with a passion and a drive for specific information, but a typical girl with a typical best friendship, nonetheless. If Lara’s typical, there’s more likelihood she’ll reject them just like most other girls do. Sam shines a light on that ‘normal’ side of Lara, therefore, they hate Sam. They don’t want Lara to be realistic, because they know she’d reject them irl if she was.