tomatoe juice

NDRV3 characters but as shit I've said

Yonaga Angie: *in response to being asked why I like tomato juice* “It looks like blood!”

Ouma Kokichi: “I talk down to people, It’s my style of speech”

Gonta Gokuhara: “I am the antlord”

Yumeno Himiko: “But I had a chip buttie with chicken nuggets in it so I feel tired as all hell so that’s good.”

Kiibo: “The start of those sentences are missing capital letters.”

Saihara Shuuichi: “A 1000 degree knife couldn’t cut through my disappointment.”

Akamatsu Kaede: “Oh fuck my hair has a spiky bit am i doomed to deal with bears forever?”

Shinguuji Korekiyo: “Humans- So dumb it’s fascinating.”

Rantarou Amami: “All people know about me is that I’m mysterious, and that is all they need to know because I am stupid once you get to know me.”

Shirogane Tsumigi: “It’s anime time you fuckers, lets go.”

Kaito Momota: “I wanna be an alien they aren’t killing their fucking planets.”

Tenko Chabashira: “Someone in class annoyed me once, I threw a chair at them.”

Hoshi Ryouma: “I’m short but I can and will kill a man.”

Harukawa Maki: “I’m more likely to run from a six year old than a serial killer.”

Iruma Miu: “That’s what she said!”

Kirumu Toujo: “Where’s a broom I have to clean this mess of a group chat.”


Post-12x08 fic, gen, 1561 words. For @alulaspeaks for the @bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa 2016. Also on AO3.

There’s a small slot towards the base of Dean’s cell door that’s his only point of communication with the outside world. Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, a tray of food is pushed through. He can tell which is which by what they serve him: cold eggs and hash browns for breakfast, soggy tomatoes swimming in watery juice. In the evening, the menu’s more varied. Beans. Something that might be chilli. Sometimes there’s a slice or two of fruit. Either way, and however shitty the food, the moments where it arrives are usually the only events of Dean’s day; so he’s learned to anticipate them, to centre his activity on their coming.

After the first couple times, he lies on the floor when he thinks the slot might soon open, waiting for the brief opportunity it offers to peer through the opening into the corridor outside. He doesn’t know where they’re holding Sam; but he yells out anyway, “Sammy,” can’t hurt.

Sam doesn’t answer. He never answers, but Dean carries on yelling.

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Valentine Drabbles #4 | Sehun, You

Another not really a drabble.

Requested by @samiralucy​; High school AU; When you like your best friend, things starts to become awkward.

Words count: 1576

Being in love with your best friend is the hardest thing anyone could go through.

You will begin to fear your feelings and try hard to fight with them anyway possible. Because it’s well known. Once you confess, that beautiful friendship, that person who is always by your side, that friend you depend on the most, will come to ignore you and things will never be the same.

That’s what you feared so you consoled your feelings for that person sitting next to you, sipping on his tomato juice. Oh Sehun. The one who stayed by your side on your hardest times. When you almost dropped out of High school, he made you change your mind. When you had strong fight with your father, he was the one to come to you and comfort you. 

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I made fresh guac and spred it on toast with some orange juice for breakfast. Unfortunately, my wisdom teeth are coming in so it hurt to eat it 😂


One Time For Your Mind: A Spotify Playlist

  1. Mobb Deep - “Shook Ones, Pt. II” from 8 Mile (2002)
  2. Cypress Hill - “How I Could Just Kill A Man” from Ride Along (2014) 
  3. Dizzee Rascal - “Fix Up, Look Sharp” from Rize (2005)
  4. A Tribe Called Quest - “Can I Kick It?” from The Wackness (2008)
  5. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys - “Empire State of Mind” from Men in Black 3 (2012)
  6. M.I.A. - “Bad Girls” from Identity Thief (2013)
  7. 50 Cent - “How To Rob” from In Too Deep (1999)
  8. Lil’ Wayne - “A Milli” from The Interview (2014)
  9. De La Soul and Teenage Fanclub - “Fallin’” from Judgment Night (1993)
  10. Public Enemy - “Rebel Without A Pause” from Dope (2015)
  11. Boogie Down Productions - “Jack of Spades” from I’m Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) 
  12. Eazy-E with Dr. Dre and MC Ren - “We Want Eazy” from from Straight Outta Compton (2015) 
  13. Eric B & Rakim - “Juice (Know the Ledge)” from Juice (1992) 
  14. Pras Michel with Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Mya - “Ghetto Supastar” from Bulworth (1998) 
  15. Erykah Badu and Common - “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop)” from Brown Sugar (2002) 
  16. Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) - “UMI Says” from Just Wright (2010) 
  17. The Notorious B.I.G. - “Going Back to Cali” from Notorious (2009) 
  18. Digital Underground - “Same Song” from Nothing But Trouble (1991)
  19. Lauryn Hill - “Everything Is Everything” from The Mod Squad (1999) 
  20. Missy Elliott with Ludacris - “Gossip Folks” from Hollywood Homicide (2003)
  21. Pharoahe Monch - “Simon Says” from Boiler Room (2000)
  22. Kendrick Lamar - “I” from The Intern (2015) 
  23. Run-D.M.C. - “Run’s House” from Chasing Amy (1997) 
  24. OutKast - “GhettoMusick” from Step Up 3D (2010) 
  25. Kanye West - “Jesus Walks” from Jarhead (2005) 
  26. Nas with AZ and Olu Dara - “Life’s a Bitch” from Fish Tank (2009)

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hello im Jaehyun xD this is my myspace account!! LOLZ. Im an aquarius and aliens are pretty cool i guess xD my favorite drink is tomato juice so id say im pretty random!!!!!!!