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Hormones - m.

A guy has his needs, especially Jungkook with his hormones.

member: Jeon Jungkook

genre: Smut, Roomate!au 

warnings: Nsfw, Mature content, Masturbation 

   words count: 2.1k

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The cold water dropped onto your skin, it felt like ghost kisses. You were in the shower after the exhausting classes and your friends have invited you out. Your roommate Jungkook, haven’t came back from his class yet. You have messaged him that you’ll be going out, but he rarely reply to messages. 

You rinsed the shampoo out of your hear, humming songs that were in your head. You swung your hips to the rhythm inside your mind and stepped out of the shower, drying your hair with the towel. 


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anonymous asked:

Can you write a scenario where Kageyama accidentally refers to his s/o as his wife, with her in the room. (( They are still in high school so they are not even close to possibly getting married yet)) Thank you in advance!

“Ne, Kageyama,” Hinata called out, not trying to hide the fact he and a few other of the Karasuno volleyball boys were staring at you as you talked to Kiyoko. There was an aura around them that captivated the boys, even the third years. The only ones not interested were Tsukishima and Ennoshita, who watched as the boys stared at you two beauties behind Kageyama disapproving. 

Kageyama looked to Hinata curiously. “What?”

“How did _____-san fall for you? She’s so… Amazing! And nice! And you’re all, ‘Grrr!’ ‘I will defeat The Grand King all on my own, without the help of my team!’ and-”

“Idiot Hinata!” Kageyama yelled out as he threw a volleyball to Hinata’s face.

“Gah!” Hinata yelped in pain. Suddenly, Kageyama was trying to rip the hair out of Hinata’s scalp, causing Hinata to brawl back. For the Karasuno volleyball team, they were used to these antics the idiot duo always started. For you, Kageyama just seemed to always pick on Hinata.

Kiyoko and you walked over to the boys, you being more worried about Hinata’s well being. “Tobio! Why do you always do that to Hinata?”

“Ah, just let them be, ____-chan,” Sugawara said with a wave of his hand. “Strangely, this is how they get along. Even though it is quite troublesome sometimes.”

It was hard for the team not to laugh at Sugawara’s comment because of the truth behind it. And it was hard for you not to join in because even though you didn’t enjoy Hinata getting hurt, there was no way for Kageyama to not hurt the little spiker.

Kageyama and Hinata froze at the sound of laughter and looked to everyone with their usual dopey face. “What’s so funny?”

“We’re just making fun of you and Kageyama, you dweebs,” Nishinoya said with a snicker. “But Hinata and us do can’t help but be surprised how you landed this babe, Kageyama!”

At the sound of his senpai calling you babe, Kageyama lips went into a line and his cheeks crimson red. “H-Hey! That’s not-”

Hinata couldn’t help but laugh a little, even as Kageyama tried to still rip out his hair. “You do have such a babe for a girlfriend, Kageyama!”

At the sound of the whole team complimenting you, you couldn’t help but feel your cheeks become just as red as Kageyama’s. “Ah, you guys are all so-”

“Only I get to call my wife ‘babe’!”

The silence within the gym rang through everyone’s ears. Everyone stared at Kageyama with shocked eyes, not one person moving a muscle. With all the eyes on Kageyama and the sudden realization to what he said, it was like his eyes went white and his whole body became as red as a tomato. Slowly, all eyes traveled to you, who had just done the same as Kageyama.

“I didn’t know you proposed already, Kageyama,” Hinata said bluntly.

“IDIOT HINATA!” Kageyama yelled nervously. This time, as Kageyama attempted to beat every breath out of Hinata, the team had to stop it this time. Even though they couldn’t stop laughing a bit. As you heard the team tease Kageyama, you remained frozen.

“Make sure to invite me to the wedding, okay, ____-chan?” Kiyoko said with a smile. At the sound of everyone agreeing, you tried to cover your face. It was going to be a little awkward this walk home with your fianc- boyfriend.