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A recently discovered photograph that some believe shows Amelia Earhart alive and well on an atoll in the Marshall Islands has exhumed the never really buried mystery about the pioneering aviator’s disappearance after her Lockheed Electra vanished in the South Pacific on July 2, 1937.

But while feverish speculation about how she died has long dominated her story, breeding ghoulish theories including that her body was eaten by giant coconut crabs, it might be more enlightening to look at what she liked to eat on those long 15-hour solo flights across the oceans.

It was a topic of keen interest to American women at the time.

“A question I’m asked frequently concerns what a pilot eats on long flights,” Earhart said in a radio interview she gave sometime between 1935 and 1937 . “This aspect of ‘aeronautical housekeeping’ particularly interests women.”

Her answer was simple and surprising. “Tomato juice is my favorite 'working’ beverage, and food too,” said Earhart. “In colder weather, it may be heated and kept hot in a thermos.”

Amelia Earhart’s Travel Menu Relied On Three Rules And People’s Generosity

Photo: Louis Van Oeyen/Western Reserve Historical Society/Getty Images


Sum: He is not a morning person. Fluff

She wakes up without any help. She doesn’t need any alarm or device to make that work for her, she just does. It’s difficult, yeah, but once her feet touch the ground and she opens her eyes, doing a big stretching in the bed, is time to move on.

He, on the other hand…

Since they were recently married and shared the bed, there isn’t a single day where Sasuke could lift his body from the bed by himself. She knows this is because when he is home, his guard is – finally – down and he actually rest. It should not be a surprise, but it really is.

So, he does that. He rests.

Looking at him – sleeping on his stomach, his face turn to her – she smiles, because he is really snoozing, eyes closed, mouth a little open, completely gone. He even looks peaceful.

And this is where the shows stars: Part one: do the calm and lovely voice.

“Sasuke-kun” She calls him, curling herself around him “Darling, wake up”

He doesn’t. He is still like a log beside her. He does not even flinch.

So, this is part two: Touch him.

“Anata” She locks her fingers around his shoulder, shaking him softly “You ask me yesterday to wake you up this early, something about meeting Naruto, so please, please, wake up”

“…Hn” He emits, his eyes still fully closed.

Well, that is something.

You see, there is a technique that actually work all the time, but that is for the final part. Her last resort. You see, waking up anata is a plat of five steps, each of them increases in drastic measures.

The third step is: Kissing.

“Sasuke-kun” She stand her face next to his, her nose touching his. She deals kisses around his face: On his cheeks, his forehead, his nose until the last one is on his lips “You have to wake up, darling”

(One time she awaken him up yelling, to this day he still feels angry)

“Hn” (No)

And to make his point very clear, he moves his head to the other side, giving her his back.

She smiles. She is just like a kid on the mornings.

“Yes, Sasuke-kun” She caress his check, one of her legs curling beside him “You never are late, you are not Kakashi-sensei”

“…Hn” (Don’t compare me with him)

“Oh, yes, I know you are a lot of better, but you see, is already six fifteen, so you really have to be on the shower now”

“Hn” (five more minutes)

“There have already pass five minutes, Anata” She moves her mouth closer to his ear “I told you yesterday you wouldn’t wake up, but you still wanted to do it”

“Hnnnnnnnn” (Annoyinggggggggggggg)

Then, completely silence. Nothing. His breath collected and neutral, his eyes still very close, his face away from hers. Is still very clear he doesn’t want to wake up.

So, the final step: Tease him

“You see, Sasuke-kun” She stars to touch his abdominal under his pajamas, delicately, her fingers playing imaginary lines up and down, pinching those little hairs that lead to the path of happiness, using the voice he really likes “Maybe you want a second round from last nite, ne?”

The answer is immediate: He rolls back, until her back is on the mattress and his head is pillowing between her breast. It was too fast, that now her hands are locked between their bodys.

“Sasuke-kun” She kissed his forehead, chuckling “You really are heavy”

“Hn” (So are you)

“Hey!” She manages to take out her hands between them, and she puts them inside his pajamas, caressing his back “I’m really going to use chakra!”

He lifts his hand to her hip, his fingers entering on her pajama too “Hn” (No, you better don’t)

She uses it anyway. A little amount on her palms so she can roll both of them back, so his back is now on the mattress and she is sitting on him, a sardonic smile on her face.

He still has his eyes closed.

Oh, c’mon!” She retorted, pointing a finger on his chest “I know you are awake, Sasuke-kun!”

He doesn’t respond. No even open his eyes. (But his lips are doing this strange grin, like he is holding back a smile)

Final – final step: Bring out the big guns.

She come closer to his mouth, and star the tease: Butterflies kisses up to his neck, a little one on his chin, making them sound strong on purpose, dramatically sweet. Her fingers running through his hair, so the final one will wake him up and incidentally, take his breath away: On the lips.

Is a little pressure, in the beginning, and little by little, she stars to pull out her tongue, and smile through the kiss when he opens his lips too – that bastard. His good arm is on her back, and rises up slowly until he reaches her nape, both surrendering to passion. She plays with his lips: She sucks, she bites and even their teeth collide when-

Mamaa! What do we have for breakfast?

It ends.

She is the first one to pull away, her mother instincts is activated.

“Well, good morning to you, sunshine” She kiss him rapidly when she notices his eyes now are open, slightly, but awake “I have to do the breakfast. Go and take the shower, you already late!”

“Hn” (I hate you for waking me up)

She laughs, trying to get out of his body “You are really a piece of work on the mornings, Anata” She kiss him again - a trick to cheat him and finally, get free of his grip “What do you want for breakfast? I would pack a bento for your travel. Tomatoes and onigiri sounds good?”

“Hn” (yeah)


“I’m coming, Sarada!” She goes to her closet, picking of her usual clothes “My god, Sasuke-kun, what have you done?” catching the reflection herself in the mirror when she walks on the room, noticing all her navel with hickeys.

He opens one of his eyes, lifts his head and smile, approvingly. She is exasperated.

“I can’t believe you!” She starts to pick up random dresses of their closet, the sound of hanging cabinets filling the room “How I’m supposed to use these clothes!”

“Tch” (What are you complaining? You didn’t complaint anything last night)

She dresses her in a burgundy dress, that actually cover everything from last night “You better wake up, Uchiha, I want to hear to water running while I make breakfast!”

“Hn?” (is that so?) He asks playfully

Her cheeks actually turn into flame, even when he don’t see her, he can ensure that “You know what I mean!” She closed the door with a big slam.

He lay down, again, closing his eyelids. Five more minutes, no one would notice. Yeah, that sounds great, five more minutes and he can-

“You better be in the shower, Sasuke-kun! Or I am coming for you!”

He takes one pillow and press it agains his head “Hn!”


Hormones - m.

A guy has his needs, especially Jungkook with his hormones.

member: Jeon Jungkook

genre: Smut, Roomate!au 

warnings: Nsfw, Mature content, Masturbation 

   words count: 2.1k

Originally posted by ggukbun

The cold water dropped onto your skin, it felt like ghost kisses. You were in the shower after the exhausting classes and your friends have invited you out. Your roommate Jungkook, haven’t came back from his class yet. You have messaged him that you’ll be going out, but he rarely reply to messages. 

You rinsed the shampoo out of your hear, humming songs that were in your head. You swung your hips to the rhythm inside your mind and stepped out of the shower, drying your hair with the towel. 


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