tomato terror

so there are many (many) reasons that ff12 is my favorite game, but this is one of the biggest.

the opening of ff12 makes it clear that this is a high fantasy story. the localization sets that tone even further. it’s clear that there’s magic and flying ships and all that (after all this is final fantasy) but it’s grounded in some realism given the heavy tone of the opening. you might raise your eyebrows when you get a mission to kill a living tomato, but it’s a fantasy RPG, that can be forgiven.

except then you step out into the very first area of the game after the tutorial and THERE’S A FUCKING T-REX.

even for final fantasy it’s completely bizarre. it’s not a t-rex that’s been made all fantasy or whatever, it’s just LITERALLY A T-REX THAT LIVES IN THE DESERT RIGHT NEXT TO THE CITY.

to make it even more surreal, you’re sent out to kill a tomato that’s been terrorizing the desert and keeping people from getting in and fucking no one mentions the t-rex. NOBODY. SERIOUSLY NOBODY. NOT A SINGLE NPC. believe me, i’ve talked to every single person. every. one. no one mentions it.

and this is why i love ff12. you are at the start of the game and it is already showing you that hey man, things are gonna get a little weird here. the t-rex is there for an important gameplay reason – it’s meant to show the player that there are many high-level enemies out in the world that you have no hope of beating when you first encounter them – but there is no fucking reason whatsoever that it had to be a T-REX of all things. seriously they could have picked anything else. (yes i know there are several hunts with more t-rex enemies around rabanastre, but that only furthers my point. why are dinosaurs even in this game.)

i love it. i fucking love it. a t-rex. what the fuck.

(of course i tried to fight it the first time i played the game. of course i died. of course i hadn’t saved. it did exactly what it was supposed to do: teach me not to fight the fucking t-rex. but how was i supposed to resist?)