tomato pin cushion

Hold the Suga, Baby! (You’re Sweet Enough)

For @rinrynren & Sleepytime anon:

Imagine a pocket-sized you sitting on your bottom, a tomato-looking pin cushion resting in front of you. As you sip your “coffee” (you’re still not allowed to have coffee, so you’re drinking hot chocolate instead) from the sauce cup in between your hands, you glance up at Yoongi, who’s leaning his elbows on the kitchen counter with his chin lying on his fists. His eyes, dark and inviting, never leave your figure as you continue to consume your drink. Your eyes find their way to his untouched cup of coffee, and your brow raises when you realize that the caffeinated drink is probably cold now.

When you ask him about it, he doesn’t give a response. You wonder if Yoongi fell asleep with his eyes open (this wouldn’t be the first time that it happened). However, when you make eye contact, his lips curl up into the most precious smile, and you know that he’s definitely awake. Tilting your head to the right, you set the sauce cup onto the pin cushion and repeat your question, this time, making sure to snap your fingers to wake him up. Instead of responding, he answers your question with one of his own.

“Do you make coffee for a living?”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you shake your head and respond uneasily, “Um. No? You know that I don’t work at a cafe, Yoongi.”

His gentle smile curls up even to the point where it seems he’s smirking at you now.

“Well, because I like you a latte.”

You actually were taking a sip of your hot chocolate as he was responding, and boy did his answer surprise you. The dark brown liquid that was once in your mouth is now dripping from Yoongi’s chin and his neck, but the smirk on his face never fades. Actually, now it just seems as if he’s amused. Grabbing a paper towel, he folds it to wipe the liquid off of himself, before saying, “Wow. I didn’t expect to get your liquid all over my face on our first date.”

Now, all you can do is throw your now empty sauce cup at his nose as scarlet floods your cheeks.

My witchsona!! I’ve wanted to do one for forever now and I just went with it. I want to be a thread witch and my familiar is one of those little tomato pin cushions. I’m imagining some combination of voodoo and Tamora Pierce’s version of sewing magic. 

amber-salix  asked:

i was watching some old interviews on yt and one of them was with Pine who was describing how he was chased during NYC Gay Pride by a dude wearing only a sock (on Conan). then i was watching the more recent Graham Norton interview with Cumberbatch and Kim Cattrall where he tells the same story except he says he was meeting Quinto for lunch. were there any pics of this??

Sadly, nope. They’re not photographed much together outside of press events (though clearly from their stories see each other a lot). I find that Chris in general isn’t photographed much, and most of the time it seems very deliberate.

We really only get a rare pap sighting of the two, or the even rarer friend or fan photos.

anonymous asked:

I am looking for more blogs to follow. They don't have to be a full on Animal Crossing blog, so what are some recommendations? I like seasons, drinks, not so much of anime, books, music. I am open to almost anything but sex and nudes. lol Thank you.

okay so i have no idea what you want to so heres a bunch i love and follow haha

i prob forgot a lot BUT I LOVE EVERYONE I FOLLOW!!! sorry if i forgot you i cant list 700 here hahah

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