tomato gang aph

  • Belgium: Spain! Spain! I need you to come for a second!
  • Spain: what's wrong Belgium??
  • Belgium: So I was walking down Romano's room just seconds ago, and I heard a man's voice in his room! I think there might be an intruder in the house!!
  • Spain: what?? Romano's in danger! We gotta hurry and help him!
  • Belgium: ah, I can hear that weird voice again with... my brother?? What's he doing here??
  • Spain: *bursts open door while wielding an axe* Don't worry Romano! The Boss is here!!
  • Belgium and Spain: ... p-p-puberty???
which tomato gangster you should fight
  • spain: he’ll kick your ass. he’ll kick anyone’s ass. he’ll kick his own ass. he’ll kick your dog’s ass (and say sorry to it afterwards). there’s no way you’ll live through the process, but at least it will be fun.
  • belgium: literally why on earth would you do that. she will own you so bad you'll probably end up discovering a new contortionist position. romano will probably be there to film it and you'll be eternally famous as "Dude Punches Own Anus". do not fight belgium.
  • romano: he’ll walk all over you like a runway model. which he is. this guy's basically the bab of the group and if you fight him you fight the whole gang. also, like, why would you fight the inventor of pizza? sit down and think about your life choices.
  • netherlands: definitely fight the netherlands. he defeated spain in the world cup and that's a crime in itself. as long as you avoid his hair you should be safe. (that candy in his jacket lining, is NOT candy. don't take it.)
  • cuba: sure, why not. you might even be able to make him slightly pissed if you tried super hard. he’ll probably fall asleep halfway through, so take this opportunity to claim victory and run away. or eat ice cream and gossip with cuba instead. yes, definitely eat ice cream with cuba. the guy's got taste.
  • luxembourg: you could take lux down, easy, if you managed to live through the overwhelming smell of hair products and impossibly large sums of cash that hang around him like a protective aura. if you survive him you won't survive his siblings.
  • portugal: are you really going to pick a fight with this guy? don’t you think he has enough economic problems already without having to deal with your shit? look yourself in the mirror and ask if this is what you really want to do today. the answer is yes because you absolutely should fight port. that man deserves a few solid punches to the face. he’s a fuckboy and probably not even ashamed of it.

a weird tomato gang doodle?? i just wanted an excuse to draw mask designs so im not really sure whats happening in this.

my best idea is that theyre like a team of secret spy agents and theyre sneaking into a masquerade party hosted by some evil villain


Carmen: oh Nina, come here please! o v o Nina:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????