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GLS timeline

Grillby & little Sans timeline 

(This is a long story, so I want to make the list of timeline. It will be easy to understand and find. I have arranged these stories in chronological order. I will update the list if I draw the new one.)

<About timeline>(Include different points in time)

[Protect] [Age & Timeline] [Soul] [Stay or leave]

<About the WAR>(Grillby ~11, Sans ~3, Gaster ~27)

[Sans] [Gaster blaster] [War] [……]

<Young Grillby & Baby Sans>(Grillby 12~17, Sans 4~9, Gaster 28~32)

[The first time] [Play] [Name] [Dinner] [Echo flower-1] [Echo flower-2] [Food-1] [Food-2] [Food-3] [Sleep] [Bath] [Draw & Clothes] [Tomato Juice & Wine] [Popcorn] [Little bird] [Video] [Sit-ups] [Accident-1] [Accident-2] [Accident-3] [Accident-4] [Accident-5] [Practice-1] [Practice-2] [Practice-3] [Lazy] [Rain] [Weapon] [Family] [Morning kiss] [Snow-1] [Snow-2]

<Adult Grillby & Young Sans>(Grillby 18~25, Sans 10~17, Gaster 33~xx)

[Tie & height] [Share] [Someone special] [Mouth] [First kiss?] [Adult] [Fall down] [Drunk] [Don’t forget]

<Adult Grillby & Adult Sans >(Grillby 26~xx, Sans 18~xx)

[Kiss] [Don’t cry]

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  • Belgium: Spain! Spain! I need you to come for a second!
  • Spain: what's wrong Belgium??
  • Belgium: So I was walking down Romano's room just seconds ago, and I heard a man's voice in his room! I think there might be an intruder in the house!!
  • Spain: what?? Romano's in danger! We gotta hurry and help him!
  • Belgium: ah, I can hear that weird voice again with... my brother?? What's he doing here??
  • Spain: *bursts open door while wielding an axe* Don't worry Romano! The Boss is here!!
  • Belgium and Spain: ... p-p-puberty???
Dating Youngjae would include:

request by anon: can you please do like a list thingy about what dating Youngjae would include…..pweaseeee…. 

a/n yay!!! requests about my bias omgggg maybe I’ll do all the members if you guys like this one?

  • Taking Coco for walks
  • Eating popsicles on hot days
  • Holding your hand in his pocket on cold days
  • Karaoke
  • Correction* SLAYING karaoke
  • No, seriously you’ll always be singing together
  • Lots of blurry selfies
  • Lots of pics of you and Coco on his phone
  • Kisses you holding your face in his hands
  • Laughing ™
  • Literally All the time  
  • Always asking if you’re okay
  • Smiling while you make out
  • You being the honorary sister of GOT7 (because they all frikin’ love Youngjae)
  • Getting embarrassed when you kiss him in front of the members
  • You calling him ‘my sunshine’
  • Him calling you “my sky’
  • Singing your favourite songs to you
  • Meeting his family early on
  • Rarely fighting because you can read each other like a book
  • If you do it’s usually a miscommunication or small built up arguments that lead to one big one
  • When you fight he always cries
  • You’re his world
  • You talk it out through tears “I can’t lose you.
  • End with a long heartfelt kiss
  • And cuddles
  • Speaking of cuddles…
  • He would always want to cuddle with all the lights off and humming you to sleep
  • And…Running his fingers through your hair a million times
  • Nervous giggles the first time you make love 
  • ShOoo0k by how beautiful you are
  • Spooning and kissing your back after you finish
  • Breakfast in bed tradition on Sundays if he’s home
  • Being his best friend
  • Random English
  • This is Youngjae and ______ class” 
  • Playing the piano for you all the time
  • Hitting each other when you laugh
  • Hurting everyone’s ears
  • Getting caught kissing by his brother in the apartment 
  • Him blushing like a tomato 
  • Subtle couple clothes 
  • Eye to eye smile every time he sees you after being away
  • Not taking his eyes off you 
  • Because he doesn’t want to waste one second with you
  • Shy caresses 
  • Soft, intimate and romantic sex
  • Talking late into the night 
  • About everything
  • and nothing 
  • all at the same time
  • Trying to teach you how to play video games
  • If you start getting good he will not hold back
  • well…maybe he’ll let you win once or twice
  • but will say he tried really hard
  • Small presents and surprises
  • Like a chocolate under your pillow
  • Or a small sticky note with cheesy lyrics on your mirror
  • Writing so many songs about you
  • Knowing you’re the one quickly
  • Not wanting to scare you off by being too intense about his love for you
  • Says I love you though like 20 times a day
  • planning your future together in his head like everyday 
  • Trying to plan how he’ll ask
  • he wants it to be perfect
  • as perfect as he thinks you are
  • After you date for like 3 years ( and he feels you’re ready) he’ll propose:
  • he’ll take you to the park
  • where he first confessed to you
  • He’ll tell you he loves you and then,
  • he’ll pull out the ring and say…
  • “From today and every day after.
Food Fights (Calum Smut)

Summary: Calum’s disastrous cooking results in a mess that can only be erased with a steamy shower session 

Warnings? Smuuut, blowjobs, shower sex

Word Count: 2.4k

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As you stare at the mess spread across Calum’s kitchen you can’t help but wonder two things; why did you assume he’d know how to cook, and what possessed him to make such a mess?

“I can explain…” He holds up his hands, a sheepish grin spread across his face. You snort as you notice the strands of raw egg scattered through his hair, “Please do.” Calum begins to rinse his hands in the sink before answering.

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leos-pineapple  asked:

Nathanel ( Miraculous ladybug) with a red nose because its chilly while in winter clothes. Can he be holding a cup of coffee or hot chocolate too? Thank you so much! Have a peaceful day/night! Stay warm!

Tomato boy wearing my clothes in slightly different colors :’DD 

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i’m just a 13 year old amateur drawer sobsobsob

ahh well, i’m just gonna crawl up in a ball and sit in a corner 

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Certified Fresh at 95% with 237 reviews
  • Sisters is currently Fresh at 67% with 76 reviews
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip is currently Rotten at 14% with 23 reviews
  • He Never Died is currently Fresh at 75% with 8 reviews
  • Son of Saul is Certified Fresh at 92% with 53 reviews
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes is currently Fresh at 64% with 29 reviews

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Day number three you guys!! I hope everyone is enjoying Haunted Septiween so far!  This one was extremely entertaining to write!  Enjoy!! 

1.) Stuck

2.) Space Princess

3.) Fire and Ice

Jack wasn’t really paying much attention to his surroundings.  He was looking down on his phone and walking by a local small playground with all of their Halloween decorations up, even though it was just the 3rd of October like calm down people.

But as he’s strolling along, he happened to look up in time to see the guy in front of him lose all semblance of decency.

Jack dodged flying limbs while the guy seemingly tripped over his own feet, knocked over the inflatable cat, kicked over three pumpkins, tackled a full-fledged grim reaper, and rolled over a couple of plastic ghosts.

As the chaos came to a stop, Jack carefully stepped over to the guy and looked down at the sprawled out limp figure.

“Um, that was quite the show.  You alright?”

The stranger looked up at Jack in a bit of a daze and Jack didn’t know if he should laugh or kill over.  Of course the klutz was hot.  Fate would have it no other way.

His cheeks were the color of tomatoes, his clothes were rumpled, and his glasses were askew.

“I don’t know what happened.” The guy had a deep, smooth voice and it shook Jack to his very core.  

What a hot hot tater tot

“Here.” Jack said, holding out both hands for the stranger to take, “Let me help you.  My name’s Jack, by the way.”

“Hi, Jack” the guy was way heavier than he looked, “I’m Mark.  It’s great to meet you.”

“Yeah, let me help you set all of this back up.”

“You don’t have to-”

“Oh, I’m not doing this for free.”

Mark turned to look at Jack with his brows furrowed. “Then what do you want?  I don’t really have any money on me-”

“Relax dude.  I’m hungry and I was about to head over to find something to eat.  Join me.  Let me take you on a date.”

Mark froze in hauling the reaper back up, hugging it and staring at Jack.  Jack had the pleasure of watching realization dawn on his face and witnessing his cheeks turn very interesting shades of maroon.

“Y-yeah.  Yeah.” Mark smiled, “I’ll go on a date with you.”

“Well, fuck these pumpkins then.” Jack dropped the pumpkin he was holding, “I’ve got a fucking date to go on.”

Jack reached out and unwrapped Mark from the reaper, pulling him away from the destruction he caused.“Just don’t trip and eliminate half the restaurant okay.”

Mark laughed and it made a grin stretch across Jack’s face.

“Yeah, yeah.  I’ll try.”