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Y'all. I just realized I will be truly devastated if The Bold Type gets cancelled.

  • -team 7 meeting Sarada for the first time-
  • Sakura: (rocking the sleeping baby) Isn't she gorgeous?
  • Kakashi: (tear-eyed) She is precious. You and Sasuke did an excellent job making her. (winks)
  • Naruto: The chubby cheeks are so cute! But not as cute as Boruto's though.
  • Sai: Let me see... (takes a closer look at Sarada) Oh no. Too bad. I'm sorry.
  • Sakura: (concerned) What's wrong?
  • Sai: She has your forehead.
  • Naruto: Oh no he didn't...!
  • Sakura: (eye-twitching)
  • Zarc: Oh, feelings? Yeah, I don't have those anymore.
  • Yuya: What?! You can't just do that! What's the point in living if you can't feel happiness? Wonder? Love?
  • Zarc: Or the sweet taste of revenge! You're right, Yuya! What's the point in living if I can't enjoy such simple things?
  • Yuya: Eh... close enough.
This is for the haters that say Asians don't like Black girls..

So, I got some tea to spill ☕️
This is for the haters that continue to say Koreans, Vietnamese, etc
Don’t like black girls..
anyways let me get on to the story. Last weekend my mother and I went to an Asian market that is located in Arlington we live in Fort Worth, she’s a regular customer and she goes there all the time to buy fresh fish and produce. It was my second time going there and

It was my second time going there but this time it was different, I’m not sure if it is because of summer and school is almost about to close. Their were a lot of cute Asian boys working at the counter. Girl, when I stepped inside the store every Asian boy in their was checking me out, like they’ve never seen a black girl throughout their entire life. They kept staring at me and smiling and blushing. Even the elders were staring at me. So, we walked around the store and went to butcher side

Where they chopped fresh fish and it took 10 minutes for our order to be ready, so we walked around to the vegetables section to buy tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. And their was this fine ass Asian boy, I don’t know if it was his sister or girlfriend but he forgot all about her and was mad checking me out as I was helping my mom out, and when we made eye contact he looked away as if he wasn’t just staring. So, we walked back to get our fish from the butcher section and went to the cashier to check out our groceries and their was this fine ass Asian boy, girl he made eye contact with me and I made eye contact back and i couldn’t help but smile and he smiled back and starting blushing Girl, I was almost about to melt 😓 Ps: their was some Ahjussi’s checking me out too but that’s a whole different story that doesn’t need to be said 😂

Also, two weeks ago I went to my neighborhood beauty store and I’m  thin and tall and dark complexion and I when my mom was about to check out her items and she got a discount on some nail polish so she went back to pick 5 more colors. I was standing at the counter and I asked the lady, are you guys Korean? And she said, “How do you know? In surprise. I told her because I’m learning Korean and I can i can understand a little. I’ve heard you guys speak Korean numerous times. And she said, wow

And, the lady next to her she’s also Korean said to me, you’re so skinny “How old are you? And I said, 19 And she said, "very beautiful age and very beautiful girl And my mom when on to say, "yeah.. she’s learning Korean.. every day at home she’s watching Korean drama, music, etc And then my mom said, "one day she wants to go to Korea” And they were very surprised and suddenly became very happy and excited when I told them about how I love Korea ❤️ And as we were leaving they kept talking 😂 before I used to think they were mean and rude, I guess I was very wrong. Once I opened up to them and talked about Korea They started talking to me and smiling and I think they like me now 😊

Drunk sentence starters.

“See, I’m not too drunk, I can still take my clothes off.”
“I lost my pants - but I found myself.”
“I feel like a pickle torpedo… In a sea of graham cracker crumbs.”
“I’m not a violent guy. If there was a ghost up there at that stop sign I would just let him pass. Even if it wasn’t his turn I still wouldn’t punch him.”
“Look at all this snow, imagine if it was sand, but still cold, no wait, warm snow. I like the beach.”
“Let’s see what’s in this cabinet! What the fuck is in this cabinet?! There’s nothing interesting in this cabinet! I’m going to slam this cabinet shut now! Let’s move on to the next cabinet.”
“If I had 47 dragons, I’d give you one but only one.”
“Suck my dick, I’m a pterodactyl!”
“German people are quiet, then BOOM! They take over Poland for no good reason!”
“I’m not David Hasselhoff!”
“Please don’t think bad about me, ‘cause I’m drunk. I’ll be a good wife, I know where to buy good tomatoes and cucumbers!”
“I think that rock is judging me. FUCK YOU YOU WHORE ROCK.”
“Don’t worry, when I’m in charge you can still be deputy of fire truck planet.”
“Fuck this pizza.”

continuation of this non-massacre au

one day mikoto is buying some vegetables at the market when she hears her youngest son asking her to buy more tomatoes. she’s in the middle of telling him they don’t need more tomatoes as they already have some at home, when she remembers her son isn’t with her right now. confused, mikoto looks to the side and confirms that her son is definitely there, still asking for more tomatoes, but it’s not her that he’s nagging.

“i don’t need tomatoes, sasuke-kun,” sakura says patiently. “the plant you got me is doing really well. i need to pick the tomatoes when we get back to my place, actually.”

“but those are cherry tomatoes.”

“don’t they all taste the same?”

“don’t they–don’t they–how dare you.”

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Hey there, I really love your blog! Makes me smile whenever I read one (especially during a hard time like now, my dad’s passed away last week) Anyway, can I have a scenario where Sabo/Mihawk/Zoro/Law’s s/o is attacked and they rush in to save them, being like “don’t you touch my woman!”?        

A/N: I am so sorry about loss, I wish you the best. If you need someone to talk to, you can always message me! When I read your request, I wanted to do it right away, but it took a bit longer. I hope this puts a smile on your face. Thank you for requesting! (Also, humandrill are the monkeys on mihawks island + The zoro one is fictional, please don’t drink too much and especially don’t go someone alone while drunk! 🌺🌺🌺🌺 )


S/O is in danger and they come and save them


“I hope she likes pineapples…”

The blonde man nervously went through his hair. He could practically hear koala laugh in his head, “You’re so whipped for her!” But it was true, he knew it. Sabo was completely wrapped around your little finger, just one glance from you or one smile and he turned into jelly. It was the first time he had ever felt like this, he never knew something like this even existed, but like his brown haired friend told him, “You’re in love with Y/N!”, and he was. Head over heels in love with you.

The revolutionary walks along the busy streets of the market, through the shouting voices of people trying to get him to buy their vegetables and turns around every two seconds, searching for you. You both had to get some fruits and vegetables, dragon insisted that you could go alone, but Sabo had thought of every excuse his brain could think of, only to come with you. He remembers perfectly how you had bitten your lip and stared at the ground, avoiding his gaze. He wishes he could have taken your chin in his hand, push your face up and kissed you right on your lips, like in those romantic movies you and koala always watched, but sadly, he couldn’t.

He plays with the pineapple in his left hand and frowns. He wanted to walk with you, but you were so stubborn.

“Sabo, I can walk alone.”, he remembers your sweet voice. “I’m not going to get attacked by someone while I buy tomatoes!” He still feels his heart beating faster at the thought of your laugh.

“Y/N… your leg is still injured from the training with Ivank-”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not strong enough to defend myself!”, you said. Your features turned softer. “If I see someone trying to kill me with a banana, I will call for you. I promise.” And so he had agreed to let you go alone. He had a bad feeling though, he couldn’t say why, but something just did not feel right in his heart.

“Handsome boy!”, an elderly woman called out to him. “This fruit will change your life! Come on, come on! Take one bite, you’ll love it!” Somehow, he got interested. He stopped at her basket and tasted fruits, fruits he never even heard of. The woman looked at him in such a friendly way, Sabo almost forget about his worries. But just almost.

He rummaged through his pocket, searching for the money to pay the woman with, when his ears caught your sweet voice, screaming out for him in pure horror. Instantly, he let go of everything and turned around, eyes searching for your familiar face. He couldn’t find you at first, there were too many people, too many voices. Heads were turning in every way, searching for the person who just screamed, making it harder for Sabo to find you.

Your scream echoed once again and this time Sabo knew where you were. He jumped over the heads of other people in a heartbeat, you the only on his mind. He didn’t even notice in which direction he was running. At the very end of the street, everything turned quiet. The street was almost empty and Sabo wondered, is this really where you were? Suddenly, your scream cut through the silence. Then, he saw you.

You stood in the very corner of the street, fruit baskets and their content swimming around your feet, eyes wide open in fear. In front of you were three men, all dressed in black, cornering you with no way out. “Y/N!”, the blonde man called.

“Sabo!”, you screamed back, feeling relief washing over you at his sight. You were just minding your own business, picking out the ripest fruit for your blond friend, when someone had grabbed your shoulder and pushed you against the shelves. All of the content toppled onto the ground, you turned around angrily, ready to tell the person off, when you turned around however, you saw three men, who were double the size of you.  Normally, you could have fought them, but not with your injured leg.

“If we bring her to the marines, we will get so much berry!”, one of them had said. They stared at you in such an animalistic way, you got sick. You had glanced around you, but no one else was close and all three of them easily block your way. So you had taken a deep breath and called out for one of your best friends; Sabo.

“Do not touch her.” Sabo said, voice trembling with anger. He had to get you out of there as quickly as he could. His hands suddenly started to burn, dangerous red flames erupted in between his fingers. “I’m warning you only once; let her go now or you will regret it. ”

“Isn’t that the Sabo kid? Today is our lucky day!”, the man on the very left said. “If we bring him to the marines too, we will drown in berry!”

“We will regret it?”, the man in the middle asked. He was the biggest one from the three, probably the leader. “I hate kids like you, we will show you, how much you will regret!”

The three men glared at the blonde boy, Sabo glared right back.

You blinked once, and then the whole corner erupted into a big fire. You gasped, about to hide somewhere, when a warm hand softly caught yours. Sabo was suddenly by your side and stared at you in between all those flames. You could hear the three men scream in fear, but neither of you cared.  “Can you wait two seconds for me, love?”

You nod once and he let go of your hand. You bend down and grab the food around your feet, trying your best to pull the baskets back up. You faintly register your opponents scream and sounds of faces meeting the wall, too busy to get the vegetables back into their basket. Suddenly, a cold hand grabs your arm. “There you are!”, one of the men screams into your face. “Now be a good girl and come with me!”

He starts to pull you towards him but you try your best to stay where you are. He suddenly grabs your shirt, pulls in such a brutal way, that the fabric tears. You kick him right in the face and clench your teeth at the pain that shoots through your leg.

“You little-”, the man screams and is about to hit you, when a hand grabs his tightly. “What-”

Sabo stands behind him, eyes as dark as the night from anger. He is breathing heavily, not because he’s exhausted, no, because he is trying his best to get his flames under control from his emotions. His voice is the biggest contrast to his flames, you have ever heard.

“Do not touch my woman.”

You gasp. In middle of this mess, you still feel your heart jump at his words.

Sabo grabs the head of the man and smashes it against the the wall next to you. He falls onto the floor and lays there, unconscious. Now you realize, that everything turned quiet and the flames start to disappear slowly. You’re about to stand up, when you register your shirt being completely ripped, exposing your skin in more ways you’re comfortable with. So you stay put on the ground, shamefully hugging your legs to your chest.

“Here,” Sabo whispers to you, voice back to normal. He sounds like the cute, kind and friendly blonde boy again. You look up to him and see his jacket in his hand, offering it to you. “Just wear this.”

You thank him quietly and glance at him in shame. He frowns at first, but understands. His back is turned to you, while you put his blue jacket on.

“Can you walk?”, he asks you softly. You glance down on your leg and nod, but the boy is already crouching down in front of you. You smile shyly and crawl onto his back.

He grabs your bag of vegetables with his one hand and holds your leg softly with his other. That’s how you both get back to Dragon and the others.

You can’t help but thank Sabo for three days straight, feeling bad that he had to come and save you, but he just smiles. When you leave again, Koala runs towards her blonde friend and smirks.

“Look at you smiling. What a hero you are. Now you just gotta confess!” He grins and turns around, yeah, he thinks. Now he just has to confess.


The faint smell of wet leaves surround your figure comfortably. Sighing, you hug your arms closer to your body and keep walking into the forest. You can’t help but kick a pinecone on your way, you never were the kind of person to be so dramatic, really. But today? Today was not your day.

For some reason, you had started a fight with your lover, Mihawk. You knew he hated unnecessary drama, you knew it, but yet you could not help yourself when you threw word after word at him.

You were being a pain in the ass, even yourself noticed that, but you didn’t stop. Mihawk had stood by the window, white shirt open and his typical neutral expression mustering you in silence. That made you even angrier, how dare he just stare at you in silence? The fight was rather one sided and at the end you just left with, “Alright then! I will leave!” And that’s what you did. Completely consumed by your own anger, you had left the castle and walked into the forest, without a jacket, without a light, without any weapon, but a head full with regrets.

You can hear an owl scream next to you, making you almost trip from surprise. “Stupid thing…”, you mumble, not knowing if you mean yourself or the animal.

The moon was giving you a bit of light, but the way in middle of the forest was still too dark to make something out. You couldn’t even see two metres in front of you. A sigh leaves your lips another time and you stop walking. The fresh air was giving you enough strenght to realize, you had to go back and apologize. You turn around and take one step. Suddenly, you feel something weird around you, so you squint your eyes in concentration and try to make out what it is, your blood freezing in your veins at the sight that confronts you.

A humandrill was standing in front of you, mustering you curiously. You swallow down a gasp and take a step back, only for you to trip over a root and fall down. The animal starts to come closer, you slowly crawling back on the ground with every step it takes.

Shit, you think. You didn’t even notice how far you were going and now you were already too far away from the castle, so far, the humandrill were slowly starting to surround you. Mihawk had warned you about them, even though they would never come too close to the castle. He still warned you about going too close to them. And look at you, running into the arms of the only thing that could potentionally hurt you on this island.

You notice more and more eyes appearing around you, making your own eyes water with fear. You could never, never fight one of them, let alone all of them together. Suddenly, the animal in front of you starts to make a loud noise and runs towards you, a sword raised high and aiming at you.

You shield your eyes with your arms and scream. You were so stupid, so freaking stupid!

You wait for the pain to shoot through your body. A tear escapes your eye, a sob following close by. Now you could never laugh with Perona over stupid things again, never smell the beautiful forest that was so scary but so interesting, and the worst, you could never see Mihawk again. Never lay in his arms again, never stare into the beautiful eyes of your lover again, simply because you were too stupid.

You wait and wait… and wait, but nothing happens. Instead, you hear not very human- like gasps surround you and screams of fear swimming in your ears. Your arms slowly lower, you peeking.

Instead of the animal, Mihawk stands in front of you, black sword raised in warning. You don’t see his face, but from the way he stands in front of you, he seems to be mad, furious even.

“Don’t touch my woman.”, he says lowly and even you feel the goosebumps spread on your body. The animal looks terrified, takes a few slow steps back and sprints into the darkness. You hear loud noises around you, a mess of heavy footsteps echoing around you.

Mihawk turns around and musters you shortly, then he crouches down. He puts an arm under your legs and the other one under your back, raising you up from the dirty ground into his warm chest.

“I’m sorry…”, you mumble and sniffle. He doesn’t say anything, instead, he pushes you closer towards him and walks the both of you back to the castle.

Mihawk only lets you down in your shared bedroom, where he takes your head in his hand and stares into your eyes for a long second. “The next time you want to run away, stay in the castle. It’s big enough and I will let you have your space if needed. I don’t want you to get hurt, not now and not later.” You nod shamefully and feel the tears burn in your eyes again.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I don’t even know why I acted the way I did.”, you stare at the ground and lightly touch his hand on your face. “I’m really sorry.”

Your lover nods once and plants a soft kiss on your forehead. “Let’s sleep, my dear.”


“What are you sayin’, ” Zoro mumbled, glancing at you. “I never drink too much, you can never drink too much! ”

The green haired man laughed wholeheartedly at his statement and threw an arm around you, spilling some of the content in his glass on the table. You sipped at your own glass of sake and rolled your eyes in amusement.

The strawhat crew had just arrived at your island, where they were only supposed to get some food and new medication. The local at the island, however, fell in love with them as soon as they sat a foot on their ground. The mayor of the island even invited them over and thus, a big, loud banquet happened. You had to be honest too; when you saw the crew for the first time, you were amazed. They looked so strong, so unique and so interesting. The swordsman with the green hair was your favourite; you were already swept away from your feet at first glance. Those muscles, that smirk and all in all… your ideal type.

You couldn’t help yourself and so, you had gotten some sake, sat down next to him and flirted as much as you possibly could. You were scared at first, but the more alcohol you drowned, the better it suddenly got. You weren’t so sure, but you guessed, the swordsman cared more about his drink than about you. At first, he didn’t really care about you at all, but you wouldn’t let that pass. You bugged more and more, trying to find out more and more about him. His name was Zoro and he liked to drink. You guessed, you were fine with those information for now.

The more time passed, the more you guys started to enjoy each others company. After a few hours, the sun started to set and a few minutes later, it got dark. The lights turned on, one by one, shining brightly into everyone’s happy face, laughing and drinking- celebrating the new build friendship.

After some time and a lot bottles alcohol, heads were thrown back in laughter, bodys were pressed against each other and cheeks were burning red; either from the alcohol or from the person next to you.

“I think I’ll get something to drink for us.” You say and stare at your empty glass. Zoro nods and stares at his own almost empty one. Then, he smirks at you.

“You know how to make me happy.”, he slurs and you giggle. You stand up, your head suddenly spinning at the alcohol in your veins. “Are you okay? Sure you can go alone?”, he asks again and laughs. You nod heavily.

“Of course!”, you call out, louder than expected and leave the table. Your vision turns a bit blurry and you’re not sure if you’re really walking towards the bar, but your feet can’t stop anymore. You keep walking and after some time, you’re standing in between bushes, no orientation to where you are.

“Oh no,” you mumble to yourself and try to turn around, when a hand on your shoulder stops you. Your drunk mind barely registers the strong smell of liquid, stronger than everyone’s you have met so far, hitting you, so you curiously turn around and muster the person behind you.

In front of you stands an elder man, smiling wickedly at your face. His face is covered in dirt and you can see boughs sticking out from his messy hair, making you frown. You should probably leave…

“Do you want to come with me, cutie?”, he asks and takes a step closer. His breath hits you face and you can’t help but groan in displeasure. You wanted to leave. Now. “I have a nice and cozy place, just for the both of us.”

“No, I don’t think so.”, you say and try to go back to the others, when he grabs your arm roughly, shoving you against a tree. You notice his pupils grow and gulp nervously.

“Really? That’s too sad.”, the man whispers and comes closer, almost touching your cheek with his nose. “You’re so beautiful.”

You take a deep breath and kick with your foot, almost hitting the man between his legs. He jumps back fast enough and glares at you in anger. You take the chance and turn around, about to run, when you crash into something hard.

You look up and stare into the eye of the green haired swordman; Zoro.

“Y/N, stand behind me.” You do as told and hide behind your previous drinking partner.

“Oi, grandfather, ” he says and pulls his Shusui visibly out of its hiding, making it gleam dangerously at the pervert. “I hope you’re not doing what I think you’re doing.”

“N-no, no! I would never, I-”, the man almost shouts, taking a few steps back. He looks mortified.

But Zoro already took two steps towards him, aiming his sword directly at the face of the old man. “Touch my woman one more time and it will be the last thing you will be touching, ” He glares at the man, making him visibly shiver at his next word. “ever.”

“I’m so sorry!”, the man calls out and runs into the opposite direction, tripping once, leaving you and Zoro alone. You stare at his back for a few seconds, too shocked to proceed what just happened.

“I- thank you…”, the adrenalin completely consumed the alcohol in your body, so much, you were sober again, like a cold splash of water hitting your face.

Zoro lazily turns around and musters you, “No problem. Are you hurt?” You shake your head. “Let’s go back then, I’m getting hungry. ”

The swordsman seems to be not affected by the alcohol at all, simply throws an arm around you and walks back to your table. On your way back, you can’t help but cling a bit to him, feeling safer than you have ever felt in his company.

“How did you even know where I was?”, you ask after a few minutes, now staring at your filled glass of ice cold water on the table, something you should have considered before.

“Hm?”, Zoro asks confused. He scratches his head for a second and shrugs. “I actually wanted to go to the toilet, but somehow I ended up where you were.”

You nod and smile shyly. “I’m glad you  came.”

To your surprise, the swordsman leans down and stares into your eyes, making your heart jump at the closeness.

“I’m glad, too.”


The wind blew through your hair, blocking your vision for a short time. You pay no mind to it and stare at your opponent two meters away from you. The pirate stares right back at you, the tension between you both at maximum.

“Unbelievable how someone as pretty as you is in that filthy crew with that filthy captain.” The man spits out, staring at you like you were something unworthy, like he was above you. “I will give you one last chance; join my crew or die here.”

You laugh dryly at the man’s statement. “You’re the only filthy person here. I will not join you, nor will I die.”

The pirate glares at you and shouts angrily, making the birds on the tree next to you fly away in fear. But you don’t care, instead, you start running towards him. He starts running too,  sword raised high. You both clash together, shouting in adrenaline. He tries his best to catch you with his sword, but you’re too fast; he can’t see you and then you’re behind him, kicking the side of his head so hard, he flies off to the side, crashing into several trees.

A huge cloud of dust erupts around you both, making it harder for you to see.

A few seconds pass, where you’re basically blind, you try your best to scan your surroundings, when you hear footsteps behind you. You turn around smoothly and raise your foot again, about to kick another time- with haki this time, when you stare into your favorite polar bear’s face.

“There you are! Captain will kill you, Y/N!” Bepo screams and pulls your arm, trying his best to get you back to the submarine.

Your crew had stopped at this island a few days ago and today was the day, where you were supposed to leave again, but you had other things in your mind. On your first day, you had noticed other pirates, who were not very fond of your arrival. They had tried to stare you down, made provocative comments and even insulted your captain, your captain! You were furious. On your first day, you were already ready to fight them, but Law had held you back. “They’re just some newbies, we’re not here to fight.” He had said, making you nod. Law was right. But, to your utter disappointment, they didn’t stop. Instead, it got even worse. On one day, your favorite bar on the island got destroyed and no one knew who it was- but you did. You knew it. It couldn’t have been someone else.

“Y/N, we will leave today, let it slide. We are only here to get medicine, not fight.” He had reminded you again, but you were burning with rage. How could you just leave! It would put shame on your crews name, and especially, on your captain. You couldn’t just leave, not today. So you sneaked out as soon as you saw Law being busy, running as fast as you could and confronted the pirates.

Here you were now, on some grass- field, in middle of a fight between the captain and you.

Bepo pulled harder, but you just shook your head. “No, I have to! Bepo, let go!”

“No! This is ridiculous! C'mon now!”, the bear frowned at you. “Or at least let me help!”

“Listen,” you were starting to get annoyed, grabbing onto you own head in irritation. “I can do it alone, I’m strong enough.” But the bear was too stubborn.

“Y/N, if you don’t let me help, I will call for-” Suddenly, the bear let go of you, eyes growing twice the size. “Behind you!”

You turned around, but it was already too late. Your opponent was running towards you in full speed, face dirty from the earlier contact with the ground. His sword was raised high, cutting the skin of your arm in one swift motion.

You hissed and jumped back, making sure to push Bepo away from the man. Blood was slowly dripping out of your arm, only a bit at first, but the more time passed, the more blood rushed out. “Y/N!” You heard the bear scream.

You have no time to cover your injury, because the pirate already aims for the second hit. You jump away, land behind him and turn around. He is slower than you, so you raise your foot in anger and kick, but instead of hitting your opponent, you hit the air five meters away from you.


You almost lose your balance and hold onto the tree next to you. “Law!”, you scream angrily.

Your dark haired lover stands where you stood a second ago and cuts with his sword through the body of your previous opponent. “Shambles.” You hear him mumble and then the body of the man turns into three separate parts.

“What-”, the man screams and stares at his legs flying away right in front of his eyes. “My body!”

Law smirks devilish and takes a step towards the head laying on the ground. He crouches down, still smirking, and grabs the head with his right head. “Don’t touch my woman ever again.” Then he throws the head back and walks towards you. You can hear Bepo cheering loudly in the background, but you’re too mad.

“That was my fight, Law! You’re so mean!”, you cross your arms in front of your chest and try your best to hide your injury, but the doctor already pulls your arm towards him, scanning the skin concentrated.

“Just one time.”, he mumbles. “Listen to me one fucking time.” You can hear how mad he is, but at the same time, you find a bit of amusement in his voice.

“I could have won, but Bepo was in the way!” You defend yourself angrily, earning a loud ‘hey!’ next to you. “The guy called you filthy!”

“Do I look like I care if he calls me filthy? His strength is as high as your level of listening to your captain; not fucking
existing.” Law says and lets your arm go. “You’ll be needing stitches.” He nods towards your arm.

You huff in annoyance and turn around, sassily walking back to the ship. “I told you!”, Bepo calls out laughing, falling silent at the cold glance you give him. “I’m sorry.”

Law slowly walks back behind the two of you, pulling his hat down to shield his smile. They were calling him stupid names, that’s why you fought them. He knew you could kick their asses if you wanted to, but you were his woman after all. As long as he was there, you had no reason to fight.

Deep down, the doctor was relieved that he had someone like you close to him; someone that had his back. Always.

Monsta X Shopping At The Grocery Store


Hyunwoo (Shownu):

  • That person trying to use their algebra skills to see which cheese is the better buy
  • How many ounces per cent? Fuck it, just get the generic store brand
  • tried to dance along to his music and nearly ran over a lil kid
  • doesn’t do that anymore
  • helps everyone out when they cant reach the top shelf
  • now everyone thinks he works here
  • a one stop shop kind of buyer
  • gets eveRYTHING from the same store

Hoseok (Wonho):

  • ate a dumpling sample and bought 15 bags of frozen dumplings bc the sample lady was rlly nice and old
  • protein powder galORE
  • boppin along to the music playing in the store
  • avocados and bananas bc hes healthy
  • buys food that he knows everyone likes 
  • ends up spending more money on getting food for everyone else
  • doesnt mind tho
  • and actual angel i would die for shin hoseok


  • bought a whole bag of swiss rolls bc hyunwoo mentioned he likes swiss rolls
  • tries to use his cart as a stool to get the stuff on the higher shelves
  • ends up rolling through the store
  • got hella excited in the snack aisle
  • bought too many chips and gummies
  • walks out of the store real hype tho bc he got the food he likes and hyunwoo likes and thats all that matters


  • has a lil list and booklet of coupons but he alWAYS LEAVES IT AT HOME
  • so now he just jogs around w his phone plastered to his ear talking to Minhyuk
  • “No minhyuk, im not buying a rambutan because you think its looks cool, you hatE RAMBUTANS”
  • sniffs all the body wash scents
  • makes lil songs w the names of the products
  • i dont know him
  • saw a stuffed plushie that looked like Sanche
  • it aint even his dog and hes hype asf


  • only came in bc he ran out of food
  • literally last minute
  • doesn’t know how to find the good buys so he just stands there (oh no baby what is u doin)
  • sits in the lil food court and stares @ the menu for a good hour
  • “sir,,, r u,,,,going to,,,order?”
  • “ya lol how much can I get for $50 and how quick will it go bad bc I don’t cook good and im just gonna buy it premade”


  • that grown ass man riding his shopping cart by standing on it like a scooter
  • knocked over a pyramid of canned peas and just ran away
  • does aegyo @ the butcher to get cheap beef
  • v intimadated by all the soccer moms who seem to have it together
  • doesnt understand how the sales work
  • “im just trying to buy tomatoes whats the difference between plum tomatoes and roman tomatoes i donT UNDERSTAND”

Changkyun (I.M):

  • staring at the crabs and lobsters inside the tank
  • “hello my brethren”
  • gives them all names and screams every time it looks like someone wants to buy them
  • wanted to buy them to keep them safe but A). hes poor and B). Nugget the Third looks hella aggressive
  • buys 18 boxes of popsicles
  • thats it
  • just lives off of that
  • sits in his studio and eats popsicles all the time

A/N: lmao what level trash am i im two days behind on updates but i wrote this shit lol gr8 job, kinza, ur really going places in life also i have front row tix for monsta x in chicago so im happy im v happy there might be a lot of smut coming up

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so... I can't be the only one thinking about Bitty making PBJs for Jack leading to him cooking for Jack leading to him becoming some kind of private chef for pro sports players, right? Because really, having done some research... those poor things could use the help.

  • ok i was going to write a ficlet for this but it was just taking forever and i didn’t want to leave u hanging so i’m going to just bullet point it :)
  • so it starts with that one text from tater re: sandwiches
  • bitty is like ‘ok sure w/e’ and makes an extra pb&j and puts it in a bag that says ‘for tater!’ on it and tells jack to make sure tater gets it before the game
  • and then during the game tater scores in like a RIDICULOUS manner like honestly according to the laws of physics the puck should NOT have gone into the goal and yet?? it did???
  • basically rip bitty b/c hockey superstition
  • so tater wants to try making the sandwich himself to see if it has the same effect so he makes bitty teach him EXACTLY how he does it, so bitty just buys some extra of the ingredients he uses and both shows tater how to make the sandwich and provides written instructions
  • when he’s about to leave tater gives him a bunch of money and is like ‘you must take this, you bought ingredients so i’m paying you back’ except it’s like twice the amount that the ingredients cost? and bitty is like wtf and says ‘this is too much’ and tater is like ‘yeah so if later i want help making the sandwich i can say ‘bitty i gave you extra money last time, help me’ and bitty’s like fine w/e
  • and so he does do this sometimes, but he also asks bitty for help re: food all the time, it’s just not always sandwiches— sometimes it’s ‘b what can you make with kidney beans and corn and a little bit of turkey bacon’ and sometimes it’s ‘b this whole week we are traveling how do i make food that will be ok when i come back’
  • (to which bitty both introduces him to the wonder of using the freezer for things other than ice cream and fills up some single-meal-sized tupperwares with pasta, roasted broccoli, and mashed potatoes)

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Headcanons when Ben falls in love (like how he would act) *-*

- When Ben is in love, he always tries to be with you as much as possible. He’ll always sit next to you in interviews, and try to spend as much time with you as he can.

- He also gets really giggly.

- You make the corniest joke? He laughs.

- You do something cute? Cue the giggles.

- You get really excited about something? The boy can’t stop giggling bc my god, you’re adorable.

- He blushes super easy when he’s in love. You could do anything from wearing a sweater that was slightly too big on you, to putting your hand on his shoulder and he’s as red as a tomato.

- Ben always buys you random presents, because he adores seeing your face light up when you open it. (You also hug him afterwards, which is a much appreciated bonus for Ben.)

- For your birthday, Ben goes absolutely overboard with your present. He knows you so well, and he buys you a lot of things you’ve expressed even the smallest interest in.

- You tear up a little because he’s so thoughtful, and you wrap him in the biggest hug. You even kiss his cheek, which puts him in shut down mode.

- Will laughs and jokes about how red Ben went when you kissed him, and Ben punched his shoulder in response.

- You go on for Laura one night, and Ben is absolutely losing his mind.

- “I’m gonna have to kiss Y/N. A lot. Oh my god, what the hell do I do?” “Just chill, Benjamin. Try not to freak out too badly.” “Will, that is shit advice.”

- Ben doesn’t know that you are helplessly in love with him, and you’re having the same predicament.

- After If I Could Tell Her, you both have this dopey smile on your face. You found it very hard to act disgusted after that first kiss.

- Towards the end of You Will Be Found, you and Ben end up kissing for a lot longer than you were supposed to.

- At intermission, the two of you talk to each other and end up confessing in an awkward, slightly rushed manner. Ben kisses you, and you just melt, because this is Ben kissing you, not Evan kissing Zoe, and you nearly miss your cues for Act 2 because you’re making out.

- There was very little acting needed in Only Us. Everything Ben sang to you he meant, and you got a little misty eyed towards the end.

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Can you do a McKirk AU, in which Leonard is deaf but has like the most hilarious comments in sign language (and also complains a lot)? Your writing is awesome!~

  • So Jim knows sign language. A car accident left his roommate permanently deaf, and when he got back to the dorm, both of them learned sign language together so they could keep communicating together. Though college had been a couple of years ago, he still recognizes that sign language anywhere. And when he’s having lunch in the park, he watches some teenager on a skateboard ride into this man. The man doesn’t yell, but he uses his hands to wildly gesture, and then “watch it, you clumsy, ponytail wearing ass-hat” and Jim just laughs out loud because that’s ridiculous. Coincidentally, the man looks in his direction, catches him staring, and he continues to wildly gesture a “what are you staring at?”, to which Jim raises his hands and gestures: “You, scaring away that punk”, and he nods in the boy’s direction, who makes a swift escape. The man looks just dumbfounded at the reply, and slowly makes his way over. Jim shifts to allow them to sit together. “Did that kid hurt you?” Jim asks and the man shakes his head. “Only my pride.” Jim chuckles, then introduces himself. It takes a little bit of repeating before he catches the other man’s name. Leonard
  • They exchange phone numbers, and Leonard’s as vivid in his sign language as he is in his texts. It’s all ‘Gdi I can’t beLIEVE they shut down my favorite Deli WHERE AM I GOING TO GET MY BAGELS NOW’ and it’s fascinating, mostly because the next time Jim sees Leonard, his whole sign language thing is just as wild as before. Guess this guy really is like that all the time. They sit together in a coffee shop, and Jim orders them lunch and coffees. And Jim’s like “So what do you do exactly?” and Leonard replies “I’m a motivational speaker for the blind.” Jim is stunned. “Wow, really?” “No, of course now. How am I gonna talk to the blind? Idiot.” But Leonard grins, and so does Jim - even though, yeah, he should’ve seen that one coming. “I’m a medical research scientist.” “Impressive” Jim replies, and Leonard shrugs. “You?” “Sales” Jim replies, “On Wall Street” “So you’re an asshole, then,” Leonard says, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “So you’re a nerd, then” he replies, and Leonard’s lips tug into another small grin. 
  • And people stare at them a lot. Because when they decide to cook dinner at Jim’s home, they’re in the supermarket, and somehow end up in a heated discussion about which tomato sauce to buy. Jim’s gesturing wildly for a generic brand because “it’s cheaper and it has the same ingredients!” and Leonard’s all like “It has lots of conservatives and it’s not as healthy as making it from scratch.” “That takes too long,” Jim gestures wildly. “What are you in a hurry for? Your stocks crashing?“ "Shut up,“ Jim replies, “I prefer eating, not cooking.” And he gestures so vividly he nearly hits someone in the face, and it’s the first time he’s heard Leonard laugh out loud. That’s a sound he’s willing to chase. 
  • Spending time with Leonard reminds him to get in touch with his old college friend. And spending so much time around the deaf significantly improves his own sign language, which is very necessary because for the longest time he calls Leonard “Lion-nerd” since it’s easy. It’s also hilarious to see him roll his eyes at Jim, every time. “Someday you’re gonna insult a deaf person real bad. I feel it in my bones.” And Jim calls him Bones from then on.
  • Jim doesn’t even know how they get closer, but they are. Leonard has such strong opinions about the world, and he’s definitely not shy, it’s just that no one is there to understand him when he’s signing at the next moron who crosses his path. Jim is often at the receiving end of Leonard’s insults. Because Jim is reckless. Because he is unintentionally smug. Because “Aw I lost a 5k bet today I guess I won’t be going out to dinner tonight.” and Leonard’s just like “Shut the fuck up you rich piece of shit”. Sometimes he even says it out loud, though his intonation is off. Jim still gets what he means. 
  • And there is something about their relationship that Jim enjoys. They’re not together, sure, but they can talk about everything and it doesn’t matter. No one understands them when they’re taking the subway (ugh, Jim hates it, but Leonard insists he shouldn’t be one of those snobs taking taxis everywhere). No one knows what they’re talking about when they’re wildly signing insults at each other in a restaurant, only to laugh it off afterwards. And there’s a lot of eye contact involved. Jim sometimes likes to speak his phrases while he signs them. Because Bones is a good lip reader, and when Jim’s drunk the signing gets a lot harder. 
  • After Jim takes them out to some place ridiculously expensive (“Who pays 50 bucks for a SMALL pizza, Jim?” “Who cares, though? Was it tasty?” “I hate you.”), Jim walks Leonard home. Like a true gentleman, even though neither of them would admit to it being an actual date. “If you could change anything in your life, would you? I mean, besides being deaf?” Jim asks, and Leonard huffs. “I don’t mind being deaf. At least I don’t have to listen to you talking shit all day.” Jim stops in front of Leonard’s apartment, and Leonard does, too. Neither of them are saying goodbye just yet. “Rude.” Jim signs, and Leonard shrugs. “Actually, I don’t mind being deaf. The only thing that sucks is that I never get to hear you laugh.” Leonard says, in all earnest now, and Jim’s expression is stuck between a frown and a smile simultaneously. It’s sweet. He doesn’t know how to respond to it, other than: “sound is overrated. Sight is more important. At least we get to watch the stars at night.” “In New York? Don’t be an idiot. Those are planes.” Jim rolls his eyes, and when Leonard sits down on the stairs that lead up to the entrance door to his building, Jim sits down next to him. “You suck at being cheesy.” Leonard says. “Really? How about yourself, then?” Jim replies. Leonard straightens up a little, and signs: “I don’t need to look at the sky to see the stars.” and Jim just… stares when Bones gestures at Jim’s eyes. Did that really fluster Jim? Yes it did. And Leonard grins smugly as a result. “Shut up” Jim gestures, and Leonard’s like: “I’m not saying anything”, but Jim grabs both Leonard’s hands, and he leans in to kiss him. Leonard’s hands pull away from Jim’s, slowly sliding around Jim’s shoulders to keep him close. Jim slowly pulls away, far enough to be able to sign a quick “want to come upstairs?” “Are you inviting me over to my own house?”  Leonard laughs, out loud, and he grabs Jim’s hand to take him inside.

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i think remember you posted a while back that you were boycotting Wendy's, but I don't remember why. Are you still boycotting Wendy's, and if so what the reason again?

I am.

Wendy’s refused to buy tomatoes from Florida after the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)’s Fair Food Program went into effect there, which guarantees human rights, quality working conditions, and fair pay for farmworkers. McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market are all participating in the program. Wendy’s instead decided to buy their tomatoes from Mexico, where a 2014 Los Angeles Times report found working conditions can at times come close to slavery. You can learn more at the CIW’s campaign website.


Plot: You and Bam bam are trainees at jyp and he always teases you but little did he know that you like him

Pair: BambamxReader

Word count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff

Prompt: “Please don’t think bad about me, ‘cause I’m drunk. i’ll be a good wife, I know where to buy good tomatoes and cucumbers!”

Originally posted by tanjhent

It was a Saturday afternoon and you were out for a couple of drinks with a couple of friends. It was you, Jackson, Bambam, Jaebum, Somi and Jimin.

You were all trainees at Jyp and have become tight throughout the years. You were all tired from the hectic training that you all had decided to go out and relax. There was no designated place so you all just walked around to see which restaurants were available.

“Y/n, watch your steps”

Jaebum had scolded you causing Bam Bam to mock your steps and laugh at you. Bam Bam had always been the playful one that loved to pick on you and is probably the roughest on you out of the whole group but the heart being stupid decided to have a crush on him out of all the options.

You glared at him and he reacted with a laugh as he put his arm over your head and wrapped you in a headlock dragging you for about 6 steps until he let you go. You rubbed your neck and glared at him even more but inside you were blushing at how close you guys were.

You all kept on walking around until you saw a restaurant that caught your eye. You pointed at it and the group went in with no arguments.

You always had a good eye for things like places and food but apparently not for men. The group had always placed their trust in you when it came to good places and food but never about relationship advice.

You looked around to see the reactions of the group for the restaurant but you could only focus on Bam bams. He had a curious glint in his eyes. He had a high nose and cute chubby cheeks and those gorgeous pink lips and you wanted to ki-

You stopped your thoughts and slapped yourself by your dirty thoughts. ‘damn girl! get your hormones in place’ you scolded yourself.

You felt a nudge on your arms and saw Somi smiling at you mischievously. Somi was good at analyzing people that she knew you liked Bam bam way before even you had known. She leaned closer to you and whispered

“This is a Thai restaurant, had someone in mind when you chose it?”

You looked around and realized her words were true and that you kept thinking about him so much that you had unknowingly chosen the food of his kind.

You blushed at the sudden realization and Bam Bam had seen it. He looked at you confused and copied the way you had covered your face. You punched his arm and stuck your tongue out. He looked at you and turned around quickly but you were sure you had seen a blush as well.

Did he perhaps find your action cute?

You shook the thought out of your head. Impossible. He saw you as a child he could pick on easily so how on earth could he have feelings for you?.

You all sat down at the table and had all agreed that you all would trust Bam bam on ordering the food since he was the most experienced.

After he had finished ordering the chatter had started. Jackson and Jaebum were in their own conversation and so was Somi and Jimin. It was only you and Bam Bam left out.

“So y/n, did you pick this restaurant in thoughts of me?”

Bam bam had bluntly asked you. You being the immature person decided to reply with

“I picked it cause I was craving Thai food, I don’t care about you at all that I forgot the fact you were Thai until just now”


He looked amused with your reaction and chuckled at it. Before he could say another word his attention had gone over to the food that was being placed on your table but not you, you were still focused on him.

Somi clicked her fingers in front of you causing you to realize what situation you were in. You smiled at her with thankfulness. At first, you were all focused purely on the food until Jackson decided to order the first soju.

After that more alcohol was ordered. Tonight for some reason you just could not stop paying attention to Bam Bam and it annoyed you.
With no thought, you took a bite of your food without looking at the content. Soon enough your mouth started to burn. Spicy. Bam bam knew how you could not handle spice but he still decided to order it for you.

You were desperate for something to drink that you took the shot of glass from Jaebum and drank it. In that moment the chatter had stopped and everyone looked at you confused.

You were the saint of the group. Never drank and never went clubbing. Everyone looked at you amazed but before you could register their reactions you rushed to the restrooms to wash your mouth.

“Yah!, How could you order spicy food despite her condition?”

You had heard Jaebum scold a hysterically laughing Bam bam. You were pissed as but as you tried to wash the taste of Soju you realized it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

You decided to not give the reaction that Bam bam wanted so you sat quietly and ordered another plate of food with no spice. A few minutes later everyone was drunk except Bam bam and you.

Bam bam had strong alcohol intolerance and had loved to show it off.

“let’s play a game”

Jimin said out of the blue. Jimin was the games person of the group and knew how to make things more fun.

“Point at the person who you think will debut first”

She said and you all pointed at Jaebum. He had already debuted in a drama so he already had some fans that knew of his existence.

“Point at the person who you think is the bossiest”

And again everyone pointed at Jaebum which caused some giggles to come out.

“Point at the person whom you think will be the worst wife”

Everyone pointed at Jaebum to continue the joke but not Bambam. Bam bam pointed at you. Everyone had laughed and soon their fingers moved towards you.

Bam bam had smiled at his victory. You were hurt since the man you wanted to be your husband decided otherwise. You grabbed a whole bottle of soju and chugged it down.

Before you could finish the whole bottle someone had stopped you. You thought it would have been Jaebum but instead, it was Bam bam. You were confused. Since when the hell did he start caring about you.

You were pissed at his random actions that you decided to stand up and shout at him but you were dizzy and nearly fell back until he grabbed you and sat you back down.

“I think that’s enough for tonight”

Bam bam said in a stern tone. The others shook their heads in disagreement but you were too drunk to care. Bam bam rolled his eye and lifted you up.

“I’ll drop you off, you have had enough”

He said as he put you on his back and gave you a piggy back ride. You smelt his strong cologne and you were falling deeper into his scent.

“y/n, when did you start becoming a drinker”

He asked you with concern as he walked with you down a street. Instead of replying your drunk mind decided to say

“I’m not a bad wife”

He stopped and turned his head around a bit in confusion to which you responded with

“Please don’t think bad about me, ‘cause I’m drunk. I’ll be a good wife, I know where to buy good tomatoes and cucumbers!”

You said causing a laugh to come out of those lips. He continued walking and asked another question

"How am I suppose to believe that?”

You thought for a bit and replied with

“Guess you will have to marry me”

He laughed again at your cuteness and replied with

“You can’t marry someone you don’t love”

Which had caused you to hit his back once and shouted

“What if I do love you?”

Causing him to stop once again but this time he put you down and faced your way and looked at you with seriousness.

“y/n, do you like me?”

You nodded and pouted making him smile the biggest smile you had ever seen him make. He kissed you on the cheek and held out his pinky.

“I like you too, promise to be my wife?”

You giggled cutely and pinky promised him. He then bent down and you went on his back and thus the walk continued.

You felt his heartbeat thumping loudly and quickly and it matched yours.

The next morning you woke up on your bed no longer drunk and the memories from yesterday flooded your mind and you were confused and happy. Does this mean you guys were dating?.

How were you going to react to him now?. You decided to avoid him but the moment you entered the building you met him. He ran to you and locked you in a head lock

“Good morning, Wifey!”


SasuSaku Month 2017 - Day One - First Love

Take this heap of fluff and leave comments and stuff. Enjoy my “Sasuke comes back to Konoha every month or two, three when the push comes to shove” I just hate certain things about life but no time to mop, SasuSaku month is upon us, people. Thank you for reading!

The rosebuds mixed with the ones of the cherry blossom tree on the cracked ground. Sarada Uchiha, with her small, yet strong legs, climbed up a practice dummy that her mother had made for her. When she decided it is enough for today, she cleaned up the tools from the everlasting scent of dirt and grass, running silently into the house to wake her mother from a nap.

Their house was still freshly painted – sentiment of her mothers’ wish for renovation. Sarada’s baby pictures, along with the only one picture of her father that she possesed was perched upon the fireplace, unused by the heat of the late spring. The month of June was upon them – searing heats were to meet them soon. Her mother walks into the room soon enough – perhaps wakened by the unsettling sound of Sarada’s heart, beating like a drum (or maybe it was even Sakura’s own, since the woman and the girl both anticipated the same thing).

“Papa’s coming back tomorrow.” She declares that, chest puffed out, legs nervous and nearly dancing. She can’t hide her happiness. “Yes, he is!” The face of her lonely mother lights up with a foreign cheeriness, teeth white and cheeks flushed. Her long, pink hair is let down in a flowing mesh of tresses, challenging dust to taint it.

“Mama, I can’t wait! Maybe Papa could stay for a week this time! Huh? And maybe we could go to that candy shop together? I know that Papa dislikes sweets, but you don’t, and Boruto said that they have three new licorice flawors! Papa will maybe like the sour ones, hm?”

“Mm, we will see, darling. When Papa comes, the most important thing is to hug attack him, to show him how much we love him and how much we missed him!”

“Yeah! And that’s our best combi attack Mom!”

“Now, now. What about your newfound shuriken skills? Won’ t you show those to Dad?” Sakura muses with a proud smile, Sarada is already beaming at her mother’s kind face. “Of course! I certainly won’t miss a chance!”

The two fall in comfortable silence, Sakura starts sorting out the laundry at the edge of their living room, which is large, lit by a small chandelier whose bent pink crystals give a red hue to the room. Just being still like this – safe and sound at the edge of Konoha, where no one can harm them – no person can touch them, gives Sakura such peace of mind. And Sasuke’s return is due tomorrow night… She giggles just at the thought. “Mama… would you mind if I slept in yours and Papa’s bed tonight?”

“Of course not, sweetie. Mom loves it when you sleep next to her.”

“Mm! Okay! Can we have dinner now?” Her big, black eyes expectantly gleam at her through the glasses. “Just let Mama finish the laundry sorting and then we will, ‘kay?”

“Sure! I’ll help!” Her black hair bounces in the same way Sakura’s did when she was a genin, and her small hands take shape of Sasuke’s, their pinky’s having the same curve inwards (Sasuke once mentioned it was genetical, from the way that generations of Uchiha practiced holding shuriken and weapons). Sakura wants to gush at the similarities, loving how much her daughter resembles her father.

Under the watchful eye of a hawk and a nin- cat, they eat.


This day has to be absolute success for Sarada: everything has to be utter perfection when Papa comes home. Sakura knows it – indulges in her daughter’s requests – her happiness is calculated and quiet, never loud and rambunctious like her own. So they buy lots of fruit, meet Hinata and Himawari for tea, and afterwards buy tomatoes (So Papa can enjoy his lunch!). Sarada almost skips in excitement as they are guided back home by the light summer air. Sarada hopes that the beforementioned summer won’t forget to guide her Papa home, too.


The sunset is warm on their toes, the duo outside the gates of Konoha. Sarada is balancing her kunai in her hand – the ones Papa gifted her. She is brimming with excitement, and it’s so infectious, Sakura feels the Uchiha crest on her back itch slightly, even through just a premonition. The dark figure of her husband nears them – Sarada starts running before Sakura even notices him – her lover is lithe and strong as always, expecting his daughter to clash into him, already opening his arms as his little girl collides with him full force. Sakura didn’t see him for two months – yes, may seem like a short amount of time – but for her it’s like suffocation. She stalks over to the two people she loves most in this world, and Sasuke Uchiha holds only stars in his eyes for her.

A soft smile he gifts his daughter was still there, everpresent as he lets Sarada on the ground, yet lets her cling to the edge of his cloak. Melting at the presence of his family, Sasuke croaks, voice unused, “Sakura…” His arms strong around her as he crushes her, and it feels so nice and warm and good and Sakura feels loved, she feels worthy, not like a little housewife she has to be after she returns from the hospital. “Ah, Sasuke-kun… I missed you…” A wistful tone she’s using on him makes his heart clench, his daughter’s delighted smile gives him so much strength, he holds out his hand for his daughter to hold, all the while not letting go of his blushing wife.

Sarada starts excitedly rambling to her Papa, immediately after they enter Konoha, Sasuke’s eyes not caring for their surroundings. Sakura and Sarada’s hands, one in each of his are quick to satisfy his heart, which missed them dearly too.

His travels and missions are more than often unpleasant and scarce with people – no actual human contact – and all of a sudden he is in the bustling centre of Konohagakure, heading down familiar paths to a place which was the Uchiha district once, now only the home of the Uchiha family. The house at the edge of the mountains – surrounded by the trees, with the nearest neighbors close enough to be seen – but not to intrefere and peer unwantedly into the house. Sasuke is attentive to every word of his daughter, occasionally nodding or replying, all the while glancing at his patient wife and returning the softness of her smile with the soft onyx of his eyes. After they get into the house, his wife lighting the house, Sarada murmuring something about dinner, running towards the kitchen. Sasuke gently covers Sakura’s cheek with her hand, whispering in her lips, “I’m home.”

The kiss is soft and passionate, Sasuke doesn’t spend a second being separated from Sakura, his hands occupied by caressing her soft face, her own locking his head, engulfed by his now long, dark tresses. When his hand passes her collarbone, she gives a pliant sigh, which reminds him to pull away for them to catch breath. Sakura’s emerald pools gleam – she measures Sasuke’s rowdy mane with her figertips, giggling, “You need a haircut.”

“Hn,” he retaliates, as Sarada jumps out of the corner, strutting excitedly towards her parents, “The table’s made! You have to get it out of the oven Mama, since it’s too hot.” She pouts at a small defeat, reminding Sasuke of his younger self. “Oh! Of course sweetie! You shouldn’t have touched the oven in the first place!“They leave him in the hallway, dissapearing into the dining room. As he abandons his cloak, and senses the slight sting of the paint in his nose, seeing through the dim lights of the dining room, his lovely wife and his clever daughter bonding, Sakura lightly lecturing her about not playing with the shuriken when they were just about to have dinner. Sasuke enters, offers to sit inbetween his girls and all of a sudden, the peaceful music from the ancient gramophone (gift from Shino) starts playing as they begin to eat. Sasuke never thought that he would enjoy music so much as he eats. Sarada’s occasional questions along the lines of ‘Do you like it’ and ‘Are you comfortable Papa?’ to which he all smiles slightly and nods. He is not yet tired – he will go to bed when Sakura does.

They finish the lunch with small talk – about how Sarada trains daily, her achievements, hopes and dreams, and Sarada skips to the yard, begging her father to come quick to watch her progress in shuriken training. As they are left alone, facing each other, Sasuke fathoms and places his happiness accordingly, eyes skating over Sakura’s exposed neck and beautiful belly, quick to settle upon her rosy cheeks and full, small lips. “Dear, I took a week off… so… how much will you be able to stay this time?” She is bashful, nearly shy – perhaps afraid of asking the wrong thing? Sasuke takes it to the heart – dislikes seeing his wife so tired, so… done.

“Good that you took off the week. I am wrapping up the… Ootsutsuki issue, so… I will stay this month.” Speaks it in his usual manner, his face relaxed but lips taut, unnoticeably biting the inside of his cheek for Sakura’s response. He does not expect the wave – no, tsunami of happiness that washes over her, rendering him breathless. Well, since she nearly choked him to death with that death grip around his neck. “Ah, really?” Failing in cover up her excitement, (with which he’s the most endeared with) she fixes up his hair which went a million different ways from the way she hugged him. “I can’t wait.”

He tells her of certain moments and difficulties, leaving out whether his feelings or some wounds. When Sakura decides their daughter has waited enough, she nudges Sasuke out, his legs a bit heavy, but still more than enough energy in them. Sarada is small but powerful, her young body carrying her easily towards the dummy, throwing multiple shuriken which collide with one another successfully, poised horizontally upon the dummy’s vital spots.

“You are doing very well.” Sasuke interrupts his daughter’s focus, face akin to a statue’s, but Sarada is never fooled by that. “Thank you!” Sasuke walks over to the dummies, collecting her shuriken and nodding his head towards a small pathway farther into the woods. “Let’s take a walk.”

What was once the powerful array of buildings that belonged to the Uchiha clan, now is a few lonely dirt roads that lead deep into the now small, all too young forest. Sarada is beaming next to him, feeling the importance of the silence and this opportunity. Sasuke is slightly disheartened by the lost memories, not allowing his daughter to doubt anything for a second. The docks are upon them – the same docks that twenty years ago Fugaku took Sasuke here to teach him the Katon jutsu. The water is slow and steady, and yet, if allowed, it would have the strength of a waterfall. Sasuke deems it appropriate for such a lesson.

“Mm. Dad? What are we doing here?”

“I am going to teach you some jutsu of our clan.” Just at the sentence, Sarada’s blush intensifies, becoming similar to the one Sakura sports. “Uh-huh! Which one?”

“It’s called Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu. The Great Fireball tehnique is the one which was passed in our clan for generations. Look.” Forming the seals unnaturally slow for him, and doing this jutsu that was so natural to him, he feels nearly at ease. The gargantuan fireball that forms from his chakra is heating up the chilly surface of the lake, causing it to damn near boil. He ends it as soon as he begun, simply by dissolving the chakra he built up in his chest, his awed daughter itching to try.

“I don’t expect you to get it right from the first try, even if it’s a smaller one, it simply means you need practice.”

“Mm! Don’t worry Dad, I will get it right straight away!” Sasuke is silent after seeing her tenacity, letting her do her own. She focuses, forehead creased, akin to the gesture his mother had a habit of doing, another jab to his heart. Soon replaced by immense sense of pride – his daughter, his hope – his dream, is so beautiful, loved and talented. He couldn’t be happier. His daughter weaves the signs – so much faster than he expected – and one wave of chakra later, there is a fireball, certainly not as big as his, but a formidable one certainly. She can’t blow the flames for a long time, and when she dissolves the built up chakra, she turns to him expectantly. Sasuke reveals his pride and his amazement like every other emotion – through his eyes.

Ruffling her black hair, gathering her easily in his arms he whispers, as if it’s a secret, “I am very proud of you.”

Giggling, she connects her thin arms on the width of his forehead, silently checking, “Is it enough for today, Papa?”

“Very well,” his heart doing a somersault when her legs relax on his shoulders and she kisses the back of his head, small hand caressing the eye which contains the Rinnegan. “Thank you for today Papa. I love spending time with you.” He hums, softening considerably, stiffening up when saying a small, “likewise”.

They are at peace, even if it’s dark and a slightly lonely night, but Sarada doesn’t even flinch at the tall shadows, her powerful Papa is with her. There is nothing that can ever happen with him nearby.

“You are Mama’s first love, right?” Sasuke is taken aback by the suddenness of this question. He answers it anyway.

“Yes.” Sarada is silent for a while, but Sasuke knows she is doing some heavy thinking.

“So that means that she is yours, too?"Sasuke frowns, answering immediately. "Yes, she is.” Interested to see where is this going, he questions Sarada. “Even through you are each other’s special first love, I want you to know that both you and Mama will always be my first love. You are my favorite people, in the entire world, and I love you the most.”

Picking Sarada up from his shoulders and settling her on the ground, just tens of meters before their house, he kisses Sarada’s forehead, and then tells her softly, “Mama may be my first love, but you are certainly sharing that place, because you are too precious to me.”

The lums above their heads were the only witnesses to the hug shared between the father and the daughter afterwards.

As a secular witch, these are the personal holidays I celebrate.

While as a witch I enjoy the idea of celebrating the cycles of the year I do not celebrate the Wheel of the Year. The Wheel of the Year is a religious Wiccan concept linked with the life cycle of Wiccan deities.

For me, I enjoy recognizing the changing of the seasons. It makes me contemplate my place in my ecosystem and gives me time to set aside to plan for my future and to reflect on the past. I also enjoy a reason to celebrate and to take some time out of my life to relax and enjoy existing. For every holiday I will do a tarot reading for things to focus on until the next holiday and I usually walk around the neighborhood I’ve lived in for 15+ years to pay notices to changes in things in plants and animals. On some of the holidays I reset my house wards, but some set to moon cycles. Mostly I make food from seasonal ingredients and give myself a reason to celebrate. Also, most of my holidays don’t have set days. They are set to when I can carve time out my life. I make room for them in my life. I’m working on writing more down for each of my holidays but I’m going to be doing it as the seasons change this year. So, Here is and outline of my holidays.


For me, my new year starts at Candlemark (somewhere between February 1-4) It’s the mark of the beginning of the end of winter, the light is coming back in small bits. I make candles for the year for Full Moon Dance Night* and I make food with things I’ve canned or frozen the summer before to bring some summer into the end of winter like a soup made with tomatoes from the garden. I also like to  buy seeds, plan my garden and sometimes plant seeds inside. This is also a time where I finally feel that I can shake the holidays and really set to do the things I have spent a month planning.

Spring Equinox

(somewhere between March 20-23) is like a tipping point. There are getting to be more vegetables and new growth in my garden. Time for planning and often for spring travel.

May Day

(May 1st) is International Workers Day. I never work on this day. It is a day of rest, but also an acknowledgement of workers and a day of protest against injustices.

Summer Solstice

(between June 19-23) My birthday is the 19th and it always get wrapped up in this. It’s a time to stand in the garden barefoot and and eat strawberries ahd have picnics.

First Harvest

(August 1) My garden is producing good stuff, but it is the beginning of the end of the growing cycle. It’s time to give thanks to my yard and share my harvest. Also, I’m a sucker for school/office supplies and this is whey they start bringing out lots of neat new things for Back To School, so I indulge in buying some new pens or notebooks for myself.

Autumn Equinox

(sometime from mid- September to September 23) to Sometimes it’s not the equinox at all. Sometimes it’s the first or second week in September when you start to see a familiar slant of the sun and the air feels a bit brisk in the mornings. It’s the beginning of soup weather and filling the house with the smells of baking bread.


(October 31) Halloween is pretty much a secular holiday as it is, so celebrate! Put the garden to rest, pick those last lingering tomatoes. Buy the fun decorations. Give candy to kids. Dress as someone different and walk the world that night. Explore your shadows and prepare for the darkness ahead.

Winter Solstice/ Sockstice

(December 20-23) For me, this is Sockstice at my house. We invite people over and have a sock drive for a local group that supports people affected by domestic violence. There’s food and drink and laughter filling the house with warmth and we often have a fire on a dark and cold night. Also, we listen the 1st wave ska music as our holiday music. I don’t know why we have been doing that for 6 years, but we have.

The point is that The Wheel of the Year is a Wiccan system of holidays and I’m not Wiccan so I’m not just going to take the names and take the meaning out. Some of the Wiccan names are taken from older Celtic holidays names associated with pagan and folklore, sure. Also, societies have celebrated the changing of seasons for millennia. So, how can that be incorporated into my celebrations. As a secular witch, I first I asked myself why I wanted to celebrate the changing of the seasons? What value did it hold for me? Besides that I just want holidays, which I answered above. How do I give myself space to celebrate and to make my own holidays? How can I draw from the place I live regionally? What do these times of the year mean to me? These are what I came up with and I’m going to be working on expanding on them through this year.