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Recipe: Chowder

Description: A perfect way to warm yourself after a cold night at sea.

Game ingredients: Clam, Milk

This recipe restores 225 energy and 101 health. It gives a +1 Fishing bonus and can be obtained from Willy after reaching 3 hearts. It sells for 135g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 45 minutes. Serves 5.

I had only ever had cream-based clam chowder until I was ten and was served a tomato-based chowder at a restaurant. I thought someone bled in it. Anyway, this recipe is cream-based. 

-4 slices bacon
-1 medium onion
-3 large russet potatoes
-3 cups chicken or vegetable stock
-1 teaspoon salt
-1 teaspoon pepper
-2 tablespoons butter
-2 tablespoons flour
-3 cups light cream (half&half) 
-2 cans baby clams, 10 ½ oz. each
-Paprika, for garnish

In a large saucepan, fry up the bacon on medium-high heat until crispy. While it’s cooking, finely chop up the onion. 

Remove the bacon and let it rest on a paper towel to absorb the extra grease. Throw the chopped onion into the saucepan and let it cook in the bacon fat on medium-low.

While the onion is cooking, peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Once the onion has softened, add the potatoes, salt, pepper, and the 3 cups of stock. Cover and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes or til the potatoes are soft, turn down the heat if it starts to boil over at any point. 

While the stock is cooking, melt the butter over medium heat in a second saucepan. Add the flour and stir until combined. Let it cook for about a minute, stirring so it doesn’t stick to the pan, and then add the cream. 

Cook the cream until it thickens, whisking the entire time so it doesn’t burn. Once thickened, add to the first saucepan.

Add the contents of the cans of baby clams; juice and all. Chop up the bacon into small pieces and add to the pot. Heat the soup to just under boiling, and then serve garnished with paprika. 

The chowder is chunky, silky, and filling, perfect for a cold, rainy day. 


holy shit jordan peele’s ‘get out’ has 100% on rotten tomatoes based on 120 reviews… that’s like incredible omg i’m even more excited for it now

"Ma'am, let me insert the cheese code"

Buckle the HECK down, because my time in Tescos is one hell of an experience. I’m one of those people who stand by the little cheap 10p bags in the self-service aisle and have the fancy little headset and coat. I was never told of the horrors with the CHEESE BARCODE NOT SCANNING.

When this happened, I think it was my first three months working there, so I barely had any of the ‘non-scanning’ items memorized. I had not been prepared for THE CHEESE NOT SCANNING. I also remember the incident of the day so well. The lunch break I spent asking all the cashiers, “what’s the cheese code??”

Imagine it, 8AM. The schools haven’t started, so all kids are getting stuff for their lunch. Kitkats, cola, the odd cake for the odd birthday, socks.. But three kids in the space of half an hour were getting cheese. Not grated cheese in a bag and some bread, no. A block of cheese. The cheese in the broken cooler that we had to move twenty minutes earlier, so the bottom of it (where the barcode was), had been soaked, and stuck together slightly. So, I was very unaware of this. Why would I ever care about the cheese that never sells until 10AM? It had to be dry by then. Anyways, this kid comes in, cheese in hand, tomato in the other. The poor boy was probably cooking in school. Scans his tomatoes easily. Tries to scan the cheese. Cheese doesn’t scan. Alright yeah, whoops, scan it proper kid. Tries to scan the cheese again. Cheese doesn’t scan. And again. And again. I eventually see the kid looking at me with hope, so I go in and enter the cheese code from the bottom of the pack. I give the kid his cheese, and he’s on his way. No more than five minutes later, the odd Harry comes up with a pizza base and cheese, not to mention squeezy tomato. He scans his base and squeezy tomato easily, but not the cheese, oh no. That doesn’t scan. I just think they got one of the few ones we moved last, so they were messed about a bit. I enter the kids code, he’s on his way. Same with the other kid that came in. I just thought it was unlucky.

But no, Lord behold, the ‘let me speak to the manager cut’ woman comes in with a BASKET. Love, why must you do this. It’s 10AM, just order online. I had already entered 10 cheese codes that day, and I’m thinking maybe the cheese has to refrost or whatever; I don’t work in stocking. So, I put myself on standby for this woman, watch her scan the little milk cartons (semi-skimmed, good choice) and the rest of her good eating looking basket. Then the cheese comes up. Oh god. I walk over to her, say the cheese won’t scan for the others, so it’s easier for me to put in the code. But no, no, she can make it scan. “My boy works in retail you see, one of those fancy shops in the big places? Yeah, those. Real good, told me how to scan.” OK love, whatever you say. I go back to my corner and mess around with the bags. Two minutes later, the lady still can’t get her cheese to scan. I go back over to help, but no, no. She has this. I tactically retreat to my bag corner. Another two minutes, and I put away the 'something in the bagging area’ thing for her. I watch her good, healthy veg as she goes to get two different blocks of cheese. She comes back. Her cheese is not scanning, so I offer yet again to code her cheese.

“Ma'am, let me put in the code. It’ll count as being scanned then.” No. She will not yield to my cheese scanning. I ask her once more. She will regret not accepting my offer. I tell her OK, I retreat to my corner. I begin talking to the cashier. His name was Matt, got sacked for being a twit of a driver. Nice guy, bought me stickers once. No more than five minutes later, the woman’s red light on the scanner goes off. She had tried to enter the cheese code and failed. She had entered the tomato code. Feel my wrath, Helen. I go over, and I enter the cheese code. I am free from her, she has left. But, she had brought MORE cheese buyers. Five more people fell to my idiotic cheese entering, I did not know the cheese code. I entered what I had. My lunchbreak had finally come up, and the first thing I said when leaving was good luck to the security man. If an item doesn’t scan, it’s usually taken out and people claim that “It’s free.”

The cheese saga ends here, but to this day, I continue to watch people fail at scanning the legendary cheese. I am the cheese slayer, I get people their dairy goodness. I do not like any of it, but I enjoy watching kids do my job for me.

I am the Tesco cheese slayer. I know non of the cheese codes, but I will slay them anyways.

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Can u imagine aliens hearing all the phrases we say like curiosity killed the cat, blood is thicker than water and birds of a feather etc and other humans agreeing cos we know the other half and what it means but aliens just have no context and take them literally and think we just randomly say sentences

Ah yes. I can imagine.

“Well, you know, curiosity killed the cat!” Tina laughs, face singed–it hadn’t been a large explosion, but had been bad enough that the sprinklers had gone off.

Ixnlr frowned, because from what they understood, humans were quite fond of their animal companions. Jeremy had started leaking salty fluid from his eyes when he heard the news of his beloved ‘Spot’ perishing. Was… was Tina one of those humans, who felt no empathy and were therefore quite dangerou–

She nodded, looking proud of herself. “But satisfaction brought him back!”

“What,” Ixnlr said. To their knowledge, humans had not yet discovered the science to reanimation.

“Oh, sorry, Icks-null-ler,” Tina said, surprised. They did not correct her; she didn’t have a second tongue to help with pronunciation. “If I’d known you were in here, I wouldn’t have done that.”

“WHAT,” Ixnlr said again. So she’d blow herself up if she was alone and had no one to see to her if she’d been seriously injured? Concerning. Ixnlr was concerned.

“Well, you know,” Hector sighed, twirling his wheat-based, tomato covered noodles around a fork. “Blood is thicker than water.”

Tymrkish blinked all of qer eyes at him. “Yes,” qe agreed, because he wasn’t wrong. Qe did not understand what that had to do with Hector having to go to a family reunion he didn’t want to go to.

“You know that’s wrong,” Brianne said, sitting down at the table and slamming down a tray full of some sort of broth.

“No,” Tymrkish said, confused, because that was wrong. Blood was definitely thicker than water.

Brianne rolled her eyes. “Yeah,” she insisted. “It’s ‘the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.’”

“Oh,” Tymrkish said. “Yes.” At least in humans, that was true.

“Okay, so you wanna tell my Abuela that I can’t come to the family reunion?” Hector scoffed.

Brianne physically recoiled. “No way! I’m not gonna tell your Abuela anything!”

“What’s an Ab-way-lah?” Tymrkish asked, wondering what rank could possibly cause such fear and respect.

Staying on a primarily human ship was… difficult. Ned could appreciate that they were branching out, though. It had been proven that ships containing mixed races were thirty-two percent more efficient than a ship containing one. There were a couple other races on board, but the Captain had split them up among the rest of the crew.

“I know birds of a feather flock together,” the Captain had chortled. “But how can we really get to know each other if we stay in our bubbles?”

Ned did not know what birds were, so Ned looked them up. Ned did not like what he found.

No wonder humans were so tough. If Ned had seen a Tyrannosaurus, Ned would have died when all of Ned’s hearts stopped in terror. And yet humans had domesticated them into chickens. How absolutely fascinating.

“No,” the Captain choked out when Ned asked how humans had domesticated the Tyrannosaurus. “Nonono, Ned, oh my God, no, I’m sorry.”

Tomato Sauce

There is nothing that I love more than a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is inexpensive, versatile, and so easy to make. You can literally let it stew for hours unattended while you do your thing. I am known amongst my friends and family as the tomato sauce queen. Here are some of my tips and also some of my favorite recipes. 🍅 

Thick Tomato Sauce 

The only way to make thick tomato sauce is to use canned tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes create a thinner sauce. Trust me. Don’t believe the haters who say that a complex sauce can’t be created in a half hour. They are liars! Thick tomato sauce is great for anything from ravioli to shells. It’s also better for weird pasta shapes (like wheels) than thin pasta, because it coats better. 

1. Pricing. There are different qualities of canned tomatoes, different brands costing anywhere from 89 cents to $6.00. You can taste a slight difference with the tomatoes themselves, but not enough to warrant dropping lots of money. I recommend just going to your local Dollar Store and buying bulk cans of whatever is cheapest. One 12 oz can of tomatoes makes two meals for me.

2. Canned variety. Sometimes I like to buy “fire roasted tomatoes” or “herbed tomatoes” to mix it up. Even with the stronger varieties, any initial taste they have will be mostly covered up by whatever you put in the sauce. Remember: fresh herbs are always better than dried ones! 

3. Building your sauce. If you’re going to put anything that needs cooking in your sauce (NOT meat, but any garlic, onions, mushrooms, carrots) cook these in a sauce pan first. Use oil, not butter. Add any dried herbs or spices you want to this initial mix. 

4. Get going. Add your tomato sauce to the pan and get it bubbling. Now is the time to add anything that doesn’t need cooking (olives, capers, anchovies, pickled anything). I like to use brines in my sauces, so I add them at this point. For example, if I’m making a puttanesca sauce, I’ll add my black olives and pour the black olive juice right into my pan. 

5. Taste it. Take a spoonful and taste it. If you don’t like it’s taste, add some more spices. If it’s too acidic, add tomato paste. At this point you can either turn it on low and let it cook for an hour, which creates a very rich and thick sauce. Or, you can cook some meat or veggies and add your fresh herbs. Always ad your fresh herbs in right before you’re about to eat! Otherwise they’ll wilt and you won’t taste their flavor. 

Some easy thick sauces:

  • Puttanesca: From Series of Unfortunate events (and also Italy). Cook garlic and onions first. Don’t let them brown too much, just get them not raw. Add your canned tomatoes, let the sauce sizzle while adding salt and pepper (don’t go crazy on the salt). Add anchovies, black olives, capers, and other pickled things (pickled mushrooms, jalapeños, pearl onions, etc). Pour your black olive juice right into the sauce pan. Let it cook until the sauce has absorbed the olive juice. Top with cheese.
  • Marinara: Brown some garlic and onions in olive oil. Add tomato paste to the pan after the onions and garlic have turned golden, and swirl it around so that it gets toasted. Add your canned tomatoes and any dried herbs you may be using (thyme, parsley, oregano… but be gentle with your oregano pouring). Let reduce if you added the dried herbs, otherwise add fresh herbs and serve immediately. Put this on your pizza or in your lasagna. 
  • Bolognese: Cook your meat first with oil, seasoning with cumin, garlic powder, pepper and salt. Or whatever spice blend you enjoy. Remove the cooked meat, and use the juices as the base for your tomato sauce. Pour your canned tomatoes and mix the sauces. Add chopped carrots or your other favorite vegetables. Cook until the veggies are fork tender, and add your meat back in. Hearty and warming! 

Thin Tomato Sauce 

This type of sauce always reminds me of summertime at my parent’s house when my mom would make her basil tomato sauce (see bellow). A thin sauce doesn’t have to be lighter than a thick sauce, but it definitely interacts with pasta differently and really needs a long pasta or a penne pasta to properly pick it up.

1. Fresh tomatoes. You don’t need to spend your lifesavings on beautiful heirloom tomatoes (in fact I’d urge you to just eat any heirloom tomato you happen upon raw). Any old tomato will do, even ones that are starting to sag and move towards the end of their lives. One fresh tomato makes two meals for me.

2. Cutting tomatoes. Cut the bottom of the tomato off and slice your tomato that way, cutting into the core. This way, no part of your tomato goes unused. For quick cooking, chop the tomato up small. If you have more time, leave large chunks to caramelize. You get a bit more flavor this way, but we don’t all have the luxury of time, so don’t stress about it.

3. Sauce base. With this type of tomato sauce, your base is 90% oil. The tomatoes themselves aren’t heavy enough to carry themselves, so do not skimp on the oil. I recommend cooking garlic and onions and browning them before adding your tomatoes. Allow them to dissolve into the sauce while you do your dishes or whatever. 

4. Acidity. Fresh tomatoes can make for a really acidic sauce. Make sure to cook some veggies or meat to help balance out the flavor. Cook these in a separate pan while your tomatoes are reducing. Remove them, and pour their juices into the sauce. I recommend bacon. 

5. Too much reducing/gloppy sauce. You may have to add water if your sauce becomes too reduced. Don’t worry if you add too much water, just let the sauce reduce to a comfortable consistency. Add your fresh herbs minutes before it’s done. I would skip the spices or dried herbs, their taste is too powerful for this sort of sauce. 

Some easy thin sauce combos: 

  • Hello onion: Caramelize half an onion. Chop it up into thin slices so that it will cook faster. Cook bacon and pour the drippings over the cooking onion. Add your fresh tomatoes and add water to help everything reduce. Be careful adding salt, the pasta will have salt from the bacon juices already. Add the crumbled bacon after you’ve turned the sauce off. 
  • Mom’s basil sauce: Using olive oil and chopped garlic, cook tomatoes with salt and pepper. Add basil when the tomatoes have reduced. 
  • Veggie blast: Brown onions and garlic (or not). After they’ve browned, add your favorite veggies to the sauce. I have a soft spot for squashes so I like to use eggplant and whatever squash we have in our fridge. I encourage you to get creative and to try different things. Add your tomatoes shortly after adding your veggies, because you don’t want the veggies to overcook and becoming mushy. Add spinach or kale after the sauce has reduced, and season heavily with salt and pepper. Seriously, veggies need salt.
Tips to Reduce Grocery Spending!

I like writing stuff like this. I always get a bit nervous, though. You can only base it off your own experiences and we’re so different. Oh, and because of anxiety but that’s off-topic! I’m motivated by the thought of helping even just one person. Getting a good deal and shopping cheaply is always going to be a miniature obsession of mine. Even if I got hit by a truck of money I’d still want to optimize my grocery cart.

Now, that said. I live in a metropolitan area in the Midwestern USA. Urban and rural dwellers face different challenges with food prices and food accessibility, and that variation becomes even more widespread by region and by country. Some of these are applicable to most people, but I’d really encourage anyone with experience in different locales, regions, and countries to flesh out their own tips as well.

  • Base recipes around many of the same ingredients: Notice how a lot of recipes start the same way? Onion, garlic, celery, carrot? Potato? Diced tomatoes? If you write out your meal plan to share common ingredients each given week, you won’t be buying a million different ingredients.
  • Make a shopping list and a meal plan: It isn’t everyone’s style, but I find having a decently clear idea of what I want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks stops a lot of impulse buying and “what the Hell do I do with this now?” when I get it all home. It also gets me out of the store faster and I’m all about the lifestyle. Time is money.
  • Keep bulk cooking recipes in your repertoire and embrace leftovers:  I’m planning to write an in-depth guide on bulk cooking in the future. There are tons of stews, chilis, curries, and casseroles that can be made in excessive quantities for around $20 or less. Keep some in the fridge fresh to eat right away, and freeze the rest! You can pull them down for lunch or dinner whenever you need them. Also, leftovers. I know some people struggle to eat the same food many times in a row, but it definitely adds up quickly to prepare new meals for every day. Having your freezer stocked with these bulk cooked foods can provide the relief you need from any monotony in your meal plan that week.
  • Make classic and common ingredients the staples of your meals: We’re often enticed to try out the hot new foods trending in the blogosphere and news reports, but personally I find they’re mostly convoluted marketing terms and tangent reminders to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You don’t need goji berries, pomegranates, pre-made green smoothies, chia seeds, or any of the nonsense the computer screen is screaming at you to eat. Many common foods of yore are often just as, and sometimes more, beneficial as trendy foods. Cabbage, spinach, potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, peanut butter, eggs, dried beans, rolled oats, and dried brown rice are some of the major workhorse foods that are extremely cheap.
  • Don’t shun frozen and canned ingredients: You know what’s kind of expensive? Buying enough fresh tomatoes to make pasta sauce or tomato based stews. Berries, for much of the year. And, several more. Depending on how old the produce on your store shelf is, it’s not uncommon for flash-frozen fruits and vegetables to actually have retained more of the nutrition, too.
  • Shop sales: This sounds a little obvious, but flip open the ad for your favorite shop and see what specials they’re running. Plan some meals that pull in some of the items your store is offering up for cheap that week!
  • Buy produce that is in-season: Take a clue of what to buy based on what the Earth is currently providing your location. It will be fresher, taste better, and have traveled shorter distances, too. There are good lists out there about what’s seasonal and when. It will vary by climate, of course. There are also some fruits and vegetables that are always available at decent prices. Ahem, another plug for bananas.
  • Buy in bulk when possible: Understandably, this isn’t always an option. However, if the stars align and you find yourself with a few extra bucks and chicken quarters are on sale for something crazy like $.49/lb, load ‘em up. Freeze ‘em up. I also find that canned tomatoes or cooking stock will go on great sales and I’ll snatch a few extra up to shave a few dollars off in the long run.
  • Check if your favorite grocery spot does e-coupons and rewards: Coupons for stuff I actually eat is a bit of a rarity. Seriously, 80% of them are junk food and plastic bags. Boo. Oh, how much I’d love it you got coupons for produce. However, many stores offer digital coupons and rewards for shopping at their store. On occasion, I’ll snatch one up for an actual food item I want, but the real hook and sinker is my store of choice has a rewards program. Spend $200 in four weeks? Bam, $5 off your next basket. Uhm, yes please? It usually means you’ll have to become loyal to that store but if you’re already besties, why not?
  • Water is now your favorite beverage: There are a million reasons to drink water. I’m not saying you can never have your favorite refreshments, but supporting a serious coffee, juice, or soda habit can really add up. If you’re fortunate enough to have great tap water, it’s almost free. If you need filtered water or water bottles, it’s still less money over time when you make it your main squeeze.
  • Eat a little less meat: This sometimes gets people’s panties in a twist but you know what? Meat’s expensive, fam. Sometimes absolutely nothing I care for is on sale, either. We usually only eat it for dinner, but occasionally the divination of my holy document, the sales ad, imparts the words “vegetarian week.” Do what works for you, but I think it’s always very valid advice when trying to get a grocery bill down.
#1 Dylan Strome

 dylan strome? he was so cute in that video about the stick thing

please do some dylan strome writings!! :)

YOU ARE AMAZING! can you do one where you’ve been together with Dylan Strome for a while and someone from an other team flirts/hits on you and dylan gets jealous?

Dyl needs more love ok, I love stromer. I hope he’s having a great day (also bby pls shave u look gross atm i dont like it)

Warnings: language

Song suggestion of the day: Tell me the same by MICHL

did some of this remind me of the world junior loss against finland? Did i cry a lot when I thought of that? The answer to both of these is yes because I have nothing better to do than cry over team canada.

Originally posted by quebuenoooo

“Dylan,” you called, wandering out of the bedroom and smothering a yawn. “Dylan!”

“Oui Madame?”

You giggled as your boyfriend popped his head out of the kitchen wearing the only apron he owned which had the words ‘world’s okayest cook’ printed in large bold lettering. 

“What’s cookin’, good lookin’” you questioned, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Since when have you made breakfast, huh?”

Dylan rolled his eyes. “Oh so now I can’t just do something nice for my girlfriend, huh?” he joked, turning around to face you.

“Trust me, I’m not complaining.” you assured him with a grin. 

“Good for you, otherwise I would have eaten it all myself.” he smirked, leaning down to kiss you gently.

“Sorry for your loss.” you laughed. “How long do I have to wait, huh?”

Truth be told, Dylan was not the greatest chef but at least the food he made was edible so you couldn’t really complain. You knew part of his reasoning for doing all of this was to take his mind off tonights game, which you both knew was going to be a tough one and you weren’t really going to complain if this was how he chose to deal with it.

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Ahh Umi is so stressed right now. It's almost Maki's birthday and she doesn't know what gift to buy her wife. She's the best gift of course but still...ahhh.

A/N Ahhh indeed

Sonoda Umi would often pride herself in always being punctual and prepared. Even the thought of pushing something to the last minute sent unpleasant shivers down her spine and skin start to itch; so one would expect her to be done and dusted when it came to something special such as a birthday. Her wife's birthday no less. 

But what do you give someone who arguably owns everything?

Umi found herself looking in almost every jewelry, clothes and even toy store she could find, hoping for dear life that there was at least something decent enough to give the love of her life. 

But, alas that wasn’t the case. Maki was a very picky person after all. And even if she argued that anything Umi got her was special, Umi knew what the red head both liked and disliked. And she would never push the boundary of buying something Maki disliked just because it was her buying it. That wasn’t fair, after all. So now, now she was stuck with a dilemma. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t gotten her wife nothing, but the bits and pieces she had bought were nothing short of adequate for the pristine Maki Nishikino. The other woman demanded the best, and the best was something Umi would gladly give. Only, it seemed Maki had everything she both desired and needed. Which was both reassuring and infuriating as a lover. 

So, now what?

Maki would be home in a couple of hours and all that was waiting for her is a boquet of flowers, some tomato based foods, cards and the small presents Umi bought. The archer sighed, this simply wouldn’t do. 

With that in mind she quickly grabbed her keys from the counter and headed to her car. This dilemma needed to be sorted out if Umi was ever going to be able to look her wife in the eyes again. And Umi loved Maki’s eyes, so she is going to damn well fix this. 

As she slowly drove through the main part of town, Umi started to become frantic when all that her gaze seemed to catch were closed signs laughing at her. As if she wasn’t paranoid enough. Amber eyes constantly kept checking the time, making sure that she would still managed to beat Maki home. And, as if on cue, the familiar sound of her phone going off made her pull over to check its content. Skin almost draining of colour when she read something from Maki. 

“I was let off work early, I’ll be home shortly.” 

Well that wasn’t good.

Not good at all.

Chucking her phone back into her bag, Umi almost revved the car as she began to drive back home, slowly increasing with speed but never going over the limit. It was everything she could do to not have her wife bail her out of jail on her birthday.

As her home came into view, Umi could finally breathe properly when she didn’t see any fancy red sports car parked outside. Parking into her space, Umi made a quick dash into her home when that said sports car could be heard coming down the road. 

Scrambling for her keys, Umi was quick to unlock the front door and collapse against it once inside. She then took wandered into the kitchen and switched the kettle on, already knowing that Maki was going to need something relaxing. She then rushed upstairs and started running a bath, zipping back down just as her wife entered. 

 Smiling at the others tired expression, Umi enveloped the other in a needed embrace, chuckling when Maki eagerly followed; pulling away to place a gentle kiss upon the others lips. “Welcome home. The tea is almost done and there is a bath running.” 

Seeming to come alive with those words, Maki dared to ask. “Is this one of those dinner, bath or me scenarios?”

Umi tilted her head at the question, seemingly confused. “Well, you could have all three if you’d like?” 

Now bright red, Maki hid herself against Umi’s neck. “D-don’t tease me like that!” 

Still not having any clue, Umi shrugged it away and nudged her nose against Maki’s ear. “Happy birthday, if you haven’t smelled it already, everyone pitched in to make different foods that were tomato flavored.” Chuckling again as she felt the grin against her skin. “Oh and,” Umi paused slightly, becoming somewhat guilty. “All of your gifts from me are on the table. My apologies if doesn’t seem like much, I had a rough time figuring out what to buy and then everything decided to close on me.”

Maki pulled away, looking into the others eyes as she began twirling dark locks between her fingers. “As cliche as it sounds, you being… w-well y-you is all I need.” 

Umi smiled claiming her lips once again. “Now who is teasing who?” 

“I hope you meant that I could have all three, because it’s certainly what I want.”


So excited to wake up this morning and get my first weekly CSA share from Tomato Mountain Farm ( @tomatomountain )!! Tons of spinach, giant carrots, two heads of lettuce, and two kinds of fire roasted peppers! I’m very happy to finally start buying locally and seasonally, and from a farm that practices sustainable farming techniques. Definitely sensing some palak tofu “paneer”, spinach tortillas, spinach and artichoke dip, and curried carrot soup in my near future 🥕👩🏽‍🍳

Also, special shout out to @tinyecologist for first introducing me to the concept of community supported agriculture (CSA) and getting me super pumped about it! :3