tomato and mozarella


The day Alton Sterling was murdered, I was supposed to post an image of ice cream cones spelling out the word “goals” with a line of html code on Instagram. It was part of an influencer campaign to illustrate how code has empowered people across the internet, and, in the weeks leading up, “goals” seemed a cutesy yet appropriate sentiment. And then Sterling was murdered. I postponed the post. I sat and watched, horrified, as, over the next hours, a growing business-as-usual silence spread over the industry for which I typically feel so much pride, my industry. People—"influencers"—continued to post their smoothies and tacos, not saying a word about the cataclysmic social and racial crisis we were in. I was silent that day, too. I, like so many, was speechless.

The next day, Philando Castile was murdered in front of his girlfriend and her child. And the day after that, five police officers were killed (along with the shooter) in the midst of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas. By Thursday, July 7, 2016, to say the United States was not in the midst of a crisis was to willfully ignore what was writ large in print, in video, and in the blood of those who lost their lives across the country.

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tails & talons

inspired by brolinfinity’s awesome Natsu art!!
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“Thankyou so much. Have a nice day!”

“Thanks! You too! Bye!”

With a content sigh, Lucy Heartfilia sorted the coins into her little cash desk. Today was a good day. Lots of customers, and friendly ones at that. Nonetheless, her stomach demanded that she take her usual lunchtime break.

With a happy tune on her lips and slight bounce to her steps, she unbound her apron and hung it onto the little crooked hook at the backside of the door that led to her tiny preparation chamber. Once inside, she grabbed her wallet and, with a last checkup for little branches and petals, she made her way to the entrance of her little store and stepped into the sunlight.

Even lunch seemed to taste better than usual today, with spring on the way. Lucy munched on her tomato mozarella bun on a parkbench, unable to rid herself off the small smile on her face that seemed everpresent - today was the first day it had been warm enough to eat outside. Nothing lifted her spirits like the departure of winter.

As she brushed some crumbs off her skirt and was about to round the corner back into Strawberry Street, her eyes remained glued to the sign dangling in the breeze, the one that promised deliciously tempting coffee and free wifi. 

The internet didn’t tempt her much - though it would as soon as she received her phone bill - but the coffee, well that was a whole other thing.

Noon was dragging her down into far too relaxing dephts, and a little wake-up call would do her good if the day proofed to remain as busy as it had begun.

So she entered the little coffee house, smiling at the young woman behind the counter.

“The usual?”

“Yeah,” Lucy grinned. “Oh, wait, make it two. But the second regular, and without milk.”

It was one of those days again.

Days where the impossible seemed within reach.

Maybe, just maybe, the uplifting atmosphere had made it into her old aqquaintance’s shop without being dimished by the smell of ink and the lack of colours - and his joy-defying disposition.

And so, Lucy walked down her beloved road with a coffee in each hand, and instead of entering her shop, she came to a halt one house earlier - where a big, black sign promised high quality tattoos and, probably, certain death, if the talons and bones were anything to go by.

With a chuckle, she entered.

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Taking a look at lunch: Japanese tomato with spinach, egg and mozarella on grilled bread

Everyone loves caprese salad. It’s a universally acknowledged fact. So why not make something like it into a lunch? To get in some protein I added a boiled egg, and for nutrients I subbed out the basil leaves for some spinach - and it was so delicious. 

  1. Boil some spinach, and then chop it finely
  2. While you’re at it, boil an egg
  3. Brush a piece of bread with olive oil and grill it on both sides
  4. Put the mozarella onto the warm bread, top it with the boiled egg and spinach and finally the fresh, juicy tomato. Yumm.