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I have a lot of really good people in my life

and I’d be an awful person if I didn’t recognize that. I really don’t mean to seem ungrateful because I do appreciate you. I just have a really hard time seeing why you put up me, but I’m glad you do because I love you.

Thanks a bunch.

I think they like you
  • Josh Lisco - Sep 17th: holy shit
  • purple is my favorite color
  • and i was thinking
  • you know
  • maybe there's a josh out there
  • and he could be pretty good
  • but I haven't met him yet
  • we don't hang out
  • and that by default means i'm the best
  • you know
  • like
  • "All praise me the best just admit it"
  • "Can't live without it so you gotta live with it"
  • But now I see the badassery of this josh
  • And I give him a thumbs up of approval also an Atheist High Five
  • OVer the Ocean
  • And some land
  • and stuff'
  • Taylor - Oct 7th: Yeah, I like him a lot more than I expected to. He's pretty cute too.
  • Tommy - Nov 24th: That's it the welsh boy has achieved my approval of awesomeness
  • Melinda - Nov 24th: So, that super cute video about you that your boyfriend posted on Youtube? I saw it. You know what else I saw? A ukulele in the background. I approve.

tomathin  asked:

'(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡'

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tomathin  asked:

wait what if homura battled madoka in pokemon a bunch and madoka just always used the cute pokemon so homura let madoka win everytime

that’s exactly how this would go down and homura would constantly soft reset for shinies and give them to madoka