First official trailer for Tomas Koolhaas’ REM - a documentary about his father, architect Rem Koolhaas

Architecture is often viewed from the outside, as an inanimate object represented in still imagery. ‘REM’ exposes the human experience of architecture. The resulting documentary is more revealing than the generic poster image, and more evocative than the intellectual reality of architectural renderings. The audience (through the camera) gains a rare insight into the reality of the hidden internal life of the buildings. 'REM’ brings the human back into architectural representation. The film reveals an architecture infinitely more meaningful than its iconicity. Film proves, once again, to be an important medium to discover meaning within spatial experience. 'REM’ is not a sentimental exploration of the relationship between father and son but instead the exploration of what architecture means to those who inhabit it, and to those who create it.

The short was shot entirely in OMA’s Casa Da Musica in Porto, Portugal


Een interview van Tomas Koolhaas met rapper en uomo universale aspirante Kanye West, in het kader van de documentaire over zijn vader Rem.

(door tomas koolhaas)


Tomas Koolhaas:

Kanye West Interview Short Version

These are selected clips from an interview with Kanye West conducted by Tomas Koolhaas in October 2013 for his film ‘REM’ -a documentary about his father, the architect Rem Koolhaas.

In May 2012 OMA (Rem Koolhaas’s architecture partnership) designed a temporary pavillion for Kanye West at the Cannes film festival. The purpose of the pavilion was to screen a film purpose-made by Kanye West that was shot using seven cameras recording simultaneously from different angles. The pavilion housed seven separate screens, each one showing a separate camera angle. Despite the innovative nature of the film and the pavilion itself the entire endeavor received only a limited amount of coverage in the mainstream media. 

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TOMAS KOOLHAAS  " Low resolution rough cut of footage I shot at the CCTV building in Beijing in Feb 2012. This footage is part of a documentary I am making about my father Rem Koolhaas. For more info on the film use link " | via



Material de la película REM realizada por Tomas Koolhaas, hijo de Rem Koolhaas. Más información acerca de la película aquí y más videos aquí.

Revisa el artículo ‘Reporte: Biblioteca Pública de Seattle, OMA 1999-2004’ por Giulia Foscari en nuestra revista ARQ 81 | Espacios para la cultura.





2004年に父が建築したポルトガルにあるコンサートホール「カサ ダム ジカ」を舞台に、バルクールのようなアクロバティックな動きをする人間を交えた躍動感と建造物の美しい存在感が絡んだ、静と動を表現したアートな映像に仕上がっています。


by  AC

Rem Koolhaas’ son is making a film about him. REM

REM, a forthcoming documentary by Tomas Koolhaas isn’t the first film about a big-name architect made by his son. My Architect, released in 2003, was made by Nathaniel Kahn about his father, Louis Kahn. The draw of this earlier film lay as much in Louis’ incredible built legacy as in his turbulent personal life; the architect sired three different families with three different women and Nathaniel’s film was as much a personal exploration of his father as it was an appraisal of his work.

Rem, however, married only one woman - OMA’s co-founder Madelon Vriesendorp - and their son Tomas’ film, is less about the father-son relationship, than the greater life within Koolhaas’ buildings.

As Tomas explained to ArtInfo, “Most architecture films focus only on the hyper-intellectual elements of architecture, and almost completely ignore the fact that these buildings are, or will be, inhabited and used by people.”

Here’s a clip


CCTV 2012 LOW RESOLUTION ROUGH CUT by tomas koolhaas