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Night Shuffle Golden ~


Yamada won an air purifier when he appeared for the show to promote Assassination Classroom.

Host : And you have received a prize?

Yamada : Yes, I won an air purifier last time. 

Toma : Eh? I didn’t know there was such a system.

Host : So what happen to the air purifier?

Yamada : Well, I didn’t expect that they will really give me an air purifier. When I went back to Tokyo, I bought one myself. Then, the agency really brought me the air purifier. So now, my small living room has two air purifiers.

Host : Haha, oh my!

Yamada : The air in my house is really clean.


The show explained on how the first battle works. The chef will cook two dishes that Yamada will like and Yamada will choose the one that he really wants to eat. Toma will guess the dish that Yamada wants to eat. If Toma’s guess is right, he wins. If not, Yamada wins. Only the winner will get to eat.

Yamada : Only one will be able to eat….

Host : Yes, that’s how it works.

Yamada : What a cruel show…

Host : Ikuta-san, what do you think? Is Yamada-san easy to read? 

Toma : Well, I think he is a very pure child and wouldn’t lie. 

Yamada : *troubled face*

Show Sign : Psychological mind game started? 


Toma had to guess whether Yamada wanted to eat Wagyu Steak or Carbonara.

Toma guessed Carbonara. Reason?

Toma : Yama-chan is quite feminine sometimes. So, I don’t have the image of him eating meat but I can imagine him twirling the pasta and eating it. That is what I hope it is.

Result : Yamada chose Carbonara. 

Yamada’s frustrated face XD You can hide your girly personality, Yama-chan ~


Second battle - Toma’s turn to choose and Yamada to guess.

Host : There is a person with an empty stomach at the stall.

The host and Toma peeked in the stall. Yamada was staring at the food. 

Show card : His stomach is grumbling.

Toma : Ah, yeah. Such a pity.

Host : Haha. Your cute junior is waiting for you. (Earlier in the show, Toma said that Yamada is a cute junior in his eyes.)


Yamada started to ask questions to get some hints on the answer but Toma is not showing any expression that could indicate the answer.

Yamada : Eh?? I really can’t read his face!

Yamada : Ehhh, do you like me? (Yamada started to appeal his kawaii-ness to Toma XD)

Toma : I like you a lot.

Yamada : Is the answer mentaiko? 

Toma : Hmmm, I don’t know ~~~


Toma and Yamada have to play a game of Acchi Muite Hoi! to see who will get the prize since the battle ended up in a draw.

After a long game, Yamada finally won! The prize he requested was a bed vacuum cleaner. (The exact same one that I recently bought for myself but mine is red! It vacuums your bed and it really makes a difference when you sleep on your bed after vacuumed.)

Toma : A bed vacuum cleaner? 

Yamada : *nods slightly*

Toma : Very homely! (Similar meaning would be Yama-chan is like a housewife XD)


I think those Grasshopper events are really promoting Yamada’s femininity a lot and Toma is not really helping with his comments XD

Disclaimer : Rough translation by me. 

Excerpt from “Songs” March 2016 Edition:


In “Fukkatsu Love”, Toma Ikuta is featured in the music video. Wasn’t it a very special occasion that Toma and Arashi collaborate?


“Yes! I was very happy that Toma featured in our music video. He is a very important friend and someone we spent a lot of time with during our Johnny’s Jr era. Actually, I also spent some time with him along with Matsumoto and Ohno during the play “Westside Story”. But there was never a true “Arashi x Toma Ikuta” work we have done in the past. When Toma joins us, it’s almost as if he adds a drop of milk inside the coffee… if you get what I mean. It’s as if we returned to being 6 Johnny’s Jrs. It isn’t 5 against 1. It’s the “six of us when we were younger”. I probably spent about 3 or 4 years with him during middle school and high school. I feel like I’ve returned to those days. It was truly fun.”

translation by nino-chan
pc to sumire630as on twitter



Popular idol group Arashi will be releasing their first single of 2015 “Sakura”. The song will be used as the main theme song of Ikuta Toma’s (and Oguri Shun’s) drama, Uroborosu. It is the first time Arashi is singing the theme song for a drama.

The limited edition will feature a music video, while the normal version will include two songs unavailable in the limited edition version.