Earning His Notice | Lomonaaeren | 6k | PG-13 |

Harry has almost accepted that he won’t be going back to his own time, and he’s working in a small apothecary in Diagon Alley to make ends meet. Then someone tries to blow up his employer’s shop, and that brings him face-to-face with Tom Riddle, who he successfully avoided during his time at Hogwarts.

Prompt: Harry is going to an interview at a new job. He prefers walking to catching the bus, so off he goes. A few streets over from his house, Harry notices a hot guy also walking in the same direction and takes a few discreet looks. The guy notices and winks. 

But something seems to be wrong, because as Harry keeps walking, the guy keeps taking the same turns as him even when they make it to the town centre. Great, the hot guy is a stalker. 

When he begins to follow Harry into the building, Harry decides enough is enough, and confronts him. The hot guy only raises one eyebrow, steps past him and greets the receptionist, who calls him Mr Riddle, so obviously he works there. Harry is mortified, but things only get worse for him when he reaches the interview room and realises Riddle is doing the interviewing.   

Halloween shenanigans


Person B: I know, I dressed up.

Person A: *looking at B up and down* Pray tell, what did you dress up as?

Person B:Your future boyfriend

Person A:

Person B:

Person A:

Person B: *intense eyebrow wriggling*

tabala  asked:

Lucius takes Harry from the Dursleys doorstep to raise Harry as a sex slave for Voldy. Voldy comes back during 4th year. Voldy and Harry fall in love, NO RAPE. Sirus sees Harry with Voldy in diagon and becomes their pet dog to see where Harry has been all these years. There's a meeting between the light and the dark where Harry is finally revealed to be with Voldy. Charlie(?) gets Bella to kidnap Harry cause he wants Harry he is taken to Hogwarts and almost raped by Charlie. Voldy rescuses Harry

Dark Gifts by lazycrazykitten?

  • Slytherin: Huff is a sweetheart
  • Slytherin: You know what they does when I'm sad?
  • Ravenclaw: Nope
  • Slytherin: See this
  • Slytherin: *texting* honey, I'm sad :(
  • Hufflepuff, arriving two minutes later with a blanket and chocolates: COME HERE, LET ME HUG YOU BEFORE YOU FEEL SADER

Office Shenanigans

Person C: I heard you hired Person A as your secretary.

Person B: I did.

Person C: Were they good at making coffee?

Person B: Very good.

Person C: Were they effiecient at filing?

Person B: Very effiecient.

Person C: Were they fast at putting on clothes?

Person B: Very fast

Person C:

Santa Claus:



Person B: I can explain.

The Hogwarts houses aesthetics


Flickering lights in dingy pubs, will take none of your sexist bullshit, silent movies, flashes of lightning through storm clouds, overgrown rose bushes, cracked statues, the satisfaction of getting away with a lie, old ticket stubs, raised eyebrows and cold hands


Sweet smiles and honey eyes, gentle touches, history nerd, freckle stained cheeks that dimple when they smile, falls in love with strangers, handwritten letters, excessive jewellery, grass stained knees, the mum friend, cries the at everything


Paper planes, the rattling of rain against the window, half complete sketches, blue veined arms and flushed cheeks, distant laughter on quiet streets, notes in the margins of books, resting bitch face, fly away hairs and old eyes


Drive in movies, popcorn fights, smiling at strangers on the street, spiking the punch at school dances, dancing horribly just to make people laugh, long car rides, horrible puns, self-satisfied smirks, standing up for the little guy, always bruised somehow