guise guise guise

i was just skyping with Nym and she was showing me all these baby pictures, several of which featured her as a toddler holding up a rock or two to show the camera. we hung up because my connection was being weird and I wanted to fix it.

she then insisted on skyping me again so that she could show me this pretty rock that she found in her room

without realizing

that she hasn’t changed



since “oo look at this pretty rock” is probably exactly what her toddler self was trying to say in the pictures

and now she’s laughing so hard the camera is shaking

guise Nym is the bestest

alright my incredible followers.

firstly, I gained a bunch of new followers in the past two or three days. welcome to my particular brand of insanity; I’m glad you feel it meshes with yours. that also goes for my ever loyal “old” followers. you rock, too.

secondly, I’m off to a dark and mysterious place that I’ve only heard about on Sex and the City and Gossip Girl: the Hamptons. I’ve never been. I’ll be gone until Thursday evening. Queue’s on, and I’ve turned it up a bit so you won’t miss me too much.

thirdly, Nym I’m honestly a bit worried about you at this point. I hope you’re okay. I’ll be thinking of you.