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This one? First of all, you should watch this video. It’s by a scientist instead of a lawyer.

The author of that article is an analyst for The Heartland Institute, which was called “the primary American organization pushing climate change skepticism” by the New York Times. The Heartland Institute is funded by many prominent conservatives, including the Koch family. Heartland worked with Philip Morris to try and defend the idea that secondhand smoke doesn’t have ill health effects. 

This is a lesson in being careful where you get your news from. You should even be careful getting it from me, I have been known to make mistakes. Curiosity without skepticism is dangerous.

But beyond just pointing out his serious bias and conflict of interest, his claims also happen to not be true. I suggest you head to RealClimate or How To Talk To A Climate Skeptic to see why. Weather is not climate. Twenty year samples aren’t useful for climate science. Would you claim to know anything about the stock market by looking at a week of the Dow?

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Hey, Joe! What suggestions would you have for a 15-year old who is striving to get into space? Try to get into the Air Force Academy, (or by some other means) become a pilot, log a few thousands of hours, then try to get into NASA, or try to get into a private space company like SpaceX or Boeing or Virgin or Paul Allen's endeavors, or something altogether different? P.S...Your blog is awesome.

Well, first you have to get one of these and start training: 

External image

But beyond that, your plan is pretty sound. The future of spaceflight will be a mixture of public and private ventures, so you’ve got the right targets in mind.

My only suggestions would be to meet some people interested and connected to various parts of the space industry, from engineers to pilots, and absorb all you can from them. You are never too young to meet people and form a network of knowledge. Also, remember that it takes a lot more than being a pilot to get into space. Space is just a place, it’s what you DO up there that is interesting. So develop a specialty in another field, like geology or biochemistry, that you can apply to experiments having to do with space travel.

Most of all, good luck!

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Hey, hey! Oh, I’ve been floating around, just thought I’d make myself known… Actually, I do that. I have sent people cookies in a box before in the mail!! Seriously.

You are perfect did you know that? Like seriously you are the most wonderful guy ever. You’re so kind and wonderful and you are an amazing writer and you are a great friend and you’re so sweet. And you make cookies. 

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is this not normal?

For me it’s normal. I like to see how long I can keep them puffed up before I forget that I’m trying to keep them puffed out and they un-puff. Is that normal? 

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YES!!! Because then it makes you look and feel like a PufferFish, and Pufferfish are amazing and hilarious and adorable and…yeah. Oh yeah, and because it’s just fun to do!!! :D

Micah I LOVE YOU! You are the absolute best! <3