Adventure Time: Islands - main title

storyboarded by Hanna K. Nyström

animation studio - Science SARU

animation directors - Abel Gongora and Juan Manuel Laguna

animators - Tomak Kymula, Tatsunari Karube, Karin Noguchi, Eri Kinoshita, and Mari Motohashi

compositing - Batiste Perron


Once again, we were lucky enough to feature a new intro animated by Science SARU for the upcoming Elements miniseries.

ELEMENTS premieres April 24th, 2017 on Cartoon Network

To my little boy...

As your caregiver, I promise (and very much look forward) to

  • making you cute lunches with little letters written on the napkin
  • cleaning your face with that napkin when you eat too messy
  • holding your hand when we cross the street
  • helping you put on your socks and shoes before leaving the house
  • taking pictures of us together at the park with my polaroid camera
  • straightening your outfit up after you’ve been playing a lot
  • playing with our dollies together
  • going to toy stores with you
  • ordering food for you at restaurants
  • kissing you on the forehead
  • kissing you on the cheek
  • just giving kisses to my baby boy in general
  • cutting up your food into bites for you
  • turning on the night light for you
  • spraying your blankets, pillows and stuffies with lavender to help you sleep
  • reading you bedtime stories
  • tucking us both into bed
  • loving you with all my being every single day ♥
Per dirti che ti amo in tutte le lingue del mondo

Afrikaans: Ek het jou lief

Albanese: Te dua

Arabo: Ana behibak (verso un maschio) - Ana behibek (verso una femmina).

Armeno: Yes kez sirumem

Bengalese: Ami tomake bhalobashi

Bielorusso: Ya tabe kahayu

Brasiliano: amo você

Bulgaro: Obicham te

Cambogiano: Soro lahn nhee ah

Catalano: T’estimo

Cherokee: Tsi ge yu i

Cheyenne: Ne mohotatse

Chichewa: Ndimakukonda

Cinese: Cantonese Ngo oiy ney a

Cinese Mandarino: Wo ai ni

Comanche: U kamakutu nu

Coreano: Sarang Heyo oppure Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida

Corso: Ti tengu caru (verso un maschio) - Ti tengu cara (verso una femmina)

Creolo: Mi aime jou

Croato: Volim te

Ceco: Miluji te

Danese: Jeg Elsker Dig

Ebraico: ani ohev otach (da uomo a donna)  - ohevet Otach (da donna a uomo)

Esperanto: Mi amas vin

Estone: Ma armastan sind

Etiope: Afgreki’

Faroese: Eg elski teg

Farsi: Doset daram

Filippino: Mahal kita

Finlandese: Mina rakastan sinua

Francese: Je t’aime

Gaelico: Ta gra agam ort

Georgiano: Mikvarhar

Greco: S’agapo (Σ’αγαπώ)

Gallese: ‘Rwy’n dy garu di

Giapponese: Aishiteru

Hawaiano: Aloha Au Ia`oe

Hindi: Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae

Hmong: Kuv hlub koj

Hopi: Nu’ umi unangwa’ta

Islandese: Eg elska tig

Indonesiano: Saya cinta padamu

Inuit: Negligevapse

Inglese: I love you

Irlandese: Taim i’ ngra leat

Italiano: Ti amo

Latino: Te amo

Lettone: Es tevi miilu

Libanese: Bahibak

Lituano: Tave myliu

Lussemburghese: Ech hun dech gaer

Macedone: Te Sakam

Malese: Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu

Maltese: Inhobbok

Marocchino: Ana moajaba bik

Olandese: Ik hou van jou

Persiano: Doo-set daaram

Polacco: Kocham Ciebie

Portoghese: Eu te amo

Rumeno: Te iubesc

Russo: Ya tebya liubliu (Я тебя люблю)

Scozzese gaelico: Tha gra\dh agam ort

Serbo: Volim te (Волим те)

Setswana: Ke a go rata

Sindhi: Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan

Sioux: Techihhila

Slovacco: Lu`bim ta

Sloveno: Ljubim te

Spagnolo: Te quiero

Swahili: Ninapenda wewe

Svedese: Jag älskar dig

Svizzero-tedesco: Ich lieb Di

Suriname: Mi lobi joe

Taiwanese: Wa ga ei li

Tahitiano: Ua Here Vau Ia Oe

Tamil: Nan unnai kathalikaraen

Tedesco: Ich liebe dich

Tailandese: Phom rak khun

Tunisino: Ha eh bak

Turco: Seni Seviyorum

Ucraino: Ya tebe kahayu

Ungherese: Szeretlek

Urdu: mai aap say pyaar karta hoo

Vietnamita: Anh ye^u em (Verso una donna)

Yiddish: Ikh hob dikh

Yoruba: Mo ni fe

Zazi: Ezhele hezdege

Zuni: Tom ho’ ichema

Dating and Sex With Alex Standall Would Include:

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Dating Alex Standall Would Include:

  • Clay literally had to push him into you because he was too scared to ask you out
  • Worrying that he still has feelings for Jessica until he assures you he loves you
  • Helping him with his stomach things
  • Him not being big on PDA so if he is, it’s mainly because he’s jealous
  • Which happens basically anytime you talk to Justin, Zach or Monty
  • Keeping you away from Bryce, no question
  • Being the first to say “I love you”
  • Him confiding in you about the tapes
  • Dates at Monet’s
  • His dad approving of you
  • Stealing his clothes, and him not knowing until he sees you wearing them in school
  • Alex isn’t that big on hickies
  • He’ll give them (and receive them) but not in visible places
  • He’s such a gentleman (like all the time
  • Will cater to you 24/7 
  • Being his rock
  • Hugs from behind when you’re at you locker
  • Cheek kisses
  • So many inside jokes
  • Playing with his piercing
  • His brother teasing him when you stay the night (which, of course, involves him mimicking you, if you had sex the night before)
  • Listening to him play guitar 
  • Getting caught by his dad 
  • Pep talks whenever either of you feel like shit
  • Having a drawer at his place
  • Being the little spoon (most of the time)
  • Giving you his jacket
  • Carrying you books
  • Sitting on his lap at parties (even though he don’t go to many)
  • Zach and/or Justin have definitely walked in on more than a few times
  • Holding hands under your desk at school
  • Him having a picture of you in his locker
  • Being his #1 fan, no matter what
  • Study sessions (where you actually study)

Sex with Alex Standall Would Include:

  • Neck kisses
  • Worshipping your body
  • Sometimes being super romantic (candles and all)
  • Sometimes most of the time being rough af
  • He’s got a praise!kink (fight me)
  • Edging 
  • Having a whole playlist of songs you fuck to
  • Making sure you’re ready before you do anything
  • Being on top until he gets more confident
  • Him always making sure you feel good
  • Always making sure you finish first
  • When he gets more comfortable, Alex is fucking tease, no doubt about it
  • Scratches down his back (which he obviously gets teased about by the boys)
  • Lip biting

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boyfriend | baekhyun

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how he’d treat you:

  • has so many nicknames for you
  • makes faces at you all the time
  • will do literally anything to make u laugh cos he loves it
  • pokes ur waist a lot
  • and tickles you
  • winks at you a lot …or at least tries to
  • makes a lot of loud noises just cos it means u look at him
  • softly sings love songs when ur both chilling out maxin relaxin all cool shootin some b-ball outside of school
  • loves you so much he can’t go 5 minutes without u
  • thinks about u all the time


  • vEry touchy!!! all the time!!! everywhere!!!! 
  • squishes your cheeks a lot cos ur really cute to him
  • then he’ll kiss ur pout
  • kisses ur ears and neck but innocently
  • enjoys sitting on the floor with your legs over his shoulders
  • likes laying on top of u and nuzzling you 
  • this isn’t touchy affection but he’d look at you as if youre the most precious blessing ever
  • hangs off you a lot, like will wrap his arms around your arm and just….dangle

the naughty naughty:

  • all you sucka mc’s aint got nothing on me edward cullen lovin hoes this is for u
  • would honestly bite and suck and lick everything
  • leaves a lot of marks
  • rubs u all over
  • in ur mouth 
  • in ur puh
  • in HIS mouth 
  • deep sighs and hitching of breath not to ruin the mood but u know the “oh ah” he does before saying kkaebsong
  • kisses u while hes in you
  • prefers u on top cos he can grab ur butt and see all of u
  • spanking? probs 
  • also face in the pillow ass where the window blows jus saying

minseok/xiumin | junmyeon/suho | yixing/lay | jongdae/chen | chanyeol | kyungsoo/d.o | jongin/kai | sehun

Soooo Lars and the Off-Colours were able to

  • make a plan
  • get to the surface of Homeworld
  • presumably fight their way/sneak their way to a ship
  • take over and steal the ship
  • piss off Emerald
  • Fly into space successfully
  • Somehow get Lars a uniform?? despite gems not needing material clothes

and we get to see uuuhhhhhh NONE OF IT

You too have nothing to lose but spend
much of your time telling yourself you do.
In fact, it seems the point of society is to
make people think they have something to lose
until a man [or woman] goes through life as nervously
as if he [or she] were carrying a teetery
stack of plates up a dark flight of stairs.

Stephen Dobyns, from “The Great Doubters of History,” Black Dog, Red Dog (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 1990)

How to say I love you in different languages.
English - I love you
Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief
Albanian - Te dua
Arabic - Ana behibak (to male)
Arabic - Ana behibek (to female) 
Armenian - Yes kez sirumem 
Bambara - M’bi fe
Bengali - Ami tomake bhalobashi (pronounced: Amee toe-ma-kee bhalo-bashee)
Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu
Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Cambodian - Soro lahn nhee ah
Catalan - T’estimo
Cherokee - Tsi ge yu i 
Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse
Chichewa - Ndimakukonda
Cantonese - Ngo oiy ney a 
Mandarin - Wo ai ni
Comanche - U kamakutu nu
Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male) 
Cree - Kisakihitin 
Creole - Mi aime jou
Croatian - Volim te
Czech - Miluji te
Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch - Ik hou van jou
Elvish - Amin mela lle (from The Lord of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien) 
Esperanto - Mi amas vin
Estonian - Ma armastan sind
Ethiopian - Afgreki’
Faroese - Eg elski teg
Farsi - Doset daram
Filipino - Mahal kita
Finnish - Mina rakastan sinua
French - Je t’aime, Je t’adore
Frisian - Ik hald fan dy 
Gaelic - Ta gra agam ort
Georgian - Mikvarhar
German - Ich liebe dich
Greek - S’agapo
Gujarati - Hoo thunay prem karoo choo 
Hiligaynon - Palangga ko ikaw
Hawaiian - Aloha Au Ia`oe 
To female - “ani ohev otach” (said by male) “ohevet Otach” (said by female)
To male - “ani ohev otcha” (said by male) “Ohevet ot’cha” (said by female)
Hiligaynon - Guina higugma ko ikaw 
Hindi - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae
Hmong - Kuv hlub koj
Hopi - Nu’ umi unangwa’ta
Hungarian - Szeretlek
Icelandic - Eg elska tig
Ilonggo - Palangga ko ikaw
Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
Inuit - Negligevapse
Irish - Taim i’ ngra leat
Italian - Ti amo
Japanese - Aishiteru or Anata ga daisuki desu
Kannada - Naanu ninna preetisuttene 
Kapampangan - Kaluguran daka
Kiswahili - Nakupenda
Konkani - Tu magel moga cho
Korean - Sarang Heyo or Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida 
Latin - Te amo
Latvian - Es tevi miilu
Lebanese - Bahibak
Lithuanian - Tave myliu
Luxembourgeois - Ech hun dech gaer 
Macedonian - Te Sakam 
Malay - Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu 
Malayalam - Njan Ninne Premikunnu
Maltese - Inhobbok 
Marathi - Me tula prem karto
Mohawk - Kanbhik
Moroccan - Ana moajaba bik
Nahuatl - Ni mits neki
Navaho - Ayor anosh’ni
Ndebele - Niyakutanda
Bokmaal - Jeg elsker deg
Nyonrsk - Eg elskar deg
Pandacan - Syota na kita!!
Pangasinan - Inaru Taka
Papiamento - Mi ta stimabo
Persian - Doo-set daaram
Pig Latin - Iay ovlay ouyay
Polish - Kocham Ciebie
Portuguese - Eu te amo
Romanian - Te iubesc
Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
Scot Gaelic - Tha gra\dh agam ort 
Serbian - Volim te
Setswana - Ke a go rata
Sign Language - „,/ (represents position of fingers when signing ‘I Love You’)
Sindhi - Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan 
Sioux - Techihhila
Slovak - Lu`bim ta
Slovenian - Ljubim te
Spanish - Te quiero / Te amo
Swahili - Ninapenda wewe
Swedish - Jag alskar dig
Swiss-German - Ich lieb Di
Surinam - Mi lobi joe 
Tagalog - Mahal kita
Taiwanese - Wa ga ei li
Tahitian - Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
Tamil - Nan unnai kathalikaraen
Telugu - Nenu ninnu premistunnanu 
Thai - Phom rak khun
Tunisian - Ha eh bak 
Turkish - Seni Seviyorum
Ukrainian - Ya tebe kahayu
Urdu - mai aap say pyaar karta hoo 
Vietnamese - To female - Anh ye^u em 
Welsh - ‘Rwy’n dy garu di 
Yiddish - Ikh hob dikh
Yoruba - Mo ni fe
Zazi - Ezhele hezdege
Zuni - Tom ho’ ichema

English - I love you
Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief
Albanian - Te dua
Arabic - Ana behibak (to male)
Arabic - Ana behibek (to female)
Armenian - Yes kez sirumem
Bambara - M’bi fe
Bengali - Ami tomake bhalobashi (pronounced: Amee toe-ma-kee bhalo-bashee)
Belarusian - Ya tabe kahayu
Bisaya - Nahigugma ako kanimo
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Cambodian - Soro lahn nhee ah
Catalan - T’estimo
Cherokee - Tsi ge yu i
Cheyenne - Ne mohotatse
Chichewa - Ndimakukonda
Cantonese - Ngo oiy ney a
Mandarin - Wo ai ni
Comanche - U kamakutu nu
Corsican - Ti tengu caru (to male)
Cree - Kisakihitin
Creole - Mi aime jou
Croatian - Volim te
Czech - Miluji te
Danish - Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch - Ik hou van jou
Elvish - Amin mela lle (from The Lord of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien)
Esperanto - Mi amas vin
Estonian - Ma armastan sind
Ethiopian - Afgreki’
Faroese - Eg elski teg
Farsi - Doset daram
Filipino - Mahal kita
Finnish - Mina rakastan sinua
French - Je t’aime, Je t’adore
Frisian - Ik hald fan dy
Gaelic - Ta gra agam ort
Georgian - Mikvarhar
German - Ich liebe dich
Greek - S’agapo
Gujarati - Hoo thunay prem karoo choo
Hiligaynon - Palangga ko ikaw
Hawaiian - Aloha Au Ia`oe
To female - “ani ohev otach” (said by male) “ohevet Otach” (said by female)
To male - “ani ohev otcha” (said by male) “Ohevet ot’cha” (said by female)
Hiligaynon - Guina higugma ko ikaw
Hindi - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae
Hmong - Kuv hlub koj
Hopi - Nu’ umi unangwa’ta
Hungarian - Szeretlek
Icelandic - Eg elska tig
Ilonggo - Palangga ko ikaw
Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu
Inuit - Negligevapse
Irish - Taim i’ ngra leat
Italian - Ti amo
Japanese - Aishiteru or Anata ga daisuki desu
Kannada - Naanu ninna preetisuttene
Kapampangan - Kaluguran daka
Kiswahili - Nakupenda
Konkani - Tu magel moga cho
Korean - Sarang Heyo or Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida
Latin - Te amo
Latvian - Es tevi miilu
Lebanese - Bahibak
Lithuanian - Tave myliu
Luxembourgeois - Ech hun dech gaer
Macedonian - Te Sakam
Malay - Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu
Malayalam - Njan Ninne Premikunnu
Maltese - Inhobbok
Marathi - Me tula prem karto
Mohawk - Kanbhik
Moroccan - Ana moajaba bik
Nahuatl - Ni mits neki
Navaho - Ayor anosh’ni
Ndebele - Niyakutanda
Bokmaal - Jeg elsker deg
Nyonrsk - Eg elskar deg
Pandacan - Syota na kita!!
Pangasinan - Inaru Taka
Papiamento - Mi ta stimabo
Persian - Doo-set daaram
Pig Latin - Iay ovlay ouyay
Polish - Kocham Ciebie
Portuguese - Eu te amo
Romanian - Te iubesc
Russian - Ya tebya liubliu
Scot Gaelic - Tha gra\dh agam ort
Serbian - Volim te
Setswana - Ke a go rata
Sign Language - „,/ (represents position of fingers when signing ‘I Love You’)
Sindhi - Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan
Sioux - Techihhila
Slovak - Lu`bim ta
Slovenian - Ljubim te
Spanish - Te quiero / Te amo
Swahili - Ninapenda wewe
Swedish - Jag alskar dig
Swiss-German - Ich lieb Di
Surinam - Mi lobi joe
Tagalog - Mahal kita
Taiwanese - Wa ga ei li
Tahitian - Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
Tamil - Nan unnai kathalikaraen
Telugu - Nenu ninnu premistunnanu
Thai - Phom rak khun
Tunisian - Ha eh bak
Turkish - Seni Seviyorum
Ukrainian - Ya tebe kahayu
Urdu - mai aap say pyaar karta hoo
Vietnamese - To female - Anh ye^u em
Welsh - ‘Rwy’n dy garu di
Yiddish - Ikh hob dikh
Yoruba - Mo ni fe
Zazi - Ezhele hezdege
Zuni - Tom ho’ ichema

anonymous asked:

Hello! Headcanons on what would be the most memorable kiss Kagami+Aomine+Mura+Midorima would recall with their s/o?


  • it’s a little cliche, but his most memorable kiss with you was the first one you two shared
  • it was clumsy and not all that great of a kiss, but it had held so much emotion behind it
  • he also remembers it because he had a bruise after pulling away so fast and knocking his head on something hard


  • his most memorable kiss with you is the first one where the two of you took it beyond just a simple peck on the lips
  • he still vividly remembers exactly how you tasted that day; like something he knew he could get addicted to
  • making out with you has spoiled him because now he craves it at least once a day


  • his most memorable kiss with you is actually one he wished he could forget the most
  • it had been in the gym after a particularly intense game and he had been too caught up in the moment after his victory
  • the catcalls from his teammates were the only thing that ruined the moment, you and your kiss were perfect


  • he always seemed to be snacking on something, so every kiss was laced with sugary sweetness
  • that being said, his most memorable kiss with you was the one where neither of you had eaten anything prior
  • it’s like he was tasting you and only you for the first time and he knew this was something he could enjoy more often

Adventure Time: Islands - main title

storyboarded by Sam Alden

animation studio - Science SARU

animation directors - Abel Gongora and Juan Manuel Laguna

animators - Tomak Kymula, Tatsunari Karube, Karin Noguchi, and Eri Kinoshita

compositing - Batiste Perron


We were incredibly fortunate to have the fantastic staff of Science SARU animate a new intro for the upcoming Islands miniseries. They’re so good it’s breathtaking.

ISLANDS premieres January 30th, 2017 on Cartoon Network