Adventure Time: Islands - main title

storyboarded by Hanna K. Nyström

animation studio - Science SARU

animation directors - Abel Gongora and Juan Manuel Laguna

animators - Tomak Kymula, Tatsunari Karube, Karin Noguchi, Eri Kinoshita, and Mari Motohashi

compositing - Batiste Perron


Once again, we were lucky enough to feature a new intro animated by Science SARU for the upcoming Elements miniseries.

ELEMENTS premieres April 24th, 2017 on Cartoon Network

Dating and Sex With Alex Standall Would Include:

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Dating Alex Standall Would Include:

  • Clay literally had to push him into you because he was too scared to ask you out
  • Worrying that he still has feelings for Jessica until he assures you he loves you
  • Helping him with his stomach things
  • Him not being big on PDA so if he is, it’s mainly because he’s jealous
  • Which happens basically anytime you talk to Justin, Zach or Monty
  • Keeping you away from Bryce, no question
  • Being the first to say “I love you”
  • Him confiding in you about the tapes
  • Dates at Monet’s
  • His dad approving of you
  • Stealing his clothes, and him not knowing until he sees you wearing them in school
  • Alex isn’t that big on hickies
  • He’ll give them (and receive them) but not in visible places
  • He’s such a gentleman (like all the time
  • Will cater to you 24/7 
  • Being his rock
  • Hugs from behind when you’re at you locker
  • Cheek kisses
  • So many inside jokes
  • Playing with his piercing
  • His brother teasing him when you stay the night (which, of course, involves him mimicking you, if you had sex the night before)
  • Listening to him play guitar 
  • Getting caught by his dad 
  • Pep talks whenever either of you feel like shit
  • Having a drawer at his place
  • Being the little spoon (most of the time)
  • Giving you his jacket
  • Carrying you books
  • Sitting on his lap at parties (even though he don’t go to many)
  • Zach and/or Justin have definitely walked in on more than a few times
  • Holding hands under your desk at school
  • Him having a picture of you in his locker
  • Being his #1 fan, no matter what
  • Study sessions (where you actually study)

Sex with Alex Standall Would Include:

  • Neck kisses
  • Worshipping your body
  • Sometimes being super romantic (candles and all)
  • Sometimes most of the time being rough af
  • He’s got a praise!kink (fight me)
  • Edging 
  • Having a whole playlist of songs you fuck to
  • Making sure you’re ready before you do anything
  • Being on top until he gets more confident
  • Him always making sure you feel good
  • Always making sure you finish first
  • When he gets more comfortable, Alex is fucking tease, no doubt about it
  • Scratches down his back (which he obviously gets teased about by the boys)
  • Lip biting

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Adventure Time: Islands - main title

storyboarded by Sam Alden

animation studio - Science SARU

animation directors - Abel Gongora and Juan Manuel Laguna

animators - Tomak Kymula, Tatsunari Karube, Karin Noguchi, and Eri Kinoshita

compositing - Batiste Perron


We were incredibly fortunate to have the fantastic staff of Science SARU animate a new intro for the upcoming Islands miniseries. They’re so good it’s breathtaking.

ISLANDS premieres January 30th, 2017 on Cartoon Network

a short list of things that are punk rock

  • public nudity
  • smelling bad
  • peeing where you’re not supposed to
  • making shit
  • being bad at things
  • having no sense of quality control w/r/t your creative output
  • the color pink

anonymous asked:

im going to a concert soon any tips???

  • [Standing] wear comfortable shoes but also ones that wont get lost and can provide some amount of protection from people stepping on your feet
  • dont wear something really warm unless its really cold
  • [Standing] get there as early as you can
  • [Standing mostly] eat before and stay hydrated as much as you can !! i wouldnt recommend eating right before it starts if youre gonna b pressed against people real close
  • [Standing] touching, theres a lot of touching, theres tight spaces and sometimes you can barely move so if you deal with claustrophobia i would be wary and if you get too anxious just get outta there, you can enjoy the concert from a bit back still
  • most venues (at least around me) don’t allow bigger than a purse or messenger bag in so i wouldnt recommend taking a backpack
  • [Standing] even if they do let backpacks in dont take a backpack because thats a dick move
  • check around bc you might be able to meet the band/singer afterwards if you stick around long enough
  • make sure you have your phone, emergency money, and anything else tucked away somewhere safe, ((i’ve been told dont put ur phone in your bra bc i guess that can cause breast cancer and i’ve also been told thats a myth so heedy hoody hada do whatever u want idk sometimes i put it under my shoulder strap))
  • also money for merch, you need a lot of that, going off like every concert i’ve been to posters are like 10$, shirts 25$, jackets/hoodies/crewnecks are like 50$, but if i know im gonna buy merch i just take like 40-60$, idk how much prices range from different locations and bands/singers and shit. I didnt check the prices at the maroon 5 concert so im basically going off pop punk/rock/indie band merch? i guess? just take a lot of money
  • figure out parking before you get there is a good one, if its a venue you havent been to before i would at least check info online or like look at the surroundings on google earth or whatever you can
  • if youre getting dropped off make sure your ride knows the area youre gonna be in, tell them before or text them after the show 
  • also figure out a spot to meet up with whoever youre going with in case you get seperated, merch tables/[venue] bars/nearby well-lit places (stores like walmart basically/right out the front of the venue can work well, or if youre standing you can just stand on the floor until mostly everyone shuffles out and then find each other
  • [Standing] don’t shove?? unless theres a mosh pit or whatever just dont shove, people are there for the music and if everyones pushing forwards thats different but dont be that dude that shoves people to get closer, no one likes that dude, its annoying
  • ear plugs? i havent actually tried this but APPARENTLY ear plugs work great because you can still hear the music but your ears wont be ringing or damaged afterwards
  • try to make friends! talking to the person in line next to me usually works, but also talking to people in the crowd is nice too. If someone doesn’t respond/is a dick, move on, try not to get discouraged, there are always willing people to talk to
  • make sure you make plenty of space on your phone/ipod/whatever, delete pics and apps and shit before you go so you have room to take pictures or videos for the concert, also charge that shit and try not to use it before you go in if you wanna take a lot of pics/videos/etc
  • be careful if you have epilepsy or any similar kind of problems with lights because a lot of shows these days have bright flashing lights and shit, make sure you have your emergency info/medical ID on you in an easy to find place (wallet/bracelets/etc)
  • thats all i got rn idk

anonymous asked:

could you write how the boys treat erika if she is in a bad mood for x reason? something like craving for sleep, eating, and abdominal pain? >.< please, last night I was like this and I imagine it written by you!!! 🙊 pd1; so so sorry for the bad inglish pd2; she is in relationship with the guys 🌹

A/N: Hello dear anon!! I´m so sorry that you were in that mood :v I know how awful it it :´) I hope this is good enough ^^


Nevra understands the most of this situation as his little sister Karenn had this problems as well once in a while and he always tried to help so he knows more or less how to treat you!

Getting painkillers, pads,  your favorite food, take a bath full of bubbles with you to make you relax and then go to bed where he embraces you is what he will give you tomake you feel better!


Ezarel may not have that much knowledge in this field but he will make you medicine that will take away all your pain, share with you his honey and then he will take you to bed where he will comb your hair with his fingers until you fall asleep.


After asking a couple of  advices to Ewelein and Ykhar to how he could help you, Valkyon brought you the best painkillers he could find and your favorite food. He also prepared you a warm bath where he helped you wash your hair and give you a massage.
In the end he will bring you to bed where he will give you many forehead kisses as you fall asleep in his arms.

CLYDE: Oh my god! Yes, okay. It was so great and it’s going to take a lot of explaining, so first I’ll explain what led up to those pictures in the first place.

CLYDE: So class just got out for the day so Tweek, Craig, and I were headed to Craig’s place to hang out.

CLYDE: If you’re wondering where Jimmy and Token are in this scenario, they were both staying after school. Token had music club because he’s a dumb music nerd, and Jimmy was editing the school paper that evening.

CLYDE: But yeah, so I was talking to Tweek about something, I don’t really remember what. I think it might have been about transformers? It doesn’t matter.

CLYDE: While I was talking to him, I noticed that Eric was getting pretty close to Craig, who was right next to Tweek because they’re really REALLY committed to the whole hand holding thing. Seriously, whenever they’re walking somewhere it’s like they’re hands are literally glued to each other.

CLYDE: Anyways, Eric was walking right next to Craig at this point, which was kind of weird because he doesn’t usually hang out with Craig alone, but Eric does some weird things sometimes so I didn’t really question it. Until…

CLYDE: I think maybe Eric bumped into Craig on accident? Either way Craig looked really pissed. Tweek almost spilt his coffee, too. Don’t worry though, he didn’t. The coffee part is still coming.

CLYDE: Craig was immediately on the offensive, and Tweek didn’t look too happy either. Nobody knew what was going on. Except for Kyle, Stan, and Kenny, who were in the crowd. They looked like they knew what was going on? I’m not sure.

CLYDE: Craig, though. He looked really pissed. It wasn’t like him, because he doesn’t usually let Eric or any part of his group get to him. Not since that Peru thing. Not even before then.

CLYDE: And he wen’t all like “Dude, I’m not going to do it! Stop being a dick!”

CLYDE: I wasn’t really sure what this meant, so I pulled out my phone and I was ready to record him and Eric fighting. It really looked like Craig was going to leap over to him and break Eric’s jaw.

CLYDE: He didn’t, though. Instead, Eric spoke up before anything else happened.

CLYDE: “Bro, take it easy! I don’t know why you gotta throw names! I just bumped into you. Don’t take it so personally.”

CLYDE: By then I wasn’t too sure if it was an accident or not, but I kept quiet like the rest of the crowd.

CLYDE: And then Craig went “You know what you did. Knock it off!”

CLYDE: Tweek looked really confused and then HE was like “What’s going on, I don’t understand!”

CLYDE: Then Eric went “It’s nothing. Nothing at all. Craig’s just got his lacy lady thong in a wad. By the way, Tweek, nice coffee.” and started to walk past Craig.

CLYDE: It was really weird how he complimented his coffee because he couldn’t even see it, it was just a white cup. Maybe it was some sort of secret code phrase? I don’t know.

CLYDE: After that, as Eric was passing by Craig, it looked like he whispered something to him. I didn’t hear what he said if he did. I don’t think anybody did.

CLYDE: Craig didn’t look like he liked what Eric said, though. I was really waiting for Craig to punch Eric, or something. That usually would have happened at this point. Instead, what happened next was… I don’t really know how to describe it.

CLYDE: Craig walked out in front of Tweek, and he seemed like he wasn’t going to enjoy what was going to come out of his mouth next.

CLYDE: He said “Tweek,”

CLYDE: Tweek was like “What’s wrong, Craig?” and he was looking all worried and junk. Whenever he’s nervous, Tweek starts taking little sips of coffee if he has it on hand. It probably wasn’t the best time to be doing that, considering what was about to happen.

CLYDE: So then Craig was like “Do you like sugar in your coffee?”

CLYDE: Everyone looked confused because of what Craig just said. I was, too. I was still holding my phone out, by the way. In case anything epic happened. (Something epic totally happened btw.)

CLYDE: Then Tweek said “What? You know I don’t.”

CLYDE: Tweek looked like he was about to offer some to Craig, like he thought maybe Craig was asking for some? I don’t think Craig likes coffee. I’ve never asked.

CLYDE: But anyways, before Tweek could say anything, Craig said something. Eric was watching from behind Tweek, and he looked like he was in on whatever was happening here.

CLYDE: “That makes sense. Because you’re plenty sweet on your own.” 

CLYDE: CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID THAT? It was adorable. Craig didn’t look happy, though. He looked sorta embarrassed.

CLYDE: So, of course, I thought this was the best time to take a picture of Tweek, because I wanted to capture his reaction to such a shitty pick up line.

CLYDE: And that’s where this picture came from:

CLYDE: Eric was laughing his ass off from behind the scene. Everyone else was either shocked or they were trying to hold in their own laughter. It was such a big build up for something so cheesy.

CLYDE: But so yeah, Tweek chose the wrong time to take a sip of coffee while Craig said that, and ended up spitting coffee (and a lot of spit afterwards because he kept spitting far after all of the coffee was gone) all over Craig.

CLYDE: And so I got a picture of Craig, too.

CLYDE: Or, I tried to, and he immediately started flipping his shit and blocked my view.

CLYDE: God, it was so great.

CLYDE: But this wasn’t even the part that made this so funny, even if it was already pretty awesome to begin with.

CLYDE: And I’m pretty sure the next part is the part that Craig and Tweek didn’t want people to know about, too.

CLYDE: Like, I’m sure they would have already been pissed off if I shared this part of the story alone, but what happened afterwards was just so… I’ll just say that you wouldn’t believe it if it didn’t come from the trustworthy mouth of Clyde Donovan himself.

CLYDE: But this response is already super long, so I’ll explain what happened next in another post.

[to be continued]

Kung fu Panda theme analysis “The more you take, the less you have”

Let’s be honest, the lesson that greed is bad isn’t exactly new in film. But I really like what Doug Walker said in his Kung fu Panda 3 review , that it’s told so simply and effectively here. They don’t need tomake a huge speech about greed and it’s consequences that would bore the audience. There is beauty in simplicity and Kung fu Panda as a franchise understands that very well. 

They out right state the moral in the beginning of the movie. And they display what Oogway meant through out the course of the movie.

Kai takes

and he takes

and he takes

and he takes

until he takes too much. And it destroys him. And It’s not only Kai who’s had to learn this lesson. 

Tai Lung was so consumed by his greed that he almost destroyed the entire village. Injuring and possible even killing innocent citizens. 

And was even willing to murder the man who raised him from a baby. 

Shen was so consumed by greed he committed genocide. 

And purposely hurt himself in hopes of hurting his enemies too. Burning his ancestral home to the ground. 

And they too were destroyed for because of it.