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Chicago Blackhawks 2016-17 Season Milestones Master List

As the season progresses, I’m going to keep a master list of all the milestones that are made.

Game 1 (vs St. Louis Blues 10.12.16)
- Ryan Hartman scores his 1st career NHL goal.

Game 3 (vs Nashville Predators 10.15.16)
- Nick Schmaltz scores his 1st career NHL goal.

- Richard Panik gets his 1st career hat trick.

Game 4 (vs Philadelphia Flyers 10.18.16)

- Marian Hossa scores his 500th career goal.

Game 5 (vs Columbus Blue Jackets 10.21.16)

-Tyler Motte scores his 1st career NHL goal.

Game 13 (vs Dallas Stars 11.06.16)

- Marian Hossa scores his 1,100 career point on his overtime game-winning goal

Game 16 (vs Montreal Canadiens 11.13.16)

- Gustav Forsling scores his 1st career NHL goal

Game 19 (vs Vancouver Canucks 11.19.16)

- Vinnie Hinostroza scores his 1st career NHL goal

Game 38 (vs Nashville Predators 12.29.16)

- Patrick Kane scores his 700th career point with the game-winning goal.

Game 39 (vs Carolina Hurricanes 12.30.16)

- Michal Kempny scores his 1st career NHL goal.

Game 43 (vs Nashville Predators 01.08.17)

- Ryan Hartman gets his first career hat trick

Game 41 (vs Buffalo Sabres 01.05.17)

- Keith notches his 400th assist on Anisimov’s goal

Game 47 (vs Colorado Avalanche 01.17,17)

- Hossa notches his 600th assist on Kero’s first goal

Game 49 (vs Vancouver Canucks 01.22.17)

- Campbell notches his 500th career point on the assist on Panik’s goal.

- Crawford notched his 200th career win

Game 56 (vs Winnipeg Jets 02.10.17)

- Patrick Kane passes Tony Amante for sole possession of 6th on the all-time Blackhawks list, and he becomes the team’s leading US-born goal scorer, scoring his 269th career goal

 - Marian Hossa and his 519th goal passes Dale Hawerchuck for sole possession of 36th on the all time NHL career goals list, and with his 20th goal of the season he becomes the 26th player in NHL history with 15 seasons with at least 20 goals

Game 58 (vs Edmonton Oilers 02.18.17)

- Toews notches his 600th career point with an assist on Panik’s goal.

Game 59 (vs Buffalo Sabres 02.19.17)

- Kruger notches his 100th career point with an assist on Hossa’s goal.
- Kane becomes the first US-born player to score 20 goals in his first 10 consecutive NHL seasons with this goal.

Game 60 (vs Minnesota Wild 02.21.17)

- Toews notches his 4th career hat trick

- Coach Q gets his 400th win with the Hawks
- With this win the Hawks tie a franchise record of winning 7 consecutive road games.

Game 61 (vs Arizona Coyotes 02.23.17)

- Kane nets his 3rd career hat trick

Game 62 (vs St. Louis Blues 02.26.17)

- Toews gets his 267th goal, tying him with Jeremy Roenick on the Blackhawks all-time scoring list.

- With an assist on Kane’s goal, Keith gets his 500th career NHL point.

Game 63 (vs Pittsburgh Penguins 03.01.17)

- Kane gets his 4th career hat trick - 2nd one in a week. (Becomes the 1st player to score 2 hat tricks in a 3-game span since 1991)

Game 65 (vs Nashville Predators 03.04.17)

- With 2 assists tonight, Seabrook notches his 400th NHL career point.
- Toews scores his 268th career NHL goal - tying with Tony Amonte for 7th in Blackhawks history.

- Jordin Tootoo scores his first goal and gets his first point as a Blackhawk

- Blackhawks set a new road win franchise record, winning 8 straight games on the road.

- Toews scores his 269th career goal with the empty net goal passing Tony Amonte and becomes the 7th on the Blackhawks all-time goal scoring list

Game 71 (vs Toronto Maple Leafs 03.18.17)

- John Hayden scores his 1st career NHL goal (in his second career game)

Game 72 (vs Colorado Avalanche 03.19.17)

- Toews & Kane become the 6th teammate duo in NHL history to both score 20+ goals in 10 consecutive seasons. (with Toews scoring his 19th and 20th goals)

- Hawks clinch their 2017 playoff berth with Calgary’s win over LA

Game 76 (vs Tampa Bay Lighting 03.27.17)

- Tomas Jurco scores his first goal as a Blackhawk

Game 78 (vs Columbus Blue Jackets 03.31.17)

- With a 3 assist night, Kane hits 750 career points
- With his secondary assist on Panarin’s power-play goal, Toews his the 350 mark in assists

April 1, 2017

- With the Minnesota Wild losing to Nashville (0-3), Hawks clinch top seed in the Western Conference. First time they’ve done it with an 82 game season. Last time they clinched the top seed was the lockout season (2012-13)

Game 80 (vs Colorado Avalanche 04.04.17)

- Artemi Panarin is the first playing in Blackhawks history to record back-to-back 30 goal seasons to start their career.


2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Round 1 Game 3 (vs Nashville Predators 04.17.17)

- Dennis Rasmussen scores 1st career playoff goal

- Patrick Kane scores his 50th career playoff goal

Cool Shit about Chris Chow
  • Did gymnastics when he was in elementary and middle school, until he got too tall to be able to compete. His fave was the uneven bars. 
  • Ironically he’s now told that he’s too short to play goalie at the NHL level. Obvs he’s gonna make those assholes eat their words. 
  • 100% knows how to free run, and will jump over trash cans/Bitty/cars while screaming “PARKOUR.” 
  • He’s had braces for something like 6 years at this point, and he honestly is So Done with all that teeth pain. Also he hates flossing. 
  • He’s from San Francisco, you’re gonna have to pry this headcanon form my cold dead hands. 
  • Because that’s where he learned to drive, he is scary good at parallel parking. 
  • He really wants to take Farmer to Fisherman’s Wharf. 
  • His dream dog is a chow chow that he would OF COURSE name Lychee Chow the chow chow. 
  • When Tomas Hertl had a four goal game, Chowder was so delirious with joy that he accidentally elbowed one of his mom’s fancy ass decorative throw pillows off of the couch and into the fish tank. 
  • Legitimately does not get the hype about In-N-Out, like the food is good but it’s not life changing? 
  • Also the dude is from North Cali okay, he 100% knows how to snowboard. His mom loves Lake Tahoe.  
  • Chris is a seafood snob, he and Dex bond over this. 

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tell me stuff about the sharks! they're one of the nhl teams i don't know a ton about and i'm curious - didjamissme

okay omg. the sharks are my children, and also simultaneously my parents. They’re all fun, goofy kids or dads. (SO MANY DADS) and I love this team with all my heart. 

My favorite baby is Tomas Hertl; this cutie! He likes to smile :D

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And then there’s the Bearded Duo, Brent Burns and Joe Thornton. (They’re both adorable and goofy. Although, Thornton did once say  “I’d have my cock out. I’d have my cock out, stroking it.” if he ever scored 4 goals in one night like Tomas Hertl did) 

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Then theres our beautiful captain, Captain America, aka Joe Pavelski

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He’s wonderful and sweet and I love him. 

And my first hockey love! Logan Couture!!

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This is just me appreciating my fave 5 woops…

predictions 5/30 (SCF)

Like last time, this is a HIGH STAKES series, so we won’t be predicting final scores! Good luck, as always, if you have a horse in this race. We at nhlpredictions are fans of both teams, so we’ll try to keep it pretty even and unbiased here :)

  • To make things more exciting, the game will be played with two pucks, and each team will play two goalies. We anticipate it will be an even faster game than people thought it’d be because of this
  • Patric Hornqvist almost definitely plays shirtless
  • The Pens will wear their blue alternate jerseys (don’t worry Sid, nothing bad happens), and the Sharks will wear black. When asked why on earth they would do that, Joe Pavelski reportedly replied, “I’m always a slut for mixing things up.”
  • Joe Thornton’s beard gains sentience during the second period
  • Joel Ward gets a point on every goal, regardless of which team scored it
  • Trevor Daley operates the Zamboni during the game. “Great job, man,” says Tomas Hertl
  • Every time Marc-Andre Fleury saves a goal, flowers rain down on the San Jose bench