Towers on Flickr.

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A place off the side of the road somewhere in Scotland where people stack up rocks to commemorate people, pets, objects etc. Some have writing on them and one at the bottom of the tallest pile has “God save the internet” written on it.

Fox on Flickr.

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I got woken up with a phone call from my sister saying that on her way to school, she saw an injured fox in next doors front garden so I went and had a look and rang the RSPCA. I took this while I was waiting for them to arrive. The guy thinks that it was probably hit by a car or something similar.

Kiev-60 on Flickr.

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This is the very first photo taken with my new Kiev-60 medium format camera. Expect a lot more from this camera in the future.

Film: Kodak Portra 160
Scanned straight from negative using an Epson V500.