Adam Driver & Tom Spina - BTS SNL Jan 2016. What was working with Adam Driver like on set?

Tom Spina: Adam was super nice to us. We obviously didn’t spend a ton of time with him. He got there after doing rehearsals at 30 Rock. This is a separate studio where we’re shooting it, and it was pretty much all business. He got in, we immediately started dressing him, we all were going through the various elements of the costume marveling at its depth, weight, and complexity. He was awesome though. He was really nice to us and we had a good laugh about how the schedule is a bit crazy at Saturday Night Live.

In terms of once he was in the costume though, there’s a really regal look that the Kylo costume has when the mask is off — and it’s that high collar and neck seal that goes way up to his jawline. And Adam’s a really tall guy too, kind of broad, and he doesn’t appear that way, necessarily…So, he gets in the costume and without the mask and hood on, he looks very regal, royal, and intense, obviously, as he kind of starts getting into character and stuff. But when we got to the point where we had to walk up on set and put his mask on and hood up, I’m not gonna lie — it definitely gives you the chills! I took half a step back because he’s a big dude, and the mask is intimidating. It was a really cool moment getting him into the helmet for the first time.


Welcome our next Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2016 guest… FX Artist, Tom Spina! He is best known for his passion for movie props and mask making led to his pioneering work in the field of movie prop restoration. Meet him at FanX 2015:

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Tom Spina Designs, Inc. specializes in creating custom sculpture, mannequins, unique themed furniture and decor, and the restoration and display of film props and costumes. The company made internet waves with their infamous Han Solo in Carbonite Desk and has become known for their authentic recreation of Star Wars characters for Volkswagen’s 2012 Super Bowl commercial as well as their work with Walt Disney Imagineering, Sideshow Collectibles, Six Flags and others. 

This custom #BobaFett coffee table by Tom Spina Designs was first shown back in April, but it’s making the rounds again. This one-off #StarWars piece is about 44" in diameter and about 20" tall. Learn more about how they made it at

Helmet nod to Patrick Louie and Richard Riley for being two of the artists behind this one, plus Gizmodo for giving this table some fresh attention yesterday.

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