Y/N: No fucking way!

Peter: Yeah, I’m Spiderman…Y/N say something!

Y/N: Uh, why the fuck do you decide to tell me after all this time?

Spiderman: I was getting jealous of you obsessing over Spiderman.

Y/N: *giggles* You’re the same person silly.

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20. Cinema date with Peter please

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Featuring: no one

Word count: 1649 words

Warnings: just Peter being cute

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Notes: I know the gif doesn’t really match but my internet is working so slow that it was the only one loading

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“You’re not paying for everything Peter”, you said when you got out of Peter’s car in front of the cinema. 

He had been trying to let you pay everything tonight but you wasn’t having it. You were ok paying popcorns or tickets, he didn’t have to pay it all. It was stupid.

“Why not? That’s what I’m supposed to do”, he said locking the car. You laughed shaking your head.

“Pete, it’s not 2001, girls can already afford paying for themselves”, you teased. He narrowed his eyes at you and took your hand.

“Always such a smart mouth”, he mumbled.Peter and you had been dating for two months now. 

It was all pretty new but you were happy, you were sure you loved him and somehow he made you feel like he loved you back, though you still hadn’t said such words. But you were pretty sure you two were pass the phase of Peter paying for everything so every time you went on a date you would have to fight for it. Not a real fight, of course, but he always wanted to pay for you. It’s not like you didn’t appreciate it. You did. But you were just high school students and you didn’t live at Upper East Side. You both lived in Queens, in a humble neighbourhood, so you didn’t want him spending so much money on you.

“So I’m paying the popcorns and the sodas”, you said looking at him as you two stood on the line to get the tickets. He sighed looking at you, ready to fight back, but stopped as he saw you pouting at him.

“That’s not fair!” He whined. You knew he couldn’t resist you when you put up those puppy eyes. “Fine. Gosh, I don’t know how you do it”, he mumbled shaking his head. You laughed and kissed his jaw softly.

“Thank you”, you whispered. 

He smiled a little and let go of your hand to put his arm around your shoulder before kissing your head softly. The line moved quickly and soon you got your tickets to watch Nerve. You had been looking forward this movie since you watched the trailer a few months ago and Peter also was interested in it so there was no better company for you. 

“I want a Coke”, he said standing behind you while you were now lining up to buy the popcorns. You chuckled and turned your head to look at him.

“You always want a Coke, Pete”, you said and stuck your tongue out making him laugh. 

He wrapped his arms around you and snuggled his head in your neck. 

You loved the way he was. He was so caring and lovely always. He didn’t care if you were in public or not, if you he felt like kissing you he would do so, no matter what. He always made you feel so special, like you were the only girl in the room and in the world. Those texts every morning made your day and if at the end of the day, your day had been a crap, he would sneak through your window and stay with you until you fell asleep. 

Not everything was hearts and flowers of course. Sometimes he cancelled your plans for no reasons and would spend hours and hours without picking up his phone, and next time you saw him he would show signs of a fight. He always had some kind of excuse but they were bullshit to you. Anyhow, you didn’t want to push him and he never looked too wounded or bruised so you just didn’t push anymore. 

Finally you got the large pack of two Cokes and a big bucket of popcorns that you knew would be eaten by Peter. Most of them at least. You two walked into the theatre and looked for our seats. 

“Don’t!” You said slapping his hand as soon as he was about to throw a handful of popcorns into his mouth.

“What?” He laughed. You took the bucket and put it on the floor, away from him. “Babe!”

“If you start eating now, they will be over in less than 30 minutes”, you said. He narrowed his eyes at you but then smiled a kissed you softly.

“Ok, ma’am”, he teased. You rolled your eyes and took out your phone to turn it off like you always did. You saw him looking at his phone and turned it off as well. 

“(Y/N) I was thinking…” he said turning to you. It surprised you when you saw his cheeks getting red. “Would you like to stay over tonight?” You were surprised by his suggestion. 

You two still didn’t have sex as weird as it was but you weren’t in any rush. You wanted him and he wanted you but you just couldn’t find the moment and definitely you weren’t going to do it in a parking lot. 

“My aunt is in Jersey for the weekend and I’ve been left alone so…” he shrugged. You bite your lip and looked down to hide a smile. 

“Sounds…good”, you said finally looking at him. He smiled widely and leaned in to kiss you, slower this time, placing a hand on your head so you didn’t pull away. 

“I have to tell my mother though”, you said when he pulled away.

“Your mum loves me. She will agree”, he laughed making you laugh as well. 

He was right. For your mother, Peter was like the best guy on earth. Responsible, sensible, polite, intelligent. And you couldn’t say she wasn’t right. 

You turned your phone back on and sent a quick text to your mum. Just like Peter said, she was ok with that. Luckily for you, your mum didn’t just approve your relationship, she was really open-minded about everything in general. So she didn’t ask any questions and just told you to be careful.

Just when you turned off the phone and put it in your bag, the lights went off so you took the popcorns and gave them to Peter while the adverts started. As always, when they started showing some trailers of the upcoming movies you said you wanted to watch all of them. Of course, you would forget about them the second the actual movie started. 

Finally the movie started and it caught you from the very beginning. It had you on the edge multiple times which was amusing to Peter who preferred observing you than watching the movie. When the popcorns were finished he placed them on the floor and took your hand in his to kiss it softly. He really wanted to lean in and kiss you but you looked so focused that he didn’t want to disturb you.

“I loved it!” You exclaimed as soon as the movie was over. 

“I could say”, he laughed getting up and offering his hand for you to take it. 

“It was so intense! And funny, and Emma and Dave did such a great job!” You said still excited as you left the theatre.

“It was really good to be honest. I didn’t expect it”, he admitted wrapping his arm around you since it was a bit chilly now on the outside. 

The whole ride back to his apartment you were talking about the movie which he loved since he really liked it when you were so excited about something. But as you were getting close to his apartment you started to be quiet and feeling nervous. Maybe nothing happened in there after all but the thought made you feel nervous like it was your first time. 

“You ok?” He asked when he parked close to the building. “You’re really quiet suddenly”, he added turning the engine off and turning to look at you.

“Yeah, it’s just…” With a sigh you turned to him. “After two months dating I never thought I would be nervous about spending our first night together”, you admitted. “We were just going to go to the cinema and now…here we are”, you shrugged.

He smiled warmly at you and walked out of the car. Quickly he walked around the vehicle to open the door for you before you could do it. When you stepped out of it he closed the door and locked the car before taking your face in his hands. 

“It’s just me, babe. Peter”, he said smiling at you. He wasn’t much taller than you but enough for him to look down at you. “Nothing has to happen if you don’t want to”, he said stroking your hair slowly.

 You smiled a little and kissed him softly, making him move his hands to your waist to pull you closer. 

“I know” you whispered with a smile and then sighed. “It’s just…” you chuckled looking down, feeling those three little words in your throat. 

“What?” He smiled making you look at him again.

“I’m afraid of…not wanting to leave your bed ever again.” You said looking into his eyes, seeing how they lighted up with every word you said. “I’m afraid of falling in love with you even more, and I’m afraid you don’t feel exactly the same I do.” He smiled and pressed his forehead against yours with a sigh.

“If you don’t tell me how you feel… I won’t know if I feel the same”, he said. So you were going to be the first one saying it? Gulping, you bite your lip again.

“I love you, Peter”, you finally said, feeling like a whole rock left your stomach as you said the words. 

His smile grew bigger and he took a tiny step forward, so there was no distance between you two anymore.

“And I love you to, (Y/N)”, he said before kissing you again, deeply this time, like never before, letting you know with that kiss much more than what he could tell with words.


Requested Imagine: Civil war spider man awkwardly asking his fellow avenger to prom with the help of the avengers. Anonymous

Even wearing a hoodie you notice him immediately. It’s your job to notice every single little detail. You’re expecting him to bring you in because there’s something the Avengers need help with. But you’re very confused when you notice the rest of the Avengers behind him. 

“What’s going on?” you ask looking around. People are slowly forming a circle around you. 

“Trust me?” Peter asks and you just nod. When the first person touches you, your first reaction is to throw them to the ground. But you take a deep breath, because you trust Peter with your life. People slowly drag you away from Peter and then the music starts. 

“Trust me!” Peter yells threw the crowd. The rest of the Avengers have placed themselves around you as well. This is planned you suddenly realise. And then everyone starts dancing. You’re being thrown from person to person trying to keep up.

“Is this a flash mob?” you ask Steve when it’s his turn to spin you around. 

“It was Peter’s idea. We couldn’t say no.” It feels like the longest time before the flash mob stops. The music changes to something a lot slower and people spread creating a straight line between you and Peter. 

“What is this?” you mouth to him and he starts walking towards you. He’s got a rose in his hand and is now wearing a bloody suit. Soon enough he’s standing right in front of you holding out the rose. You raise an eyebrow but still take the rose.

“Will you go to prom with me?” he asks after taking a deep breath. Never in a million years you would’ve imagined that someone would ask you to prom by creating a flash mob. 

“All this to make me go to prom with you?” you whisper blushing. It’s rather flattering. 

“Of course. You’re a special person, so it needed to be equally special.” He shrugs trying to play it cool, but Peter Parker has never been the cool type. 

“You still haven’t answered,” he says a bit nervous. You place a gentle kiss on his cheek. 

“Of course I’ll go to prom with you.” 



“The one thing I was really excited about is Spiderman isn’t a superhero on his own. You know he has connections with some of the most powerful people in the Marvel Universe. So I’m excited to see how that plays out and how Marvel uses that - which I’m sure they will if they’ve got all these incredible characters I mean why not use them?”