TITLE: By Your Side


AUTHOR: Happyhiddling


GENRE: Angst/Romance

FIC SUMMARY: OC breaks down the wall Loki has built around himself because of his heritage.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: As usual, let me know what you think :)


“Loki.” I knocked lightly on his door with my knuckles, almost cooing. “Loki, I brought you the books I borrowed from you ages ago.”

No response.

I was not exaggerating. I had borrowed the two volumes I held in my other hand from him years ago. And though I knew how pathetic an excuse they were, I was desperate.

It had been a week since he last set foot outside his chambers; he refused to let anyone in, not even his handmaids. He demanded the servants to deliver his food just to his door, and he would only sneak them in and then out of his room after making sure that the coast was clear. But even then, he barely ate, only enough to keep himself alive.

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Yours Only: Chapter 19

TITLE: Yours Only


AUTHOR: Happyhiddling


GENRE: Romance, angst

FIC SUMMARY: Helena is betrothed to Loki, whom she had met once in her childhood. Though the prospect of her marriage intimidates her, things between Loki and her seem promising - but only at first… 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Let me know what you think! :)


It was the first time Helena had ever let her hair loose in front of anyone other than her parents. The first time, since their marriage so many weeks ago, she was letting it loose for her husband. Loki watched closely as Helena removed the pins and ribbons from her hair, his eyes fixed on the movement of her hands.

Helena felt self conscious, the urge to hide herself away from Loki’s intense gaze stirring in her mind, but she wouldn’t allow it.

When she was done, Loki pulled her over to him and kissed her. Deeply. Sensually. Taking his time to caress the flesh of her lips with his own, the tip of his tongue prodding around the entrance to her mouth, stealing tastes of her. Helena sighed – it was like Loki was taking her to Vahalla just by his lips alone.

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A lesson in kissing

TITLE: A lesson in kissing


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff 

FIC SUMMARY: OC asks Tom to teach her how to kiss


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Yay! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments, I would love to hear them :D

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Little Mouse

TITLE: Little Mouse


AUTHOR: Happyhiddling


GENRE: Fluff

FIC SUMMARY: OC is extremely shy around Loki.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None. Let me know what you think!

Sophie had always been a shy girl. Her uncle, Bruce Banner, had agreed to look after her while her father went on a long term business trip. They hoped that by meeting new people in a safe environment - also known as the Avengers Tower - she would open up more.

She was greeted warmly of course, and everyone took a liking to the timid girl. Tony took it upon himself to tease her and joke around whenever he could, and miraculously it seemed to work. Natasha was her confidante and role model; Clint she always watched with curiosity and amusement; Thor would entertain her with endless stories of Asgard, his friends, and of other Realms; Steve made sure that she always felt comfortable.


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Yours Only: Chapter 15

TITLE: Yours Only


AUTHOR: Happyhiddling


GENRE: Romance, angst

FIC SUMMARY: Helena is betrothed to Loki, whom she had met once in her childhood. Though the prospect of her marriage intimidates her, things between Loki and her seem promising - but only at first… 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Let me know what you think! :)


“Loki?” Helena called tentatively, peeking her head through the door before entering. Again, his whole suite appeared deserted. The doors to his bedroom were open, granting her a view of its emptiness.

Boldly, she marched into the bedchamber directly and pressed her ear against the hidden door there.

It was silent.

Helena frowned, staring at the flat surface. She put her hands on it and pressed, hoping that it would swing open, but not expecting it to.

So she gasped in surprise when it complied and opened.

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Even Villains Have A Sweet Tooth

TITLE: Even Villains Have A Sweet Tooth


AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics


GENRE: Romance/Crime/Erotica

FIC SUMMARY: OC is sick and tired of the villainous - and handsome - Tom Hiddleston scaring off all of her customers


WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHOR NOTES: NSFW, Sexual Content, Swearing in upcoming one shots. No warnings that I can think of for this specific one, however. I saw this prompt, and I knew I had to do it with Jaguar!Tom. And then that new ad came out, and made me want to write this even more. Hope you all enjoy. I’m feeling like more Jaguar!Tom needs to be written.

“Oh no, not again,” I slammed down the tray of warm cupcakes and stormed out of the kitchen.

It was happening again. All of my sweet, kind customers were running out of the bakery like the building was on fire. Without even looking out the front window where that shiny black Jaguar would be sitting, I knew who would be standing at the counter. And I was furious. I had had enough.

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Tall, Dark and Handsome
TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: comments would be lovely. I’m leaning towards two parts but I don’t know yet. 

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Happy Ending - Tom Hiddleston One-Shot

A/N: Happy Endings aren’t just for men. I hope you like this one-shot with Tom as a massage therapist

Sailing through the parking lot, I barely made it in time for my appointment. I need this fucking massage in the worst way today. Thank god the spa could get me in on such short notice. My back muscles have been screaming at me for the last week. I knew Michael would make the knots disappear within minutes. The man was a genius with his hands.
“Good afternoon, Olivia.”

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Love Letters To A Stranger

Title: Love Letters To A Stranger (One Shot)

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: K

Notes: This is just a little something I threw together tonight.  Let me know what you think!


Every time the doors opened to allow another stream of riders onto the car, he hoped that she would be there.  Most days she was, in her long bubble gum pink coat with the shiny black shoulder bag on her right side.  She always got in the last car and turned to the left and took a seat whilst pulling a book from her bag.  That’s what had caught his eye the first day.  She always had a book, not an e-reader like so many commuters.  Sometimes she would sit and place the book on her lap.  Her little hands would clasp it for a minute, as if she was making herself wait and enjoying the anticipation. 

How he loved to watch her read!  Unlike the other stoic and expressionless readers on the train, her face always mirrored whatever she feeling.  Smiles, little gasps, stifled giggles.  The first time she brushed away a tear, he almost flew to her side like a careening pigeon.  She had closed her eyes for a few seconds and shut the book quickly.  It was a hardcover and the sharp snap of the pages being pressed so swiftly together could be heard through the train car.  He waited to see what she would do next.  She was still.  Some time passed.  She brushed away another tear.  When she opened the book again, he guessed that she must have re-read the offending passage; a few more tears slipped down her cheeks and she was shaking her head ever so slightly.

He starting writing them on the evening he saw her for the second time.  After all, what better way to prepare for a role as a writer than to write?  He scratched out the words in pencil on yellow lined paper, tearing off the sheets and putting them in envelopes with the date on them.  Remembering how obsessively he had drafted and edited papers at university, he forced himself to just write and not erase anything, letting the little squiggles of communication flow out of his pencil like an open tap. 

“My beautiful bluestocking” began each letter.  Sometimes they were poems, sometimes descriptions of his day and what he had observed about her on that particular evening.  Sometimes he wrote pages and pages about what how they would spend their time together, if it actually occurred.  Sometimes he included bits from Shakespeare or silly literary puns that he thought might make her laugh.  By the end of the first week, the contents changed.  He began to include things about himself.  Personal issues, fears, goals, and desires all found their way onto the page.  He hadn’t begun the experiment with the intent of self-discovery, but it was a delightful development.

As the days went by, he found himself thinking about her more and more.  What was her favorite food?  Where did she work?  She rarely spoke to anyone on the train, preferring instead to keep her nose in a book.  When he heard her voice for the first time, the non-descript American accent didn’t surprise him.  Although he couldn’t quite figure out how, he knew she was from across the pond. 

When the two week mark rolled around and he realized that tomorrow would be the last day of his commitment and he would be off on his next one, a cloud of melancholy settled on him as he wrote the final letter.  Surprised to find himself feeling as if he was saying goodbye to a friend even though he didn’t know her name, he made an impulsive decision to attempt to give them to her.  He reasoned with himself that she would be flattered.  What woman wouldn’t be flattered to receive love letters from a stranger?  She wouldn’t think it was strange, surely.  No, no, he told himself.  She would be pleased.  A woman who enjoyed reading as much as she did would appreciate what he had done.  Yes, she would be pleased.  If she wasn’t, he would never see again. 

That caused little pangs of something he couldn’t identify to shoot through his heart, but he simply shook it off.  Folding the pages carefully and placing them into the envelope, he wrote the date on the front and then took the stack and deposited them into a paper bag.

When the doors opened the next day and she wasn’t there, he expected to feel marginally relieved.  He would be spared the potential awkwardness of presenting her with such an unusual tribute.  But it wasn’t relief he felt.  It was disappointment.  And something else.  Longing?

He was trying to make sense of that when the doors opened at the next stop and a familiar pink blur entered the train with several other riders.

Now it was elation that sparked across his skin.  She was just at a different stop for some reason.

He tried to make his long legs move in her direction, but they were stubbornly refusing.  Suddenly the idea of rejection entered his mind.  What if she looked at him like he was crazy?  What if she got up and moved to another seat?  What if she accepted the bag warily and then dumped them into the rubbish right as she exited the train?

All of these thoughts and more were swirling around in his mind and he realized that his stop was next.  He willed his limbs to move and slowly made his way to her. 

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to disturb you.  My name’s Tom.  I’m an actor.”

He immediately feels ridiculous, like a gangly youth talking to his first girl.

She smiles at him, the rows of bright white teeth flashing between plump red lips.

“My name isn’t Tom and I’m not an actor.”

He laughs.

She laughs.

“These are for you.”

He offers her the bag.

She takes it.

“Goodbye,” he says, the train coming to a stop and the doors opening.

“Wait,” she calls out to him before he steps onto the platform. “What’s in the bag?”

He smiles.

“Love letters to a stranger.”

Coming soon, Loki-lovers...

I have written Loki’s first encounter with a Midgardian woman… Sort of the origin-myth for my particular version of him, if you like.

So… By way of preparation, you might like to catch up or remind yourselves of the story so far…

Loki visits a writer in France (ahem) here

Loki helps a woman with a stalker problem here

Loki helps a sexual health nurse with her…er, um… here

Loki answers someone’s Christmas wish here

And Loki finds a special connection with a single mum (there is more of this thread on the way soon…) here

Watch this space on Saturday…


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Sleep Tight

TITLE: Sleep Tight


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: AU tom / Business Man Tom

GENRE: fluff / romance /

FIC SUMMARY: OC decides to give the last slice of cake to her boss but what happens when he offers her a ride back home?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I took some time to write this one shot out after having a brief anxiety filled moment. This was really soothing. I have two more office party one shots I want to get done. I missed you guys and I hope you’re doing well. Tell me what you think of this one shot! :)

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TITLE: Twins


AUTHOR: Happyhiddling


GENRE: Drama, romance, angst

FIC SUMMARY: What would happen if Tom and Loki were actually long lost twin brothers?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:A long one shot with Tom and Loki… No, not Tomki :P

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” I exclaimed, staring at the two men standing at the entrance to the flat.

Since a few weeks ago Tom had started acting very strangely, like he was having a mental breakdown. I assumed it was stress, even though I was still confused. We had been flatmates for months before that, and Tom had been coping well with his flourishing career. In the end I had convinced myself that with the madness his life had turned into, it was only sooner or later that a man would break. And so I did my best to take care of and comfort him. Oddly enough, he was still withdrawn, oddly vague and evasive whenever I tried to get him to talk to me. I was worried, and a little hurt; we had been best friends before then.


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Your Feet

TITLE: Your Feet


AUTHOR: i-wish-i-was-the-moon


GENRE: fluff / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Reader meets her man after weeks of being apart. She gives him a foot massage, and he thanks her by making sweet love to her.

RATING: Mature

AUTHORS NOTES: This drabble was inspired by the lovely tarrysmith and her love of Tom’s feet. I hope you all enjoy the fluffiness!

His head was resting on the back of the sofa; eyes closed, breathing deeply. My eyes drank in the strong lines of his face and neck, watching the small freckles sprinkle his light skin. It was almost painful to watch him, he was so beautiful. And he was mine. I sat down next to him and offered him the whiskey I had poured. A content sigh escaped his lips when he downed the drink.

I knelt down at his feet. The poor guy hadn’t even had the energy to remove his shoes when he arrived. I lifted his leg on my lap and started to open the laces. His eyes opened, “Darling…”.

“No, Tom. Let me. You are exhausted and I’ve missed you so much. Let me take care of you for once.”

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Something to Tell You

TITLE: Something to Tell You


AUTHOR: Happyhiddling


GENRE: Drama, romance

FIC SUMMARY: OC is on a mission with Loki, but are outnumbered. As they fight their way out, OC gets injured, and Loki panics.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: This is longer than my usual one shots. Fluff/romance. Tell me what you think!


Tired. God, I’m so fucking tired.

“Dammit, Fury! Where’s the fucking backup?!” I screamed into my earpiece. I was screaming, but I still could hardly hear myself amidst all the explosions and blasts.

I twisted around and shot the man behind Loki, who was about to fire his machine gun at him. Maybe to Loki it would’ve felt like a tickle, but I didn’t have time to think. One less to go, anyway.

If Fury replied, I didn’t hear him. Loki and I were surrounded. The intel on this mission was useless, completely faulty. It led Loki and me right into the trap of our enemies, and since we arrived at the compound we had been ambushed. It was midnight when we landed; the sun was almost rising now. Even Loki could be heard panting beside me, and he was a doggone god.

White hot pain seared across the back of my forearm as a bullet grazed my skin, ripping through my suit. My. Favorite. Suit.

“A new suit, on you, Fury!” I yelled, not caring if he even understood. Something crackled in my ear, but I could hardly hear through all the gunfire. “What?”


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Tom and Jess: the final chapter (and the hardest thing I’ve ever written)

My dearest readers

Around twenty months ago, after reading some pretty dire fics on Wattpad, I began to think ‘I could do better than that!’ An idea formed in my mind, and once it crystallized into a plot, I was gripped by it. I wrote it, long-hand in notebooks, in a week-long convulsion. I could not sleep, I hardly ate or spoke to my partner… I was obsessed. Then, once it was out, I left it to one side.

Surely nobody, least of all other, younger, Tom Hiddleston fans, would want to read it.

Then I was introduced to Tomblr, and to some of the best writing I have ever seen, anywhere. And I discovered I was not the only more mature blogger in the fandom…and I decided to publish the story of Jess Hancock and her ardent young admirer…

No Resistance:

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4  Chapter 5   Chapter 6 & 7

She returned to me last year, reminding me that life is complicated…

The Long and Winding Road

Prologue   Chapter 1  Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5 & Epilogue

Then a few weeks ago, she tapped me on the shoulder once more. I saw them in a car…then I saw where they were, where they had been… Which seemed lovely, but then I realised why…

I will be posting the conclusion of the story of Tom and Jess in the next few days. It has been the hardest thing I have ever written, and proof to me that I have no choice in this. I would never have gone to this place voluntarily, but that’s not how being a writer works.

Tagging below the cut

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TITLE: A Miscalculation


AUTHOR: Happyhiddling


GENRE: Angst

FIC SUMMARY: Loki’s betrothed saves him on the battlefield.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Part one here. Thanks toiammorethananame for the prompt here, and to all others who also sent me prompts!


Keeping a hand pressed firmly on her wound, Loki travelled back to Asgard via the Bifrost and sprinted from the Rainbow Bridge to the Healing Room, screaming for help all the way.

The moment he had set her limp body down, though, healers ushered him out of the room. When he struggled, Odin had two guards drag him out, where he broke down sobbing. Frigga was at his side, helping him sit down while holding in her own tears.


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