Imagine Loki smiling when he sees you smile or hears you laugh without realizing it.

“Why are you smiling now?” Sif asked with a rised eyebrow, not liking how cheerful he was even if he had handcuffs on.

“Oh, no particular reason.” he shrugged, still unable to fight the smile off his lips when he watched you smile and then heard your giggle from the other end of the room as Thor tried but failed to reason with Hulk who, unlike most of the time, was pretty calm and having a conversation with him.

“No particular reason huh?” she mumbled, a frown on her face as her eyes followed his in your direction. When she realized he was looking at you she opened her mouth to speak but he shook his head.

“Don’t even bother, lady Sif.” he breathed out casually “It’s so bright, right? Captivating. Entracing. Contagious.” he broke into a grin and then procceeded to chuckle, much to his pleasure gaining your attention and even more surprisingly enough a shy smile from you.

“Something tells me you don’t mean the sun.” she sighed, shaking her head.