1984. Morbid Tales

is the debut album by band Celtic Frost. It was released in November.

Morbid Tales had a major influence on the then-developing death metal and black metal genres.  It included elements that were adopted by the pioneers of both styles.
In the commentary for Darkthrone’s album Panzerfaust, Fenriz cites this album along with Bathory’s Under the Sign of the Black Mark and Vader’s Necrolust as key riff inspirations.

Celtic Frost’s former frontman, guitarist and singer Tom Gabriel Fischer, adopted the alias Tom Warrior. With Steve Warrior on bass, he formed one of the earliest extreme metal bands, Hellhammer, in 1982. Steve Warrior was later replaced by Martin Eric Ain – also a pseudonym.

With the combination of Hellhammer’s smattering of recordings and this disembowelling slice of heaviness, Tom Warrior and Martin Eric Ain. could have left it there and still proven one of the most influential and important acts in metal history. Morbid Tales is one of the most powerful debuts ever written, This album features some of the most overcovered tunes in metal history.

         Tom G Warrior             Martin Eric Ain          Stephen Priestly