~still flaaaashback~

Tom: N-no, it’s not okay
Tom: It w-was my fault
Tord: Umm

Tord: I’m go-
Edd: Tom, you know it wasn’t your fault, I’ve said this many times, but you are not at fault, nobody is

Tord: I-I can’t help you guys with this
Tord: I’m not good wi-with this stuff so I’ll be downstairs

Edd: Tord… I’m sorr-
Tord: I-I’m gonna go now


Welcome, welcome, to the Eddsworld Celebrity AU ask blog!

In this AU…
○ Edd is an animator AND comedian
○ Matt is a model
○ Tom is a lead singer for the band World TOMination (It includes Tomatoredd, Scribble Tom, Serious Tom, and Torm. Real-Face Matt is their ‘manager’, AKA he keeps everything running smoothly)
○ Tord is an actor

Now, there’s no set plot, this is just for fun.

I’ve got to major rules:
•Please no NSFW asks, I’m sex repulsed and would not like to see any of that
•There’s going to be no shipping. Most people ship TomTord, but I find it uncomfortable, not to mention, I’m a huge EddMatt shipper!

Hmm, what else, what else?

I’m more of a traditional artist, so most replies are going to be hand drawn. This blog is ran on mobile, so please excuse any mistakes!

Also, any other character is up for asks!

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