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The guys proposing to their s/o

Edd: Edd and you would take a walk to a park, either with a nice fountain in it, or maybe a nice tree or meadow. Once you two were at the desired spot, he’d hold your hand and kiss you, telling you he loved you. Both of you would stand there silently for a moment; Edd trying to gain his composure. He’d let out a wavering sigh and face towards you, his face dusted pink. He’d nervously get and one knee and ask you to marry him. Once you said yes, a big smile would grow on his face and he’d hug you tightly, telling you he was in love with you.

Matt: He would bring you to a beach or a small cliff ledge, when the sun was setting over the horizon. He would look at your face and reaction to seeing how pretty the scene before you was. He’d smile at say how great it was to be with you here right now. “The landscape before me is great, but I can think of something better,” he’d say. When you asked him what he was talking about, he’d chuckle and reply, “well, you being my spouse of course!” And he’d get on one knee, holding out the ring, smiling. When you said yes, he jumped up, almost screaming. He picked you up and spun you around, holding you close.

Tom: He’d the guys to keep you distracted for the whole day, so he could plan and do everything that he needed too. He was planning on making a romantic candle-lit dinner for the both of you. Once everything was ready, he’d ask the guys to bring you home. You’d come in to see Tom standing there with a rose in his hand, him wearing his checkered tie, and him nervously smiling. It was a strange to see him like this, but it was very endearing. You two would sit down and eat with minimum talk; only asking him why he did this. He’d just say because he wanted to. After dinner, he slowly and shakily got up and went to you, going down on one knee and stuttering out the question. You giggled at how uncharacteristic he was being and agreed. His face lit up with joy and he started kissing you, telling you how much he was in love with you.

Tord: When it was night time, he’d bring you to a fireworks show. He liked seeing the fireworks being reflected in your eyes. Once the show was over, and you were about to leave, he’d stop you and tell you to continue looking in the sky. When you did, you’d see a plane with a banner waving behind it, saying ‘Will you marry me?’ When you looked at him, he was on his knee. He said ‘well?’ and smiled. When you said yes, the both of you hugged. While you two were hugging, Tord took out his gun and shot in the air, signaling the plane to land. Once it did, you saw Paul and Patryk come out, congratulating the both of you.

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