Imagine: Tom Daley (For Katie)

You sleepily opened your eyes to your apartment doorbell ringing. You glanced to the clock on your night stand table reading “4:02 a.m.” and swung your legs over the side of your bed with a big sigh. You walked slowly to the front door, rubbing your arms while you got used to the chill outside of the covers. The doorbell rang again.
“I’m coming, I’m coming,” you muttered to yourself before opening the door. Your boyfriend Tom smiled wide while he stood casually in the hall. You flinched and halfway closed one of your eyes as the light outside your apartment blinded you. “Tom?” You asked groggily. He poked his head through the doorway and looked at the locks.
“You should really lock this,” he said pointing to your door. You rolled your eyes.
“Is this the reason you came to see me? To test me?” You questioned sarcastically.
“Of course!” He replied with a wink. “Actually no, I have a surprise for you.” You furrowed your brow.
“And it can’t wait until morning?” You glanced behind you toward the window and turned back to him. “Jesus Tom! It’s not even light outside!” He giggled.
“That’s the point!” He turned around. “C'mon Katie. Hop on my back.” As much as you wanted to go back inside and fall asleep, you knew he wouldn’t let this go so you closed your apartment door and jumped onto his back, your arms holding onto his muscular back and his large hands supporting your thighs. He carried you up two flights of stairs, up to the roof of the apartment building. As you were about to ask what he was doing, you saw what he had done. Two lawn chairs sat next to each other with some candles strewn about. He set you down and walked to them while you stood frozen in place, a smile plastered on your face. “I was thinking,” he handed you a hot cup of tea and wrapped a blanket around your shoulders. “Maybe we could watch the sunrise.” You nodded and he led you to your chair. You both talked, waiting for the light. When the sun peered over the horizon Tom’s fingers interlocked with yours before he brought it to his mouth and kissed it softly. “Good morning, beautiful,” he whispered.
“Good morning, handsome.”

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A Tom Daley imagine

*this will be my first ever imagine for tom daley…gosh!! so forgive me if ever i make some mistakes i’ll try and do better next time :)*

‘why don’t you bring these cookies to our new neighbors sweetie’

you looked up from your ipad when you heard your mom call out from the kitchen.

'it smells delicious mommy i’m sure our neighbors will love it, i’ll bring it over to them in a bit.’ you answered 'uhh did they just move?’

'they moved out front love, the house with the swing. i haven’t seen them yet but it would be nice if we’ll be friends with them, see if they need any help.’ she said as she walked out of the kitchen with the basket of chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies she baked earlier. 'would you like to have some?’

you smiled and nodded 'i’ll prepare our snacks, you can sit down now…what would you like to drink? coffee? or tea?’

you added in a giggle not forgetting the fact that your family was new to England and still adjusting to how things are done. while in the kitchen getting a glass of orange juice for you and tea for your mother you heard the doorbell out front and heard your mom greet someone with a very familiar british accent, you wondered who your mom was talking to.

shrugging your shoulders you made your way back to the living room with a tray in your hand you let out a sharp intake of breath because instead of seeing the familiar face of your mother, sitting on the couch while looking at your ipad was none other than Tom Daley himself, and if almost dropping the tray of food was not embarrassing enough you have been on youtube and watching his videos there. you’ve admired him for being a wonderful athlete plus it wouldn’t hurt that he was gorgeous as well.

'uh hi! is this yours?’ he asked referring to the ipad on the table.

you managed a small nod and settled the tray on the table and told your fan girling heart to stay put. you’ve been wanting to see Tom Daley in the flesh but having him inside your living room was already too much. he smiled at you as you sat down in front of him not knowing whether to turn off your ipad or just leave it as it is, you decided to do the latter and tried to act as normal as you possibly could in the presence of what you considered to be one of the sexiest athlete in all time.

'what are you doing here? and have you seen my mom?’ you asked 'have some cookies please…’

he smiled again and nodded 'your mom is outside with my mum, we just moved out front…’ he then extended his hand then added 'i’m Tom by the way, Tom Daley’

you blushed and tried smiling at him 'uh i’m sure you know by now i’m a fan…but i’m y/n…welcome to the neighborhood Tom’

'would you like to go outside? we can go for a walk and you can meet my family’

wait…did he just say meet his family?? 

'uh what?’

he laughed and held out his hand 'you’re cute you know that? well we don’t know anyone here so i figured we can be friends…if you don’t find me rude by saying that.’

you had to laugh at how easy it was to be with him as you accepted his offer 'i actually am very embarrassed right now but you seem like a nice chap, so i’ll accept that offer’

'you seem like a very nice lady too…friends?’ he said 

you nodded and shook his hand 'friends’

*lol i know it isn’t much but i’m going to write more! sorry!! :)*

Imagine: Tom Daley (For Sofia)

Tom got home a little bit late so it was already getting dark outside. You sat on the couch, lounging around since you got home from work when Tom walked in the door. He had a huge smile on his face and he was really excited.

“Hey babe,” you smiled. He stood by the door.

“Have you looked outside?” he questioned. You raised an eyebrow.

“No?” you said looking around to find the nearest window.

“No stop! Go get dressed!” he said pushing you to your bedroom, going in first to make sure the blinds were closed.

“Thomas Robert Daley what is going on?” he smiled and walked out the door so you could change. You threw on some jeans and a long sleeve shirt before walking out the door to a waiting Tom. You walked up to him and he wrapped one of his jackets around your shoulders. You still had no idea what was going on. He grabbed your hand and walked you out the front door. You knew what he was talking about now. There was about half an inch of snow on the ground and it was still falling.

“Isn’t this beautiful?” he asked, excitedly. You smiled at how your boyfriend was so happy about a little bit of snow.

“Gorgeous.” He grinned.

“Let’s go for a walk,” he suggested. You gripped his hand tighter and walked down the street. It was quiet out, peaceful. You watched Tom, he was intent on the falling snowflakes. Streetlamps illuminated the sidewalk you walked on. Tom stopped abruptly and turned to you. “Sofia this is perfect. It’s the first snow of winter, I’m with my perfect girlfriend, it’s quiet..” He let go of your hand and dug around in his pocket before getting down on one knee. “Marry me?” You smiled wide and wiped away from tears of happiness. 

“Of course.” He stood up smiling just as wide as you were. His hands were shaking from the cold as he slid the ring on your finger. You put both of your hands on his cheeks and kissed him while the snowflakes sprinkled on you two.

Note: Hope you liked it! Sorry for the wait (:

Imagine: Tom (For Jennifer)

You threw on a cute summer dress and some wedges, getting ready for your date tonight with the one and only Tom Daley. Your hair fell in waves and you put some makeup on before walking out the door. Where you were going wasn’t far from your house so you just decided to walk there. You had your clutch in hand and a nice delicate sweater covering your shoulders. You were definitely nervous but excited. You couldn’t stop thinking about today since you met him and he asked you out a few days ago. You were supposed to meet him at a cute little French Bistro you had been dying to try. Outside were lights hanging, lighting up Tom sitting at a table on the sidewalk. When he saw you his face lit up and he stood. 

“Hello Jennifer,” he said in his cute accent, his eyes intent on yours. 

“Hi,” you blushed. You sat down as did he and a waitress came to take your order. 

“This place is so nice,” he said, admiring the cute little restaurant. You looked around too.

“I just love it!” you smiled. The waitress cam back with your food and you both started to eat, continuing to get to know each other and laugh together. When you both finished and you paid, you sat back, but Tom stood up.

“Come on,” he smiled.

“Where are we going?" 

"You’ll see.” You stood up and held onto his arm while you walked to his car. He opened the passenger door for you like a gentlemen and you both drove for a few minutes up to a small clearing on a hill. He parked and you saw that there was a blanket set out with a few pillows. You got out and walked to it before turning back to him.

“What is this?” you asked. He rubbed the back of his head.

“I was hoping we could just sit, you know, and see the stars,” he explained. He walked towards you and you draped your arms over his shoulders.

“I’d love that,” you whispered before kissing him softly. He blushed when you pulled away. You both sat and watched the stars for hours after the sun set. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

Note: I hope you like it! Sorry it took so long.

So I guess everybody hates my imagines? Great, I won't do them anymore because it seems like y'all hate me making imagines that are different. Guess you'd rather have imagines where you're a stick thin model and Tom takes you to Paris everyday. Have fun:)

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