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Tom Hiddleston got asked, which Shakespeare character he’d like to play for the rest of his life.

Chris: “Juliet.”

Tom: “Yeah, Juliet, definitely. And will you be my Romeo?”

Chris: “Sure, yep.”

Tom: “And in that moment we created a monster.”

Chris: “It’s no secret…”


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Write us your feels about Alfred and Jason! ~your daughter

Ohhhh boy you had to start me on this one!! Well let’s start!

Alfred has always been an authority figure in the Bat family, the backbone and its strength. He’s Bruce’s father and the boys’ grandfather who adores each and every one of them despite how badly they screw up. For me he was the most positive influence on Jason that the boy ever had; Alfred gave Jason a stability he’d never thought he’d get out of his life.

Alfred knows Bruce and how he reacts to things, knows when something is bothering his boys, so he’s able to offer comfort. Jason needed a lot of comfort because of his time on the street. Jason always seemed like the Robin that scoped out all the best hiding places in the mansion and would hide stashed there of food or money or supplies in case things went south with Bruce and he needed a quick get away. Alfred knew about this and would purposely leave canned goods our, just a can or so every now and then because if he put anything in the stash directly Jason would know someone was on to him and it would blow everything.

Alfred is the one that opened Jason’s eyes to his love of languages. Jason already spoke Spanish and Alfred noticed how he had no problem transitioning between the two so he gave Jason a beginner’s intro book to French; Jason devoured it in days. Alfred took it upon himself to help Jason discover something he loved for himself and would gently coax Jason out of his moods by speaking in another language after a fight with Bruce.

After language was done Alfred discovered the young Robin loved classic literature and had read all of the classics in the library; Moby Dick, Romeo and Juliet, Tom Sawyer, War and Peace, Grapes of Wrath, Great Gatsby, but he apparently adored Shakespeare. With that in mind Alfred started picking up books in their original language for Jason to read. When he went into Jason’s room he often found those books and their English translated counterparts laid out with the English translation absolutely marked with corrections and differences, Alfred thought he’d make a fine editor one day.

Jason had a natural talent for cooking and he found that he enjoyed cooking with Alfred. The butler never said it but he found that some of his fondest memories were in the kitchen with Jason where the boy would drop the tough guy act and let Alfred see the real Jason. Jason wasn’t a boy who thought the world was out to get him, not entirely anyway, but he was very scared and skittish so Alfred was honored Jason allowed him to see such pieces of himself.

When Jason became the Red Hood he never forgot the butler who had become his grandfather. Of course he figured Alfred had moved on and that is what hurt the most, not being replaced but being forgotten. Alfred proved him wrong by showing up at his safe house in the dead of night shortly after his confrontation with Bruce. Jason was still shaken up and answered the door with his gun pointed at the intruder’s head, Alfred didn’t even flinch. As soon As he figured out who it was Jason threw the gun to the side because he never wanted to hurt Alfred since he was the one who’d never hurt Jason. Figuring the butler was angry at him he was awaiting his punishment but it never came, the butler only embracing him and crushing his taller frame to the butler’s slighter body. That was the first night Jason broke down since he’d been resurrected by the Pit.

Alfred continued to show up at Jason’s safe houses at least once a week but he never brought Bruce or anyone else. The butler would tell him about the family and he’d pretend not to care but both of the men knew he was breaking down more and more each time Alfred came. When Jason confronted the old man about why he hadn’t brought anyone with him Alfred told him that when Jason was ready he’d tell Alfred.

Basically Alfred and Jason are the most important relationship in the Batfam to me. Alfred understands Jason and Jason respects Alfred more than anyone. Of course this isn’t everything but it’s the main parts of their relationship.


Elijah had asked Tom to watch Juliet for a few hours so he and Katerina could just relax together after everything. She was still unaware that he had died and they both just needed to unwind. At their house, Elijah had the fire lit and the lights dimmed next to nothing. Pouring them both a glass of champagne, he heard the door click close then Katerina’s heels against the hardwood. Looking up with a small smile he nods his head to his direction, “Come here.”

Draco Malfoy- The Love Book

Late, I was late again to potions class, all Hermione’s fault of course! I mean she was the one who gave me a book that I couldn’t stop reading a muggle book a Romance Romeo and Juliet, I just love love even though my love life doesn’t exist literally such a big school and not even one single time a guy has shown interest in me.

To be honest It hurts a lot you know? Not having someone… Ok ok! Lets stop with this sad thoughts and just skip class, ‘cause I’m not feeling like listening to Snape right now, so I pick up myself and go to the Astronomy tower, It was by far my favorite place to go, its calm and quiet, i sat myself down on the ground and start reading.

-What is it that you’re reading? - I jump scare as Draco Malfoy snatches the book of my hands and analysis it.

-Soooo is this what muggles spend their time doing? Writing about love?- He finally looks at me his bluish green eyes pierce mine, it feels like an electric shock.

-So you don’t speak now?- he says while raising his eyebrow, and giving me back the book.

-humm, I.. I… *deep breath* Whats the matter with love?- I ask

He looks down at me, his eyes… his eyes look ate me with such intensity, its like… no no lets not go that way Y\N!

-Love is stupid, its a waste of time.- he talks with disgust

-Why…why do you say that?

-Because it is! - he raises his voice and turns his back on you and stares at the landscape ahead of him

-Its not like the girl I love Loves me back so I might aswell hate love has much as love hates me…

(I’m thinking about doing  a part 2, but you tell me if you want! annndd sorry if my english was bad)

Daniel James Hiddleston - Part 1: “Why Does Mommy Look Different?”

A/N: My first mini chapter fic for Hiddleswift. Covers Taylor’s second pregnancy with Daniel.

Three year old Juliet Hiddleston was really confused. Her mommy didn’t look the same anymore. Her tummy was starting to get rounder and the little girl just thought that her mommy was eating too many cookies and candy. She was playing with her daddy in her bedroom. Tea party was her favorite pretend game she loved playing. Her grandma Diana made the best tea when they visited her in London.

“Daddy?” she asks.

“Yes ladybug,” Tom answers putting down the tea cup.

“Why does mommy’s tummy look different?”

“Why don’t we ask mommy that question,” he said with a smile picking her up and walking into the living room where Taylor was watching Friends, Meredith and Olivia were somewhere.

“Sweetheart Jules has a question for you.” He told his wife as they both sat on the couch next to Taylor.

“Mommy why does your tummy look different?” she asks again.

“Well there’s a baby in there.” Taylor told their daughter who still looks confused.

“A baby? Like my baby dolls?”

“Well yes and no.” Taylor said as she took Juliet from her husband’s arms. “Inside my tummy is your baby brother. Daddy and I wanted to have another baby and now were going to have another one. Isn’t this exciting?”

“Yeah,” Juliet said resting her head on her mother’s shoulder.

Taylor looks at Tom who just smiles looking at his daughter with his wife. They were a little nervous about telling Juliet that there was a new baby coming. It had just been the three of them for so long and well he had heard the stories from his mother that when he and Sarah were younger they tried to trade Emma for a dog and he totally forgot that happened. He hoped that his daughter wouldn’t do the same to her little brother.

“How does the baby come out?” Juliet asks.

“Let’s have daddy explain that to you.” Taylor said looking at Tom with a smirk.

Tom has to think of something to say to his three year old. He playfully glares at his wife which made Taylor giggle.

“Well Jules when it’s time for your brother to be born, mommy and I will go to the hospital and then in a couple hours the baby is born.”

“A couple?” Taylor asks her husband.

She had been in labor with Juliet for fourteen hours and she thankfully had gotten an epidural after ten of those hours. She also knew that they didn’t make small babies. Juliet had been 7 pounds when she was born and she had a feeling that their son would be the same way.

“So after the baby is born I will pick you up and then you’ll get to meet your brother.”

“When will he be born?”

“Hopefully in three and a half more months.” Taylor told their daughter.

“That’s a long time.”

“Yes it is.” Tom said and took Juliet back and she cuddled into his arms. “You turn four in three weeks. So the rest of those three months will be spent getting the home in London ready. Are you going to help us with the baby, ladybug?”


He kissed his daughter’s cheek and looked at Taylor with a happy smile.

That night they sat in bed, both wearing their reading glasses as he read a new book that Emma had recommended to him. Taylor was looking at her planner which had everything organized. She had to start organizing Juliet’s fourth birthday party, the menu and decorations.

“So what should we do for Jules’s party?” she asks her husband.

“Well how about you let me handle everything except for the food. I want you to let me and your family be the lead organizers while you sit and look adorably pregnant.”

“Ok but I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. You know how crazy it can get when we have a group of kids in the house. Last years was a beautifully chaotic circus with a bouncy castle how are we going to top that?” she asks putting her hand on her stomach.

“That my dear is going to be a surprise.”

“Just don’t spoil her too much. We’ve been lucky to have a daughter who isn’t a spoiled brat I don’t want that to happen especially with the new baby coming.”

“We’ll be fine. Juliet is a pretty normal three year old. She isn’t a full tilt diva.”

“So not like Loki in the Avengers?” she asks him playfully.

They had let Juliet watch the Avengers when she turned three and well she was a little scared of Loki but Tom reassured her that he wasn’t going to be mean to the superheroes anymore.

“No,” he told her with a chuckle before kissing her lips.

We’re Having Another Baby

Taylor looked at Tom as he slept in their bed with Juliet sleeping at his side. Juliet had an ear infection and Taylor didn’t feel well either and she now knew why. She was pregnant but this time around they were planning on having another baby. She didn’t know how she would tell him? When she found out that she was pregnant with Juliet she just put the test in a bag along with an outfit for their daughter.

She gets on the bed and rests her head on her arm and looks at her husband and daughter. She could tell that he was about to wake up and when he opened his eyes she smiled at him.

“Hey when did you get home?” he asks her, his voice still heavy from sleep.

“Ten minutes ago. So how is daddy’s little girl?”

He smiles and looks at Juliet who was still sleeping.

“Well I gave her some Motrin and then made her some soup.”

She smiles at him. “We’re having another baby.”

He smiles and laughs happily. “Another baby? Wow,” he said looking into her eyes.

She just lays her head on his chest and he kisses her lips and then her forehead.

“Mommy,” they heard the soft voice say.

“Yes baby, what’s the matter?”

Juliet just crawls over her father’s body and cuddles into her mother’s arms. Taylor kisses her daughter’s forehead and notices that she still had a slight fever. The three year old starts to cry as her ear infection was starting to hurt again. Tom takes Juliet back in his arms and hugs her.

“I know you don’t feel well Jules but mommy and I could put on Doctor Who or Sophia the First how does that sound?” he asks rubbing her back.

“Phia please,” she told him, mumbling in her slight British accent.

Taylor smiles as she turns on the tv and puts on Sophia the First that was on their DVR. Tom sits up and Juliet cuddles at his side. Taylor leans her head on his shoulder and Tom looked at his wife, and they both knew that they could handle having another baby in their family.

Misquoting Shakespeare

“Romeo! Romeo, where are you?” Your grip tightened on the leash in your hand as you jogged down the sidewalk.  “Romeo?!”  

A soft British accent interrupted your shouts. “Actually, the line is “Wherefore art thou Romeo?””

You turned around to face the man.  “Excuse me?” you said, staring up at him.  He was lean and wearing sweats and a hoodie; you absently guessed he was on a morning run. 

“‘O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father-‘“

“‘And refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love.’” You cut him off. “Yes, I know, but quoting Shakespeare won’t help me find my dog.”

In other circumstances you would have enjoyed his expression of surprise and sheepish embarrassment. As it was, though he was very handsome, you were annoyed by the interruption and worried sick about your dog. Turning, you called over your shoulder, “Thanks anyway,” and continue down the block.  You’d only gone a block and a half around when you heard someone shouting.

“Miss? Sorry, miss!” You realize it’s the British runner again. 

“Look mister, I don’t have- ,” you started to snap as you swung around to chew him out.  Your words died in a choked gasp.  In the man’s arms was a wriggling, dark brown dog. Your dog. 

“Romeo, you mutt!” You rushed forward, liberating your best friend on four paws from the runner’s arms.  You immediately snapped the leash onto Romeo’s collar.  Kneeling in front of your wholly unrepentant dog, you smother his furry face with kisses, threatening no treats for a week.  You had almost forgotten the man standing a couple feet away, when he chuckled at Romeo’s sloppy swipe at you chin. 

Standing and wiping off dog slobber, you said, “Um, I’m sorry for earlier.  Romeo is very important to me. Obviously,” you laughed nervously. “Anyway, thank you so much.” You smiled hesitantly. 

“It’s no problem, darling.” He replied.  Your brow quirked at the endearment.  “I’m glad I was able to help.”

He continued, “Ah, My name is Tom, by the way.”  He smiled and you felt a small fluttering in your stomach. You smiled back more confidently, and extended your hand.