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TRC Editing Challenge >> Favorite Character >> Adam Parrish

Rags to riches isn’t a story anyone wants to hear until after it’s done.

Much harder to choose only one favorite than to edit tbh. Also, maybe Adam is my fave because i relate the most to/see myself reflected most in Gansey and Gansey is Adam Parrish Trash #1.


“Gansey had pivoted, and in his slow, lovely accent, said, ‘Adam Parrish, right?’

'Yeah. Di – Richard Gansey?’

'Just Gansey.’

Already Adam had spotted what had stopped the Camaro in its tracks. With  daring, he’d asked, 'Do you want me to fix it? I know a little about cars.’

'No,’ Gansey had replied curtly. ” - Maggie Stiefvater, The Dream Thieves

TRC Fancast

Ronan Lynch- Dudley O’Shaughnessy


Ronan Lynch- Reece King

Adam Parrish- Tom Webb

Blue Sargent- Kiko Mizuhara

Richard Campbell Gansey III- Francisco Lachowski

Noah Czerny- Paul Craddock

Henry Cheng- Ki Hong Lee

I hope they do this adaptation justice!!