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The Only Exception [pt. 9]

Warnings: Drinking

A/N: This is about to change this story forever. Read with caution my lovelies! :D GO TAKE THE SURVEY FOR THIS FIC HERE .

Word Count: 3,353

AU: Dad!Tom + Nany-For-Hire


Wait he what?

You spit out your toothpaste and rinse out your mouth and tooth brush, “what?”

From the other line you can hear your mother roll her eyes, “you’re telling me Tom let his son stay with his parents, so he could take you out to celebrate your birthday? Is there something you’re not telling me?

“Oh my god no! Mom, Jesus Christ, nothing is going on. He felt bad that I couldn’t get a flight in time to celebrate with you guys, so him and a few of his friends and my friends are headed out for a couple of birthday drinks,” you explain while haphazardly coating your eyelashes with a thin layer of mascara.

Y/N…he’s your boss and I don’t want to see you—

“Mom,” you snap, capping your mascara, trying to be as quiet as possible, “nothing is going on. He is my boss. He is also my friend. He is a friend who is helping me have a good twenty first birthday.”

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roommates - t.h.

summary: roommate!tom au

word count: 1.3k

a/n: requested by anonymous a while ago, i’m sorry i’ve only just got round to it! ‘roommate!tom going out on a date on valentine’s day thinking you’re going out with your s/o too but y’all haven’t actually been together for a while so you break into the alcohol and get a little tipsy and call him crying and he drops his date to come to your side because he’s grown to care about you so much.’

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you watched him flitter past the television set, your gaze, though you weren’t really focused on it, temporarily interrupted. he was nervous, you could sense it in the way his fingers shook as he finished doing up his buttons and clasped his watch around his wrist.

“tom, will you calm down? she’s going to love you, she was the one who practically begged you for a date!” you berated your roommate.

he spritzed his aftershave on his wrists and rolled his eyes, “shouldn’t you be getting ready for your big valentines date?” he asked, ignoring your previous comments.

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The Hollands (Violet part 3)
  • Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
  • Requested: Yes/No
  • Word Count: 5k
  • Warnings: none. bad writing, shitty plot. 
  • A/N: Here we have it, the last part of Violet Holland. It’s a bit rushed and unedited, but i just really wanted to finish this, hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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PART 1 ///////// PART 2

The next morning Violet woke up by the loud barks of her Blue Staffy, Tessa. The sun peeked through the curtains, hurting her eyes. She pulled the covers above her head and closed her eyes hoping to fall asleep again, she was having a great dream before waking up and she wanted to finish it.

The door to her room opened, Tom walked in slowly, holding a tray with a glass of milk, freshly cut fruit and a cake in the middle. Seven small pink candles were lit, ready for Violet to make her birthday wish.

“Happy birthday to you…” Tom sang, Tessa following him inside the room. Violet moved her sheets down so she could take a quick glance of his father. Tom gave her a toothy grin and continued to sing. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Violet. Happy birthday to you.” He finished and the child threw her covers to the end of the bed.

Thank you, daddy” Violet murmured. Her voice raspy and hoarse, still sleepy.

Tom placed the tray on her drawing table. Violet stood up from her bed and put on her fluffy orange slippers. Violet sat on one of the small plastic chairs and Tom leaned down to hug her.

“I can’t believe you’re already seven, monkey. Seems like just yesterday you were starting to walk” he murmured. A sudden wave of nostalgia hitting him. The sleepless nights when Violet couldn’t sleep, the times she got sick and he had to leave set earlier, everything was worth it now.

Violet smiled and nodded, Tom kissed her cheek and sat on the other plastic chair.

“Go on, make a wish, darling.” He encouraged her, she bit her lip, thinking. She closed her eyes and made her wish, she let out all the air she could gather on her tiny lungs as she blew the candles off. Tom clapped and cheered, making loud giggles to escape her lips.

“What did you wish for, baby?” He asked and handed her the plate of fruit and a small piece of cake so she could eat something before the party.

I can’t tell you, daddy! Otherwise it will not come true!” Violet scolded Tom and he laughed

“Hey! I had to try” he joked and ran his hair through Violet’s curly hair. He sighed, Violet was so smart, so charming and everything he had hoped she would be.

“C'mon, baby, let’s go downstairs, uncle Haz is waiting for you with your present".


A few hours later Violet was showered and dressed. She wore a pink dress with a fluffy skirt, a pair of pink Converse and a small tiara on her head. Her own fashion choices.

The backyard of Tom’s house was full of his family, as well as some family members of Violet’s biological mother, some close friends and, all of the stars must have aligned, because all of the Avengers cast managed to squeeze some time in their itineraries and were able to make it to the party, kids and partners included.

The party was going great. The decorations were perfect, the weather was nice and Violet’s dress was sparkly and glittery and pink. Very, very pink.

Violet was so happy, playing with her friends and cousins. Throughout the day a giant smile was plastered on her face, when you arrived the party was starting to die down a little, but once Violet saw you walk in, wearing a white dress and holding a large yellow bag with her gift she went completely nuts.

She introduced you to all of her family, although you already knew them, but they all played along. Violet left to play with one of her friends and you were left with the Hollands.

“Tom’s inside, he went to get a sweater for Violet, in case you want to go see him” Harrison said as he smirked and leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms behind his head. You huffed and stood up, you walked to the already familiar house, Tessa was sleeping on her corner, but woke up with the sound of the sliding door, she saw you and ran to you, you leaned down to pet her and made your way to Violet’s room.

Tom was rummaging through Violet’s drawers, trying to find a sweater that was warm enough for the day. You knocked on the door and he turned, a smile appearing on his face, he jogged towards you and pulled you in for a kiss.

“Hi, babe” he breathed and you grinned

“Hey, what are you doing?” you said looking at the mess he made, he huffed.

“Trying to find the perfect sweater for Vi. It can’t be too warm but it can’t be too light, the only one I found was this green one, it doesn’t go well with her dress.” he pointed to the one that was lying on her bed.  You walked next to him and saw all the options you had.

“May I?” you said and he nodded

“Go ahead, darling. I’ve been here for fifteen minutes, can’t seem to find the right one” he said and plopped down on Violet’s bed, making it squeak. You scanned all of the sweaters, feeling the fabric and finally settled for a white one.

“This one will do, now let’s go, Violet was asking for you when I arrived” you held the sweater in one hand and grabbed one of Tom’s hands to get him to stand up. But he didn’t move, and instead pulled you down with him. You shrieked and Tom laughed, you were now on top of him, you put your hand on his chest and tried to get up, but Tom wrapped his arms around your back and held you tight in his chest, kissing you quickly.

“I’m going to tell Violet. Tomorrow” you snuggled in his chest, your breathing stopped for a second

“You sure?” you asked and placed your chin on his chest, your eyes locking with his, he nodded

“She deserves to know, I couldn’t sleep last night after what you told me, made me feel guilty”

“It wasn’t my intention, I just thought you should know” you bit your lip

“ ‘ts fine, love, don’t worry” he pressed a kiss to  your temple, you hummed, leaning in to his touch even more. “we should probably go, don’t want to get caught”

You descended the stairs holding hands, Violet’s sweater hanging from Tom’s shoulder. You walked back outside, the sound of children laughing and adults talking filled the backyard. As soon as Violet saw you she approached you two. Tom kneeled down to put the sweater on.

“Don’t take it off, got it? I don’t want you getting sick” Tom instructed, Violet nodded and grabbed your hand dragging you to the playground.

Miss (Y/N)! See this!” She said as she climbed up the steps and then slid down the slide.

“Wow! Good job, Vi!” You cheered and high fived her. You heard two voices behind you, and saw Zoe Saldana and her son, Cy.

“Hi, Vi!” Cy walked to Violet giving her a hug. The small boy reached Violet’s shoulder

“Hi! Do you want to play? We can go to the little kids’ section!” Cy nodded as Violet took his hand and together they ran to the smaller playground.

You smiled at the interaction, Violet was very sweet and careful as she played with Cy. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Zoe walking up to you, you turned to her and smiled

“I don’t think we’ve been introduced yet, I’m (Y/N)” you said and held your hand out for her, she shook it and grinned

“Zoe. That little peanut there is my boy Cy. He’s obsessed with Violet” she laughed and you chuckled and nodded.

“I am, too. She’s a wonderful kid” you stared at Violet longingly, a sad smile forming on your face. You saw Jack, Chris Pratt’s son join them.

“You’re Tom’s girl right?” She asked breaking your trance, you nodded “Does she know?” You shook your head.

“Tom said he wants to tell her tomorrow, I’m nervous for how she’s going to react”

“Don’t be. For what Tom has said I’m sure she’s going to be ecstatic. Can I tell you something?” She asked

“Yes, of course” you said a bit confused, she walked you to one side of the playground, where you could still see the kids but they couldn’t hear you.

“Tom once told me that he was scared of moving on from Violet’s mom because he felt like he was replacing her. He knows that Violet deserves a mother, and he speaks wonders about you. So if only half of what he’s told me about you it’s true, there is no doubt you’re the perfect mom for her. But I know that, if something were to happen to me, I would want my children to remember me, no matter if they have a new mom. I don’t want to be intrusive or anything, but I just thought you should know how Tom feels”

You didn’t know how to feel about Zoe’s words, it hadn’t crossed your mind that Tom could still be afraid of moving on, you felt your heart hurt. Throughout the day you jumped from person to person, creating small talk and sharing stories about Violet and the other celebrity kids.

After the party was over and all the guests were gone, Violet went upstairs to her room and changed from her pink dress to her pyjamas, Harrison had already fallen asleep on one of the guest rooms, the jet lag catching up to him.

Tom’s mom and his brothers helped him clean the backyard and you took all the presents inside the house so Violet could open them.

Everyone gathered in the living room, you decided to sit next to Sam and Elysia, much to Tom’s dismay. Violet jumped down the stairs, one by one. Once she jumped the last step, she ran to the living room, all her gifts were ordered by size, starting with the smaller ones. A chair was placed next to all of them

“Hi, baby, you ready to open your gifts?” Tom asked her, dragging his chair next to hers to help her with the wrapping paper and boxes.

Yeah, let’s do this!” She said making a little dance moving her hips from one side to the other. Everyone laughed and some even cheered her on. She grinned and laughed “wait! I want Miss (Y/N) to sit with me and my daddy!” she demanded and all eyes traveled to you, you gulped and looked at Tom hesitantly. He nodded and pulled another chair so you could sit. You walked next to him, he gave your leg a light squeeze to help you ease your anxiety, Violet turned to pick up the first gift. It was a yellow bag, the one you gave her.

“I want to open Miss (Y/N)’s first” she said and pulled out a rectangular plastic box with wrapping paper around it. Tom helped her removing the small tape stripes and she peeled off the paper. Her eyes widening at the sight of her doll. She ran to you, her arms around your neck and legs around your waist, her cold feet pressing on your legs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” She repeated over and over again, kissing your cheek. You could have sworn your heart was exploding.

“You’re welcome, Violet. Why don’t you show the doll to your daddy?”


One hour later all the gifts were opened and stored in Violet’s playroom. You said your goodbyes, still nervous about Violet discovering your secret, but Tom brushed it off, saying he’d talk to her. You just nodded and gave him a tight smile, you exited the house and now it was just Tom and Violet. She was in the bathroom as Tom finished cleaning the dishes.

A few seconds later Tom heard the sound of her feet dragging on the floor, she entered the kitchen, and sat on one of the stools, Tom finished cleaning the last wine glass and dried his hands with a towel. He leaned his arms against the kitchen island, standing in front of Violet.

He had a serious expression on his face, Violet furrowed her eyebrows, afraid that she had done something bad.

What’s wrong, daddy? Did something happen?” She murmured, her voice soft and wary

“No, no, baby. It’s all good, I just have something really important to tell you.” He said, Tom took a few deep breaths, trying to get himself together, he never been so nervous before.

Okay. What is it?” Violet asked, she could tell something was off.

“Well… You know how in movies there is always a prince and a princess?” He began, and he hoped and prayed his analogy worked.

Yeah and they are together and get married and they live together in a beautiful palace! Like Cinderella!” Violet gushed and smiled, Tom gave her a small smile and nodded.

“Exactly like Cinderella. But before they get married, they are boyfriend and girlfriend.” He tried to explain it as simple as he could, but his brain was not cooperating. Violet remained silent, tilting her head to one side slightly, analyzing the situation. She furrowed her eyebrows, not fully understanding what Tom was trying to say.

So… All the boys at school are my boyfriends?” She asked confused, Tom sighed and shook his head

“No baby, that’s different. They’re just your friends. Boyfriends and girlfriends are special because they spend more time together, and they can kiss each other and do other adult stuff. That’s called a relationship.”

Oh! I get it, it’s like Uncle Sam and Ely! They’re not married but they’re together!” Tom could have sworn his brain was going to explode. That was such an easy example! How could he not think of that?

“Yes, exactly! That’s it!” He sighed and ran his hand through his curls.

Ooh! I know! Miss (Y/N) once said that she has a boyfriend and that he makes her very happy! She once told me that he took her to a concert” Violet remembered the time where you were trying to explain relationships to her. Tom stood there shocked, he didn’t know you talked to Violet about him, even if she didn’t know it was him

“Really? That’s great!” He said nervously, Violet thought for a second

Daddy, why are you telling me this?” She asked shifting on her seat.

“Well… you see…”

What?” She pressured

“I… have been…. I’ve been seeing… someone.” He said slowly, the child had confusion written all over her face

Like a girlfriend?” She asked

“Well… Yeah, I guess”

Okay. Are you happy? Like Miss (Y/N) with her boyfriend?” Tom’s eyes started to water, but he blinked a few times making them go away

“Yeah, I’m happy. She makes me very happy” he smiled and Violet nodded “and I was wondering if maybe you’d like to meet her?” He asked, lifting his eyebrows and giving her a small smile.

If she is with you, does that mean she’s gonna be my new mummy?

The girl sat, her face showed no emotion, neither excitement or confusion or anger.

“Well… It’s too soon to think about that, darling. We have to go step by step, okay? What if we go out tomorrow, go to the park or somewhere you like, and we call her and she can meet us there? What do you say?”

Do you think she’s going to like me?” Tom backed up a little, she’d asked the question too abruptly. She crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“I… Yes, baby, she’s going to love you. I can promise you that” he said walking towards her and wrapping his arms around her frame.

I’m scared. What if she doesn’t like me?” He kissed the top of her head and she lifted her head.

“Don’t worry about it, Violet. I promise you on my life that she is going to absolutely love you just the way I do. But if you’re so nervous about meeting her, we can do it another day if you want to.” He suggested, Violet had a million thoughts running through her brain, she was so nervous, her daddy was happy with this person and she wanted her daddy to be happy more than anything in the world. But at the same time she was scared that the girl he was with didn’t like her.

“Violet?” He asked, moving a strand of her hair away from her face.

“Let’s go tomorrow. We can go to eat and then to the park” she suggested. Tom smiled widely, he picked Violet up from the stool and started spinning around.

“You’re gonna love her, I swear. And she’s gonna love you too. You don’t worry, okay?”

Okay, daddy” she nodded.

"Now, it’s getting late, and you, missy…” He said setting her on top of the counter, she stood on her tippy toes so she could be ar the same level as Tom, who started tickling her sides. “need to go to bed. Now, what do you say, want to sleep on my bed tonight?” He asked and she nodded, he placed his hands on her waist and picked her up again, she wrapped her short legs around his waist and nodded

Your bed is very big and comfy. Can Tessa sleep with us?” She asked and rested her head against his shoulder.

“Sorry, Vi. Tessa’s already sleeping, maybe tomorrow, okay?” The girl only hummed in response, her eyes getting heavier with each step her father took. The movement calmed her and she slowly drifted off to sleep.


Tom felt something poking his cheek, he furrowed his eyebrows and he heard a small giggle, followed by a loud bark.

Shhhhh, Tessa! You’re going to wake up daddy!” Violet scolded the dog.

She remained quiet and a second later he felt the same poking on his cheek. He tried to stay as still as possible, but he could feel each breath his daughter took and let out hitting his face. He couldn’t hold it in for that long, he started laughing when Violet poked him in the eye.

Daddy,  you’re awake!” she squealed when Tom opened his eyes, he moved so his back was resting against the headboard and let his daughter snuggle in his chest.

“You woke me, darling. I see you’re teaching Tessa how to behave”

Sorry, daddy, I was bored and hungry”. She muttered, burying her head in his chest.

“Well then let’s go eat, what do want? Pancakes?”

Yeah, with stuffbwewies!” She mumbled, Tom chuckled and corrected her.

“Strawberries" he said slowly and Violet repeated


“There you go. Baby, why don’t you go wake up uncle Haz and ask him to make you pancakes? I heard he’s been practicing” Tom asked and Violet nodded, she slid down the bed and ran to the room where Harrison was sleeping, yelling his name to wake him up, she was followed by Tessa who ran behind her. Tom stood up from bed and walked to his bathroom. He finished his business and washed his hands and teeth, he walked back to his room and threw on a pair of old jeans and a baggy shirt.

He picked up his phone from the nightstand and checked a few emails, after replying to the important ones he called you.

“Yes?” You answered, your voice still groggy from just waking up.

“Hey, love it’s me. Sorry did I wake you?” Tom whispered

“No, it’s fine I was just laying in bed.” You muttered and heard his breath through the phone. “Is everything alright?” You asked sitting up straight.

“Yeah, everything’s okay. I told Violet about us, last night.” He said and closed the door to his bedroom. He sat on his bed with one bended leg underneath him.

“Oh, did you tell her it was me? How did she react?” Your voice sounded more awake now, clearly excited about Violet knowing.

“No, love, I just told her I was seeing someone. She wants to meet you, go eat something and then to the park. Are you free today?”


Violet held her father’s hand tightly, her tiny right hand gripped Tom’s much bigger one, while her left hand held the new doll you got for her birthday yesterday. He opened the restaurant door for her. You and Tom decided to meet somewhere where Violet was comfortable, settling in her favorite fast food restaurant.

She walked in and immediately wanted to go to the giant playground in the back. They walked to a table and sat in front of each other. The waiter placed the menus in front of them, and left to get their drinks.

“What do you want to order, baby?” Violet’s eyes quickly scanned over the pages, a few words were too complicated for her now seven-year old brain to understand. She skipped a few pages and went straight to the kids’ menu. Colorful words and pictures filled the pages.

After ordering Tom received a text from you stating you were going to be a bit late.

Daddy?” Tom placed his attention on his daughter. She sat on her knees and placed her elbows on the table.

“Yes, darling?” He locked his phone and placed it on the table.

Can I go play?” She asked moving her head to the left and giving Tom the best puppy eyes she could master. Tom chuckled and nodded.

“Yes, Violet you can go play. But, I’ll call you when the food gets here, okay?” He explained, Violet nodded happily and jumped down from her seat and walked the few steps that separated them.

Thank you daddy!” She said happily giving him a quick hug before running to the playground.

A few minutes later Violet was devouring a burger with fries. She drank from her cup and lifted her eyes, scanning around the room. She swallowed and put her cup down.

Daddy, is she going to come?” She asked. Tom was looking at his phone, he’d just received a text from you saying you had just arrived. He looked at his daughter, who had ketchup on the corner of her mouth as she was eating a fry.

“Yeah, she is. She was running a bit late, but I think she should be arriving any moment now” he explained and smiled, Violet nodded and went back to sipping on her soda.

Just then you opened the door to the restaurant and walked in, the smell of greasy food invaded your nose. You spotted the back of Tom’s head and saw Violet eating her burger. You smiled and walked towards them, your eyes not leaving them. You saw Violet’s eyes travel to yours and her eyes widened, she almost choked on her drink because she wanted to speak.

Daddy! Look! It’s Miss (Y/N)!” She said and pointed at you with her index finger. Tom’s eyes widened and he turned to look at you. “Can I go say hi?” She asked and grabbed a napkin to clean her face and hands.

“Uhh, sure.” He stuttered, the moment he saw you he panicked completely. Violet smiled and ran to you.

Hi, Miss (Y/N)!” She grinned, you smiled back at her and crouched.

“Hi, Violet! It’s good to see you, did you like your doll?” You asked and she smiled

Yes! I loved it. I brought her with me! Do you want to come sit with my daddy and me?” She said already walking to their table. Tom was looking at you two since Violet had left the table, he smiled shyly

“Do you think your daddy will be okay with that?” You asked her, you stood taking her hand and walking to Tom

Yes, it’s fine we’re just waiting for… oh, wait” realization hit her the moment you were standing in front of the table, she sat in her previous seat and you stood next to Tom.

“Miss (Y/N)” Tom said giving you a small nod, you chuckled.

“Mr. Holland” you replied, doing the same thing.

“We’ve been expecting you,” he whispered, a cheeky grin adorning his face as he moved to one side so you could sit next to him, you just smiled and shook your head, turning to see Violet who was oblivious to your interaction.

“So, what brings you two here?” you asked giving your bag to Tom so he could put it next to him. Violet looked up from her food

We were waiting for my dad’s girlfriend” she replied, her face falling a little as she remembered why they were there.

“Oh, really?”

Yeah, dad said she should be here any minute” she said and grabbed the small toy that was included in her food, she tried to open it but the plastic was too hard for her. “daddy, can you help me?” she passed the toy to Tom, who easily opened it and handed it back to her. “thanks

“Well,  I think your waiting is over now” you said and leaned back against the booth, smiling.

Violet furrowed her brows in confusion, her eyes moving to the entrance but not seeing anyone walking in. She turned to look at you two, seeing the smiles on your faces, but she didn’t understand what was happening.

What do you mean, Miss (Y/N)?” she asked, “do you know who she is? is she here?” she was about to turn around but you stood up and sat next to her.

“I do know who she is, and she’s already right here” you said tapping the table, Violet chuckled

Don’t be silly, Miss (Y/N), you’re the only one here!” She said as she finished her fries.

“Exactly!” You cheered, and Violet remained quiet.

“Violet, (Y/N) is my girlfriend, she’s the one we’ve been waiting for.” Tom explained, you saw him fidgeting with his hands, you moved yours across the table and held them between your own.

Violet looked at you, then to her dad, then to your hands, then back at you.

You just sat there, waiting for her reaction, you saw her getting up and standing on the booth.

So you are my daddy’s princess?” She said, her hands on her waist, you looked at Tom and saw him smiling

“Yes, baby, she is my princess”

And are you happy with my daddy? He’s the one that took you to that concert, right?” You nodded

“Your daddy makes me very happy, Violet. But what your daddy and I want to know is if you are okay with this, with us being together" Violet tapped her lips with her finger, thinking.

I have a few questions” she said before sitting again and sipping her drink.

“Go ahead, Vi” Tom said and leaned towards you two

Can we still eat together and read books during lunch time?” You smiled

“Of course, me being with your dad doesn’t change the fact that I’m your teacher and that I’m treating you the same as the other kids. If anything, it brings us closer together.”

Okay. That’s it, can we go to the park now?” She said finishing her cup and wiped her face with a napkin. You laughed and got up, Tom handed you your bag and you started to walk to the exit. You opened the door so Tom and Violet could walk out, Tom headed to his car but Violet stayed behind to wait for you. You smiled and she took your hand.

I have another question” she said and stopped walking. You crouched in front of her, moving a strand of hair away from her face. You cupped her cheek with your hand.

“What is it, Vi?” she moved her head to one side, leaning into your touch

Can I call you mum?” You gasped

“Well…” you hesitated for a moment. “You can call me whatever you want, darling. If you don’t feel comfortable now it can be later, cause I don’t have any plans of leaving anytime soon, okay?”

She gave you the biggest and purest smile you’ve ever seen. Violet nodded and hugged you. You closed your eyes as you felt them starting to water. You held her close to you, it was going to take time but you were going to be a family.

“What’s taking you so long?” Tom asked, you broke apart and saw him walking back towards you.

“Nothing, just some girl talk, right Vi?” You said standing up and grabbing her hand.

Right” she answered.

“Well, Vi why don’t you hop in the car and we’ll be there in a sec?” He unlocked the car and she got in and buckled on her chair, Tom closed the door for her and turned on the A/C.

You walked a few steps away from the car, Tom took your hand and leaned in to touch your cheek with his nose.

“I love you” he breathed, you moved your free hand up around his shoulders, pulling him towards you.

“I love you more. And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.” you lifted your head, he had a smile on his face

“The future is too long from now, I for one, am looking forward to spending the night with you. I want to push you down against and mattress as I–”

“Thomas!” You scolded him hitting his chest playfully. “May I remind you that your child is still in the car next to us?”

“She can’t hear us, babe. But you’re right, we should probably get to her, I’m sure she wants to spend as much time with you as she can.” He walked to his car, dragging you by your joined hands, you pulled him towards you, making him turn around to you.

You grabbed his cheeks and pulled him down, your lips met his in a slow kiss. He smiled and wrapped his arms around your back, and he pushed you to his car, Tom leaning on top of you. You moved your hips against his, he moaned and pulled away

“That’s just a little taste of what you’ll have tonight” you said biting your lips, he looked at you dumbfounded and you smirked. “Now come on, Violet and I want to go to the park” you walked to the other side of the car and got in to the passenger seat. You heard Tom whining like a little kid and soon he got in as well.

He grabbed your hand before starting the car, you turned to see Violet playing with her dolls and smiled.

“Ready for the park, Vi?” You asked her and she moved her eyes to you. She nodded and grinned.

Ready, mummy


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Affliction - T.H

affliction 1. a cause of pain or harm.

For @upsidedownparker ‘s 5k writing challenge. I’ve been working on this for ages so it feels soo good to finally get it up. 

  • “For once in your life just stop thinking about yourself!””

Summary: Everyone has insecurities but some are worse then others- some are enough to ruin relationships.

Words: 2.8k

Warnings: Angst and possible toxic relationship.

Things were sick and they were twisted and they were more screwed up than you ever thought you’d be able to imagine.  Maybe there was more to blame than yourself and your stupid insecurities, maybe the universe had something against you and wanted you to feel pain for something you’d done in the past, like tripping that boy in third grade or stealing your younger siblings Halloween candy in the eighth.

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request: Hi there could you make Tom post a nice photo of him and his gf (whose zodiac sign is Cancer; therefore she loves the moon) kissing under the moonlight? Harrison probably asking for picture credit in the comments haha, thank you! As for looks, just long hair is fine. :)

i hope you like it 💗

You’re my girl

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Universe: MCU; Spider-Man

Type: Fluff

Prompt: Liking each other for a few years and flirting around, Peter and the reader finally go on a date that determines their future as an item- excluding some awkward happenings after their date.

Request: No

Warning: Curse words, ugly ass description, and probs grammatical errors.

Song: Awkward- Tyler the Creator

A/N: Yes I did write this a long time ago aka like months ago, and I do hope you guys love it- so please give it some love, my dudes!


I’m not feeling good at all please don’t let this flop, I’m begging y'all.

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I was sixteen when we first laid eyes. Scrawny little fucker, yeah, I was that guy. 

It had been going on for months. In the cafeteria the two would glance at each other. In their classes, they would ‘unconsciously’ sit beside one another- from time to time brushing their fingers against each other. 

Whenever the two were caught talking by either Flash or her ‘friends’, she was pulled away as if he was a pest. Of course it made him feel shitty. Why wouldn’t he? He was laughed at for no reason at all. 

But she was never one to let them tease him if she was around. 

“Cut it out, I talked to him first.” Brushing their hands away, [y/n] continued to take Peter far away from them. 

“Thanks… would you possibly want to- go out… this weekend?” Peter’s face was red with nerves. He felt that if he opened his mouth again, vomit would spew out. 

[y/n] giggled brushing a strand of her [y/h/c] hair behind her ear. To Peter her laugh was enough to cause major joy in his heart. 


And you was down for the weekend. I was down for the greeting and your eyes the same color shit Jasper be chiefing. 

Peter rung the doorbell to her house, waiting patiently for the door to open. Once it did, he was greeted with her father’s stern face. 

He was intimidated, he wouldn’t lie. It wasn’t often that he asked girls out and they would agree, so he wasn’t experienced with parents. 

“Hello… you must be Mr. [y/l/n]. I’m Peter Parker, I’m here to p-pick up, um, [y/n]…” swallowing the lump in his throat, Peter hoped she saved his ass like she usually did at school. 

And she did. Peaking through the spaces her father didn’t fill, [y/n] softly pushed him aside. Purse and sweater in hand as she smiled towards Peter. 

“Hey, Peter! Ready to go?” She asked ignoring her parents presence. Her mother had joined the picture once she heard the boy’s shaky voice. 

Peter nodded ferociously, scared to not say something stupid. “Yes. Of course, you?” He asked to which she hummed in agreement. “Let’s go — bye.” She told her parents knowing they’ll watch her until they leave. 

Thing is Peter didn’t have a car and the two were walking around the street now, but like a gentleman- he held his arm out for her to loop her arm with his. 

“You look beautiful as always.” A smile shining on his face making her blush. 

“Thank you, you look splendid as well.”

Gentleman, I was like I wasn’t trying to fuck. But it was my first official date so  I was stuck like. 

The two had walked all the way to a pizza joint. They wouldn’t say it was extremely busy, but it was filled with teenagers he himself identified with and tourist who didn’t know where else to go. 

“Is pepperoni pizza fine?” Peter asked making sure she would enjoy and have a say in their date. “Yeah.” She smiled kindly at him, taking a seat in the table Peter had guided her to. 

Once again her smile was enough to make him putty. An awkward and delighted moan escaped his lips to which she giggled. “Alright.” 

He wasn’t the only one to feel great. Peter made her heart beat like it wanted to leave her body and plant itself into his hand. He could do anything he wanted with it. 

His smile caused joy in her. The way he would soften when she looked at him, or how his hair was perfectly done. His caring manner made her feel like crying just because he was too cute that it overwhelmed her. Adding the fact that he became so passionate when he adored something or his childish ways that when together would rub off on her. 

She had been looking around with a smile on her face as she thought about him. She adored the maroon walls decorated with images from the 1950s. [y/n] wasn’t fond of the era, but she fancied the vintage aesthetic. The tables on their own were black, small vases with a red and white carnation. The floors were checkered in black and white. 

“What do you want to drink?” Peter asked shyly, his smile wide looking at her. “Vodka is fine.” She joked making him look confused as how he would get it, but her laugh made him smile at her. “I was joking, coke will suffice.”

Peter smiled nodding. “The drink right?” He joked himself making her laugh. “Yeah, Peter. The drink.” 

“Just checking.” He laughed turning around to go towards the soda fountain. Their jokes were horrible and both of them knew so but they were so nervous that their unconscious flirting wasn’t coming to mind at the moment. 

Once he was back with their drinks, the pizza was delivered. Looking at it she smiled, it was freshly made and the cheese was still stringy when the slice was taken. “Do you come here often, Peter?” She asked softly taking a bite of her pizza after adding crushed pepper and Parmesan cheese. 

Peter already had taken a bite. He hadn’t eaten the whole afternoon awaiting for these hours to come, so it was understandable that he was hungry. 

He tried to laugh it off once he nodded. Embarrassed that she found him devouring the slice of still hot pizza. If he was to get sick it was worth it. 

[y/n] laughed looking at him. Reaching out, she wiped off the tomato sauce that had spilled on his chin. “Sorry.” He said swallowing his food, giving himself time to wipe whatever was still on his face. 

“It’s cute, don’t worry.” She spoke bitting into her slice that had cooled down now. With almost every bite the two talked. 

Peter told her about his aunt and his friends. He told anecdotes of him and Ned. Peter told her many corny jokes, but to her they were too funny that she couldn’t help but laugh at them. 

She also talked about her family. Her father’s business and her mother’s job. [y/n] told him about her close friends from school, only to have him surprised that she talked to them. 

“Really? I never see you with them.” He spoke taking a sip from his Dr. Pepper through the thin straw he had chewed out of habit. 

“Yeah! I’ve known them since middle school, but I only have two classes with each, you’re not in them and they don’t really stay in the building for lunch. I would go out with them during that time, but my parents would murder me if I leave… so that’s why you see me with the jackasses. I mean they’re not that bad, just try hards.” Peter smiled taking her hand into his. 

Her hand was cold, but he didn’t mind as long as she intertwined their fingers together. She did and so once he left the tip, the two made their way out to get some dessert. 

Walking hand in hand, they continued their talk and small flirting like they did in school. Glances from once in a while and blush creeping upon their cheeks anytime one would complement the other. 

“Wow, I haven’t had flan in a long time.” [y/n] said taking in a spoonful of the gelatin like dessert. Peter chuckled licking the caramel on top. “I haven’t had flan before.” Her eyes widened in surprise. Finishing what was in her mouth she questioned him. “Really? It’s one of my favorite desserts!” 

Peter nodded as he answered her question. He enjoyed the dessert. It was light and sweet, something he enjoyed very well. 

It wasn’t long until they landed in their last destination. “I thought you would like to come to the arcade. You know, since we’ve talked about it for a while.” She smiled nodding as they went inside the dim lighted arcade. 

Old games next to each other, motorcycles to play, air hockey, ticket games, and a photo booth next to the rollercoaster simulator. 

“I bet I can beat you at street fighters.” Turning to look at him, Peter chuckled. “Sure you can.” Scoffing in faux offense, [y/n] moved to stand in front of him. “If I win, I want one of those big plushies.” She spoke looking at him, her arms crossed against her chest. 

“And if I win. I want another date and the plushy you wanted.” Peter said, his confidence was high the whole night due to her encouragement and sweet talk. “You’re on, Parker.”

So be it, reaching the game, they put in the tokens they had gotten on their way in. Hearing the melody of the theme song, [y/n] smiled looking at him. Peter was choosing his character, but she was entranced at how adorable he looked. 

“I get that you think I’m cute, but choose a character.” Peter half joked, but to her it was true. Just as it started, it didn’t take [y/n] long enough to win, leaving Peter shocked. 

Stuttering, he began to talk. “But…b-bu- no another round.” 

“Alright, you sore loser.” 

Yet again the two continued their game. She had won multiple games and even when she let Peter win some, he would always mess up getting his character killed whenever she just randomly pushed the buttons. 

[y/n] couldn’t contain her laugh at how he would just lose so easily. That’s when she noticed he was letting her win, like she was trying to let him win. 

“You, jackass! You’re letting me win!” [y/n] exclaimed to which Peter laughed shaking his head. “No, I’m not! In fact you’re letting me win!” He retorted making her open her mouth in faux offense. 

“Okay, last round and we play fair this time.” Peter nodded in agreement. Shaking her hand before both chose their characters. 

Actually trying, it had taken a while for them to even reduce their character’s stamina. Kicking, punching, and using their special moves had created the competition to grow and due to how long they were spending there, the small crowd of people left were looking at them. 

Some were routing for her to win only because she was cute and others because she was actually good. The other twenty five percent routed for Peter to win.

In the last few moments of their character’s stamina, his hand began cramping. They had gone at it for long and she took that opportunity to knock him out. Pressing a few buttons that allowed her to kick him, the screeches of those for him were loud and those on her side exclaiming for her triumph. 

“No, no, no…” Peter repeated, his hand still in pain but he tried to win nonetheless. He didn’t care about the plushy, he was going to give it her anyway. All he cared about was another date. 

With a punch and a harsh press of multiple buttons, [y/n] had defeated Peter’s character making his side whine whilst her side cheered watching how the game loudly blasted the phrase “K. O.

“Pay up, Parker.” A smug smirk on her lips whilst the two walked hand in hand to the register. “Good game by the way. How did you know how to play so well?” Peter asked smiling at her, taking his wallet out. 

“My father and I would play a lot whenever we used to go to the laundromat. Often we spent all the quarters playing and then go back home to be scolded for not drying the clothes. Old times, but good ones.” Peter noticed the sense of nostalgia with her last sentence. 

Clearing his voice, they looked at the animal plushies. “Which one, my lady?” He asked to which she smiled pointing at the large yellow duck. “So be it. The duck it is.” Paying for it, the girl behind the register handed [y/n] the large plushy that took her a while to grow comfortable to. 

“Thank you… don’t worry about not winning. You would’ve gotten your second date regardless.” Looking at him, she smiled. “Really?” Peter asked to which she hummed in agreement. 

Walking to the photo booth with Peter dragging behind, [y/n] smiled turning to him. “Let’s get some more souvenirs.” 

Scooting to one end, [y/n] placed the quarters in. Choosing a background and theme, the two took a simple nice one.  

That was the only nice one as the rest demonstrated their playful manner. In one they rested their heads on each other’s, in another she kissed his cheek, one was only for their duck in the middle, and the last one was their lips connected in a small peck. Their blush clearly visible, but it was a peck and neither thought much of it. 

They had gotten our with nervous chuckles and thankfully two copies were made. Peter kept one and [y/n] kept the other. The sky blue contrasting perfectly with the white background. 

“These are cute… just like your blush.” [y/n] teased making him smile. “You were blushing too.” He reckoned making her laugh whilst she folded a few images to where only the one of them kissing and their only ‘nice’ picture were visible. Peter questioned it, but once she put it inside her clear phone case, he smiled knowing she was open about where this led to. 

It was past curfew and we was at the grove and it was raining and I had to be home. 

With a small tap on their shoulder, one of the workers called their attention. “We’re already closed, so would you mind?” Widening their eyes, the two rushed out. “Fuck, I’m going to die tonight.” [y/n] said taking his hand in hers despite the large plushy. 

“To our luck it’s raining.” Peter said making her give him a scared smile. Not only were her parents going to murder him, but Aunt May was going to choke him to death. 

And then you grabbed my hand, talking about getting home safe. 

Stopping in her tracks, [y/n] stood in front of him. “Would you mind dropping me off? I’m trying to get home safe… not only from muggers, but from my parents too.” She let out a breathy laugh making him smile a nod. 

They were drenched by the time they reached her home. The plushy would have to stay outside knowing her mother didn’t want the wet thing inside, but nonetheless she had the idea to blow dry it despite it being eleven at night. 

“Thank you, Peter. I- I had so much fun tonight.” Biting her lower lip, Peter smiled at her. “I had a lot of fun too, despite you beating my ass on Street Fighters.” A laugh left their lips, standing on the steps of her residency.

All I remember was your mother fucking face, your face. 

Peter tangled his fingers into her hair whilst her fingers messed with his ear. Both leaning in slowly. 

Then we awkwardly stare until our lips locked. Then we awkwardly in here cause our lips locked. I was awkward in here cause our lips locked. 

Despite the awkward initiation, once their lips locked; both closed their eyes but struggled to kiss as neither had gotten their first kiss. It wasn’t until they remember how movies talked about kissing that they tried so, but nonetheless even if they enjoyed it, both were awkward. 

Feels like I’m floating in air. Man, this feels like a dream cause our lips locked. You officially put my feelings inside a zip lock bag. You got me sprung, whenever I’m holding your hand. 

Pulling away, [y/n] and Peter awkwardly giggled and chuckled. Their hands still together despite the kiss ending. Softly playing with his fingers and he with hers, they stood in silence just enjoying their presence. 

Cause holding your fingertips is golden. I fucking love you now treat my palms like a bowling ball and grip and keep holding on, girl. 

“Night…” she said softly, the plushy being taken inside even if it was dripping. 


Once she was safely inside, Peter smiled and cheered happy as he had finally gotten his first kiss. That night despite his Aunt’s scolding; he couldn’t sleep thinking of when they would have their next date. 

But that didn’t happen anytime soon. 

You got a- wait, a don’t think this is going to work. Things got complicated and a couple feelings got hurt. 

After the date, the two didn’t see each other often. Peter had been in cloud nine for the first three days that he didn’t notice she wasn’t talking to him. 

It wasn’t until Wednesday that they gave each other longing stares and whenever he went to talk to her (for the next three days after his crash), someone else had reached her. 

I haven’t talked to you in a couple of days. I got too comfortable and started to think we was a real couple. 

But he thought wrong because whenever he saw her- he seemed to only see her talking to other guys who weren’t him. He felt hurt that the girl he thought cared for him was out there ignoring his stares. 

He couldn’t blame her for not talking to him since he hadn’t spoke to her when she wasn’t talking to someone else, but nonetheless he decided to point fingers. 

But it wasn’t just him who never got the chance. Everything [y/n] wanted to talk to him, there was always someone in the way. It was as if the whole school had conspired in order to stop them from ever talking again. 

And texting nor a phone call was the way as she never responded to his calls or texts. 

But now it was their time. 

As Peter came near her with Michelle to his side and she with one of her friends (the ones he never thought she was friends with) [y/n] sent him a smile, stopping in front of him. 

“Peter, hey! Can- can we talk?” She asked nervously, but still smiled in case he said no, but he just nodded softly following her around the school. 

They walked in silence as both tried to think about their words, but instead she just blurted it out. 

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you… I just- I don’t know, I got scared and thought you would’ve regretted the date since we stayed out so late and then my parents took away my phone for staying out so late…” laughing she looked down. “I actually thought they would whoop my ass for the first time, but instead they just took my phone away.”

Thinking of phones he blurted out whatever he had in mind. “Your name is still my password so I’m always reminded.” Her laughter made him blush realizing what he said.”

Slapping his forehead, Peter laughed looking down. “No sorry, but for real- I don’t regret the date, I’m still up for the second one… I just really like you and I don’t know, it did hurt that we didn’t talk the whole week.”

[y/n] blocked out the rest. Once he said he really liked her- that was far enough of what she needed to hear. 

“I really like you too…” 

“Be my girl?” Peter asked confidently as he smiled at her. [y/n] smiled kissing his cheek. “I’d love to be your girlfriend.”

Leaning in, the two kissed. Peters arms wrapped around her waist and her hands messed with his hair. It didn’t matter that they were in the busiest hallway and that the gits who always pulled her away were watching. In fact, Peter felt a sense of pride being kissed by her in front of them and almost everyone in the school. 

With the ring of the bell, the two parted looking at the annoyed and disgusted faces of her ‘friends’ –well acquaintance– who thought they were too good and popular to date boys like Peter. 

“You’re my, you’re my girl.” He said loudly, making her smile as she nodded. “Yeah, I’m your girl.” Biting her lip, [y/n] couldn’t contain her happiness. 

Kissing her lips one last time, Peter rushed to his class as he exclaimed the words “[y/n] [y/l/n] is my girlfriend!”

Walking backwards, Peter looked at her with a smile before shouting. 

“You’re my girlfriend, you’re my girl, girlfriend, you’re my girl!”

Kiss Me

Summary: You’re a singer in a relationship with Tom Holland, and you decide to tell the public through a music video, but first Tom shows you his moves.

word count: 1.3k

masterlist    (requested by @elibelt)

Originally posted by priceless-rodgers

You nuzzled your head into Tom’s cozy chest, covered in one of the flannels you thought made him look even more adorable. The only times lately you could see each other was when you had downtime in between shows, and he took every opportunity he could to see and support you. It meant a lot to have him in the front row to every one of your shows that he could make it to, considering how busy he was. You still always felt butterflies whenever you stepped on stage, but the moments when you spotted Tom’s face smiling up at you made you feel more confident and empowered.

You cleared your throat, a little worried to bring up a topic you and him usually pushed aside.

“Hey, uh, Tom?” you began with a shaky voice. His head craned to meet your eyes and your heart pounded in your chest at his attention.

“Yeah, love?” he prodded you to go on.

“Uh, so you know how at the last show you posted a picture to your Instagram of me? Well, there’s a lot of rumors flying around now, so maybe we could, I don’t know, come clean?” your eyes shifted downwards, scared he would reject your proposal. Instead, his response was the exact opposite of what you feared.

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I Love How

Summary: Just some roommates confessing their love for each other.

Word count: 2299

Warning: bit of sad reader

A/N: This is for @gottaletgopete writing challenge! Sorry it’s taken me so long to post a story, work has been nuts. I hope you enjoy ☺️


Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

“Tom your venti Cappuccino with a shot of espresso is ready!” You called to the room, looking for the mop of brown hair that was in every morning like clockwork.

“Thanks love!” His face was as bright, taken over by a smile. “Oh! Hey, I have a question. Can I stick this roommate flyer on the board?”

You glanced at the paper he held in his hands. “Roommate Wanted”, in big letters along with some details and contact information. “Yeah, there should be a blank space, we cleared off some old stuff the other day.”

“Awesome! Thanks so much! See you tomorrow, Y/N.”

The rest of the day went on as normal, the flyer the last thing on your mind as you mixed together all the requested combinations of coffee or tea. It wasn’t till you were hanging your apron up at the end of your shift when you saw it and curiosity got the better of you.

“Roommate Wanted

Hello, I’m Tom! My current roommate is moving out and I can’t afford to live on my own. I’m really not that picky on who I live with just as long as you can pay your part of the bills! Sadly my apartment complex doesn’t allow pets, or crazy party’s. But it’s just a block away from town and the neighbors are nice! If your interested please let me know!

At the bottom he had included his number and address cut into rip away pieces. Strangely enough, he lived in the same building as you, just a few floors down.

“My lease is up soon, I’ll take one just in case.” You thought to yourself, pulling one of the tabs off and sticking it between your phone and case.

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anonymous asked:

pls blurb on Tom H and daddy kink whatever you want

“do you want to keep going?” tom asked, you were straddling his hips, arms wrapped around his neck, you focused on giving him hickies on his neck, you bit your lip and started grinding down on him. 

he was caught off guard, “I’ll take that as a yes.” he coughed out, his hands went to your hips, gripping them roughly, making you grind on him harder. “’mon love, lets make this a bit easier.” 

he picked you up, your lips were still attached to his, hands still in hair, he sets you down on the bed. “take off your shirt love.” he says, and something in you says, do it. 

“yes daddy.” his face got red, and a smirk appeared on his lips. “such a dirty girl, eh?” he ripped your shirt in half, and threw it somewhere. he began leaving kisses all over you, marking territory. 

“your in for a long night love. get on your knees for daddy.” 

thot hours ™

Beautiful Day to Save Lives

Pairing: Doctor!Tom Holland x Doctor!Reader



Random 1 AM Thoughts

Tom comes home one night, drunk, and says…

“Honey I came up with the perfect name for our baby!”

“What is it honey?”


(Y/N)’s face: 😑

Forgotten Bouquet Peter Parker x Reader

Holy cow, it has been quiet a while that I’ve posted something. I’m so sorry for everyone whose requested different oneshots from me. These past two months have been crazy busy for me, and I’ve been battling major writers block. But I’m back!! This was supposed to be for @madmadmilk ‘s 5k challenge, but as it was supposed to be done in June I am obviously very late. I hope you guys still enjoy it! 

I was listening to Long Night by With Confidence as I finished this up. 

Oh, and I’d like to thank the ever so lovely @annascorpia for helping me with this! Thank you so much hun! I don’t think I would have finished it without you. #halfsisterforever 

I hope you guys enjoy it! If you do, go ahead and click my master list and read my on-going series, When You Love Someone!

(I LITERALLY TRIED PUTTING THE KEEP READING UP FOR MOBILE FOR AN HOUR, I’m sorry it’s so long!! if anybody knows how please help me!!)

Warnings: angst, language

Word Count: 3.6k


Master List

As always, Thank you for reading!

The bouquet hung delicately above the small bedside table in her room. The once bright blue of the forget-me-nots were now a dark violet. The small petals of the baby’s breath wilted long ago, half of the small delicate petals were now missing from the stems. Dust covered the once thriving flowers.

She paid no mind to the dried plants, too busy in her world to even spare a glance toward them.

She moved on from the thought of them, and the boy who had given them to her.

Peter was once her entire world. She would have done anything for him, no matter the consequences. She was so desperately in love with the boy, but now he was merely a memory for the girl.

“Peter? Peter put me down, you goon!” her giggles rang out loud in the air around them as he snuck behind her, lifting her into the air before twirling the two. His boyish laugh followed the sound, pouring out like music in her ears. She held onto his hands around her waist for dear life, letting out little screams of happiness.

“What on earth was that for, Parker?” She huffed as he set her down, turning in his arms to face the smirking boy, “You nearly scared me to death!”

His smirk widened at her words, “Oh yes, Y/L/N. Those giggles of yours were clearly from pain and distress.” She smacked his shoulder lightly, pulling away from his grip. His right hand instinctively reached for her left. She couldn’t help the blood from rushing to her cheeks, looking down at their intertwined fingers. His thumb rubbed the back of her hand lightly as he swayed their hands back and forth. The pair walked quietly across the small park they were in, the sun setting behind them.

“So, gumdrop, what are your plans for today?” He popped the ‘p’ ever so slightly, his queens’ accent strong in the word.

“Well, sweetcakes, that’s all up to you. Whatever you want to do, I’m open for.” She felt her heart speed up as he stopped. He turned to her slightly, an evil glint in his eyes.

“Whatever I want to do?” His smirk from before returned, making her regret her words immediately.

“Oh no, Parker. No way in hell are we doing that.” She pulled her hand away from him, crossing her arms over her chest. Her lips pushed out lightly, forming a small pout.

“Oh, come on. You said whatever I wanted to do, love,” Her heart pounded at the nickname, he heard its quickened pace, “I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. Why not today? The sunset is perfect right now. It’s prime swinging time, baby.” His lips lifted into a more delicate smile, convincing her almost instantly.

“Only because its ‘prime swinging time’.” Her voice was small as she sheepishly looked up at him. His smile widened, brown eyes lighting up at her.

“Let’s go!” He grabbed at her left hand, gripping it tightly as he ran out of the park towards his apartment where his suit was tucked messily under his bed. The laughter poured out from the two excitedly. People looked on at the running couple, smiling at young love at its finest.

An older couple looked to the pair as they rushed by them, Y/N tripping slightly behind Peter, though the smile never faltered from her face. The woman laughed up at her husband, remembering their younger days together.

“They’re just like us, Henry.” Peter’s heart fluttered at the elderly woman’s words, thanking his spidey senses for his enhanced hearing. He loved the thought of Y/N and him growing old together, staying madly in love with each other like the older couple. He looked back at the pair, smiling at the elderly lady wrapped in her husband’s arms.

A memory she held dear to her heart but never thinking twice upon it. That was ages ago and now was now. She moved on from the auburn-haired boy, leaving behind the hushed whispers and tight grips in the past. She tucked them deep within her head, only pulling them out on certain days of the year.

No, the memories she decided to keep out were the most recent ones of the pair. She kept them at the top of the pile of sweet nothings from the moments they shared, keeping her from falling for the boy once again. She kept the darker times from their moments as a couple. The times where all she knew was grey clouds and broken words. The times where the love between them faded into harsh words and strained voices.

Those were the memories she needed to keep alive in her head.

She couldn’t afford to lose herself within the empty promises from the boy with the deep eyes. She needed them to stay sharp to keep herself from falling into him once more. They are what made her stronger every day. And she was never going to go back to who she was before.

She remembered how desperately dependent she was of him, and how easily he ripped her apart when he was done with her. It felt as though she couldn’t function without him, and he was the one to throw her out as if she was merely some leftovers.

The silence between the two was deafening. Y/N felt as though her head was spinning. Her hands were shaking by her sides, her eyes cast down at the floor. She wouldn’t dare to look up at Peter. She already knew the look on his face. His usually bright eyes were now dimmed a shade darker than his normal brown hues, thin lips pulled into a hard line. The vein above his left eyebrow was surely prominent now. His hands were clenched into tight fists, arms folded over his chest. She could hear the short breaths leaving his mouth as he attempted to calm himself down.

She was terrified of what was happening between them, though it felt as though nothing was going on between the two. She remembered waking up this morning, texting her usual morning to her boyfriend before going about her normal morning routine. She left for school a little early, dropping by a nearby café to pick up one hot chocolate and coffee for herself and Peter. She went to school, met up with him, then went about her usual school day. It wasn’t until the day was ending when everything went wrong.

The two were cuddling on the couch in Peter’s apartment, May was out with a couple of friends for the night. That 70’s Show played in the background but neither of them paid any attention to it. Both of them were too engrossed with each other rather than the complaints of Eric Foreman. Y/N was perched on Peter’s lap, legs on each side of his waist. His hands were placed gently on her hips, one slipping inside her shirt to brush against her side every so often. He loved watching her body react to his touch, never knowing if she’d arch for more of it or jump because it tickled her just a little too much. He preferred either of the reactions, both increased his arrogance. Y/N peppered his face with kisses, moving slowly down to his neck. Peter let out a breathy moan at her touch before pausing. His body went tense under hers, the hairs on his arm sticking up.

Y/N stopped at his lack of response, pulling away from him to look up at his face. His eyes were staring across the room, out the window at something she couldn’t see.

“Peter?” She lifted her hand to his chin, turning his head to look at her, “Peter, what’s wrong?”

He stared into her eyes, the lust from before now gone, “I have to go.” His words were rushed and low.

“You, have to go?” Her hand dropped from his face, falling between the pair’s bodies. Her fingers began pulling at one another, a nervous tick Peter picked up on.

“Y-yeah. I’m sorry.” Peter lifted her off of him, setting her down gently beside him. He stood up from the couch, rushing to his room.

“Peter? Peter!” Y/N was fast to stand up with him, running behind him. “Peter, where are you-” her words were caught off as she caught sight of the red and blue fabric he held in his hands.

“There’s something happening, I need to go see what it is. I’m sorry, love, I have to go.” Peter hastily pulled his clothes off, yanking the latex suit on.

“You don’t have to do anything, Peter. Let the police handle this one, stay with me.” Y/N reached out to him, pulling his arm towards her.

Peter shook his head, lightly pushing her hand away. He turned away from her, pushing the center of his chest. The suit tightened automatically, a sight Y/N would usually adore on him but lately, she’s come to despise the suit. “Y/N, I can’t just ignore this. Something worse than a simple robbery could be happening. I need to make sure it’s nothing bad.” She walked in front of him once again, laying her hands on his chest. Peter let out a sigh, pushing her hands away.

“It’s never something extreme. The police can take this one. You’ve already done your patrolling today, you promised we could have the afternoon together. Please, stay with me? I’ve missed you, Peter.” Y/N’s voice faded as she went on, pulling her arms to her chest. She was beginning to close herself off to him, attempting to protect herself from what she knew was to come; whereas Peter was beginning to grow frustrated at the girls actions and words. He felt as though he needed to protect his city from any potential threat. Why couldn’t she understand that?

“Y/N, I’m leaving. I’ll see you tomorrow.” And with that, he was out the window. Y/N felt her eyes watering, knowing what was to come of the night. She’d walk home by herself, say a quick hello to her parents in which would result in a short conversation on why she was coming home so early on movie night with Peter. She’d most likely say something along the lines of “Pete had something come up with his internship.” With her dad replying with a curt “Ah, that Stark always has him working. That’s good, builds character.”, then she’d go into her room and wait up for Peter to be knocking on her window. She was used to it. Hell, it felt like a normal Friday night routine now. It’s something that seems to have happened every Friday since the fight between Captain America and Iron Man.

She was happy for Peter. She supported him being Queen’s personal hero, but it was taking a toll on their relationship. She needed him there for her, yet she was always pushed to second place by Spiderman.

Y/N felt pathetic. She stood in Peter’s room a while longer after he left, hoping that he’d come back to her. She waited for thirty minutes before giving up, beginning her pathetic venture home. Leaving Peter’s room, Y/N entered the living room. She pulled on her midtown hoodie and grabbed her bag, looking back at Peter’s room once again before heading home.

It was quiet outside, the only noise being Y/N’s footsteps on the cement. She pulled her arms closer to her chest. Looking up at the sky, Y/N began to fall apart. She couldn’t help the feeling of neglect deep in her stomach. Her body started to tremble, the tears she was holding in began spilling out from her Y/E/C eyes. She felt her throat closing in. Little hiccups began pouring out past her lips. Her arms tightened around her, her feet moving faster on their trek home.

God, how pathetic she was. No wonder Peter hardly spent time with her. All she did was pity herself. How could he want to spend time with her? She was a fucking joke to the world. Just one more insignificant pathetic little sad girl in the world.

Her hiccups turned to wheezes, her oxygen supply shortened by her congested nose. She stopped walking, falling on the wall of an abandoned storefront. She collapsed against it, pulling her knees to her chest. Her body continued to tremble violently as she allowed herself to finally fall apart. It felt as though she was being hit with thousands of emotions all at once. She felt anger, stress, and sadness.

She felt a small pressure on her shoulder, jumping at the sudden contact. She slowly looked up, her eyes meeting with the familiar red mask. The white eyes were narrowed in what she considered was concern.

“Y-Y/N, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be out here this late. It’s dangerous and not safe and you should be at home. Why aren’t you at home? Oh my god, you’re crying and I’m lecturing you. I haven’t even asked you what’s wrong. Shit, are you okay?” He ranted, voice muffled slightly. She looked up at him, not knowing what she was to say. He shuffled on his feet for a few seconds before holding his gloved hand out to her. Hesitating, she reached out to him. He pulled her up with ease and into his arms. He could feel how she tensed up at the action, choosing to ignore it. Her body was shaking uncontrollably, he figured it was from the chilly air. He tightened his arms around her.

“I can’t…I can’t do this anymore, Peter.” Her voice was quiet, coming out in a silent hush. It was now his turn to tense up. Peter pushed her out of his embrace slightly, looking at her face. Her hair hung delicately in front of her eyes, laying lightly on her cheeks. Her eyes were staring at the floor, inspecting the dirt on the edge of her shoes.

“What do you mean by ‘this’?” He asked, keeping a firm grip on her shoulders. He let go of her right shoulder, bringing his hand up to push the tears from her cheek away.

Y/N caught herself leaning into his touch. It was second nature for her. “Us, Peter. I can’t do us anymore.” Her words were clear as water, yet Peter couldn’t wrap his mind around them. They were fine just mere hours ago, joking around together.

“I don’t understand, what’s this about? You were fine at the apartment, so-“

“It’s not working anymore. I’m not happy anymore, Peter. I can’t be with someone who puts me second. I need to be somebody’s first, and I can’t be yours. And that’s fine, I understand that you have more important priorities than me, but I can’t be okay with that anymore. I miss being your first priority.” She seemed to ramble on, laying herself bare for him to glance upon. She felt free from releasing her dark thoughts to him.

“God, this again? Y/N, you are and will always be my first priority. How many times do you need to hear this from me? I love you, and I’m sorry that I can’t spend every waking moment with you like I used to but I’m not letting you throw us away for that.” His words felt like a slap in the face. She felt the frustration and anger boiling in her stomach.

“You don’t spend any time with me anymore. I hardly see you at school, you always leave the second the last bell rings, and you’re constantly cutting our nights short. I don’t need your permission, Peter. I can’t do this anymore.” She sobbed. Peter felt his heart clench at the sight of her. She was falling apart in front of him. He cursed himself for not seeing how broken she was sooner than tonight.

“Y-you just need sleep, babe. You just need to go home and rest, I-I’ll take you home. We can talk tomorrow, okay? Just let me take you home.” He stepped closer to her, gently pulling her body towards him.

Y/N felt weak, allowing him to wrap his arm around her waist. She buried her head in his neck as they swung past different buildings. She inhaled his scent for what she knew would be the last time. She felt a new wave of tears rush down her cheeks, tightening her arms around his neck. She allowed herself to feel the comfort of his arms around her. He always made her feel safe and secure. She felt the familiar warmth blossom inside her as he returned her gesture, squeezing her side. A wave of nausea and sorrow followed shortly behind, leaving her a sobbing mess in his arms.

Peter could hear her hiccups muffled by his neck. He felt pathetic. He destroyed the one thing he thought was invincible. How could he not notice how alone she was tonight. Fuck, he was a pathetic excuse for a boyfriend. He was supposed to bring her never-ending joy, and now she was broken in his arms. He felt tears well up in his eyes. He should have spent more time with her. All he wanted to do was protect his city. How could he not see that he was losing her while doing so? He was a fucking joke to the world. Just one more insignificant pathetic boy in the world.

The pair made it to her building. Peter gently landed on her fire escape. He lowered her to the ground, placing her softly on her feet. He stepped away but felt her arms tighten around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist once again.

Y/N couldn’t let go. She kept her arms firmly around Peter. She needed to keep him close to her one last time. She needed him to be there for her just for one more night. She couldn’t allow herself to let him go just yet.

“C-can you stay with me? Just for tonight?” she asked, her breath brushing against his ear.

Peter tightened his grip on her, “I have to finish my patrols,” he sighed, “but I’ll, uhm, come by later. I promise.”

Y/N loosened her grip at his words. She pulled away from him, turning to her window. What did she expect him to say? She was always second. “That’s okay.”

Peter turned her towards him, lifting his mask with his other hand. He placed his lips upon hers.

The kiss was passionate, lasting for a few minutes. The pair gripped onto each other with false hope, allowing their last exchange to be filled with passion and adoration for each other. Y/N could feel the urgency from Peter. She could feel his love for her. She felt her stomach folding inside of her. She pushed off of him, yanking her window open and crawling in before he could stop her.

Peter stood outside her window, wiping the tears from his cheeks. He pulled down his mask, swinging off with only one thought. He was going to fix this.

He returned after an hour of patrolling the streets, blue bouquet in hand. His body trembled slightly as he swung to her building. He landed softly on her fire escape, facing toward the city lights. He pulled off his mask, turning his body towards her window. The curtains were pulled shut, her lights off. He let his eyes fall to the ground near her windowsill. A small box laid there. Peter bent down, picking up the cardboard. He lifted off the lid, glancing at the contents inside. Movie stubs from their numerous dates filled the small container, alongside things Peter had given Y/N on different anniversaries or birthdays. He lifted a small bear he won her at the annual fair Midtown High held every fall. It was their first date, and he wanted to get her something to remember it. Now it laid upon different memorial items. Peter felt his trembles grow violent. He couldn’t help the hiccups from pouring out of his mouth as he leaned against the wall near her window. He collapsed against the brick exterior, falling to his knees. He felt sorrow, anger, and lonely. He lost her.

Inside, Y/N could hear the boys cries. She was curled into herself, placed in the corner of her bed. She leaned on the wall next to her window, breaking down for the third time tonight. She pulled her blanket closer to her, biting down on the corner of it. Her sobs grew in volume, shaking her violently. Her eyes were swollen, face in patches of red from the events of the night. She lost him.

Outside, Peter attempted to pull himself together. He ran a hand down his face, wiping away the tears. He stood up from the wall, pulling his mask down. He gripped the box in one of his hands, the forgotten bouquet in the other. Peter glanced at the flowers before placing them on the floor. He looked inside once more, turning away to swing off her fire escape one last time.

Y/N opened her eyes at the sound of Peter leaving. She pulled her curtains from the window, laying her eyes on the small heap of blue on her fire escape. She opened her window, wrapping her hands around the small bouquet of forget-me-nots and baby’s breath. She closed her window, crawling out of bed. She walked across her room, digging through her desk drawer for a small tack and rubber band. She gently wrapped the band around the stems of the flowers. Y/N walked back to her bed, stopping at the bedside table. She pushed the pin into her wall, hanging the delicate bouquet upside down above the small table.

I don’t know how to feel about the ending, but I didn’t want to make this any longer than it already is. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!


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