Tony: don’t hold back, Pep, you’re eating for two now


Peter: ᵒʰ ᵐʸ ᵍᵒᵈ ᴹʳˢ ᴾᵒᵗᵗˢ

Tony: Sorry, I’ve been meaning to tell y-

Peter: ᴴᵒʷ ᵇᶦᵍ ᶦˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗaᵖeʷᵒʳm?

Peter: The gods gave me depression because if my ambitions went unchecked I would have bested them all in hand to hand combat by age 13

Thor, local Norse God, dropping Peter off at his psychiatrist: *sweats*

peter parker and harvey kinkle radiate the biggest “soft brunette boy” energy earth has ever seen




(Peter Parker x stark!reader)

Summary: May gets Peter a camera for his birthday, and ever since then he can’t stop taking pictures of you. He always kept them in a box in his room, but one day someone finally finds them. 

Warning: SMUT, fluff, language 

Word Count: 4.1 K

A/N: Okay I’m sorry guys, just bare with me. I’ll open requests soon, it’s just I’ve got a lot of work and i don’t have a lot of time to just sit and write. But stay with me ;) Also if anyone finds a way for me to post smut on another link that won’t get taken down my tumbler, please hit me up!

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Peter clicked the shutter button, capturing your pose. He continued to take pictures of you doing random stuff.

“What’s interesting about Chemistry homework Peter?” You asked, as Peter put the Polaroid down on your desk, letting the picture appear gradually.

“Nothing, but its you who’s doing it and you look beautiful,” Peter answers, sitting in front of you and continuing to snap pictures.

“I’m wearing sweats and hoodie,” you reply, as you look back down at your work.

“Your beautiful no matter what,” Peters says smiling brightly. Your cheeks heat up at Peters words and you lean in giving your boyfriend a kiss.

“Your cliche,” You mumble into his lips, Peter smiles against you.

“Anyways, I also need pictures for photography class.” He scoots back in front of you as you let out a whine, missing his touch.

“Can you just hold me,” You say, sounding a little too needy. Peter couldn’t help but laugh, your lips forming into a pout.

“One kiss,” he says, putting his camera aside and crawling back to you. He sits in front of you, his hands cupping you cheeks. You sit up a little, so that your back his straight against your bed. Peter leans in, connecting his lips to your soft ones. His tongue moves against your bottom lip, swiping across. You open your mouth, letting Peter slip his tongue in. A quiet moan escapes your lips. His hands slip under your hoodie, holding your bare waist, going up a little. Your arms come around Peters neck, pulling him down, closer to you. But before anything else could happen, Peter pulls away with a soft laugh. “Let’s stop here before we get off track.”

Peter tries to pull away, but you hold on tight. Peter laughs at your neediness, and kisses your neck. Your eyes close, as you feel Peters lips. God they were so soft and gentle and wet. “Baby, you have to finish your work, and I have to take pictures.” Peter continues to kiss around your neck, you letting out heavy breathes. But soon he snaps out of the trance that is you, and pulls away. You whine as Peters hands slip out of your hoodie and move back to his camera. You give him an annoyed look.

“Come on angel, we can do this later. Let’s just finish.” Peter says, moving into a comfortable position to take pictures.

“Fine.” You huff, laying on your stomach as you look back down at your chemistry textbook.

A few minutes past, and the feeling between your legs won’t go away. Peter moves to your desk, spreading the pictures he took of you, smiling at them as he did. That’s when you finally thought of a genius plan.

Peter comes back sitting in his spot. That’s when you start.

“Hey Peter?” You say sitting up. Peter umms a yes, not setting the camera down as he continued to snap pictures. “Is it hot in here?”

“No, not really,” he answers not thinking twice about it. You take your bottom lip between your teeth as you lift your hoodie over your head, leaving you in just your bra. You see Peters breathe hitch in his throat. The camera comes down, as he begins to stutter.

“W-what are you doing?” You shrug, looking back down at your work.

“It was just getting hot.” You look up at him through your lashes, his camera was on his lap and not up by his eye. “Is that alright?” Peter stutters more.

“Y-yea, t-that’s just-just fine,” he lifts the camera back up to his eye, as he takes a big gulp. Peters eyes couldn’t help but trace over your body. He found himself admiring the way your sweats hanged loosely on your hips, and the way your hair came perfectly around your shoulders, just drawing attention to your breasts.

You shifted again, this time leaning against your bed, discreetly pushing your chest out. Peter licks his lips. That’s when you move to the next step. You lift your hips off the ground, tugging your sweats down your legs until they were fully off.

Peter froze. “Y/n?”

“Yes?” You answer, as you look at Peter with pure innocence.

“N-nothing,” Peter says quickly. You look down trying to hide the smirk forming on your lips. You then lay down your stomach, Peter still in front. You wanted Peter to catch on what you were wearing. And he does. His eyes look over at your ass, you were wearing his favorite red thong, unexpectedly. Peter hasn’t taken one picture, since you’ve taken your pants off.

“Your not taking pictures?” Peters eyes quickly go to meet yours.

“O-oh y-yea,” you sit up slowly, letting your cleavage show as you get up. You sit on your knees, your head cocking to the side a little. Peter finally got to see the full piece clear as day. You were wearing the whole set, he didn’t really notice because of all your moving but now that you were sitting up, he saw it all.

“Hey Peter? Don’t you need some pictures of people posing? Not just random shots?” Peters eyes lingered on your body but ultimately looking at your eyes again. He nodded slowly, knowing exactly what you were thinking. “I can pose for you. If you want?” Your voice low, and seductive.

“Y-yea,” Peter says as he shifted in his position. As Peter moved a little, your eyes flickered down to the very, clear and evident bulge growing. You licked your lips, as you stood up.

“I’m going to lay on the bed. Ok?” You say turning around and swaying your hips as you made your way to the bed.

“Ye-yea o-ok.” Peter didn’t move an inch, his body frozen as you crawled on the bed, finally laying in the middle. You wait a couple seconds before turning to Peter.

“You coming?” Peter quickly gets up, pulling at his pants a little. He moves to the end of the bed, holding his camera up. “So what should I do?” You rest back on your elbows, your legs crossed at the ankles, and your eyes staring straight into Peters.

“A-anything,” you nod, laying side ways on the bed. Peter starts taking pictures, one after the other. You then move your hands up, entangling themselves in your hair. Peter moves around the bed, trying to get every angle, and finding the best lighting. Your roll around in the bed, giving Peter different poses, every now and then you’d bit your lips, and look down at his cock, making people shiver. Then you start to pose sitting on your knees, your legs spread apart and hands on the waistband of your thong.

Fuck baby,” Peter says under his breathe. You look down, Peter harder then ever, and that’s when you move on with your plan. You stay in that position, your hands coming around your back, unclipping your bra. Peters fingers freeze, lowering the camera slightly. He watches as you let the straps fall down your arms, and throwing it aside. His eyes go over your erect nipples, just thinking of sucking them.

You then move into a different pose, Peter continues to snap pictures of you, but his boner making him uncomfortable. Every new pose your in, makes Peter want you more and more. And that was your plan. Finally your on the last step of your devilish plan. You lay against your headboard, lifting your hips up, and slowly slipping the thong down your legs. You move slow and careful, your eyes looking into Peters. And when the thong is off, you spread your legs out, as your finger trail down your heat. Dipping your finger into your core, you let out a quiet moan, which sends Peter to take his last photo.

Fucking hell baby!” He slings his camera over his head, placing it on your nightstand, jumping on the bed. His body settles between you legs, his lips attaching to your nipple right away. Your head falls back as Peter sucks and bites on your nipple. You hold his head close to your chest as he moves to your other breast. You let out a moan, making Peter eyes shoot up. He quickly sits up, getting his sweater over his head then standing on top of the bed. He shakes out of his pants and boxers. His cock, twitching and you could already see the pre-cum forming at the head.

“Look what you did to me,” You smile up at Peter, as he sits down again.

“I was just posing,” You say teasingly. Peter lays you back down on the bed, as he kisses your neck, sucking on your sweet spot and grinding against you.

Fuck Peter.” You moan as you buck your hips up, needing him. Peter let’s out a laugh, as he brings his face close to yours.

“So needy,” Peter says as he lowers himself down your body.

“Please,” You say quietly. Peter hands rubs your sides as he takes a bold lick up your folds. He then slips his tongue between your folds, sucking roughly on your clit, your hands holding his curls. He then dips his tongue into your core, as he tongue-fucked you. The feeling sent shivers through your body, bucking your hips up. Peter held your waist, pushing down a little.

“Stay still angel, I’ve got you.” You nod as Peter goes back to your throbbing pussy.

Soon enough, after a few more flicks of his tongue, you come. Peter takes in all of your sweetness, as he licks around, not living anything behind. Your chest is heaving, Peter coming back up. His thumb wipes the sides of his mouth, licking off what’s left. He then takes your lips into his.

“You taste so good,” he says into your lips. You look up at Peter, eyeing his very hard, very erect cock.

“Can I ride you?” You ask looking back up at Peter. He smiles at you, his cheeks flush.

“Yea.” Peter flips the both of you over, you straddle his torso, leaning down to kiss him. Your lips trail to his neck, taking the time to suck and nibble. Peter holds your ass, as your hands tangle in his hair. You reach over Peter’s head to the nightstand, grabbing a condom, your breasts in his face, Peter gives you a teasing lick on your nipple. You laugh at the gesture coming back and moving back to straddle his thighs. You pumped his cock with your hand then slipping the condom on Peters cock. He then helps you sink down onto him.

Fuck y/n,” Peter moans, his head falling back against the pillows. That’s when you start to rock your hips, grinding into his dick. Finally picking up the pace. You move up and down his length, Peter holding your waist as you moaned loudly.

Shit Peter!” Your hair falling to one side. Peter bends his knees, bucking his hips up meeting yours. Your hands hold his chest, moans leaving both your lips. “Ohh fuck Peter, fuck!” You then start to move faster.

Y/n, shit baby!” The pace giving Peter a better feeling. He was so close, his head thrown back and eyes shut. “B-baby, come for me,” you continue to ride Peters cock. He then brings his fingers to your clit, rubbing rough circles, trying to make you come before he does.

“I’m close-Fuck I’m s-so close-“ You feel the familiar knot in your stomach. Peter continues to thrust up.

“Come for me angel, come all over my cock,” Peters words sending you over the edge. Your head goes back, your hands gripping his shoulder, letting out a throat ripping moan. Peter comes right after you, one hand still holding your waist as the other gripped the bed sheet tightly, so his super strength wouldn’t hurt you.

You both come down from your highs. Peters hands rubbing up and down your thighs as you pushed your hair back, your fingers combing through. The sweat on your skin seemed to glow from what Peter saw and his eyes widen. “Stay there!”

“What?” You hold still, afraid that something bad will happen. But that thoughts out of the window when Peter reaches for his camera. Peter’s soft cock is still inside you, the feeling relaxing. He fixes himself underneath you, tilting the camera up at an angle. The camera frame showing you from your torso up.

“You look breathtaking babe,” he says as he snaps the perfect shot. Peter pulls the paper out placing it on the nightstand. You then drop your hands, as they smooth over his golden chest.

“Thank you Peter.” You say leaning down, so your only inches from his face.

“For what?” His arm wraps around your torso so your chest is flush against his.

“For everything.” Peter smiles and captures your lips. Your noses rubbing together. Peter lifts the camera to the side, as he snaps a picture of the both of you kissing. You pulled away slightly, a teasing smile on your face. “Really had to ruin the moment?”

“It was just a perfect moment, and I wanted to have it forever.” He says with a small pout. You let out a soft laugh kissing his lips again. You then rest your head in the crook of his neck closing your eyes and wrapping your arms around his torso. You kissed his neck lovingly, as Peters fingers ran up and down your spin soothingly. “Can I take more pictures of you,” Peter asks softly.

You smile against his neck, “I can’t stop you,” Peter kisses the side of your head as brings the camera up this time snapping a pic of you laying on him. He continues to snap more and more pictures, placing each one on the nightstand. You sit up on his torso, as Peter snapped pictures of you. He cupped your breast, snapping one of his hand holding your breast as you closed your eyes. He also got pictures of you holding your breasts, and of you touching him. He also took many pictures, angled a little further down, showing your whole body, which showed Peter resting inside you.

“You feel so good around me,” Peter says, shifting underneath you. Your cheeks blush.

“Can I take pics of you?” Peter lowers the camera, raising his eyebrows.

“Yea sure,” he hands you his camera, you turn the lense so its angled down at Peter. Peter puts and arm behind his neck, the other ones continuing to rub your thighs.

“You look hot like this,” You say from behind the camera, Peter laughs at your words.

“Like this?” He repeats.

“Yea, your post-sex look is a major turn on.” Peter laughs as he moves both his hands behind his neck, looking up at you with a smirk.

“Is it now?” You roll your eyes, continuing to take pictures.

“Don’t have to be cocky.”

“I’m not being cocky!”

“Yea you are.”

“Fine I am, but that’s because your post-sex look is so much hotter than how I look.” His hands come around his head, dragging his fingertips up your thighs. “Your the hottest girl ever I’ve ever laid eye’s on. And the pictures of you are sexy as hell. Can’t wait to show them to my class.” Your eyes widen, lowering the camera.

“Nonononono, you cant show them the pictures of me, it’ll leak everywhere and what will happen when my dad finds out, and not just that, what about me, Peter! People will think I’m a weird seductive freak-“ Peters head falls back as he laughs. He lifts his body up, so he’s wrapping his arms around your body, his forehead against yours.

“I’m kidding y/n. I’d be damned if I let anyone see my girlfriend with nothing less then a shirt and pants on.” Peter kisses your lips. “Only I get to see all of this.” You smile against Peters lips.

“Ok, I trust you.” Peter kisses your forehead, your eyes closing at the feeling.

- - - - one month later - - - - -

“Parker, where’s your old suit, the one I first made you.” Tony shouted from the hallway. Peter was in the lab fixing his webshooters.

“On my desk, in the third drawer!” He shouted back, still focusing on what’s in front of him. Tony walks to Peters room, going over to his desk. He went to the third drawer opening it, and as like he said, there the suit laid. Tony picked it up examining the old suit, a soft smile on his lips. He was just then about ready to close the drawer before he found an opened box of polaroids underneath.

From the Polaroids he could see, they were cute and funny pictures of you, so he decided to take the whole box out, wanting to see more cute pictures of his daughter. He places the suit on top of the desk, as he collected all the Polaroids in a pile. Tony flipped through the pictures, smiling at Peters skills and the good pictures he’d captured of your laughs and smiles. He knew the two of you were together, he knew Peter was a good kid. But what he didn’t know is what happened in your relationship until now.

Tony froze, a picture of his daughter, with only her bra and sweats on. Tony shook his head, thinking of it as only one picture. Flipping to the next picture finding you wearing the same thing, this time the more he flipped the lesser clothes you had on until it was nothing. He doesn’t see the rest only going to the very end, finding the ones where Peter was holding your breasts, at least it didn’t show your breasts or below your torso, but the overprotective father feeling boiled in Tony. And then when he sees the pictures you took of Peter, showing your thighs straddling his torso, and Peter shirtless rubbing your thighs, he lost it.

Tony forgets about the suit, storming out of the room, moving down the hall. “Y/N IN THE LAB NOW!!” Your head shoots up from your card game with Bucky. You look at Bucky questionly, but he just shrugs, not knowing anything.

“I’ll be back, don’t look at my cards!” You shout, as you jog to your dad’s lab. When you walk in you find your dad standing on the opposite end of the table Peter was working on. You walk up slowly, your eyes furrowed together confused. You notice Peter has the same expression on his face. You turn your attention back to Tony, eyes moving between you and Peter, and one hand behind his back. “What’s up?” Tony doesn’t say a word. 

“Mr. Stark you good?” Peter joins in.

“Dad-” Tony takes a step forward, you and Peter on the other side of the table watching him carefully. 

“How old are the two of you?” Tony says, not acknowledging what you and Peter had said before. 

“Seventeen,” you both answer. 

“And what did I say?” You cock your head to the side.

“You say a lot of things dad, you have to be a little more specific.” Tony stares you and Peter down, you notice his chest heave. 

“What did I say about sex?” Your eyes widen, and Peter shifts in his position.

“W-what?” Tony rolls his eyes, getting the polaroids from behind his back, dropping them on the table between the three of you. They spread across the table, your eyes widening, at the actual nudes of you and Peter. Peter coughs violently, as his cheeks heat you. You feel yourself turn red, the embarrassment burning through your skin! 

“What’s this?! You had sex? You had fucking sex!” Tony points at the both of you with his index fingers. “And you took PICTURES?! YOU TOOK PICTURES WHEN YOU WERE HAVING SEX?!” 

“It’s not a big deal dad,” you say, trying your best not to melt right then and there.

“Not a BIG DEAL? YOU GUYS TOOK PICTURES WHEN YOU WERE HAVING SEX!” Tonys hands ran through his hair.

“T-techincally, we took em a-after we had sex,” Your heads snaps to Peter.

“Peter?!” Peter’s face was beat red and Tony could feel his growing anger. 

“Why? whywhywhywhywhwhyyyyyyy! Why have sex? Why?” You rub the back of your neck, as you rock on your heels. 

“We wanted to, and we’ve been together for almost a nine months now, and I’ve known Peter for like two years, and it’s not like it was our first time doing it together-” Your quickly shuts. Tony’s eyes widen.

“You’ve done it more than once!” Tony turns to Peter, “You did my daughter more than ONCE!” Peter was rubbing his hands together, feeling his sweat build up. 

“Y-yea,” Peter answers quietly, finally looking into Tony’s eyes. “But Mr. Stark… I’m not just having sex with y/n because of her- well I mean yea I’m having sex with her because its her, but not because I want her body- wait - no I mean yea I do that’s why we’re having sex because of that reason- but I mean like I’m not just having sex with her and leaving,” Tony cocks his head to the side, confused at Peter’s rambling, “W-what I’m trying to say is that I chose to give her that part of me because…because I-I love her.” Peter eyes turn to look into your wide ones. “I love you y/n.” His voice is soft. Your heart jumps out of your chest. Peter feels his nerves go up to a max, you were quiet, did he scare you, shit he shouldn’t have said that-

You leap into Peters arms, you hold his body close to yours, pulling back with a huge, goofy-smile on your lips. “I love you too Peter,” Peter’s bright, beautiful smile, takes up his face. He leans down connecting your lips. Your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. It was the perfect kiss, his lips against yours and they were so soft and good-

“Hello???” You and Peter pull away, turning to look back at your father. “Not in front of me.” Both your cheeks heat up, “And you guys better be using protection, I don’t need miny Peters and Y/n’s running around.” Tony had to admit it, he loved the both of you. You were his daughter, and Peter was the greatest kid he’s ever met, he couldn’t think of a better couple. Peter nods his head frantically.

“Y-Yea obviously Mr. Stark, we have a lot of condoms, I bought a lot, and I always have one on me, well not like on me on cuz that’s weird but like I keep some in my bag and-” You elbow better in the ribs, he lets out a small groan. Tony shakes his head, as he rubs his face. When he drops his hands, his eyes go back to the polaroids, and quickly look back between the both of you. 

“Why take pictures though?” Peter cheeks heat up. 

“I-I had to take pictures for photography and um well, after uh, you can say ‘break’, she just looked so beautiful and I wanted to have that memory.” Tony shakes his head, trying to get the image out of his daughter and Peter doing it..

“Take these pictures, I never want to see them.” Peter quickly grabs the pictures. “And you better hide them better, because if these leak they will be everywhere.” Your eyes widen, and you turn to Peter. Tony laughs at the both of you. “Now scam.” Tony turns around going back to his work, shaking his head as the smile on his face can’t seem to get off. 

You and Peter run out of the lab, hand and hand. 

“You were really just about to expose our sex life like that?” You laugh remembering Peter’s rambling a few seconds ago.

“You know I ramble when I’m nervous or when I think your dad is going to kill me!” 




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May, after a date with Happy: I just- I don’t know, I have this odd feeling…Like we’re being watched.

Happy: I’ll walk you home, then?

The partly open dumpster 15 metres away: ʸᵉᵃʰ ᴵ ᵗʰᶦⁿᵏ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ⁿᵒᵗ