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A/N: long-awaited :)

Word Count: 1285

Warnings: swearing?, mentions of an attack

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Honestly, disappointment was nothing new. Every single day you got a fresh batch of disappointment in the physical embodiment of school. It’s always about how well you’ve done in a class or on a test, or even if you’ve succeeded in not falling off the podium everytime you go to conduct. The biggest disappointment this year, by far, is the news that Peter Parker was dropping band for an internship. A Stark Internship.

Approaching Peter during class was not a good idea, especially since he now has almost every class with either Ned or Liz. That means he’s either totally immersed with the Stark Internship or too far up Liz’s ass to notice anyone else. This left the topic to be an afterschool problem, something that you didn’t want it to become.

You approached him at his locker, knocking twice on the open door. He fumbled to crawl out of the small space, having had been looking at something on the inside. He slammed his locker door shut, leaning against it in an attempt to seem nonchalant. “W-what’s up, Y/l/n?”

“I heard you quit the school band,” you questioned, cocking your head slightly to the side. This was not what you originally wanted to lead with.

He avoided your gaze, staring off over your shoulder. “Uh, yeah. I did.” You took a step to the right, bringing you into his direct line of eyesight.

“And I had to hear it from Emma, a baritone. You’re not even in the same section as her!” You rocked up onto the balls of your feet, slipping your thumbs behind the straps of your backpack. Peter struggled for words, opening and closing his mouth like a fish. You let out a light chuckle, hiding the hurt and taking a step back as you do so. “I’m joking. It doesn’t matter. I’ll see you around some time then.”

You walked away from him, leaving him in the hallway. His locker opened once more before it slammed shut and he runs past you on his way out of the school. Must be the Stark Internship.

Months pass and you rarely hear from Peter again. Not that your life revolved around him, just that he used to be a constant figure in it and now he’s been diminished to being just one of the many. The school was still buzzing about the fire show on the beach, having been caused by Spider-Man and his enemy, Vulture.

It’s not until you’re walking home from Brooklyn and nearly get robbed do you see Peter again.

It wasn’t a surprise to see Peter. After all, your apartment buildings were within a block of each other. It was a five-minute walk, eight at most with traffic lights and the occasional influx of people. What was a surprise, however, was seeing Peter Parker in the Spider-Man costume. Due to the recent exposure, you thought that Spider-Man would have been taken off of Neighborhood Crime Watch but luckily, and thankfully,  you had been wrong.

How you knew it was Peter was simple. Having known him since diapers, you had recognized his voice. Not to mention that you’ve seen him strip down in the alley between buildings after school. He was neither quiet nor subtle.

Peter shakes you out of your thoughts, helping you off the ground. “Are you okay, ma’am?” His voice is different now. You wonder what other things his suit can do while accepting his hand. “I’I’m fine. Just a little shaken, I guess.”

“Stay safe tonight.” You watch as he swings off to the rooftops and away. The police sirens go off in the distance and within minutes, there’s a squad car there at your location.

The next day, Peter isn’t at school. You made your way to class, upset that you couldn’t confront him.

In chemistry, you sat in the back. Your lab partner was Emma, a baritone and one of your closest friends.

“You’re kidding, right? Spider-Man saved you?”

You nodded slowly, concentrating on the lab assigned. You wrote down the numbers you observed, looking back to the hot plate. “I don’t see what the big deal is. He saved me, so what. My uncle could’ve saved me just as well.”

“Well, your uncle didn’t and you were saved by freaking Spider-Man! Do you think he’d save me too?” Emma leaned against the desk, her hair swinging too close to the hot plate for your liking.

You pulled her away from the dangerous lab equipment and give her a hair elastic off your wrist. Why she wasn’t wearing it up in the first place was a mystery to you. “I think that it was a coincidence that he just so happened to be in Brooklyn the same night I was.”

She sent you a look, throwing her hair up into a messy bun. “Everyone knows he’s a Queens native. There are other heroes and whatnots that survey Brooklyn.”

You threw her a nasty look, finishing up the lab right as the day ended. You turned off the equipment and shoved all your books into your bag. “Whatever, Emma. It was a coincidence, nothing more.”

“If that helps you sleep at night,” Emma kissed your cheek before gliding away, waving as she left the room. “I’ll see you at band, buttercup!”

That night, after band, you walked Emma home before setting off to your own apartment. She lived closer to Peter than she did to you, and when you were all still friends Peter would walk her home before walking you home and then walking home himself. It was either that or Emma’s mum would pick us all up and drop us off after a BPO meeting.

You took the long way back, through the various alleyways you had seen Peter make the transformation from Peter Parker to Spider-Man. With your headphones in but no music playing, you gave off the impression that you didn’t want to talk. Therefore, nobody approached you. Not even the girl in the environmental sweatshirt and a clipboard.

You stopped in the alley you last saw him. His backpack was still against the wall, which explained his constant need to replace his things. The bins rustled behind you, spooking you into backing into the wall. That way, at least one of your sides was covered. You pulled out a small pocket knife that you had started to carry on-person for the walk home.

You stayed quiet, slowly putting your headphones away. If it came down to a fight, you would hold better without anything obstructing any of your paths. A flash of red flies into your view and you stare at the mask as it comes off. You already had known that Peter was Spider-Man, but it was a different story up-close.

“Peter,” you muttered, eyes widening when his head whipped towards you. His body had reacted naturally, easily sliding into a defensive pose.

“Y/n? W-what are you doing here?” He dropped his stance, his face reading an “oh shit” expression. He stumbled for his bag, tearing out a change of clothes. “Look, this isn’t what you think. I just -”

You cut him off, “Peter. Chill out, I already knew.”

He stopped in his tracks, his pants halfway on.

“I’m just a little upset that you thought you couldn’t trust me enough to tell me. I’ve known you since diapers, Pete.” You shook your head a little, putting the pocket knife away. “I’ll see you around, Pete.”

You left the alley, leaving Peter to stumble after you. He pulled his sweatshirt over his head before grabbing you by the arm. “Listen, you can’t tell anyone. Not even Aunt May knows.”

“Your secret is safe with me, Parker.”



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baby - peter x reader

Originally posted by allthingstomholland

a/n:ย hope u likeeee i feel like this isnโ€™t that good but ??? if i write more peter hopefully iโ€™ll get better at himย 

request/Prompt/Neither/Challenge: here!

warnings: swearingย 

word count: 1.6kย 

summary:ย different situations in which reader makes peter flustered by calling him baby !!

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A New Friend (T.H. x Reader)

Request:ย Hello! I love your work and I was thinking. May I request a oneshot in which the reader is at a park, just walking around and suddenly a blue Staffi is by her side? Itโ€™s Tessa, Tomโ€™s puppy. And the reader doesnโ€™t realize, just kinda looks around in the park for the owner of the dog? and they meet and fluff? :D I read a similar to this @multific and I would like to have your version, if itโ€™s okay? :) Thank you!

Word Count: 780

Warnings: None, fluff :)

Notes: Requests are open !! I write for tom, haz, and cody fern !ย 

You often took walks in the park that was nearby your apartment just to clear your head. With everything going on with work and school, you really just needed a break center yourself and forget about everything that was racing through your head.

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jealousy - H.H.

summary: when things between you character and tom’s get hot and heavy, harry finds himself having to leave 

requested: yup “Can I request a fic where the reader has been friends with the Holland’s for years and her and Harry had developed a mutual crush but neither of them knew. Her and Tom get cast in a movie together and the characters are a couple. Harry is there for the filming of a kissing/sex scene and he gets super jealous.”

warnings: nsfw content? lead up to sex, making out etc.  

pairing: harry Holland x reader

a/n: ngl i started writing this bc i discovered lily ( @lilyholland ) followed me and that gave me inspo lmao

Tom’s hands were on your hips and yours were in his hair as he pressed you against the wall, fiddling with the hem of your short dress. You pulled out of the kiss, panting, allowing him to pull the dress over your head. He let out a whistle as he looked up and down your body, admiring the white strappy set that ran across your stomach and back. You grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his lips down to yours. One of his hands crawled its way down your body before resting on your ass, the other was skilfully undoing his tie. Once it was off, you began to undo the buttons of his white dress shirt, pushing it back onto his shoulders. Tom trailed his lips down your jaw, nipping at the skin and leaving you to throw your head back against the wall. 

“John,” you panted, clutching at Tom’s hair, arching your back into his body. 

You would have continued - if it weren’t for the slam of the door. 

“Cut!” The director yelled, looking around. “Who was that?” he asked angrily. 

“I believe that was Harry, sorry.” Tom said, stepping back from you.

“May as well take 10 then, sort that brother of yours out” you director sighed, running his hands through his hair and sending tom pointed glare.

You took the robe your assistant was handing you and thanked her before leaving through the same door Harry did. You could see him walking into your trailer ahead of you. You sighed, shaking your head and ran to catch up to him.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Harry muttered when you entered, not looking up from his phone.

“Ever heard of it being my trailer?” you rolled your eyes in a playful manner. “Harry what was that?” you asked, pulling your satin robe closer around your body.

“It wasn’t anything.” he huffed, repositioning himself on your sofa.

“Sure looked like something,” you murmured.

“Just drop it, will you?” Harry sighed, throwing his phone to the other side of the couch.

“I’m not gonna just drop it. You ruined our take. And I’m not saying I hate Tom, but it’s not really my dream to kiss him over and over again.” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Well it sure looks like you don’t hate him. In fact the way you’re all over him makes it look like you’re fucking obsessed with him.” Harry raised his voice, rolling his eyes.

“Have you even read the script? I’m doing my job! Besides, I don’t love your fucking brother, I love you.” you rubbed the space between your eyebrows, avoiding Harry’s eyes.

“Sorry, what?” Harry laughed, “There’s no way you love me. You’ve been making out with my brother all morning.”

“Harry it’s my job, trust me, if I could chose it would be you under me, not Tom.” you huffed, collapsing on the couch and hiding your face in your hands.

You could feel that your cheeks were bright red, after all you did just confess your love to your best friend as well as admitting you were thinking about (and wanted) to have sex with him. And he laughed in your face.

You glanced at the clock, “I shouldn’t have left the set. I have to get back,” you said quietly before turning and leaving the trailer.

You left the trailer, slowly stepping down the steps - half waiting for Harry to come out and stop you. And so when he did, you were less than surprised. 

“You love me?” He asked, his head cocked to the side.

“That’s what I said isn’t it,” you mumbled, looking at your feet as you shuffled around. 

“I didn’t meant to laugh, I thought you were joking.” Harry mumbled back, stepping closer towards you.

“I wasn’t,” you sighed, looking up at him. “I’ve only been in love with you for like the past 4 years,” you laughed slightly, eyes returning to your feet. 

“We probably could’ve done this sooner then,” Harry said, taking another step so your chests were nearly pressed together. 

“Yeah, we could’ve,” you said, not really focusing on the words anymore, rather on his lips. 

Harry’s eyes darted between your lips and eyes, licking his own in the process.

“Will you kiss me already?” you rolled your eyes as Harry grabbed your waist pulling you into him and pressing his lips against yours.

“This?” you said, pointing between you and him, “will finish later, after I finish my scene,” you said, grabbing his hand slightly and dragging him back to set. 

You released his hand as you walked through the door, taking a seat on the bed next to Tom.

“All good?” you director asked, looking between you, Tom, and Harry. 

“All good,” you said, nodding before handing your assistant your robe.

“Great, let’s get back to it then. Y/N and Tom start on the bed this time yeah?”

You nodded, the cameras began to roll and you crawled on top of Tom, just as the script asked. You rested your hips over his, running your fingers down his bare chest. Tom grinned, leaning up on his elbows and grabbing your chin to bring your lips down to his. For a moment, the two of you shared a passionate kiss. You couldn’t lie, Tom was a damn good kisser. He pulled away, placing kisses down your neck - again, as the script demanded. You let your eyes shutter flat, imagining it was his little brother beneath you instead of the successful award winner. You honestly didn’t mean to moan Harry’s name, it just kind of happened. And so when you did, the director called cut. Snapping you and Tom out of your intimate moment.

“What was that?” He asked, a hand on his hip.

“S-sorry!” you blushed, eyes glancing around the room to find Harry. 

When you did meet his eyes, he was smirking. He clicked his tongue at you, shaking his head. You sent him a small smile back. Any trace of jealousy was gone, you were his and you just proved it to everyone in the room.

beautiful weather | peter parker

anonymous asked: Could I request “you’re beautiful. uh, u-um i mean the weather. it’s beautiful. not that you’re not beautiful, because you are. i’m just gonna shut up.” For Peter parker? Love your writings 💖💖

@fangirlsarah16 asked: Could I have “you’re beautiful. uh, u-um i mean the weather. it’s beautiful. not that you’re not beautiful, because you are. i’m just gonna shut up.” With Peter Parker?

Aunt May gave Peter an approving look, a small smile on her lips. He looked nice; perfect for his first date with you. Well, at least he thought it was a date. He asked you to the movies, but never really specified it was like… a date date. He hoped you could tell from the way his voice wavered with nerves, and the way he awkwardly sighed in relief when you said yes.

He drove all the way to your house to pick you up, he swear he didn’t breathe once the entire way. Deep down, he knew the night would go well, and he wasn’t jeopardizing your guys’ friendship. There was really nothing to worry about.

He knocked on your door with a shaking first. When you opened the door, his breath caught in his throat. You were stunning, as you were everyday. But there was something about the way your dim porch light casted contouring shadows in the dips of your face, and your perfume filling the air around the two of you that made Peter feel especially smitten. He smiled at you, leading you back to his car.

“Oh, hold on,” you said, stepping back inside to grab a jacket. The late October weather was record-breakingly cold for New York. “Gosh, it’s freezing.” You swiftly out your jacket on, rubbing your arms to create friction.

You and Peter began the short walk to the end of your driveway where his car was parked. “Yeah, it’s is. But you’re beautiful. Uh, u-um I mean the weather. It’s beautiful. Not that you’re not beautiful, because you are. I’m just gonna shut up.” Peter cursed himself under his breath. He was always awkward around you, but you found it adorable. You couldn’t help but feel a little less calm than you usually were around him. You’d been crushing on him since you met him three years ago.

“Oh, uh, yeah. It is,” you spoke, climbing into the passenger side of his car. “And if you were trying to compliment me, thank you.” You hoped he couldn’t see the rouge on your cheeks from his compliment under the pale streetlights.

“You’re welcome.” He pulled out of your driveway, quite quickly.

You couldn’t even focus on the movie you were seeing, you could only think about what was going to happen after your date. Would he try to kiss you? Would he ask you out again? Your mind was racing with thoughts.

After the movie, you and Peter decided to go to the food court to get something to eat. You were more keen to go to the Starbucks and get your favorite seasonal drink; pumpkin spice latte. When you returned to the table Peter was at, he gave you a slightly judgement look.

“What?” You asked, genuinely confused.

“Is that one of those pumpkin spice things?”

You looked at the cup in your hand, then looked back up at him. He had an odd look on his face, confused almost.


“Oh. Nice.” His gaze lingered on the drink in your hand for a moment longer.

The idea finally clicked in your brain, and you let out a breathy chuckle. “Would you like to try it, Peter?”

His eyes lit up with excitement that he didn’t even attempt to conceal. “Yes! I mean, yeah, sure.”

You handed over the coffee to him. He took a swig and met eyes with you again. His pupils widened at the taste and you gave him a questioning look as if to say, “Well? How is it?”

“Oh my God. That’s amazing. I understand why America goes nuts over these things now.” He said and handed your cup back to you.

“I know! I look forward to these every year.” You smile widely.

Peter and you walked back to his car when you both done eating. You both buckled in before Peter gasped and said, “I’ll be right back I forgot something.” He briskly walked back inside to the food court, and he returned minutes later with two starbucks cups, which both of your names scribbled on them.

“Here,” he said, handing you your cup.

“Wow. Did I just get you hooked on pumpkin spice lattes?” You joked.

Peter smiled warmly back at you. “I-I think so. Sheesh,” he muttered to himself.

“Well, cheers to delicious fall drinks,” you clinked your cardboard cups with Peter.

“To fall drinks! And a really, really great night.”

“Yes, a really really, really great night.”

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