weird passwords // tom x reader one-shot

this is my first piece of writing that i’ve ever posted on here and it’ll probs be crap bc i’m not creative in any way but i’d die for bonzi so here goes nothing

for: em’s 3k writing challenge. love u, @noir-spiderr

summary // roommate!tom has a weird password on his laptop and you honest to god don’t know why you’re attracted to him

pairing // tom holland x reader

warnings // swearing, sexual themes (like no actual smut but, like, you’ll see)

word count // 1,497

prompts // 2. “why is that your password” ((and also bonzi let me use 9. “for some reason, i’m attracted to you”))

the prompts will be bolded 

Having been roommates for the past two years, Y/N should’ve been used to seeing her best friend naked with how often it happens. But it’s always a surprise when it happens. And most of the times, it’s your fault.

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Most of us have waited so long for this movie (almost two years) and it’s finally here! And let’s face it, I’m probably going to cry during it cause my pathetic self is about to cry right now.

His Pet-names For You|T.Holland

Baby cakes:

  • This would be one of his favorites
  • Calling you baby cakes when he wants your attention
  • You’d be reading a book and he’d be staring at you with a pout
  • “Baby cakes come snuggle in cold.”
  • So much whinnying
  • “Baby cakes won’t come give us attention Tessa..”
  • making the give me more hand motions as you walk by
  • Calling you baby cakes when he finally sees you after a long time
  • Finally giving in because he looks so cute and snuggly


  • Would be reserved for when you were upset
  • He’d always call you an angel because angels don’t deserve to be upset
  • “Oh angel.”
  • Lots of forehead kisses and tight hugs
  • “Everything will be okay angel, I’m not leaving you.”
  • “Oh sweet angel of mine.”
  • Soft kisses to you lips as he softly whispered ‘my angel’ between kisses


  • Would be an everyday thing
  • He’d never call you by your actual name
  • “Darlin’ you ready?”
  • Always waking up to soft kisses and a ‘good morning DARLin’”
  • “Darlin’ have you seen my shoes”
  • Him loving how your cheeks would turn the loveliest shade of scarlet when he called you darlin’ in public
  • He’d simply calling you darlin’ because you were in deed his darlin’ and he loved you to pieces


  • Is what he called you when he wanted you to feel special
  • “You’re my FlOr..”
  • You looking at him confused making him have to explain
  • “Flor means flower in Portuguese and I wanted to call you something unique because you are so special.”
  • Secretly loving this pet name the most because it wasn’t used often so when he did call you Flor you’d be a stuttering mess
  • “Flor you ready to you.”
  • “Bloody hell Flor, you look breathe taken.”


  • This nickname came about after you got your wisdom tooth removed
  • Your cheeks were all swollen and his heart was swelling up at the sight of you
  • “Oh peaches!”
  • “Harrison, peaches needs me!”
  • Having to fly home to take care of peaches
  • This becoming your nickname for whenever you got sick
  • “My peaches is sick, I need to go tend to her every need.”


  • Would be your nickname when talking to others about you
  • “My sunshine is coming to see me!”
  • “Who the fuck is sunshine?!”
  • “It’s y/n..”
  •  Screaming out SuNShINE when he sees you walk on set
  •  Running up to you and spinning you around before pressing a soft kiss to your lips
  •  Screaming around saying that sunshine is here to see him
  • Explain to everyone why you’re his sunshine
  • “Simply my sky’s are always grey when she’s away cause she’s my sunshine.”


  • Would be reserved for bedroom actives
  • “Fuck Baby girl right there”
  • Knowing he wanted some sexy time when he would hum out “Baby girl come here..”
  • Calling you baby girl softly when out just wanting to get you alone
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear
  • Cause BAbyGIrl did things to him
Quit Staring

Summary: Tom won’t quit staring. (lol)

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 638

A/N: Lots of floof and flirting, hope you enjoyyyyyy

Originally posted by thomashclland

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In one of the Spider-Man comics, before May knew Peter was Spider-Man, she thought that he was hiding the fact that he was gay. So WHAT IF when Peter was only wearing his boxers in front of Ned (after changing out of his spidey suit in sm: hoco) and May walked in, the reason she wasn’t fazed by her almost naked nephew in front of his guy friend was because she thought that he was gay THE WHOLE TIME?!

next week on “marvel exploits a young man’s inability to keep his goddamn mouth shut”

i’m actually CACKLING bc i can imagine tom and mark texting each other in the depths of the night trying to come up with a way mess with the entire marvel fandom/franchise and cause as much chaos as possible wHO LET THEM INTERACT W EACH OTHER

Waiting and Wanting

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Prompt: “Can’t you see that I fucking love you?”

Warnings: Angst, Language, Drama, Hurt/Comfort

Word Count: 3.1k

A/N: This is a late submission for @underoosbws‘s writing challenge but here it is! It’s my first time writing something that is over 1k words other than blurbs and series in a LONG TIME, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

tagging some mutuals: @starksparker @upsidedownparker @grandmascottlang @valar–m0rghulis @hollandroos @naturallytom @thothollandd  @underoossss @celestialparker @dtftomholland @notimeforthemessenger @rachramblesstuff

Slamming your phone on the counter, you rolled your eyes and chuckled to yourself. You should’ve known that nothing would be different this time around, but for some stupid reason, you still let yourself believe that maybe, just maybe the universe was going to be on your side for once.

But once again, you were wrong and you were almost positive that the universe was laughing at you, taunting you and wanting you to see that you really weren’t worth anyone’s time.

Glancing down at your phone again, your jaw clenched as you read over Tom’s message for what seemed like the thousandth time. You knew that you shouldn’t read it again, but you thought that maybe if you looked it over just one more time, that maybe you would find some hidden message in the text.

“Can’t come by tonight, know that I said I would but I’ve got a date. I’ll try and come by after though! You’re the best!”

“Yeah, I’m the best. I’m the best because I let you walk all over me and just let you do whatever you wanna do. Wanna cancel plans with me? Sure go ahead and do it! Y/N will just roll over like the good girl she is and just let you treat her like shit.” You mumbled to yourself, throwing away the dinner that you had made in the trash. You had lost your appetite the moment that you saw his name show up in your notifications.

Why couldn’t you be first? Why were you never the first person he thought of when he was all you could think about some days, you always put him first. You always put him above everything else when he came into town, even if it meant cancelling plans that you had had for a while. He was always going to be number one in your life, even if there was some possibility that you weren’t his.

But maybe that was your problem. Maybe your problem was that you always put him first no matter what, no matter how many times he had screwed you over and shoved you aside for something or someone better.

Maybe this was the sign that you needed to slowly start to get over your little crush that you had on him, to slowly begin to push him out of your life just like he was pushing you out of his. Obviously, you weren’t worth his time anymore, so why should he be worth yours?

“Fucking idiot.” You mumbled, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand, getting angry with yourself for letting this upset you. It shouldn’t hurt this much, even if he was your friend bailing for the thousandth time.

But it did hurt, it hurt every time it happened and you knew why it affected you more than you usually let on.

It wasn’t that you had just a little crush on Tom, you were in love with him and you had been for sometime now, you had just never wanted to admit it to yourself. You had never wanted to say those four words out loud to yourself, much less to the one person who meant the most to you.

Maybe that’s why you had stayed content all of this years with him. Maybe it was because you knew that the only way you could keep him in your life and have him this close to you was to keep your feelings to yourself. And you did that, you did it even though it was slowly starting to tear you apart on the inside.

Every time you tried to say something to him about it, you found yourself unable to, taking one look as his kind smile and comforting brown eyes, making the words leave your mind just as quickly as they entered them.

Taking a few deep breaths, you decided to end your pity party a few hours early. Choosing to clean up meal that you had made for him, biting down on your lower lip as you put it up in some containers. Opening the freezer you grabbed a pint of ice cream that you had stashed in the back, one that you had kept for emergencies just like this.

Plopping yourself down on the couch and pulling one of your favorite blankets off the back of the couch, you snuggled into the corner. When you turned on the t.v. you almost start crying all over again when you saw the commercial for Infinity War, informing everyone that the DVD was set to come out soon.

“Wish he would fucking turn into dust.” You mumbled, scooping up some ice cream before shoving it into your mouth, changing the channel as quickly as possible before you had to see his stupidly gorgeous face grace your screen one more time.

After sitting on your couch for about an hour, you decided that you were going to speak your mind the next time you saw him. He deserved to know how he made you feel. He deserved to know that each time he cancelled plans with you, that he was slowly pushing you out of his life. He was slowly showing you that you were just another pawn in this twisted game of chess, someone that he needed for just a little while before shoving them to the side.

Before the spoon made its way into your mouth again, there was a knock on the door. But it wasn’t just any type of knock, it was the knock that had been practiced over four years of friendship. A knock that signaled that one of them was there without having to say who it actually was. Without thinking you opened the door, coming face to face with the cause of your heartbreak.

“Hi love, gonna let me in?”  Tom chuckled, pushing back a stray curl from his forehead. There was a twinkle in his eye, one that he only got when he was truly happy, and that made your heart break all over again.

“Uh yeah, yeah sure. Come on in.” You muttered, stepping aside so he could walk in, rolling your eyes at how he so easily fit in with the theme of your apartment.

“I’m really sorry about earlier love. I completely forgot about that date and I didn’t realize that it conflicted with our dinner. I’m the worst and I know that so please let me make it up to you love. Please?” Tilting his head to the side, he looked at you, lips jutted out into a pout as he fluttered his eyelashes a bit. It was what you called his “puppy dog” face and usually it worked you over like a charm, but not tonight. Tonight you were going to stand your ground and stand up for yourself.

“I uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea Tom. Don’t really feel like making plans when I know that you’re not really going to follow through with them ya know?” You sighed, fingers digging into the fabric of your sweatpants as you tried to keep eye contact with him. For a moment you swore that you saw a flash of hurt in his eyes, but that was quickly replaced with irritation.

“What do you mean that I won’t follow through? What is that supposed to mean?”

“Tom, you and I both know what it means. Don’t play dumb to try and make me feel better. I’ve seen it coming for a while now, just thought you would’ve outright said it instead of turning it into a guessing game.” You took a step back as he tried to take a step towards you, his hands falling to his side when he realized that you didn’t want to be touched by him. That thought actually hurt him, the idea that you were so hurt by something that he wasn’t sure of hurt him and he had no idea what to do.

“I’m going to need you to explain it to love, because as far as I’m concerned I still really want you in my life.” Tom tugged on his curls, clenching his eyes shut tight before taking a few deep breaths. You could tell that he was trying to keep himself calm and not blow up at you and while at one time you would have really appreciated that, this is one time that you wish he would get angry.

There was a part of you that wanted him to fight for you, to fight with you to try and figure out what was going on between the two of you. You wanted to believe that he still wanted you in his life, that he was willing to fight to make room for you just like he seemed to do with everyone else.

“You’ve bailed on me more times than I can count in the last few months. And I tried my best to understand, I really did. I got it when it was thinks for work or when you were just forgetful but I can’t, I won’t…” You took a deep breath, wrapping your arms around your waist as you pushed yourself to say the one thing you had been holding in for so long. “I won’t stand by and just let pick when it’s convenient for you to be my friend. You don’t get to fuck with my feelings and lead me on just to text me last minute and cancel plans!”

Tom looked up at you, his heart breaking when he heard the distress in your voice. He hadn’t realized that he had been stringing you along, hadn’t realized that his own selfish motives he had been using to protect himself had been tearing you to pieces.

“I didn’t mean to… I mean I didn’t want to… Fuck.” He cried out, leaning back against the couch, burying his head in his hands, rocking back and forth on his feet as he tried to calm himself down. “I didn’t mean to love, you’ve got to believe me. I’m just so fuckin’ bad with talking about how I’m feeling and I’m sorry.”

“I’m your best friend Tom! You’ve always talked to me about your problems! You’ve never hidden things from me, so I don’t know why you’re spouting off that bullshit now!”

“It’s not bullshit! I’m just… fuck I don’t know! I don’t know how to explain it okay!”

“Just shoot straight with me Tom, please. I don’t care what your decision is and I don’t care if you drop me as a friend or anything.Fuck I don’t even care if you want me out of your life completely. I just want the truth okay? Please.” You were past the point of caring if you sounded pathetic or not, all you wanted was the honest truth, even if it tore you to pieces. You just wanted him to be honest with you for once, that was all you were asking from him.

“I know this is going to sound ridiculous and it’s going to make me sound like a bloody twat, but I do promise that I had both of our best interests at heart darlin’. I swear I did.” Tom was desperate for you to understand what he was trying to say, hoping and praying that you were able to listen in between the lines and figure out what he was trying to say before he even said he.

He knew that he had been a shitty friend lately, that he had dropped the ball and chosen to follow the selfish path of protecting himself and his feelings. He had been continuously putting his feelings and his fear of getting his heart broken in front of realizing that he was hurting you in the process.

“Tom, just…” You took another step back, wrapping the ends of the sweatshirt over your fingers so you would have something to ground you. “Just please tell me what’s going on, please. It’s just me and you here yeah? You don’t have to pretend that you’re in front of the cameras or a reporter, you don’t have to practice some great speech and make it sound eloquent. It’s just me and you.” You bit down on your bottom lip before mentally saying screw it, realizing that you might as well go ahead and get your big secret out in the open.

“Can’t you see that I’m fucking in love with you?” You whispered, not bothering to even try and stop the tears from running down your cheeks at this point. Maybe this is what needed to happen, maybe he needed to see how much this was tearing you up inside in order for him to get his head out of his ass.

His head shot up as he tried to process the words that came out of your mouth, words that he had been hoping and praying would come out of them one day.

“You’re uh, you’re what?”

“I’m in love with you Tom, have been for quite a while. And I thought that maybe, just maybe you might have felt the same way too. But it’s okay if you don’t, I promise. I just want my best friend back in my life. I want that idiot who used to come over and wake me up at the ass crack of dawn and try to get me to go workout, but it ended with you crawling underneath the covers with me and catching a few more minutes of sleep.”

“That guy’s still here love.” He took another step closer to you, waiting for you to make a move or step back before he took your hand in his. “I’m still here. I know I haven’t been the best and I know that me not talking about my feelings and what was really going on up in this thick head isn’t the best excuse, but it’s the only one I’ve got. I’m so sorry.” One hand moved to your waist, the other moving up from your shoulder before it landed on your cheek, his thumb wiping away the tears.

“You do have a really, really fucking thick head.” You chuckled, reaching up to thump his head before you wrapped your arms around his waist.

“And for the record, I’m fucking in love with you too. I really am love, like so in love with you that I’ve been a fucked up mess and it’s made my feelings go all haywire and has obviously made me forget how to use this lovely thing called words and express my feelings.” He chuckled, shaking his head at his stupidity. “And I know that my actions don’t show that, but I want to prove it to you. Wanna prove that I’m just as fuckin’ gone for you as you are for me. I wanna come over here and watch movies all night and fall asleep with you in my arms and try to convince you to go work out with me only for you to drag me back in bed.”

“Yeah? What else do you want Tom?”

“Wanna be able to call you my girl, want everyone to know that I’m in love with my best friend.” He took another step closer towards you and pulled you into his arms, his nose rubbing against yours.

“Is that so? That what you really want Tom? Cause if that’s what you want then I’m game for it, but we can’t go back from this, there is no going back from this.” You whispered against his lips, biting down on your bottom lip when you felt his curls tickle your forehead.

“I’m so fuckin’ game for it love, so fuckin’ game.” He mumbled, leaning in just enough for his lips to brush against yours, grunting when you yanked him closer so you could kiss him properly.

“Take it that you’re game for it too then love?” He snickered, leaning back just enough to nip at your bottom lip, yelping when he felt you thump his head. “Aye!” He scowled, soothing the top of his head. “What was that for?”

“For waiting so long to kiss me.” You smirked, pulling his head down closer to you so you could press a kiss where you had thumped him. “So uh, you think that maybe we could eat that dinner that I cooked earlier now? Made your favorite and it might be cold but I’m sure that I could just warm it up and it would be just fi–”

Tom leaned in and kissed you again, smirking when he heard you whimper and felt your fingers dig into his back as you tried to pull him closer to you.

“Was thinking maybe I could take my girl out, if she would like that. Would my girl like that?” He teased, pressing a kiss to the top of your nose before moving to kiss both of your cheeks. He chuckled when he saw your eyes fluttered closed, a satisfied hum leaving your lips after each kiss.

“Yeah, yeah think I would like that very much. I would love to go out to dinner with my guy.”

“Fuck I really like the sound of that.” He groaned, pulling you in for another kiss. “Really, really like the sound of that. Should probably stop kissing you so we can go eat.” He mumbled against your lips, making no moves to try and get out the door.

“Yeah, we probably should.” You giggled, trying to move back from him a little bit, smirking when he whined and realized that you had taken him seriously. “Come on we can come back here after and kiss and cuddle as much as you want. And also we can talk about somethings and catch up with each other. How does that sound Holland?” You squealed when he picked you up, hands going underneath your thighs as he helped you wrap them around his waist.

“Sounds pretty damn good to me love.” He smirked, pleased with himself that he had caught you off guard. He leaned in to give you one more kiss, biting down on your bottom lip and pulling on it a bit before putting you back down, a playful smirk on his face. He watched you slip on your shoes, smiling to himself when he realized that this is what was missing all along.

“What’re you staring at me like that for?”

“Just thinking about how stupid I was for holding in my feelings and thinking that ignoring them was the best option.”

“Well I think you’re gonna have plenty of time to make up for it Holland, I promise.” You smiled, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek before grabbing your keys, tugging on his hand to try and get the two of you out the door quicker. Because you knew that if he leaned in to kiss you again, neither of you were going to be able to stop yourselves and you were starving.

“Damn right we’re gonna have plenty of time love.”

A few months ago when stranger things season 2 came out, I saw a scene and I was like oh shit, that place was in Spider-Man Homecoming. I took a picture so that when I watched hoco again i would be able to ‘verify’ it. I watched hoco last night and boom, my theory was correct

Lonely Holiday [t.h.]

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff, like it gets really fluffy, i love cliches leave me alone

Words:  3,143

Summary: It’s supposed to be yours and Tom’s first Christmas together but a snowstorm seems to have other plans

A/N: Y’all know I had to post something Christmas related and Tom’s ice-skating IG videos made me extremely soft. Also, I’m getting rid of my tag lists on the first of the year! Please don’t ask to be tagged!

The tree is twinkling with tinsel and ornaments of all sorts. Some are, of course, Spider-Man and other Marvel-related characters. There’s one that looks like Tessa and a few Disney ones along with a few yours and Tom’s families had given to you as keepsakes. It’s your first Christmas living with Tom and tree decorating was incredible. It consisted of laughing, Tom mostly just handing you ornaments claiming that you arrange them better, and then making hot chocolate for the both of you to sip on as he made a fire.

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You (Tom Holland)

[Tom Holland x Reader] One shot

Warning: Anxiety Attack, do not read if you are triggered by those. 

Summary: Tom and you are at the mall on his rare day off when a group of fans swarms the two of you, overwhelming Tom. 

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: I love this and Tom makes my heart pull for him. 

Originally posted by holyhellholland

You and Tom had been walking around the mall together for about three hours now. Today was one of the rare days that you guys got to just spend the day together, without Tom filming for Marvel or your job. Tom had refused to let go of your hand the entire trip, not that you wanted him to. Whenever you were around your boyfriend, he made you feel warm and bubbly, he made everything brighter. You were about to ask him if he wanted to share a pretzel when a teenage girl came up to you and started to talk to Tom.

She looked to be about sixteen and was wearing a Spider-man hoodie, she had blonde hair a big glasses. This was the first time you had been with Tom when he was being recognized in a public place. You couldn’t help the smile as you saw Tom hug the small girl, you even took a few pictures of them. The young girl had said her goodbyes and gave him another quick hug before walking in the other direction.

Tom quickly grabbed your hand and continued walking toward the Barnes and Noble’s when a crowd of teenagers started to close in on the both of you.

“I’ve never had this many people around me without anyone to manage the crowd.” Tom said as he gripped your hand a little bit tighter. You started to rub your thumb over the back of his knuckles, attempting to sooth him.

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scars [peter parker]

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

warnings: mentions of sex, heavy make out, a bit of sadness in the beginning

request: @pradabiatch655 

word count: 1655

    Today had been one of the worst days of your life.

    It had started out just like any other day, you walked to school beside your boyfriend of two years, Peter Parker. The two of you always walked to school every morning, seeing as you lived in apartments that were close together. It was almost like a tradition for the two of you; meeting at the corner of the two of your building, before walking the fifteen minutes it took to get to school.

    Once the two of you had arrived at school, everything went downhill, fast.

    The moment you stepped into your first period class, your stomach had turned sideways, feeling as though your guts were turning themselves inside out. It felt as though something bad was going to happen as soon as you sat in your desk.

    And something bad was happening, indeed.

    Sitting in the cold, wooden desk aside Peter, you lowered your arm so that you could grab ahold of your bag. Pulling out a pencil, you straightened your back and relaxed into the seat. Raising your eyes, you noticed your teacher standing at the front of the room, a stack of paper in his hands.

    Pop quiz.

    An hour later, there were tears in your eyes, as you knew that you had down awful on the quiz. With the grade that you already had, this quiz would have decided your grade for the next few weeks.

    And that was not the end of the story.

    By the end of the school day, you had taken three tests, been bullied by the most popular girls in school, and tripped into the mud outside the school’s front doors on the way home. Now, you stood in front of Peter’s apartment, tears in your eyes. The cold, salty tears stung your dulled eyes as you knocked on his front door. Peter opened a few moments later, his body wrapped in a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. His wide eyes scanned your shivering frame before he was immediately grabbing you by your waist. He pulled you into his chest, strong arms wrapping around your hips. You inhaled his familiar scent as he pulled you closer to his chest, something that seemed almost impossible. The teen in front of you seemed sympathetic, his eyes filled with sadness and his heart filled with hurt.

    If Peter was being honest, when he saw the tears in your eyes, he was filled with a sudden rage. He wanted to find whoever had done this to you and use his newfound powers to show them that they should never hurt you. The teenage, human spider hated that you were in pain, even if it were not physical.

    Peter pulled you out of the rain, his grip never leaving your body. He pulled you into his apartment with strong hands guiding you to his room. He ducked past his Aunt May, trying to avoid her pestering questions, wanting nothing more than to get you warm and happy.

    When he reached his room, he grabbed a pair of his old sweats and a large shirt of his. He handed them to you, not uttering a word before gently pushing on the small of your back. He pushed you towards his bathroom, letting you get changed out of your wet clothes and into his fresh, warm ones. While you changed, Peter moved across his room, turning on his television screen. He let the vibrant screen play quietly in the background of his room for a few moments before he grabbed a movie beside the television. He pushed it into the slot of the screen before moving back to his bedside, moving the blankets and bunching them up in order to make part of a fort.

    When you exited Peter’s bathroom, you were surprised to see what he had done. Your eyes scanned the small room and laid them upon Peter’s figure; he was sorting the blankets and pushing pillows to the side of his bed so that there would be room for the two of you.

    Making a sound from the back of your throat, you alerted Peter of your presence. The teen turned his attention in your direction, his eyes immediately falling upon your frame. His chocolate brown eyes took in your broken stature; scrubby, red eyes, sunken-in frame, and wet, knotted hair.

    “Oh, baby,” Peter spoke sadly, moving the distance to take you back into his arms. He let your forehead fall against his broad chest, new tears soaking his sweatshirt. Peter rubbed small circles into your back, his head laying atop of yours, breathing in your scent. He let you cry for a few more minutes before he pulled you towards his bed. He layed you down in front of him, letting him lay behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you back into him. The position felt natural, as if he were meant to lay beside you.

    For the next hour or so, you and Peter cuddled into each other and watched movies, letting you get more comfortable.

    While you were focused on the movie, you did not see Peter watching you. You did not notice Peter’s eyes as he scanned your face with adoration in his eyes. He watched your eyes as they crinkled when you laughed, and the way that your lips curled at the end when you smiled. His eyes shined and reflected immense happiness when you smiled, grinning happily when you did. His eyes roamed every inch of your face, from the scars and lines. He knew that you did not like the scars and acne marks on your face. You claimed that they were ugly; that they made you look different and not perfect.

    But Peter thought differently.

    He thought the marks made you beautiful. He thought they made you look strong; as if you had survived through hell and much more. Peter thought that scars were not a sign of imperfection; they were a sign of strength and beauty. He loved the scars on your body, even if you did not.

    Lifting his hand, he let the tip of his index finger trail along the scar behind your ear, dropping it to follow the short line to its end. He moved his hand again, towards another one of your scars. It was one caused by acne, a scar that you hated because it was on your face, right underneath your cheekbone.

    When you felt the tip of his finger trail across his face, you turned, watching Peter as he stared at your face. His chocolate brown orbs gazed into your eyes, taking in every feature of your face with complete and utter awe. His lips twisted into a smile as he watched you take in his features as he did to you.

    With one final look, Peter lowered his lips until they were inches away from yours, “You are so gorgeous, love.”

    You shook your head with a blush, before you leaned up to connect your lips to his. Peter responded almost immediately, his lips moving against yours. He tilted his head so that his lips could slot against yours in a smoother fashion. You groaned against his lips, moving your lips faster so that you could keep up with him. Peter moved, his back muscles shifting as he let you fall back against his bed sheets. You sighed happily, complete euphoria and love rushing over your body.

    This was Peter Parker.

    The man you had loved since the day you met him.

    The man you would love for the rest of your life.

    You moved, your back lying flat against the sheets of Peter’s bed. Your hands clutched the sides of Peter’s face, one pulling itself through his hair with a groan. Peter smiled against your lips, his contagious personality rubbing off, causing you to smile as well.

    “God, I love you,” Peter groans. His hips roll into yours for a short moment, eliciting a moan from your mouth. He continues to roll his lips into yours, sighs of happiness and love coming from both your mouths.

    To anyone other person, the scene may have looked like two people wrapped up in lust and euphoria.

    However, that was not what was happening.

    No, this was different.

    This was something bigger; something pure and beautiful. Something that no one could have predicted, a motion that most people would never achieve in their entire lives. This was something that made the stormy days brighter, and the bad days just a little bit happier. It was the sort of thing that made your stomach flutter with excitement and your heart beat just a little bit faster. It made your eyes shine brighter and your steps feel lighter. This thing made you happy, sad, and excited all at the same time; the simple mention of it made you nervous and happy all at once.

    It was love.

    This love was the feeling in your stomach when Peter mumbled how much he loved you; it was the feeling of Peter’s lips against yours. Love was the ache in your gut as Peter’s hips rolled against yours.

    And most of all, it was what you felt for Peter; and similarly, it was what he felt for you.

Crossing the Line

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Prompt 68: “Just fucking say it!”

Word Count: 3442

Warnings: mentions of sex, language, lost of angst pretty much all the way until the last few paragraphs.

Here is my submission for @starksparker 10k writing challenge. Congratulations on reaching 10k! Hope that you like this and that you don’t yell at me too much. 😉  

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Sitting on your couch while you were soaking wet from taking a shower probably wasn’t the best idea. You knew that later on you would chastise yourself for the way that the cushions were damp and how you would be annoyed the moment that you had to put the pillows in the dryer.

But right now, sitting on your couch with your hair sopping wet and towel hanging off of your body wasn’t the worst choice that you had made this weekend. In the grand scheme of things, it was probably the only smart choice you had made this weekend.

“Fuckin’ idiot.” You whispered, not even bothering to wipe the tears off your cheeks because you knew that they weren’t going to be stopping anytime soon.

Even though you had tried to push the memories of last night out of your mind and think of absolutely anything else, the memories kept pushing themself to the front of your mind, almost like they were tormenting and mocking you, taunting you with the memory of something you could’ve had.

Leaning back into the couch and grabbing a blanket to throw over your body, you sank back into the cushions, trying to pinpoint the exact moment where everything changed and went wrong. You wanted to think about it, you wanted to torture yourself to try and figure out what was the exact decision you had made in the heat of the moment that had ruined everything.

Thinking back on it, it probably wasn’t the best idea to sleep with your best friend in the first place. It probably wasn’t the best idea to kiss him while the two of you were cuddling on the couch watching your weekly movie together. You probably shouldn’t have climbed over into his lap and straddled him, nipping and sucking down his neck, enjoying the way the moans slipped from out of his lips.

You definitely shouldn’t have let him pick you or wrapped your legs around his waist as he carried you to his bedroom and slammed the door closed. The two of you should’ve never removed your clothes, should’ve never let your lips connect to each other’s skin and whisper soft praises of adoration.

The worst mistake you made that night though, was letting those three little words slip through your lips while your body slipped into full ecstacy and his lips were biting on your neck, stifling his groans. He rolled over, pulling you into his arms, laying your head on his chest while he peppered kisses across your forehead. The two of you had acted like you were in love, like you were a couple who had just shown each other the depths of their soul in one of the most intimate manners.

Earlier this morning though, everything came crashing down. The ramifications of the night before were obvious when you rolled over and discovered that you were alone in the bed and that the sheets next to you were cold.

“Tom?” You called out, hating the way that you were starting to choke on your words. Maybe he was just in the shower or maybe he had gone out to get some breakfast for the two of you so that way you could just talk about everything that happened?

Surely this sweet, caring boy wouldn’t have left you the morning after without talking about what had happened? Tom wasn’t that kind of guy, or at least you had thought that he wasn’t. You thought that he was the type of guy who would treat anyone with respect after spending the night with him, you had witnessed it first hand when he had smiled at his one night stands, even going so far as to make them breakfast before they left. But apparently… apparently you were worse than a one night stand and that thought killed you.

“God I am so stupid.” You scoffed, leaning your head back onto the couch as the memories plagued your mind, still going over every detail, picking it apart to try and come up with a solution on how to fix the damage.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard your phone go off. Foolishly, you wanted it to be Tom calling you. You wanted him to be the one calling you to apologize and talk about what had happened last night and tell you that there was an explanation for everything. You wanted to hear those three words fall off of his lips again.

Unfortunately, things never go your way and you rolled your eyes when you saw that it was Harrison calling you instead. Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes and tried to prepare yourself to act happier than you felt.

“Hey Haz, what’s going on?”

“Did you forget about what tonight was? Cause, I’m pretty sure Tom reminded you about it last night when the two of you were together. Or at least he told me that he reminded you but we both know how forgetful he can be.” Harrison chuckled to himself on the other end of the line, waiting for your response.

“Uh tonight? No uh, no, I don’t remember what tonight is. He must’ve forgot to uh, tell me.”

“Of course he did, I swear if he didn’t have his head attached to his body that div would forget that too when he walked out of the door. Anyways, tonight was the night that we all decided that we would go to the pub together? It was the only night that everyone was free because Tom insisted that he couldn’t break your annual movie night, boy is so whipped for you I swear.” Harrison rolled his eyes at the thought, annoyed at the idea that the two of you hadn’t admitted your feelings for each other and jumped over that line that would change the status of your relationship.

“Shit, uh, yeah I did forget. ‘M sorry Haz. I’ll uh, I’ll just meet you guys there yeah?”

“Well, why don’t Tom and I just come and pick you up on the way yeah? Won’t be a problem, you live right near us anyways.”

Your heart clenched and you felt your chest tighten at the thought of having to sit in the car with Tom and pretend like everything was okay. It was one thing to sit around a booth with a bunch of your friends, but it was another thing to be stuck in a car with him and an overly observant Harrison.

“Nah, it’s all good. I’ll uh, I’ll just see you guys there in about an hour yeah? See you soon.” Before he could say anything else, you hung up on him, gripping the bathroom counter so tight that your fingers were starting to turn white.

“Alright, you can do this. You can go out for an hour or two and then make up some excuse to leave. You can be in the same room with him and manage to keep your shit together for a little bit.” You muttered to yourself, desperately wanting your mind to hold onto this little pep talk you were trying to give yourself as you got dressed.

Walking into the pub, your eyes immediately scanned the room for Tom, wanting to go ahead and get the inevitable, awkward conversation out of the way. But the first person who noticed you was Harrison, a lopsided grin on his face as he walked over to you.

“Aye, there ya are. Was wondering when ya were gonna get here.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulder, pressing a sloppy kiss to the top of your head and lead you over to where everyone was gathered.

“Looks like you started drinking before I got here. You don’t usually give me kisses until you’re a bit buzzed.” You giggled, squeezing his side and enjoying the way he yelped and squirmed out of your grasp, turning around and shaking his finger at you.

“Well, it took ya forever to get here. We had to start sometime. Aye everyone, look who finally got her sorry ass outta the house and came to join us!” His arms wrapped around you again, everyone waving at you and greeting you while Harrison went to the bar to order you your usual drink.

“Nice of you to finally show up Y/N. Was thinking that you were standing us up.” Harry waggled his eyebrows at you, giving you a lazy smirk.

“You know me, can’t ever be on time for anything. Plus uh, Tom forgot to remind me last night while we were uh, while we were watching movies so I didn’t have my usual reminder. Speaking of Tom, where is he?”

Before anyone could answer you, you glanced over to the bar and you swore that your heart slowly started to break when your eyes landed on him. All of his attention was on the girl standing next to him, her hand slowly making her way up his arm as she got closer to him, throwing her head back and laughing at something that he said. The random girl wasn’t what was killing you though, that wasn’t what made the memories of this morning flood back into your mind.

The look on Tom’s face was happy and content, like he didn’t have a care in the world. He looked like someone who hadn’t just left his supposed best friend that same morning, naked and alone in the bed after he had sex with her. There was nothing about the way he looked right now that even signalled to you that he was ashamed of what he had done, nothing to confirm that anything had been bothering him.

“Looks like Tom’s not gonna be coming back over here for a while. Kinda weird that he hasn’t come over here to say hey to you yet? Everything alright between you two?” Harrison’s eyes glanced over your face, trying to pick up on any small details that he might have missed when you came in.

“No, uh, we’re uh, we’re fine ya know? It’s me and Tom, we’re all good.” The lie flowed choppily off your lips, your heart breaking with each word that came out because it was all a lie. You and Tom weren’t good, there was nothing good about your friendship right now, if there was even a friendship to begin with.

“Uh hey, hey Y/N.” Tom mumbled, his eyes only meeting yours for a second before averting his glance to look at anything else. His jaw was clenched, like he was almost irritated at the idea that you were even here in the first place.

“Uh, hi. Yeah, I’ll uh, I’ll be right back.” You stuttered, excusing yourself from the group and making your way outside, leaning against the wall and taking deep breaths, trying to stop yourself from crying again. 

“Hey uh, is everything alright darlin’?” Tom asked, cautiously walking towards you. The deep voice that you once thought could always soothe you now made you cringe like nails racking down a chalkboard.

“Yeah, sure. Everything is fuckin’ fine Tom, just go back inside. Wouldn’t want you to do something that you don’t want to do ya know? Wouldn’t want you to regret any decisions that you might make.” The words flew out of your mouth before you could stop them.

“What the fuck are you talking about? When have I ever made a decision where you were concerned that I regretted?” Tom tried to take another step towards you, but stopped when you held out your hand.

“Are you… are you serious? Did last night mean nothing to you? Jesus, I am stupid. I am that cliche where the girl falls in love with her best friend and then sleeps with him, thinking that the next morning everything will change and we’ll be in love and live happily fuckin’ ever. But I guess I was wrong right?” The tears were rolling down your cheeks, but you didn’t even try to stop them this time. You didn’t care anymore if Tom saw how hurt you were, you wanted him to see what he had done, you wanted him to see that he had broke you.

“Y/N, I’m… fuck I’m an idiot okay? I’m sorry about this morning okay? I wanted… I wanted to stay with you alright? But I’m a certified fuckin’ idiot and I just… I’m sorry okay?” His voice was small and timid, almost choking on his words as he felt tears stinging at his eyes.

“Your sorry? Are you… fuck are you serious? You think this can be fixed with a simple ‘I’m an idiot Y/N. I didn’t mean to fuck you and then leave the next morning and act like it never happened.’ You really think that that’s all it’s gonna take for me to forgive you and just… just let you waltz back in like nothing even fuckin’ happened?” Throwing your hands up in the air in confusion, you let out a humorless chuckle at the way you saw Tom flinch at your words.

“No, no. No, I don’t think it’s that easy. I just… will you let me explain? I did want to… I did wanna talk about us darlin’. You’ve gotta believe me yeah?”

“Why should I believe anything you say? You made it crystal fucking clear that you didn’t want there to be an us when you left…” You choked back a sob, putting your hand over your mouth and biting down on your lip. “You made that clear when you left me in bed alone this morning and when you didn’t answer any of my texts. So congratulations Tom, I got the message. I understand that what we did was a one time deal and it’ll never happen again and I should let go of any thoughts that you could possibly feel the same way.”

Tom stepped towards you again, wrapping his arms around you and holding you tight against his chest, hands rubbing up and down your back. You didn’t even try to fight back against him, you let yourself melt against him and allowed yourself to break down.

“I am… I am so fuckin’ sorry darlin’ okay? I know you don’t believe me, but you’ve got too okay? You’ve gotta believe me.”

You pushed yourself out of his arms, trying to get away from him, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to slap the regretful look that was on his face.

“You’ve got to be kidding me? I’ve got to believe you?”

“Yeah… you’ve just, you’ve got to alright? Just… just give me a minute to get the words out.”

Just fucking say it Tom! Just fucking say whatever you have to say and get it over with!”

“I’m in love with you alright? I’m in love with you and I hate myself more than you can ever imagine because instead of facing my damn feelings this morning like a fuckin’ adult, the moment that I turned over and saw you curled up against my chest I got scared and ran!” Tom wiped his hand down his face, biting down on his lip as he fought to keep his voice steady.

“You’re… excuse me you’re what?” You whispered, confusion lacing your words as your mind tried to wrap around what Tom had just said.

“I’m in love with you, have been for what feels like forever. Just never wanted to cross those lines ya know? And I know that the excuse is cliche and overused, but I never wanted to damage our friendship by me opening my big mouth and blurting out my feelings and then you never returning them. But then last night… last night when you said you loved me, my mind just went blank ya know? I didn’t know what to think because I didn’t know if it was just because you were in the moment and that when you woke up that you would… that you would take it back.” Tom looked down at his feet, hands running through his hair.

You leaned back against the wall, closing your eyes and letting his words seep into your mind. Even though you wanted to think that he was lying to you, you knew that Tom was being sincere. You had known him long enough to know when he was lying to you about something.

Maybe, just maybe, his way of coping with this morning was to just ignore it because he was scared of all the same things that you were scared of. The two of you were both terrified of ruining something that was special to both of you, so when the moment happened, both of you dealt with it in your own worst ways possible.

“I’m still… I’m still really upset okay? What you did, it hurt me deeply Tom and I know that you didn’t mean to hurt me, but you did. But I just, I just wanna move past this. I want to move past these last 24 hours and just… just learn how to deal with it in whatever way is best. I just want my Tom back.”

He walked towards you, his steps slow but purposeful as he placed his hand underneath your chin, lifting your head up to look at him.

“Can I… can I kiss you?” He whispered, his breath hitting your lips as he placed his other hand on the small of your back, waiting for you to make the decision.

“Yeah, yeah you can kiss me.” You let out a sigh of relief when he gently pressed his lips against yours, hands moving from his chest to the hair at the nape of his neck, twisting it between your fingers.

Last night when Tom had kissed you, it was fast paced and full of lust and excitement at the forbidden idea of two best friends crossing over that invisible line.

But this kiss, this kiss felt like coming home. It felt soft and loving, the unsaid words that the two of you so desperately wanted to say being spoken through the kiss.

“How was uh, how was that?” Tom whispered against your lips, his forehead against yours.

“That was uh, that was good, was really good yeah.” You smiled, biting down on your lip, fingers playing with his hair.

“Yeah, yeah it was wasn’t it? Wish that could’ve been our first kiss, because that’s… that’s how I should’ve kissed you last night. And I know what I did was wrong and fucked up in so many ways, but I wanna prove it to you if you’ll let me. Wanna prove to you that I am in love with you and that I do wanna be with you, that I want to be yours.”

Instead of answering him, you leaned up and kissed him again, biting down on his bottom lip and almost smiling at the way that he groaned and pulled you closer to him.

“I think that sounds like a good place to start to me. But uh, we should probably go back inside you know? Friends might be wondering where we are right now and I really don’t want them to try and come out here to try and find us, don’t feel like hearing them nag us about how they were right.”

“Or… or we could just tell them to fuck off and head back to your apartment and have a proper redo of last night. I wanna… I wanna do everything the right way and the best way to do that would be for us to ditch our friends, go back to yours, and slip on our comfy sweats and watch whatever ridiculous romantic comedy you want to watch pretty girl.” He smirked at the way you squirmed in his arms when he called you ‘pretty girl’. He only used it when he really wanted something, and right now the thing he wanted the most was to show you that he was serious about making everything up to you.

“Wow, must be trying to really convince me if you’re pulling out the pretty girl card Holland.” You chuckled, grabbing his hand and leading him back into the bar, rolling your eyes at the annoyed groans that kept coming out of his mouth.

“Look, I’ll make you a deal yeah? We stay here for another hour and then we go back to mine and you can start making it up to me okay?”

“Yeah, yeah I can do that. We can do that pretty girl.” He smirked, leaning back down to kiss you again, smiling into the kiss.

“Hot RA Tom”

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Summary: You and Tom are RA’s in a freshmen residence hall. What happens when you two are on duty all night together?

Word Count: 2353

Warnings: None, complete fluff

You walked down the hallways, a sense of authority in your stride with a radio clasped to your jean pocket and a name tag clipped to your shirt. It was one of your weekly duty shifts as the RA in your hall. You were on duty with none other than the notorious “hot RA Tom”. At least that’s how he was referred to by all the female residents in your freshman dorm. You couldn’t lie though, you sort of agreed with them.

You and Tom had met at new RA training the year prior, and having been placed on the same staff for two years in a row, the two of you became close friends. There were many study nights, late duty nights, and just random movie/ gossip nights shared between the two of you. You two had such a good friendship going that you pushed your (inevitable) crush down into the depths of your mind; as far away as it could go.

However, this particular duty shift was proving to be a long one, and Tom insisted the two of you just hang out in your room until call-off. “Hey, guys, go find somewhere else to make-out, please.” He told a couple of freshmen as they stood sucking face in the middle of the hallway. “Really classy place to share such an intimate moment, huh?” he chuckled, turning to face you.

“Yeah, well these freshmen don’t care about anything it seems” you chuckled. So far tonight, you’d caught two people having sex in a shower, broken up a party, and dealt with many, many noise complaints. It was the first couple weeks of school, so the freshmen were taking their new-found freedom to every level possible.

“Alright, well the third-floor seems pretty quiet now, but we should go back to your room so we can write that incident report,” Tom remarked, checking his phone for the time. 10:30PM. It was so early in the night and yet the two of you had already dealt with so much bullshit.

Unlocking your door, you opened it and let Tom into your reasonably sized single dorm room. One of the perks of being an RA. Tom hopped up onto your bed, grabbing your laptop that was left there before your round. “Login?” he questioned, a smirk on his face.

“As if I’d tell you my password, Holland. You’d go through all of my personal shit.” You laughed, hopping up onto your bed next to him. You grabbed the computer and placed it on your lap, swiftly typing in your password before Tom could see. Pulling up the Incident Report page, Tom took the laptop back and placed it on his lap.

“Don’t worry, darling, I got this one. You can write the next one if you want.” Tom said with a wink. That was another thing that got him the title “Hot RA Tom”, his accent. Being an international student had its perks, especially for Tom. What with his good looks and all, adding a British accent on top just had all the girls swooning for him.

“I seriously can’t believe this kid thought he could get away with chugging a beer right in front of us!” The two of you laughed as you recounted the incident that happened not more than 30 minutes ago.

“He didn’t even do it properly!” You continued to laugh. Tom chuckled beside you, trying to hold his laugher a bit so he could finish typing the incident report.

“Well, whatever happens to him now is out of our hands.” Closing the laptop, Tom hopped off your bed and placed it on your desk. He grabbed the blanket that was resting on your futon and made his way back over to your bed. He completely wrapped himself in the blanket and made himself comfortable in the space between you and the wall. “Let’s watch a movie! It’ll help keep us awake for the next several hours.”

“Alright, well since it doesn’t look like you want to move to the couch, I guess I’ll just turn the tv so that it faces my bed?” you chuckled lightly to yourself. Tom had basically turned himself into a blanket burrito and looked almost too comfortable to move. Instead of verbally answering, Tom just shook his head like a maniac with a boyish grin on his face.

You hopped off of your bed and walked over to where your tv sat on a spare table, turning it just enough so that the two of you could watch it lying down. Then you made your way over to the futon to grab the remote that sat in the middle. As you were grabbing an extra blanket, you heard Tom whine in protest.

“No, no, no, darling. We can share. This one’s big enough for two.” He was now holding up one end of the blanket for you to crawl under, patting the spot next to him on the bed. Your heart skipped a beat in your chest. Sure, you and Tom were close friends, and yeah, you’d laid together when watching a movie. But you’d never watched a movie together while sharing a blanket, basically cuddled up. “C’mon love, it’s getting cold under here now.” Tom joked.

You nodded and slowly made your way over toward him, kicking your shoes off in the process. Climbing back up onto your bed, you slid your feet under the blanket, immediately feeling the heat radiating from Tom’s body. You clicked through Netflix to distract your mind a bit, trying to find a movie to watch. “What about that new one? ‘To all the Boys’…?” Tom trailed off.

“To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before? That’s definitely a movie I didn’t expect you to suggest, but alright.” You giggled, not fully expecting Tom to want to watch such a chick flick. But you were totally fine with it, having watched the movie about three times already. You had to admit, Peter Kavinsky was a heartthrob.

Hitting play, you finally allowed yourself to relax a bit and lean back into Tom. He immediately wrapped his arm around your shoulders as you snuggled into his side a bit. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, you thought.

About halfway through the movie, at the point where Lara Jean and Peter are in the hot tub, you felt as if someone was watching you. Moving slightly, you tilted your head to look at Tom. He was looking down at you, his eyes completely focused on you. “You alright there, Tom?” you questioned, hoping you didn’t have anything on your face or something embarrassing like that.

“Yeah, I uh- I was just thinking about how badly I want to kiss you…” his voice was small and very quiet. But you were extremely close to him so you heard every word. Your heart began to beat a mile a minute, brain trying to process the words that just left his lips.

You glanced down at his lips, noticing his tongue slip out to wet them, then glanced back up to his eyes. They quickly went down to your lips as well, the cliché signal that someone wants to kiss you. But you wanted to kiss him as well, you’d wanted to kiss him for a while.

Leaning in slowly, your eyes fluttered closed and your hand rested gently on Tom’s chest. This was the moment you’d been dreaming of, the one you’d never thought would come. Suddenly, “Director to Caldwell RA’s” came through the two radios sitting on your desk.

Almost forgetting what you were doing, you jumped off your bed to grab one of the radios, “Go for Caldwell”. Tom hopped off the bed as well, throwing his shoes on and clipping his radio back on his belt. You both knew what this meant, there was a major situation you were going to have to deal with.

“Meet me in the office, we have a code 400 on floor 3” You sighed, knowing what this meant. Some dumb ass freshman got caught smoking and now you, Tom, the director, and Campus Security would have to search the entire room. You looked over at Tom who rolled his eyes, annoyed.

“Copy, we’re on our way.” You clipped the radio onto your pocket and you and Tom made your way down the hall to the office. Neither of you spoke about what the call interrupted and just focused on the task at hand. Your job came first, and this moment truly proved that.

You’d spent the next two hours searching a gross freshman dorm room for illegal contraband, which was inevitably found in various places. It was nearing 1:00AM and you wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed, but you were currently back in the office, writing an incident report with Tom and the director.

“Alright, well I think that’s all we need. Thanks for your help guys, hopefully, everyone will get called off in the next hour or so.” The director stood up, opening his door for you and Tom to leave. You were thankful because all you wanted to do was lay down.

Opening the door to your room, Tom followed you inside, closing the door softly behind him. You kicked your shoes off and sat on your bed, legs hanging over the side. Your brain flashed back to what was about to happen before the director called you. “So, do you want to-”

“You know, I meant what I said before…?” Tom interrupted, his voice quiet again. He’d placed his shoes by the door and was now slowly making his way over to you. He stood directly in front of you, between your dangling legs. “I really want to kiss you.” His voice came out a little stronger this time.

“What’s stopping you this time?” you whispered, suddenly noticing how close Tom was to you. He smirked slightly before gently placing his hand on your cheek, leaning you toward him. You leaned yourself up slightly and your eyes fluttered closed again. His lips met yours and before you knew it you were laying down on your bed. Tom had shifted so that he was on top of you, his forearms holding him up.

Pulling away, you regained your breathing and smiled up at Tom. He had the goofiest grin on his face and he plopped down beside you with a sigh. “I don’t know why I waited so long to do that!” You giggled and turned to face him, placing a hand on his chest and rubbing small circles.

“I don’t know either, but I’m glad you finally did.” You couldn’t wipe the grin off of your face. This was probably the happiest moment in your life. Tom wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He placed a small kiss on your forehead and you nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck. “Maybe we should finish this movie while we wait to get called off.” Tom nodded and grabbed the remote next to him, hitting play. You grabbed the blanket from the foot of your bed and wrapped it around the two of you.

You spent the next hour or so finishing up the movie, waiting for the director to call off all the RA’s. Tom had fallen asleep beside you, so you just laid awake on your phone until you were finally allowed to go to sleep. “Director to all RA’s, you may turn your radio’s off and return them in the morning.” Tom groaned next to you and began to sit up.

“Hey, it’s fine I can turn them off.” You said, sliding out of your bed and making your way over to your desk. You clicked each radio off and then made your way over to your closet to grab your pajamas.

“Well, I still have to get up if I have any chance of making it upstairs to my room.” Tom chuckled, attempting to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

“Maybe you don’t have to go back upstairs?” you said, standing by the door with your clothes bunched in your hands. Tom looked at you completely puzzled. “You could just sleep here if you want?” He gave you a small smile, pulling the blanket closer around him.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like I’m invading your space or anything.” You nodded, you were sure. The two of you had spent almost the entire night together in your bed when you weren’t on rounds, what was the point of making Tom leave now?

“I’m sure, Tom. I’m just going to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and change. Feel free to get under the covers, I’ll be back in a bit.” You said, opening the door. Tom smiled and nodded, acknowledging that he heard you. You made your way down the hall to the communal bathroom, stomach doing flips. So much had happened between you and Tom tonight; so many good things. You just hoped that it wouldn’t change the dynamic you two had built over the past two years.

After finishing up in the bathroom, you quietly opened your door; not wanting to disturb Tom if he’d fallen asleep. Shutting it softly behind you, you threw your dirty clothes in the hamper and made your way over to your bed. Tom was still awake and sitting up in bed on his phone, shirtless.

Turning the lights off, you climbed into bed next to him. He put his phone away and allowed you to cuddle into his side. Pulling the comforter over the two of you, you were soon being lulled by the beat of his heart. “Hey, Y/N?” Tom whispered.

“Yeah?” you whispered back, eyes still closed. You were too comfortable and way too tired to move at the moment.

“I really like you. Like I like-like you.”

“I like-like you too, Tom,” you said, a small smile on your face. Tom leaned down and placed a kiss on the top of your head. Maybe this was the start of something amazing.