Run To Me; Part Sixteen

Summary: Dad!Mob!Tom. Sequel to BAK but you don’t have to read that one first. If you wish too, the link is in my bio masterlist!! 

Run To Me: Series Masterlist!

Words: 4.4K

Warnings:  PTSD/anxiety signs. Does Rosie being cute count? - Also the fact that I didn’t have much time for editing and improving this part!

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Plump, swollen lips and hooded eyes stare at you from the other side of the mirror before heading back to your neck that was already scattered in shades of blue and purple. They ran from the area just beneath your ear to your collarbones but it wasn’t that that you had been focused on, but instead the arms wrapped around your waist pulling you into his chest.

Tom held you loosely, fingers plush against his cotton shirt and he swore he’d never seen a sight so spectacular. You stood there looking fucking ravishing, despite your hair a scattered mess and smelling utterly of sex. But he couldn’t keep his hands off of you.

“You,” He begins, smoothing out the shirt. “Are a fucking queen.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an imagine where the reader is looking for a flat mate since her last just moved out but it’s nearly impossible to find someone, so Tom smoothly suggests that she should move in with him

you groan as you cross another name off the list.

“lovey, you’re picky as hell.”

“excuse me? you really want me to accept this offer?” you scoff, squinting at the computer. “under special skills, he put juggling. and lady seducing.”

“guys? youre accepting guys?” tom stops chewing, scooting closer to you on the sofa. you turn to look at him.

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He’s homesick 💔

Doesn’t Compare || Tom Holland

Authors Note: I was feeling rather angsty and this popped into my head, soooo, here we go! Also, this was meant to be a little blurb but turned out WAY longer that planned.

Summary: you’re not supposed to hear it, but you do, and it just confirms everything you ever wondered and you’re stuck with what to do next.

Word Count: 4,190


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You sat beside him, cuddled into his warm side as he wrapped an arm effortlessly around your shoulder. The gang was around Tom’s flat watching a movie, everyone in sweats and looking like shit.

While the movie continued to roll and Harrison shoved another handful of popcorn into his mouth, Tom pressed a kiss to the top of your head and jumped off the sofa when a knock on the door sounded through the flat.

“That’ll be Z, said she was coming here straight after her date,” Jacob called from the beanbag he occupied on the floor, his attention focused back on the movie at hand.

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Peter P: i’m telling you this person is so amazing like-

Tony: They’re pretty cute

Steve: They have beautiful eyes

Ned: They are so smart

Peter P: And they deserve the world

Deadpool: That person is me :)

Peter P: No Wade, the person reading this