nesting // tom holland

Word Count: 1.6k
Warnings: nothin (dad!tom)
Summary: you and tom go shopping for the baby and start getting the nursery ready
A/N: hi friends!!! this feels kinda like a filler chapter to me, so i’ll probably have the next part up pretty soon. i hope you like it, let me know what you think :)

ALSO, i still don’t know whether i want the baby to be a boy or a girl, feel free to send me a message w your opinion lol

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From the moment you got home, the only thing that had been on your mind was shopping for baby Holland, and getting the nursery all set up. You knew it’d only be a matter of time before the baby was here, and you wanted everything to be ready for them. Before Tom left for filming, the two of you had still been sleeping in your own rooms, but you were expecting that to change when he came back, effectively freeing up one of the rooms for a nursery. While he had still been away, you’d been trying to drop hints about what you had in mind for the baby’s room. You’d mention that you had seen the absolute cutest crib for the baby, or when he asked what you were up to, you’d say that you were in the middle of cleaning everything to get rid of in unnecessary things. Somehow, he hadn’t picked up on the hints, and you had to just come right out an say it a few days after he’d gotten home.  

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doctor!tom finding out your were in a car accident and wanting to go to the scene but he had to wait until you’re in the hospital to see you and he isn’t allowed to treat you so he stays by your side the whole time, p.s I love your writing 💕

“Tom, can you come here for a second?” Harrison looked over at his best friend, wishing that for once he could just keep him oblivious to what was about to happen.

“Yeah what is it mate? Got paged that there was some patients coming in from a nasty car accident on the interstate.” Tom slid off his white coat, before grabbing a pair of gloves, but Harrison grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Okay, with what I’m about to tell you, you’re gonna have to be calm and stay calm. Can you do that mate?” Harrison took a deep breath when Tom nodded his head before letting the word slip out of his mouth. “It’s Y/N. She was one of the people in the accident. Her car got totaled, but from what I got from the EMS who called, she’s stable.”

Tom blinked his eyes, feeling the tears start to form in his eyes. He shook his hand, hands running through his hair before tugging on it.

“It’s gonna be okay alright? I’m gonna be the one working on her. You can’t okay? I know you want too mate but you can’t.”

Before Tom could say anything else, he heard the ER doors sliding open and heard the nurses spouting off information. But all he could hear was a ringing noise in his ears. He felt like he couldn’t breath.

When he saw the room that Harrison was taking you in, he sprinted after you, sliding the curtain closed.

“Tommy.” You whimpered, tears flowing down your cheeks when you finally laid eyes on your fiancé.

“I’m here love, right here yeah? I’ve got you, you’re okay now. I promise.” Taking your hand in his, Tom gave it a light squeeze before pressing his lips against it. Closing his eyes, he tried his best not to cry, but he couldn’t help it.

In an instant, his life could’ve changed. He could’ve lost you.

He almost didn’t hear you hoarsely whisper his name. He only opened his eyes when he felt you squeeze his hand.

“I’m right here okay? Promise. I’m right here and yes I am in pain, but I’ll be okay Tom. I’m okay.” Bringing his hand to your lips, you kissed it, smiling at the way you saw the corners of his lips lift.

“When we get the okay, I’m gonna take you up to your own room and watch over over you for the night okay? Not going anywhere.” He whispered, squeezing your hand again.

You have him a soft smile, your eyes fluttering closed as the pain medication set in.

A few hours later after you had gotten settled into a room, Harrison came by to talk to Tom. He opened the door to say something, but stopped.

The two of you were curled up in the hospital bed together, Tom’s arm wrapped protectively around you and his lips pressed against your forehead. You had instinctively curled your body around his, there was no space between the two of you.

With a hint of a smile on his lips, Harrison walked quietly in the room and tapped Tom’s arm.

“What? What is everything alright? Is it time to go on my shift?” Tom groaned.

“Nah, you’re good mate. Some of the residents covered your shift, they knew you would want to be with her no matter what. Even got it sorted out for you to be the one to check her vitals the last time before we send her home.”

“Need to talk to Charlie about someone covering my…”

“Already got your next three shifts covered.” Harrison interrupted, chuckling at the way Tom’s body relaxed.

“Thank fuck.”

“Tommy?” You whispered, groaning at how hoarse your throat felt.

“Right here love. What do you need?” He jumped off the bed, his eyes on the monitor next to him to look at your vitals.

“Just wanna go home. Wanna just go home and cuddle with you.” You giggled, making the two men laugh when you held your hands out, trying to grab Tom’s scrubs.

“Well, looks like the pain meds are kicking in real good huh baby?” Tom chuckled, pressing another kiss to your forehead.

Meeting the Avengers || Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter takes his girlfriend on a tour of the Avengers tower, but things get a little weird.

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

A/N: This is my first fic on Tumblr :) Dedicated to @parkersloki

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: Language, fluff

Word Count: 1000 words



“Peter, I swear to god, I’ll kill you” Y/N whispered.

“What- why?” he responded, afraid.

“Because you didn’t tell me that all of the Avengers were gonna be here!” she gripped his arm tighter.

“ouchouchouch, hey-” he took her fingers from penetrating his arm and held it in two hands, “They’re not at all as intimidating as you think they are,” he smiled, “They’re just normal people.”

“Are you really that cool with them?” Y/N asked.

“Yeah, we’re all super close,” he reassured.

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Take you home | T.H Part 2

Part 1

Au: Mob!Tom x Fem!Reader

Summary: Mob!Tom goes clubbing and bumps into you, but he can’t stay away from you. At the end of the night, you walk away but he’s desperate to find you again.

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This chapter is quite short but I’d rather make them shorter so there will be more chapters ;)

“Where the fuck did you go, then?” Harrison hissed as he swung the office door open. Tom’s eyes remained on his bright laptop screen, reading through information about another monster who owed him money.

Harrison’s eyes narrowed before storming over and slamming the screen shut.

“What the hell do you want?” Tom sneered. “Couldn’t you see that I was busy?”

“I asked you a question. Where do you go last night?”

“There was a gi- I didn’t feel well, that’s all.” He replied hesitantly as he opened his laptop again hoping that maybe Harrison will leave if he acted uninterested.

“A girl? Is that why you left?” Haz snorted lightly, making Tom roll his eyes out of frustration.

Tom pursed his lips before sighing loudly. “Yeah, So?” His shoulders raised slightly, tensing at the same time as he began to dread the possibilities of outcomes after confessing.

Harrison’s mouth curled into a smile before taking a seat in front of Tom’s desk.

“Why are you so happy about me leaving because of a girl? Just seconds ago you wanted to rip my head off.” He asked as he leaned back against the leather chair that was almost twice his size.

“You never ever chase after a girl. What’s so different about this one?”

“God, it feels like I’m an eight year old girl at a sleepover talking about crushes.”

“Don’t avoid my question, Thomas. What happened?” Harrison’s eyebrow twitched as he became more and more intrigued as each second passed by.

“It’s none of your business, now can you please leave my office? I have a client in a few minutes.” Tom adjusted his tie.

“It is my business considering you left u-“

“I said get out before I get someone to escort you out, Harrison.”

He couldn’t deny it, throughout the meeting with his client all he could think about was you and only you. The way you wore the silver dress that slipped down your chest as delicate as water or the way your eyes would glisten under the dim streetlights. Just the way you laughed was enough to make his heart skip several beats at a time. For some reason, you seemed to astonish him by doing the bare minimum.

“M-Mr Holland?” His client asked. Tom’s head jerked up before squinting. “Are you okay? You seem a bit… dazed?”

The mobster bit his cheek as he stared right down at the stack of legal documents that were brought by his client, Michael. What was Tom supposed to respond? Yeah, I can’t stop thinking about this girl who’s making me trip over my own feet just at the sight of her. That was probably not the best response in this situation.

“Yeah, I didn’t sleep well.” Two white lies in under thirty minutes. Impressive. “Back to the meeting.” He continued.

“Right, so what I was thinking was that perhaps…”

Tom zoned out again, thinking of you. Damn it, Thomas. What is going on with you? You’re never going to see her again. If anything, she might of been a figment of your imagination. He thought to himself as he fiddled with a hangnail in the corner of his thumbnail.

“I’m sorry, Michael. I think I’ll have to end this meeting early.” He conceded, straightening his tie.

“Did I do something wr-”

No, no!” Tom reassured as he shook his head in response. “I’m just not feeling too well at the moment. I’m sure you can understand, right?”

Michael nodded and grabbed his briefcase in one hand and shook Tom’s hand with the other. “Well, when you feel better then please read through the documents I left you.”

“Will do, Mr White.” Tom faked smiled he allowed his bodyguards to escort Michael. Once the door shut, he fell back down into his seat and groaned. She’s really done something to you, Tom.

You grabbed the cloth and scrubbed on the dark wine coloured stain that was blending into the already sticky wooden counter. Your eyebrows furrowed as you rubbed harder.

“Need some help?” Your friend, Maya, asked. Looking up, your eyes locked with her light blue ones.

Chuckling, you tossed the damp rag onto the counter and shook your head. “I’m okay.” You responded as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“So, you forgot to tell me about your clubbing experience yesterday.”


“Hmm? What about it. I drank and danced and-…” You looked away to check the time. “Oh, well my shift is over. I guess I’ll have to tell you about it during tomorrow’s shift?” You pointed out as you removed your white apron and hung it up on the door in the kitchen, Maya following behind you as she was eager to hear about what happened.

“Oh, come on. You can’t just leave me on a cliffhanger.” Maya nagged.

“Sorry! But have fun in your over-night shift.” You grinned cheekily before rushing out of the bar you worked in and also spent the majority of your time in.

“She’s one mysterious girl.” Maya giggled as she took the cloth and began to clean the sticky counter.

Your arms wrapped around your waist, gripping onto your black dress shirt in an attempt to warm you up. Despite you wanting to divert the topic about last night, you still couldn’t help but think about it as you walked home in the dark. The sound of your high heels were the only thing that kept you out of thinking about him. The thing about relationships was that you were never good with them. You were never sure how to show them you loved them. And the majority of the time, they would walk out on you only to leave you in the shadows in your home.

Was meeting this stranger yesterday any different to the guys you meet at work? All he did was hand you a cigarette and make a few jokes but you had to walk away and not turn back.

You mentally scolded yourself as you retraced your footsteps from last night - not intentionally because that was what you did when you left him of course, only because that was your route home.

The cold wind blew onto your bare neck, making you shiver and grip your waist even tighter.

Did you want to forget him and his beautiful features that you could make out even in the dark and under the moon? Yes.

Did you want to find him again?


Binge watching shows with Peter (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

Summary: How binge watching tv shows with Peter would be.

Warnings: None! Pure fluff!

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Which other marvel character should I do this specific headcanon with?


(will include brooklyn nine nine spoilers)

  • okay so you definitely began with brooklyn nine nine
  • peter absolutely adores jake from the first episode !
  • his other favourite character being rosa because he thinks it’s cool how badass she is
  • he wished he could relate
  • peter and you having arguments about who’s favourite character is better
  • letting him win because he’d turn into an angry puppy if you don’t
  • not watching any episodes without the other
  • absolutely l o v i n g season five especially the last episode :))))))
  • omg absolutely loving when jake went to groom mode for the napkins
  • finding it hilarious when amy’s ex was there
  • “imagine that happened in our wedding”
  • “i-in our what?”
  • you becoming all surprised and blushing sm and peter realises but doesn’t say anything
  • bc he’s a little shit
  • being so salty when f*x cancelled the show and made melissa cry
  • you both were ready to sue
  • relating to boyle entire head of hair going grey out of stress and saying that’s what’s going to happen to you when peter goes on his daily spider-man routine
  • him having to assure you that he’s being safe and it’s all good
  • being sO happy when brooklyn nine nine gets picked up by another show
  • like so so so happy
  • always watching the show in peter’s living room or his bottom bunk
  • definitely cuddling when watching the show
  • sometimes he sits behind you with his arms around your waist and laying on your lap and you playing with his fingers the entire time
  • feeling him laugh when you lean your head back on his chest
  • but there are obviously times where hes the little spoon
  • mostly after times where he has been injured more than usual after the spider-man routine
  • you comparing holt’s and jake’s father-son relationship to his and tony’s relationship
  • him getting all flustered and stuttery
  • “w-what? mr s-stark and i dont have a father son relationship???”
  • you rolling your eyes at your delusional boyfriend
  • loving the halloween heist episodes
  • you crying when jake proposed to amy
  • bc who tf didn’t
  • making b99 references all the time which confuses ned
  • “noice”
  • somehow getting jakes vocabulary
  • “coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool”
  • kevin !! and !! holt !! are !! your !! otp !!
  • yall just want kevin and holt to have a real wedding tbh since their other one was so short
  • but loving peraltiago
  • laughing at peter’s attempts to pronounce boyle’s son’s name
  • being in love with boyle and jakes sweet friendship
  • peter being so disappointed that doug judy wasn’t at the peraltiago wedding
  • who wasn’t
  • making references to the show in front of the avengers and only a few understand
  • just loving the show much and the diversity in show and how it talks about topics that needs to be spoken about
  • we stan a good tv show !!

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can u do a blur when u feel really sad and bad w yourself but tom is there to reassure you, like, super fluffy ♡

Looking in the mirror, a frustrated groan slipped through your lips.

You knew that sitting in front of the mirror wasn’t going to do you any good, that you weren’t in the right mind frame to try and find anything positive right now. But you couldn’t help it. You couldn’t help but pick yourself apart, wanting to acknowledge every negative part of yourself.

Lost in a trance, you didn’t notice your boyfriend, Tom, walking into the room. Leaning against the doorframe, he watched the way that you analyzed yourself.

He knew all of the thoughts that were running through your mind. He had seen you get like this before and it broke his heart every time. He hated that there were days when you couldn’t see all the positive things he saw in you.

“Hey there love.” He whispered, sitting behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, trying not to take it personally when you flinched a bit.

“Hey.” You whispered, not meeting his gaze in the mirror. You didn’t want him to see you like this, you felt guilty every time he came in here to help you.

“Bad day again?” He mumbled, pressed his lips against your cheek, trailing down to your neck.

“I just, I hate feeling like this you know? I hate it when I look in the mirror and all I can see are the things I hate about myself.” You bit your lip, trying to make your words come out calm, but your lip was trembling and before you could stop it, tears were streaming down your face.

Tom pulled you back against him, peppering kisses on your neck, his thumb wiping away the tears.

His hands gripped your thighs first, smiling at the way the feeling of your skin contrasted against his calloused fingers.

“In front of me, I see a beautiful girl. I see a girl who made me stop in the middle of a pub when I first laid my eyes on her. A girl who has me wrapped around her finger. I see a girl, who has a beautiful smile and such soft, beautiful eyes.” Toms hands drifted up your waist, squeezing your waist before pulling you into his lap to face him.

“I see a girl who I would do anything for, a girl who I wish could see how beautiful she is. Wish she could see herself through my eyes.” Tom rubbed his nose against yours, smiling at the way he felt your eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks.

Pressing his lips against yours, he prayed that you could feel all of the words he was trying to say and couldn’t. He prayed that you realized just how much he loved you.

“I’m sorry Tom.” You mumbled, pulling back and hiding your face in his chest like you were ashamed.

“Don’t be sorry love, it’s what I’m here for. Always gonna be here to remind you what I see. Just wanna help you learn to love yourself like how I love you.”

“Well, you sure know how to make a girl feel special don’t you Holland?”

“Just want the girl right in front of me to realize how special she is, she’s the only that matters. You’re the only one love.”

There’s No Me Without You|Tom Holland
  • Series: There’s No Me Without You 
  • Title: First Date 
  • Warning(s): None 
  • Summary: The one where Tom ask’s a friend for a favor. 
  • Last Part: Nerves 

Her hands were sweaty as she looked back at her reflection in the mirror, she wasn’t sure how she had gotten here but somehow she was now getting ready for her date. Her date with Tom, the same man whom she had befriend  softly after being introduced to each other. Her bright eyes were clouded with nerves as her heart was beating rapidly in her chest. Her lips painted the softest shade of pink, while her makeup was simple. Simple, that’s what Tom had promised her when she had agreed to live up to his lie. 

“Nothing over the top Thomas..” She hissed once he entered the room. His eyes wide upon seeing her in his bedroom, than again was it really a surprise that the other had placed her there. After all wasn’t it normal for couples to share a bed, of course it was totally normal. He nodded his head as he smiled softly tugging her closer into him. 

“I promise you darling..” He mumbled as he pressed a kiss to her head, he knew this was a long shot but he was thankful. She didn’t have to agree, she could’ve outed him the moment Harrison had sent her a text, yet she played along. 

“I’m serious Tom..” She sighed tugging away from his hold and sitting up, she had a few rules if they were going to keep this lie alive. She wasn’t sure why she had even agreed but maybe this would give her something, anything. Even if it wasn’t real to him it was something and she was willing to take anything he was willing to give her. 

“So am I darling,” he chuckled as she narrowed her eyes at the brown haired boy before her, he gave her a cheeky wink causing a laugh to escape her lips. “but it does have to be believable.” 

Tom you promised simple.” She mumbled when they walked into the restaurant, she watched as a soft smile danced across his lips. Tugging her closer to his body, he shrugged giving the hostess his name as they waited for them to finish clearing their table. “This place surly isn’t simple.

“Hey, relax okay?” He mumbled softly feeling her anxiety roll off of her in waves, the sudden guilt starting to eat him alive. He knew he should’ve come cleaned the second the words escaped his lips, but he wanted to prove a point, not just too himself but to everyone else. That point exactly he wasn’t just sure of what it was just yet. “It’ll be like any other ‘date night’.” 

Nodding her head she gripped his hand tighter as they followed the woman over to a table in the middle of the room. The lights were low as the beautiful decorates brought a smile to her face, she hated to admit it but the place was wonderful and she knew Tom had put in thought behind this. Taken her seat she smiled softly placing a kiss onto his cheeks as he chuckled. 

“Thank you again darling.”

“Tom I’ve told you before it’s no issue, but you have to give me something to work here with.” She giggled opening the menu trying to find something that looked appetizing. 

 “That’s fair..” He chuckled as he quickly ordered them a bottle of her favorite wine before looking back at her with a soft smile. “I guess, I just panicked you can say.” 

“Elaborate please?” 

“We were all just having dinner, and I blurted out ‘I do so have a girlfriend’ didn’t necessarily think anyone would read much into I guess.” 

“Tom that was perhaps the most stupidest thing you have done to date.” She smiled softly as his heart did a flip, no matter how hard he tried to ignore the feelings he felt he knew that maybe this was his chance. This was his chance to maybe get her to fall for him, even if she left an inch that was enough progress for him to sway her into maybe thinking about a them. 

Guess so..” He shrugged as they both pulled back allowing the waiter to fill their glasses before they each picked a starter. “I just, I don’t know.” 

‘It’s fine Tom, I’m not trying to get you to wreak your brain for an answer. I just want you to know that I’ll help you for as long as you need my help.” She started taken a small sip of her wine before placing it back down. “But I do need you to understand that I can’t just keep doing this forever.” 

“I don’t expect you too..” He mumbled softly as a sigh escaped his lips. “It’s just you know how they say that dating is what brings you closer to the one you love?” He asked as she nodded her head. That was something his mother could constantly tell him when the subject of relationships would rise. 

“Yeah, my mother tells me that each time I come home with someone she doesn’t approve of.” She sighed softly wondering what her mother would ever think if she brought Tom home as a boyfriend instead of a friend. “She also said to never date someone if you don’t see yourself having a future with them.” 

“Wise woman.” 

“That she is.” 

“Have you thought about that?” 

“Marriage?” She asked as he nodded his head, this was a first for them. They’ve never gone much into the topic. It was always the simple ‘Yeah, I think about getting married. Just not right now.’ type of thing. “I do, I guess it’s just hard when there isn’t someone you can see yourself marrying.” 

“I can see myself marrying one person so far..” He mumbled knowing it was a stretch but it was a start to something that maybe will help her see him in a different light, maybe in a more romantic way. 

“Really who?” 


Happier Now | Part 2

Pairings: Tom x female reader

Word count: 2.3k

Summary: Second thoughts and regrets arise for divorced parents Tom and (y/n). 

Warnings: one swear word and some angst and fluff

A/N: This part took me so long to write just because I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted this part to go in so I kept writing and then deleting everything. Also, it’s not a mistake when I switch back and forth between using the word ‘mummy’ and then ‘mom.’ Hope you guys like it, enjoy :) 

Part 1

“Tom and I had a weird conversation today.” (y/n) said, taking a sip of her drink. Erin rolled her eyes. 

“It seems like you guys are always having weird conversations.” She popped an ice cube in her mouth. “What was it this time?” 

“We had another one of those ‘do you have any regrets?’ conversations.” (y/n) tilted her head towards Erin and waited for her to react. 

“Oh boy, what spurred it on this time?” Erin was talking around the ice cube wedged in her mouth and her speech came out slightly slurred. 

Erin was (y/n)’s oldest friend from grade school. They had bonded during recess when Dylan pushed (y/n) off the slide and she scraped her knee on the wood chips. Erin had stepped in and spit her gum in Dylan’s hair out of revenge. They were inseparable from that day on. She was a free spirited, no nonsense kind of person which (y/n) always found very amusing and refreshing. (y/n) liked to describe Erin as a “very realistic and grounded woodland fairy.” 

“He said he had ‘a dream so vivid it felt real.’” (y/n) lowered her voice to imitate Toms. “About us being married and living as one big happy family.” She fluttered her eye lashes in mock enthusiasm. Erin snorted and dug her hand in her glass for another ice cube. “He asked me if I had ever had second thoughts or regrets after the divorce.” (y/n) huffed and blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. 

“And…? Do you?” Erin prompted, sitting up right and sliding her feet off the booth. (y/n) gave her an are-you-serious look and stabbed at the lemon in her drink with her straw in aggressively.  

“No.” She stabbed at it again. “No, definitely not. No.” She cleared her throat. “No.” 

“No? You say that like you’re unsure.” Erin narrowed her eyes at (y/n) and leaned forward. 

“I mean, yes, at first, during and after the divorce I had a lot of second thoughts, but then once I got adjusted to it and Polly got used to splitting her time between two houses, I stopped feeling those pangs of regret and I stopped questioning our decision. We were both at different points in our lives and that’s why we split up. ” (y/n) shrugged and pushed her drink aside. 

“Hmm.” Erin leaned back and gave (y/n) a smirk. 

“What? What’s hmmm?” (y/n) asked. 

“Nothing, it’s just that…can I be frank with you? You and Tom have a bit of weird relationship.” 

“Just because we’re divorced but get along fine doesn’t mean it’s weird.” (y/n) interrupted, defending herself. It’s perfectly normal, she thought. In fact, it shows a sign of maturity. When people have differing interests but can still act respectful for something bigger than themselves. She only thought this way because this was not the first time she had been told she had a weird relationship with Tom and Erin was not the first person to do so. Just because I get along with him doesn’t mean I have second thoughts or regrets, she thought stubbornly. 

“Shh, you didn’t let me finish.” Erin waved her hand dramatically. “You guys still have this weird, sort of freaky, if I’m being honest, unspoken ‘thing’ going on between you two. Watching you guys interact with each other is like watching some rom-com about forbidden love and there’s all this weird flirting and sexual tension building up between the two characters.” Erin said, scrunching up her nose. The words “sexual tension” made (y/n) burst out laughing. 

“Tom and I do not have sexual tension. And we most definitely do not flirt with each other.” (y/n) said, shaking her head. 

“Well, okay fine, it’s not really flirting or sexual tension, but there’s definitely a spark between you guys.” 

“Oh please, give me one example.” (y/n) rolled her eyes and leaned back in her seat. 

“That one time when I was over at your house and we were having lunch and Tom came over to drop Polly off and he said something like, ‘is that the dress I got you for Christmas?’” Erin dramatically deepened her voice several octaves too many whenever she did an impression of Tom. “And then you said something like, ‘oh, yes it is. Very elegant, very tasteful isn’t it?’ And I swear to god, you batted your eyelashes at him and he blushed. And then you did this half twirl thing to show off the dress,” Erin twirled her finger in the air, “and then he said, ‘well, blue definitely is your color. I have good taste.’ And you guys had this weird lingering eye contact. Talk about cutting the tension with a knife!” 

“Pshh, that wasn’t flirting, and I definitely did not bat my eyelashes at him.” (y/n) waved away the comment. 

“Oh no? Well it definitely wasn’t normal person, straight forward, business talk.” Erin retorted back, raising an eyebrow. “You say you don’t have regrets about getting divorced and that’s fine, although Tom certainly seems like he has regrets.” Erin muttered the last part under her breath but (y/n) still heard it. “But, there are definitely some unresolved feelings circulating between you two.” 

The day went by in a blur. Every time she sat down to try and focus on a task at hand, her mind wandered off to her conversation with Erin earlier. Unresolved feelings. The thought filled her with defiance, irritation, and some other emotion she couldn’t quite place her finger on. Do you have second thoughts? The question had started popping into her head more and more frequently which also filled her with irritation. No I don’t and neither does Tom. He’s just likes to romanticize things. But if I don’t have second thoughts, then why am I thinking about it so much? She was going round and round in circles, driving herself crazy trying to think about this. Her thoughts floated down from Erin to Tom. Are you happier now, Tom? Are we happier now? 

Now, she lay in bed, sifting through her memories with Tom. The awful, nasty memories always surfaced to the top first because they were the freshest. Near the end of her marriage and then after the divorce had been finalized, she would pick over those memories with a fine tooth comb. Staying up late and analyzing every terse look, movement, and word they had traded back and forth. Particularly after a fight, when Tom would sleep in the guest bedroom. Oh the awful fights they had. The horrible things they would say to each other. She would almost always end up in tears which made her even more frustrated because she absolutely hated crying. They would go to bed angry and bitter, at first in the same bed, but when Tom thought she was asleep, he would move into the spare bedroom. Although she heard the creak of the mattress and his footsteps padding down the hallway. It brought a fresh wave of tears to her eyes. It soon became habitual for Tom to sleep in the spare bedroom. It had its own bathroom which meant even less face to face time with each other for Tom and (y/n). Explaining why mummy and daddy were sleeping in different bedrooms to Polly became easy. 

“Daddy snores and mummy needs to sleep.”

“Mummy was up late reading a book and daddy couldn’t sleep with the light on.” It broke (y/n)’s heart to lie to her daughter but what else was she supposed to say? 

“Daddy and mummy can’t stand to be in the same room together.” 

The worst fight they had gotten in was over a burnt out light bulb in their porch light. 

“Tom, did you change the lightbulb in the porch light out front?” She felt as if she was having to nag him more and more to do the simplest tasks.

“Not yet, I’ll do it this weekend.” He was laying face down on the bed and his words were coming out muffled. 

“This weekend? It takes literally, two minutes to do.” She folded her arms and glared at his back. He jerked his head up. 

“If it’s so important to you, then why don’t you do it?” He said, in a clipped tone. 

“I’ve been asking you to do this for a week. When it gets dark out, and people are leaving our house, you can’t see anything and somebody’s going to end up tripping on our steps and breaking their arm and then we have a very pissed off friend.” She rattled off the same speech every time she had asked him to change it. 

“It’s not that big of a deal, relax.” He rolled over on his back to meet her stare. 

“I’ve been asking you for a week. Can you please just do it tomorrow?” She hoped that this would be the end of their conversation. 

“Fine, if it will get you off my back so you stop nagging me.” He snarled at her. Get you off my back. Those words set her off. 

“Oh my god, Tom! It’s like you don’t respect me anymore! I ask you a few times to do the simplest things and you ignore me or you use the worst tone with me or, or you just don’t…” She was so flustered she couldn’t force out the right words. 

“Oh yes, (y/n), you’re right! Ha ha!” He let out a loud, sarcastic laugh. He jerked his hands through his hair making the ends stick up. “Because everything is always my fault. I forgot that that’s how our marriage works now. I work long, stressful days and when you ask me to do something and it doesn’t get done right the second you want it to, it’s always my fault!” They were both yelling now, forgetting about Polly two rooms down. 

“That’s not fair, Tom! You cannot throw that back in my face just because you are some big movie star. You aren’t the only one who makes ‘sacrifices’, if that’s what you can even call them. You have no idea how hard it is to balance my job with all the chores and then taking Polly to school and all her after school clubs and crap like that! Half the time, I’m a single mom and it’s really fucking hard!” (y/n) could feel that she was on the brink of tears. 

“So you’re blaming me for something I have no control over? Very mature, (y/n). I thought you knew what you were signing up for when you married me.” The room went dead silent as they stared at each other. Both of them seething. (y/n)’s eyes were red but no tears dripped down her face. Tom had a look of pure anger in his eyes. This time, there were no words of comfort or even an attempt at an apology like there had always been in the past. Just silence that seemed to last for hours. Polly started crying from her bedroom. Tom pushed past (y/n), out of their room. That was when she knew her marriage was over. 

When (y/n) told her mom, Christine, that  she was getting a divorce, she had a mini meltdown.

“But you two are so happy.” Christine choked out through sobs. 

“I don’t know mom.” (y/n) shrugged. “My marriage is a failure.” (y/n) finally admitted it out loud and then dissolved into tears. 

For (y/n), reexamining these dreadful memories used to be like ripping off a large scab, stinging and throbbing. Looking at them now though, she just felt embarrassment and humiliation flush through her whole body. Oh Tom, how could we be so spiteful to one another? 

She swiped at her eyes, surprised to find a few tears pricking at the corners, and pushed aside the hurtful memories, trying to conjure up the happy, joyful ones.  

They were sitting at a table in the corner of the bar. (y/n) had her eyes closed, pressed into Toms side with her head resting on his shoulder. 

“Aww, you two are so cute you make me wanna vomit.” Harry gushed and pretended to stick his finger down the back of his throat.

“What can I say, mate? I love her more than oxygen.” Tom said which was followed by more fake gagging sounds from both Sam and Harry. They all thought she was asleep but she heard every word they said. She carried those words with her for the next few weeks and blushed whenever she repeated them in her head. I love her more than oxygen

On a lazy Sunday morning, still lounging around the house, (y/n) was sitting at the kitchen table, eating a slice of toast with peanut butter. Tom was sitting next to her, scrolling through his emails. She was staring out the big bay window, thinking about a glass figurine hummingbird she should buy for her moms birthday. Tom dropped his phone on the table abruptly with a loud clatter and looked up at her. “You know that I am so deeply, ridiculously, to-the-ends-of-the-galaxy-and-back, head-over-heels in love with you?” She grabbed his face and gave him the deepest, most peanut buttery kiss ever. 

When they would put Polly to bed, Polly liked to have Tom lay on one side of the bed and (y/n) other with her right in the middle. Tom and (y/n) would alternate reading the abundance of books Polly had scattered across her bed until all of them had unknowingly dozed off. (y/n) would wake up in the morning with Polly sandwiched in the between her and Tom. Toms arm would be protectively slung across both her and Polly. 

Looking at these memories gave her a small smile and sent a warm, tingling feeling through her heart. Okay, so maybe my marriage wasn’t as big a failure as I thought it was, she thought. She fell asleep reflecting on more of her blissful memories. She dreamt about Tom and bars and books and glass figurines.

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ok bUT tattoo artist!tom doing the reader’s first tat and they’re super nervous but he calms them down and the result is just,, pure art

Hi love, what’re ya here for today?” Tom leaned over the counter, giving you a kiss before going back to working on a rough draft for his next piece.

“Couldn’t I just come by to see my favorite tattoo artist?” You teased, giggling at the way Tom playfully rolled his eyes at you.

“Oh so you have other favorite tattoo artists then?” He joked, enjoying the way that you bit your lip when you shook your head, your eyes bright.

“Nah, you’re my favorite one Holland. But uh, I did come by for something though.” Not looking him in the eye, you slid a piece of paper across the counter to him.

Tom eyes got wide when he saw what you had brought him. It was an outline of your favorite flower, one that you had asked him to draw for you.

“Is this what I think it is darlin’?” Tom asked, his eyes wide with excitement. He had been eagerly waiting for the day that you would come in and get your first tattoo.

“Uh, yeah, yeah it is. Wanted you to be the one who did it ya know? Would mean a lot to me Tommy.”

Tom nodded his head eagerly, grabbing your hand and giving you another kiss before leading you back to his room.

“Alright, you still want this on your side? Remember you saying on our first date that if you ever got one that you wanted it on your side.” He got his tools ready, grabbing the stencil and waiting for you to slip off your shirt.

Your hands were shaking as you lifted up your shirt, laying on your side like Tom had motioned for you to do.

“Hey, hey don’t be nervous love. It’s gonna hurt a bit but I promise I’ll try my best to not make it hurt too much yeah?” Squeezing your hand, Tom placed a kiss where the tattoo was going, waiting for you to give him the go ahead.

Nodding your head, you shivered slightly when you heard the needle turn on, but closed your eyes and willed yourself to relax.

The entire time, Tom kept whispering praises, stopping when he felt like he needed too. He wanted you to feel comfortable during the entire process.

Once you were finally done, he helped you off the table and walked you over to the mirror.

You were shocked to see the beautiful design, your heart swelling with adoration and love at the fact that it was your boyfriend who had put it there.

“Alright, gotta wrap it and then I’ll give you the instructions on how to take care of it yeah? But I’ll also be the one helping you at home.”

After he helped you slip on your shirt again, he tugged you close to him, his hands mindful of your side and gave you a kiss. Moaning into it when he nipped at your bottom lip, you opened your mouth, tongues sliding against each other.

“If I had know that getting a tattoo would turn you on that easily Holland I would’ve gotten one a long time ago.” You giggles, squealing when he bent down to kiss you again.

“Well, my beautiful girl is now officially wearing a beautiful piece of artwork. Hard to control myself now darlin’.” Bending down to kiss you again, he groaned when he heard someone call his name to let him know his next appointment was here.

“Unfortunately babe, I’ve gotta go. But I’ll see you at home yeah?”

“Course baby, now go be an artist.”

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Hi! I LOVE your writing! It’s my birthday! I’d love a late night birthday session with Tom 😍😉

Hey, love!! Happy birthday. No more blurb requests, please

Tom had your birthday planned for weeks before the actual event from top to bottom- every detail was planned and written on a napkin, tucked away in the very back of his sock drawer and as much as you told him that he didn’t have to do any more than give you a peck on the cheek, you just knew he was going to go above and beyond.

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yeet or be yeeted

im literally in the middle of writing 3 more imagines and I have writers block but here’s a blurb

“Tom, we need to talk about your level of maturity.” Harrison signed as his best friend was fucking around in the Far From Home set.

This bitch was doing parkour.

“Tom, come on you’re gonna hurt yourself.” You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend.

“That’s mighty fine words from someone standing in lava.” Tom said through his spidey mask, hanging from the ceiling in his harness in one of the classrooms for Midtown High.

He was hanging upside down over the set’s floor. Jacob came over to you and Harrison along with Zendaya, carrying a met to lay underneath Tom

“I don’t need that shit. Remove thou squishy floor.” He spoke in an American accent, mocking a British expression.

“Why didn’t you just say it in your regular voice? You just mocked your own home.” You laughed, Jacob and Z high fiving you.

“What’s going on here?” Tony came over, a subway sandwich in his mouth. “Tom, not again.” The young man sighed.

“Quiet servant!” Tom exclaimed as he forcefully pointed at Tony.

“Is it because I’m Hispanic?” Tony declared jokingly. He forcefully took his sandwich out of his mouth and put his right hand on his hip sassily, his left hand holding his sandwich as he gave Tom a fake bitch flare.

Tom’s eyes widen behind the mask, you all seeing the mechanical eyes spreading in shock.

“Tony- no oh my- god no-“ he rambled in his normal British tone.

“I’m fucking joking, Tom calm down.” Tony laughed as he removed his right hand from his hip and continued to eat his sandwich with both hands.

Jacob and Tony fist bumped and you, Z and Harrison all closed your eyes in fake embarrassment, not hiding to behind the laughs that tried to make its way out.

Tom poured and crosses his arms over his chest. He let out a “hmph” playfully and you rolled your eyes, walking over to your boyfriend, wondering if the kids you both wanted would act like this.

“Tom, come on honey. Come down please. I don’t want you to hurt yourself again.”

“hEy that was not my fault last time.”

“You jumped from the desk to the wall in the back of this classroom set and sprained your wrist.” Zendaya said in a “duh” tone.

“aGain not my fault.” He stuck with his previous claim as he turned to you. You had your arms crossed with your left eyebrow raised. “Darling, I’m fine. I’m Spider-Man!” He said the last part in his American accent as he threw his arms down in aspiration. You stood your stance, not budging and he sighed in defeat. “Fine,” he grumbled. “You’re no fun.” He pouted and you smile at his adorable pout that you knew was behind his mask.

“That’s not what you said yesterday in your trailer.” Jacob murmured. Tom turned to him hastshly, eyes wide as he clenched his fists.

“What the fuck, man!”

“What?! Be quieter next time. My trailer is right next to your’s, Tony’s is right next to mine. If he was in his trailer at the time, I bet he would’ve heard you too.” Jacob groaned in disgust, smirking at you as Tom turned back towards you.

“On set? Really?” Harrison exclaimed.

Zendaya rolled her eyes, “Are you surprised?”

“Okay no,” Harrison lifted up his pointer fingers. “But still, I expected more from you Thomas, keep it in your pants.” You snickered and Harrison whipped his head to you sassily. “You too, Y/N, you should know better.” He waved one of his fingers in your face like a sibling making fun of his sister for getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

You swatted the blonde’s hand away. “Piss off.”

“Yeah Harrison, piss off.”

“Tom! Get the hell down!”

“fiNe oKay geeze sorry.” He put his hands up is defense as he curled towards the ceiling.

He was supposed to put his feet below him before releasing himself, so he could land safely on his feet instead of his back.

But he thought it would be fun to turn himself around, his back to the ceiling as his left arm curled behind him to unbuckle the harness.

“Thomas Stanley Holland. I swear to god if you-“ you began but your boyfriend rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh.

“You’re boring.” He said as he began to turn his body swiftly around again so his butt was facing the ground.

“yEET!” He yelled as he got back into the position of his stomach facing the ground and he unhooked himself quickly before you could protest.

You all yelled at him as he released himself.

Tom landed on his stomach with a thud, the mat catching him safely.

But no matter how muscular this man was, belly flips still hurt like a bitch. Even without any fat on your chest.

Tom groaned, his face flat on the mat as you all stood there, shaking your head at the young Brit .

“You’re fucking stupid.” Harrison tsked. You walked over to Tom and got on your knees by his head.

“Tom, why did you do it?” You asked tiredly.

The man groaned and his head shook like an embarrassed high schoolers who humiliated himself in front of his crush.

“Tom, sweetie, why did you do that?” You coped.

Tom lifted his head up a little bit, so you could see the face of his mask. You got the message and carefully took his mask off, him only groaning a little bit because he had hit his cheek lightly on the ground.

“Listen, Y/N,” he sighed and you put your hand on his not injured cheek. It was in a playful way though and he knew that. He knew of his maturity and almost laughed out loud of you playing along with it.

“In this life, you either yeet or get yeeted.”

You rolled your eyes as he gave you an innocent smile and took your hand from his cute face.

“I actually hate you.”

Dancing with Our Tied Part 1 Teaser// Tom Holland x Reader

Y/N could feel her hand becoming numb under her pillow, the weight from her head causing a needle picking feeling in her palm and fingers. She pops one eye open and sees her alarm clock, it reads 5:24 a.m, she was already running late for her gig in downtown, “shit.” When she’s about to get up, she feels the weight of an arm over her waist. It’s like she almost forgot what happened only a couple of hours ago, speaking of only hours ago she had probably only gotten like 3 hours of sleep. The poor girl felt like a vampire these days but she’d pulled all nighters on Tumblr when she was in high school, this was nothing.

She layed back down, this time face up towards the ceiling and her right hand gripping her left wrist. It was painful way to wake her hand back up, slowly she wiggled her fingers until she felt a prickly sensation in her fingers. She tried not to make too much noise so that she wouldn’t wake up her roommate, who didn’t sleep in his own room bedroom by the way.

As she tries to regain the feeling back in her hand, she looks over at him. Tom, he looked so peaceful, and she really was going to miss him. But then it popped into head again what had just happened only hours ago and it was like her thought process went into a million directions, what did this mean? Were they still friends? Did this mean they were dating? How did this even happen? Was it just a moment that’s not going to happen again? There were so many scenarios but only one outcome, and that was one she didn’t want to find out now.

Just as she begins to gain feeling back in her hand, she begins the process of removing his arm from her waist. Y/N begins sliding his arm off of her and when she thinks she is successful she feels his arm wrap around her again and Tom is pulling her in closer, “Where do you think you’re going love?”


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Hey could u do a lil blurb on what you think Tom looks for in a partner! ❤️

tom is a soft guy, sweet, loves hugs and soft touches, loves laughing and having fun. 

he looks for someone that he can share soft moments with. someone to hold him while they’re both wrapped in blankets to hide from the cold of winter as the snow falls outside the window. 

someone who loves to sit inside and do nothing all day, but someone who loves to do all that nothing with him. 

someone who will go out on a stroll in the middle of the night with him when he just wants to clear his mind.

someone who will run his lines with him and give him all the support that he needs. 

someone who will laugh at his jokes even when they’re not funny because he’s just so cute. but also someone who will make jokes with him, make him laugh when he’s feeling down.

someone who will be honest when other won’t be. 

someone real. 

dirtcloudnine  asked:

Boxer!Tom coming home from loosing a match and his son is so happy to see him and asks him how it went and Tom has to tell him he lost.. bye I'm gone

Tom groaned, his head hitting the steering wheel as he sat in front of his house.
He didn’t want to go inside, he didn’t want to have to talk to you about the match that he should’ve just won.

He chalked it up to maybe that he was exhausted and off his game. But he knew it was really because the guy was a bit out of his weight class and by the time officials had found out that some of the rules had been bypassed, it was too late.

Getting out of the car, Tom did his best to put his fake smile on, not wanting either you nor your son to see how much pain he was really in.

The second he opened the door, his son jumped out of your lap on the couch and ran towards Tom.

“Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” Your son squealed, holding up his hands and motioning for Tom to pick him up.

“Hey little man. Missed you tonight.” Tom whispered, pressing a kiss on the top of his sons head.

“Did you win daddy?” He asked with enthusiasm, not catching the look on Tom’s face.

But you knew that look, had seen it many times when he had come home from a rough match. It was the look of defeat and frustration, one that showed that he was going to be mentally beating himself up for days over this one.

“Not this time bubba, daddy didn’t win this one.” Colin grabbed Tom’s cheeks, his little fingers dancing across the shallow cuts as he looked his father over.

“It’s okay daddy. You win next time?” Colin smiled a big toothy grin and Tom chuckled at the sight of the two missing front teeth.

“Yeah bubs, daddy will win next time. Now, why don’t you go get ready for bed. Me and mummy will be there in a second alright?” Placing another kiss on his head, Tom set his son down and grinned at the way he ran down the hall.

Tom turned towards you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and pulling you close against him.

“It’s alright yeah? I know what you’re thinking Tom and none of it is true.”

“Just wanna make both of you proud.” Tom mumbled, his face pressed against your neck.

Gently putting your hand underneath his chin, you lifted his face up to yours, slightly grimacing when you saw all the cuts along his cheekbones.

“You make me proud everyday. You make me proud to be your wife and to be the mother of our child. You make your son proud and he loves you. So you don’t ever have to worry about us not being proud of you. Okay?” He nodded his head, his fingers messing with the hair on the back of your neck as he tugged you closer to him so he could kiss you.

Before Tom deepened the kiss, he groaned when he felt little hands pull on his sweatpants.

“Daddy!” His son whined, flapping his arms around in a jumper that Tom was almost positive he had taken.

“Yes bubs?”

“You promised that you and mummy would read me a story after I got ready for bed. Well, I’m ready!”

Chuckling at the sight of your son, who looked like a mini version of Tom right now, you squeezed your husbands hand.

“You’re right bubs, I did promise you that. Come on little man, me and mummy will read you that story now.” Leaning down to pick Colin up, Tom kissed you cheek and mouthed “thank you” before he led the way to your sons room.

Tom Holland Soulmate! AU

‘Anything else.’ The words are written on my wrist since I was little. Those words could either be good or really bad. My family has told me stories of meeting their soulmates. The joy of finding the one they were meant to spend the rest of their lives with. I longed for the day when I could finally find my true love. My friends have found their match by the time they were 18. Maybe there’s still hope for me. My birthday is tomorrow. July 29th. If by some chance a miracle will occur, I could find my true love. “Y/N, it’s time to wake up dear.” My mother called out from the kitchen. The aroma of blueberry pancakes and freshly made coffee filled my room after opening the door to go downstairs. “Good morning mom.” I yawned out. Slowly rubbing my eyes to get rid of the early morning blur. I poured myself a cup of coffee, smiling. Thinking of all the things I could do today. I sat down and enjoyed breakfast with my mom. “Hey.” I said breaking the silence. “Do you remember Harrison? My best friend from middle school?” I asked her. “Yes, I do. Why?” Asking with care. “He’s back in town with his family and I wanted to see him again.” I replied back. She nodded her head in response and tossed me the car keys. “Be home by 9:00 tonight. She said sternly. I ran upstairs grabbed shoes, a hair tie, and bolted out the door. I called Harrison and we agreed to meet at the nearest arcade place for the best friend reunion. He got there a little bit earlier than I did. I got out of the car and was greeted by the coolest cashier ever. Samuel Stevens. The guy who hooked up Harrison and me to play for free today. Sweetest guy in the world. I thanked him again before entering the game room. I saw Harrison walking around by himself. Best friend rules demand a surprise attack. I snuck up behind him and jumped onto his back. "BOO!” I yelled. If you don’t think he’d scream like a girl when scared, you’d be horribly mistaken about that. He turned around and immediately enveloped me into his embrace. The feeling that I haven’t had since middle school. “Oh my God Y/N! It’s so good to see you again. What has it been, 3 or 4 years? He asked, still hugging me like I would disappear if he were to let go to soon.” Happy 18th birthday by the way! My bestie is so old.“ He joked, lightly hitting my shoulder. Thank you Harrison.” I told him cheerfully.. After a good half hour of talking about what we missed, we headed off to the first game. Dance Dance Revolution. After an hour of dancing, you continue to walk around playing several different games along the way.“ Hey, not that you’re 18 have you found your—. He trails off when he sees the tears forming in my eyes. He immediately apologized. All I did was shake my head and run off. Not the best thing to do but I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran off to the snack table leaving Harrison by himself. I felt kinda bad, but he kinda deserved it I guess. The waiter came up to me with a glass of water and set it on the table in front of me. Taking a sip every few minutes. I could notice in the corner of my eye the waiter staring at me. Another creep. When I finished my water, and my little pity party, the waiter came back out. "Anything else?” His words hit me like a bullet. “What did you say?” I asked him cautiously. His gaze turned from me down to his wrist. The amazed expression on his face. I looked down at my tattoo vanishing only to be replaced with a name. “Thomas.” Ok, I’ve had enough. I nervously asked the waiter. “What’s your name?” He gave me a smile and replied. “I’m Thomas, but everyone calls me Tom.” I felt the pain in my ankle again. “Wait! By any chance is your name Y/N? I looked up from my strange trance and nodded. He looked at his wrist, then at me. Slowly he revealed the tattoo of my name. I did the same pulling my ankle up to rest on a stool. I pulled up my jeans a little to show his name as well. "I never thought that I would find you Y/N! Tom said slightly teary eyed. He ran around the counter towards me and hugged me tightly. I returned his hug. Holding him even tighter. He pulled away and placed a soft kiss upon my lips. Kissing him back. It seemed as if 18 years on loneliness and sadness disappeared. Harrison finally found me. Grinning from ear to ear he pulled out his phone and captured the moment of me finding my soulmate. Posting online for the world to see. The caption of. "Big 18! Found her Soulmate! ” @Y/NisChill. My phone went off seconds later. I pulled out my phone and saw the photo and the comments. I noticed Tom looking as well. “It’s your 18th birthday today?” Tom asked happily. I nodded my head and he lifted me up and spun me around. He put me down and pulled me into another kiss. “Happy birthday Y/N.”

idle worship - t.h.

[tom holland x oc] [paramedic!tom]

“hey, baby, i’m not

your superhuman.

and if that’s what you want,

i hate to let you down.”

he gazed at me with stardust in his eyes and cotton candy fluff in his heart. 

“you’re the strongest person i know,” he told me, squeezing my hand. it was meant to be reassuring, meant to mend the aching hole in my chest. i didn’t know how to tell him that it wasn’t true, what he was saying. his heart was in the right place for the wrong person. i couldn’t stop wondering how much it was going to hurt when i tripped and fell over his high expectations. the visions of the disappointment i’d see when my flaws were visualized fluttered around in my head like canaries in a coal mine— watching, waiting, sounding at any sign of danger.

for a first responder, he wasn’t quite so alert to such an injury. the embodiment of an injury, that is. i supposed it was the false pretenses under which he’d been lured that was the fracture here. i was worse than an antihero. how i dreaded for him to notice that.

i gripped his hand tightly and tried to smile, but it didn’t reach my eyes.

tomshufflepuff’s masterlist

I just started writing again so I only have a couple of things posted!

will be updated when I post something new :)

♥ = fluff

✿ = angst

✺ = personal favorite

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tom holland

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peter parker

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harrison osterfield

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harry holland

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sam holland

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cuddling with peter parker would include 

i love crying like a little bitch, don’t you?